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Trillian 4.2 for Windows Public Beta: Upgraded Windows Live protocol, can detect Rickrolls.

Trillian 4.2

Trillian 4.2 for Windows is now available for public beta testing! Also,  Trillian Pro will be on sale for a limited time to celebrate the upcoming 4.2 release. Help support the small and dedicated team at Cerulean Studios and get some great new features at the same time!

Click here to download the new beta. Please remember that 4.2 is still beta and will contain bugs and crashes. Don’t upgrade unless you’re comfortable running pre-release software!

Some of the highlights of version 4.2 include:

  • Windows Live. Trillian now supports signing in to WLM from multiple locations! File transfer speed has been improved (more to come), and mobile messaging is now supported.
  • Notifications. You can now use notifications to directly retweet, reply to a tweet, and interface with mail right away.
  • MetaContact Windows. When talking to a MetaContact, if you receive a message from another of their usernames the window will automatically switch for you.
  • Instant Lookup for Hyperlinks. Move your mouse cursor on top of links to preview. Youtube links will show a preview image, too. Great for detecting NSFW links before you open them in browser, and will even resolve shortened links for you!
  • Instant Lookup for Popular Terms. We now have more up-to-date Wikipedia data, and more relevant links for each popular term detected.
  • Activity History. A polished look and powerful new asset view feature that lets you browse through images sent and received help improve history.
  • Quicker MetaContact Creation. You can now drag and drop one contact on top of another to instantly combine them into a MetaContact.
  • Other Updates. Support for Twitter’s new retweet mechanism, Twitter Lists, a customizable timeout for notification windows, and the return of custom avatar support.
  • Skin Packs. Emoticon and Sound Packs have been moved to a more prominent location in preferences and are easier to change on-the-fly. You can also change contact list icons now with the new Icon Packs.
  • Faster Setup For New Users. We’ve tidied up some of the screens in the installation wizard so new customers can get started more quickly than before!

We’ve also worked on improving overall stability, fixing bugs, and reducing resource requirements whenever possible. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the newest Trillian.

163 Responses to “Trillian 4.2 for Windows Public Beta: Upgraded Windows Live protocol, can detect Rickrolls.”
  1. kitezer Says:


  2. Ben K Says:

    Is the Facebook plugin going to get XMPP/Jabber support soon? I liked being able to view the news feed and go to people’s profiles directly from Trillian.

  3. smw Says:

    @Ben: It’s being worked on now and should be ready for 4.3. We didn’t want to delay 4.2 for this change but started working on it as soon as Facebook announced XMPP.

  4. kitezer Says:

    I thought MSN was supposed to get cam/mic support as well?

  5. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    This is some great news and look forward to voice and video *cough*cough*.

  6. Nerislynn Says:

    And less than a month ago I purchased a license for myself and two licenses for my two friends, spending $75 usd total instead of $30 right now.

    I am totally disappointed =(

  7. Gahgah Says:

    Looks great so far! Going to play with it this evening…then fill Bugzilla ;)
    Really nice work!!!

  8. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    After updating i notice that several of my msn/live contacts are now orphaned and these are people i talk to often. Other then that all seems to be working well. Thanks C.S.

  9. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Sorry for the double post but i forgot to mention that it will not let me associate those orphaned contacts either.

  10. smw Says:

    @agnostic: We expect some bugs with the new MSN engine. Please post a bug to Bugzilla and we can work together to figure it out. :)

  11. AdrianH Says:


  12. Guido Says:

    Web profile still seems to be broken :(
    But still cool. I just bought two extra gift licenses.

  13. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    LOL sorry but found one more issue. Trying to msg yourself thru msn causes astra to crash.

  14. vanrado Says:

    WLM multiple locations does not work for me with Win Client and Web Client.

  15. Benjamin Says:

    Can’t connect to Skype, Facebook and IMAP. Only Astra, ICQ and POP works

  16. Chris Says:

    I love Trillian but why do you deliver these damn addon software with the Trillian-Installer? Keep it small!

  17. svale Says:

    Is this Trillian Pro license Windows-only or will it eventually cover the Mac version as well when it’s released? The Mac version is what I really want, but if I have the chance to buy it discounted now, I will.

  18. Irontiger Says:

    Wow, great :D The new smilie/sound/iconpack selector is great.
    And the new asset feature is quite handy ;)

  19. Irontiger Says:

    Hmm… when a supertooltip is open and I use the mousewheel for scrolling the contactlist 4.2 is crashing, 4.1 doesn’t. Can anyone confirm?

  20. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    @ Irontiger

    I can confirm the crash. I noticed the same thing late last night.

  21. roboto Says:

    Great release (especially MetaContact Windows and hyperlink lookup). Another usefull addition to the hyperlink lookup would be preview of images on mouse-over or even in automatically inserted into the chat window.

  22. SpeciaLKey Says:

    it’s just great, just great! i have nothing else to say…just….GREAT, CS!

  23. kitezer Says:

    sign-on from 2 locations does work for MSN im using Windows Live Plus and Trillian 4.2 same account at same time, no issues.

  24. Irontiger Says:

    Thanks agnostic-stigmata. I filled a bug report:
    Bugnr. 11111 <- nice one ;)


  25. Christopher Says:

    “Windows Live. Trillian now supports signing in to WLM from multiple locations! File transfer speed has been improved (more to come), and mobile messaging is now supported.”

    this is great! :) Of course it comes along a couple months after I switch to a mac and an iphone but such is life. It does mean that some time Soon™ we’ll get the same functionality on the iphone and maybe even OSX versions of Trillian

  26. Aaron Says:

    Bring back AIM Video Chat!

  27. [[Neo]] Says:

    tricky, tricky, Trillian…I do not like the shady wording you have in place for accepting AskToolbar and Xobni. All this stuff about “making it easier for new customers to install” just means “making it easier for new customers to install your adware and third-party crap”.

    I’m already a paying customer – I don’t want any additional crap on my system, or I’d still be using Digsby.

  28. Bernardo Says:

    No more Rick Rolls for me! This is awesome :D

    Oh, and the MSN stuff is great too.

    But no more Rick Rolls!

  29. mabdul Says:

    hey guys,
    when will trillian support otr without using a plugin?


  30. kitezer Says:

    Question, Why does it matter about the third party plug-ins like ask toolbar? As long as you do not rush through the installation, you just un-check them and they do not get installed it is not really a big deal.

  31. Jason Says:

    Will the IRC plugin for Trillian ever be updated? Does the development team have any intention to improve using Trillian for IRC?

    I have used a lot of different IRC clients and frankly I just love Trillian the best. It would be nice, however, if some sort of easy-to-use scripting feature were to be implemented for use with IRC. Right now the only thing close to that is the complex Automation configuration I’ve set up.

  32. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    @Jason: What are you trying to achieve by scripting? If you can explain what you are trying to do instead of telling us what we should do, perhaps we can figure out a more user-friendly solution that can benefit not only IRC users but other IM users too.

  33. bernard Says:

    What we really need is Activity History sync across computers and the Web client.

  34. Piyush Says:

    Yahoo messenger supports multiple profiles within the same account.
    This is not possible in trillian.Are you doing something about it?

    When we enter yahoo chat room, it asks for security check(to avoid bots entering the room).
    This security dialog box appears in the same room.
    However, In trillian we have to click a link which navigates us to a browser and then we have to come back to the chat room.
    I would love it if this additional step to navigate to the browser is bypassed.
    What’s your opinion on this?

  35. Krissa Swain Says:

    I just don’t think people who have already paid for Trillian Pro should have to sift through the “declines” and “accepts” to figure out how not to install the 3rd party software. Especially after having our noses rubbed in the fact that we’ve overpaid for this product.

  36. smw Says:

    @Krissa: We should have a Pro members download without the bundles, I agree. We will look into it. As for the sale – this is the 2nd sale we’ve run in 10 years. We aren’t trying to rub anything in your face, just trying to celebrate a company milestone. :)

  37. BFarmer1980 Says:

    The anti-Rickroll measure’s a deal breaker, Cerulean. Way to suck all of the fun out of a harmless prank. :-)

    But, in all seriousness, I can see how it would be a good safeguard against NSFW material.

  38. Chris Says:

    WTH? toolbar, what a nightmare. Seriously… My worst nightmare just came true. Useless bloatware…

    Re-think that strategy trillian. I have no clue what you were thinking in the first place.

  39. chrisc Says:

    I LOVE bernard’s suggestion for synchronizing activity history. I use Trillian on three machines and it would be great if I could reintegrate all the chat logs from the three.

    Keep up the great work. Trillian is the best!

  40. Ben K Says:

    It looks like the Cobalt skin has reverted to the old, completely unreadable white-text-on-very-light-blue-background for popup notifications. Please change it back to how it is in 4.1, where the background color is darker blue!

  41. Rainer Bendig Says:

    Yeah, thanks for supporting multiple locations for wlm!

  42. Alex Says:

    Anti rickroll? Please. Tacky feature that should be introduced through a third party plugin, not the developers..

    But enough of the negative, looks a good release which I’ll eagerly await. Nice to see trillian responding to the needs of users :)

  43. musicman2059 Says:

    I didn’t think the problem with adding contacts on WLM could get worse, but it did. At first adding a contact wouldn’t register with MSN but would get added to my trillian contact list. Not it won’t add them at all.

    Looks like it’s time to switch. I’ve been putting up with this since 4.0

  44. smw Says:

    @musicman: There is a bug in 4.2 with orphaned MSN contacts and we’ve fixed it for the upcoming Build 15. If you continue to have issues please open a ticket and we can work together to solve your problems. I am actively fixing bugs now in the MSN zone and would like to track down your issues as well.

  45. Len Says:

    Have the problems with WEB CAMS and MSN been corrected? I used Trillian for everything except when I want to video chat with friends who use MSN. I was hope the problem was addressed with the release of 4.2, but I don’t want to upgrade if the problem hasn’t be resolved.

  46. Batman Says:

    Hey, I am trying to login to WLM every time it won’t let me connect. Has anyone else tested this with an account? The status window isn’t providing any information it just keeps trying to reconnect. Thanks.

  47. Andy Says:

    Windows Live. Trillian now supports signing in to WLM from multiple locations! File transfer speed has been improved (more to come), and mobile messaging is now supported.

    GREAT! Installing it right now. Thanks guys!

  48. Skeetergirl Says:

    Batman, I’m having the same issue and it is an account. :(

  49. Anysia Says:

    I already have 4.1 Pro, so will this just be an upgrade for me, or will I have to pay extra?

  50. AJ Says:

    Wow.. yeah that WLM file xfr is WAY faster (OMG NOT) what a disappointment.. additionally, yeah.. the having to sift through the toolbar and the other crap.. that’s very annoying. I paid for the product (not once but twice.. full price, both times during your last 10 years) and don’t want to see ads.

  51. Chr1z Says:

    I’m having the same problem that Batman has, can’t connect with my account, any suggestions ? Gtalk working good.

  52. DiamondNRG Says:

    Anysia, when you buy a pro license it is for all of 4.X … so you won’t have to pay until 5.0

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    [...] Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » Trillian 4.2 for Windows Public Beta: Upgraded Windows L…. [...]

  54. Nick Chhan Says:

    I’m having the same problems with Batman. Holy cow Batman! :p I can’t connect with an email, it just keeps on trying to connect.

  55. Soniku64 Says:

    It just crashes as soon as I start it up.

  56. Ottid888 Says:

    been using 4.1.24, so far there are also bugs that need to be fixed…. staying put for a while…

  57. Trav Says:

    I know you might of been asked before, though will there ever be support to have cam chat to msn users?? I know it works in yahoo, but i do not know anyone on yahoo. its a constant thing for me, and the only.

    Oh and some reason I used to be able to chat to people on Facebook on previous versions, though cannot now, but it is connected i get message updates and the likes??? confusing (using 4.1)

  58. Trav Says:

    Oh as for, annoying yes though just uninstall in add/remove programs right after you install Trillian, if you wait to long for some reason, alot of the time Ask toolbar starts refusing to uninstall and crashes when you try.

  59. karl0755c Says:

    Somebody was a bit too hasty releasing this beta! MSN/WLM does not signon with default in advanced setting. Changed to port 1080 will log on but only stay on for about a minute or so. At least with @msn accounts. Umm a beta is ready to be tested when you have the major protocols at least right! Reinstalled 4.1 v 24 Try again fellas!!

  60. Scream81 Says:

    @Trav, they give you an OPTION toNOT install Ask toolbar in the installer. Why did you install it anyway? How do you think CS should get the money to run servers and such if not through such little things??

  61. Skeetergirl Says:

    Any resolution yet, Batman? I’m still a stick in the mud (can’t connect) and wish I hadn’t downloaded, :(

  62. Skumse Says:

    An Android version would be sweet right about now. ;)

  63. Spuky Says:

    pleas make the xnobi trial in the installer as discoverable as the ask options… since the acept button with the > mark makes you think that is the button to go on with the installation it is hard to spot the decline button… (i was stunned when I lanched outlook after the install and some service that I don’t know startet indexing my mails…)
    I know there is money in getting xnobi installed… but if things like this occur more often I won’t pay for the Pro version and switch to another messaging app.. so please make it clear that it is aditional Software that sombody dosn’t need…to install

  64. waldi801 Says:

    On my System Astra 4.2 Beta 24 crash always on starting IRC

  65. Shadow Says:

    anyone else having issues with Skype?

    it doesn’t open a window when a message is sent, so hoping it is something on my side rather than a bug

  66. Nick Says:

    I’m afraid I had to uninstall this new version straight away as it just wouldn’t connect to Windows Live, which is a massive shame as I was under the impression you had “improved” the connectivity and file transfer. After reinstalling the old version 4.1 that I was using, it connected to Windows Live straight away.

  67. Radek Says:

    Hi, looking good so far – one thing – in IRC it seems the panel listing current users is gone – any way to re-enable it ?

  68. Alex Says:

    Sweet….so when is Trillian for Android coming?

  69. Jamie Says:

    When are you guys going to fix trillian, so we can you cams on msn and aim?

  70. Viper Says:


    This 4.2 update made my MSN contacts only show like 6 online, all others are missing!?!?
    When i login to MSN itself i see about 42 people online while in Trillian 4.2 only like 6.

    Also this Xobni and Askjeeves stuff in the installer is REALLY annoying, id prefer to pay a bit more when that gets removed.

    Michiel ‘Viper’
    Trillian user since 2001

  71. John III Says:

    It’s great that you added a lot of features that myself and many others were hoping for. I think my favorite will be the MetaContact creation since it’s not such a hassle to do any more.

  72. kenterfie Says: the new beta has some problems, when the system was some minutes inactive

  73. lowo Says:

    crash often

  74. lex adonis momosi Says:

    i can not sign into MSN at all… it just hangs and than disconnects

  75. SilverDragon Says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with this, I’ve supported Trillian since beta and purchased a sub on good faith prior to release. Now you’re offering it, even for a limited time, for $10? That’s really not cool. We all expect a price cut at some point, but this early..and just to celebrate 4.2 and you say to help support you guys? What about us who really DID support you? We paid full price and waited patiently and supportive for the official release. Some people will look at the price difference as nothing to be concerned with, it was only a small amount of money. Yeah, they’re right it was only a small amount of money but still, though, how about SOMETHING for your supporters from the beginning? Instead of making us go..”Why didn’t we just wait then? We could have gotten it cheaper!”

    All I’m saying is, a year down the road…you want to offer Trillian for $2, fine…I wouldn’t have an issue with that, it’s been out for a year and everyone would fully expect price changes and promotions. This early in the game, however? Come on, don’t use your loyal customers like that.

  76. Tundey Says:

    Why would you bundle Xobni with Trillian 4.2? And why not make Xobni an optional install? As someone who has been using Trillian for years, it’s disappointing to see you resorting to such underhanded tactics. Shame on you.

  77. Tundey Says:

    I just went through the 4.2 beta installation again, just to confirm that Xobni is in fact a mandatory install. Well it’s not. But the language of the dialog really really makes it look it it is mandatory. I think that’s despicable and you guys ought to be ashamed of yourself. It’s certainly making me rethink switching to other clients. ‘Cos who knows what other shady practices Trillian is up to. Perhaps, you monitor people’s chats? Harvest your user’s contacts and other data? Who knows?

  78. Tundey Says:

    @Scream81: The option to not install Xobni is not clear. In fact, I believe Trillian went to some length to phrase the dialog so that users will think Xobni is required for the 4.2 beta.

  79. calvear Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a plug-in for Second Life that works with Trillian?

  80. Matt Says:

    The new installer makes it seem as if my Declining to install Xbobni will abort my install of Trillian altogether. The “Back” button has a “” sign. The “Decline” button has no sign in it at all, much as a Cancel button wouldn’t. I find this VERY underhanded. It would be better to have no symbols on the buttons at all or, better still, make it more like the Ask toolbar where there are check boxes and only a “”, and “Cancel” button (You see how “”, and “Decline” can be confusing?)!

  81. rstory Says:

    Release after release, I see great features being developed…and I applaud you for this. However, I am frustrated that (what I consider) base functionality like persistent chat/conference rooms in Jabber/XMPP continue to be ignored. I’m a corporate user and these are a part of our normal business. Please take the time to bring yourself up to the level of Pidgin in this regard, as you certainly surpass them in so many others.

  82. smw Says:

    @rstory: It’s high priority for our next pass through XMPP, sorry it’s taken as long as it has. We haven’t forgotten about it.

  83. Bob Says:

    Found a funny bug… I was chatting with a friend who uses yahoo (through the yahoo web site), and after every line of text there would be a closing font “”

  84. Bob Says:

    closing font as in “” (minus the spaces)

  85. Bob Says:

    sorry, it will not show it here the “” lol

  86. $hadow Says:

    I think that this release was missunderstood by most of the users that posted a comment here.

    This is a Beta release, they are expecting for users feedback since thats the best way for them to review and fix any problems that might be happening and wouldnt happen in theyr systems.

    The previous release is still very stable, they dont force you to install this one unless you want to test it.

    Sure the addons could be unchecked from start but this is a pain that you only have to bother when installing, after that you wont get bottered again, afterall they need some extra money, i dont mind it since this is such a great program.

    What i am really disappointed and its the main reason why i will not test this Beta is why isnt the cam/mic already ready for testing in this version? I mean, are you willing to release the official version with it without testing first? Or will you keep postponning over and over again?

    I am tired of having to switch to the resource hog that is WLM just to be able to cam with my family and friends.
    Or you will never do it and hope that we all force our tonned wlm contacts list to switch to trillian? (wich you well know that they wont since they are used to wlm and most of them dont have any acc beside wlm)

    Its time for bringing the big guns guys, thats what really needs to be tested, not the little ‘fixes’ that could be made on the fly.

    Other than that its my fav client.

  87. Nicholas Says:

    How about msn groups that i have in windows live messenger??? Will they keep not showing up in Trillian??? :-/

  88. Rhollister Says:

    Browser search bars are some of the oldest form of spam around. The paid version should NOT have either that or the Xonbi. As a paying customer, I am very disappointed.

  89. Neal Says:

    Don’t install things without my persmission (opt-in) such as xobni. I don’t want things installed without my express consent.

  90. kitezer Says:

    Okay guys I got a few questions here after reading all these comments, what is rickrolls? Why is everyone complaining about toolbar when you DON’T HAVE to install it? Seriously guys DONT be so LAZY!!!!! What the heck is Xobni? I do not got that on my computer at all. @kenterfie that shouldn’t happen you are right, but that only happened to me when someone signed in and my Trillian went auto idle/away. @calvear there is no Second Life plug-in for Trillian and honestly I think that is impossible even. The Xfire plug-in is being made though. @AJ they said “more to come” for a more improved MSN speed on file transfers. @SilverDragon they did the sale before in December for 1 week for Cyber Monday. They have only done the sale thing twice and it does not even last more then a week. Also, if you bought 3.1 before and connected your accounts you get the 4.x version for 10 bucks anyway.

  91. DurtAngel Says:

    The WLM file transfer speeds are WAY SLOWER.


  92. Logrus Says:

    Explanation with pictures (if links can be published in comments, if not I apologize for the wasted post)

  93. Andrew Says:

    Is this REALLY that big an issue anymore?
    2 camels in a tiny car…

  94. Bernard Lieberman Says:

    I highly agree with the other Bernard. Having a unified chat log, etc. would be extremely beneficial. I use Trillian on over three computers and lose track of where I talked to who. . .

    And now that I’m on a Mac, I wouldn’t mind seeing more updates to the Mac version :-)

  95. kitezer Says:

    @Logrus thanks but the site does not want to load for me I do not get an error page, it just won’t load.

  96. perfunction Says:

    WTF is this xobni stuff? At least I could uninstall it easily…

  97. Logrus Says:

    @kitezer, Yes, I noticed. Their support site is pretty crummy, it is one of those Get Satisfaction sites. Here is the posting (of course the images will not appear inline as they do on the Xobni site but I put the links to them at the bottom):

    I am VERY disappointed at the underhanded manner in which Xobni has been included in the new installed for the Trillian Astra instant messaging client. Perhaps this is not your doing, per say, but it is your product and I will be 100% honest when I say that even if I HAD an interest in trying Xobni I no longer will because I was tricked into installing it with via deceptive practices. Whether you had something to do with the way it was included in the installer is beside the point, it makes your product look bad in the eyes of people who installed it unknowingly. The Trillian installer also tries to get you to install the Ask toolbar but it is much less deceptive in this, providing you with clear check boxes to opt out of the the toolbar installation.

    I have attached images of the two screens. Notice the standard Back, Next, and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the Ask toolbar page and then look at the Back, Accept, and Decline buttons on the Xobni page. It makes the user think that clicking on Decline will cancel his or her installation.

  98. Beta von Trillian Astra 4.2 verfgbar - Software | News | Says:

    [...] [...]

  99. SmknGunz Says:

    Notifications popup text is now white? Can’t read it so good with Trillian Cobalt skin. File transfer went from 5KB/sec to 20KB/sec…nothing spectacular but it’s a start. Keep the updates coming.

  100. Dhaval Says:

    how do i change the colors for text in notification windows for the cobolt skin? the background is grey, and text is white, which makes it impossible to see.

  101. Amnad Says:

    Windows Messenger is having a really hard time connecting

  102. DanielRemains Says:

    “Windows Live. Trillian now supports signing in to WLM from multiple locations! File transfer speed has been improved (more to come),”


  103. Morten Mertner Says:

    I think it’s fine for Cerulean to earn some additional money by helping 3rd parties distribute their mostly unwanted, ad-driven apps, but the bundling and pre-selecting of such apps does not belong in a Pro distribution. Check out Adobe’s download page for Acrobat Reader, which distributes similar apps – they at least offer you a chance to opt-out before downloading, thus saving download time and giving me an installer with just the product I want.

    I also think it would be tremendously valuable with a web page where people can rate beta versions. Being able to rate general items such as stability and performance in addition to specific, selected features (important existing features as well as beta features being actively developed). I’d like to contribute and help beta test but cannot afford to install something that breaks important features or crashes all the time.

  104. Newbie Says:

    Nice update, but I dont get one thing. For some reason “contract signed off” notifications became turn on. Thats ok. But, why do I see – “Contract XY signed off” and Quick Chat button in that notification?? Thats absurd! Why would I need to write to a contact who just signed off?

  105. Shelly Says:

    Keeps crashing when looking at tweets. And while I love the support for lists, etc, it would be nice to have all that as a sub-menu beneath the account in question. I have three Twitter accounts that I monitor/use- my personal and 2 business- and with the lists and the inability to collapse them beneath each account, that’s a lot of stuff in the My Web section.

    That being said… I still love it. :)

  106. kitezer Says:

    @Logrus LOL Then I am lucky then!!!! I did not get that at all when installing 0_o and it is not even in my add or remove programs area? XD

  107. MOG247 Says:

    Still no LinkedIn? The lack of LinkedIn support is killing me. I paid the $25 a long time ago but still regularly use Digsby due to the LinkedIn support. Is there a plug in I missed? Are you working on it?

  108. David_C Says:

    Simply AWESOME Guys!!!, I was thinking that maybe you may consider a Outlook 2010 integration for the 4.3 Versión (just like the WLM does), that just will be amazing!!

  109. Logrus Says:

    @kitezer Do you have Outlook installed on your computer? If not, that may be why. Xobni is an Outlook Add-on. Perhaps if you don’t have it that page doesn’t even come up.

  110. NomadOfNorad Says:

    With the version number being 4.2, you’d halfway expect there to be a Douglas Adams in-joke inserted somewhere in the release notice. Heh!

  111. Nicholas Says:

    How about msn groups that i have in windows live messenger??? Will they keep not showing up in Trillian??? :-/

    ****Sorry for the double post.

  112. mel Says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing. The Twitter intergration is great on it’s own, and add to that all of the other features I already know and love. You continue to amaze me by doing it right!

  113. tiaurus Says:

    Windows Live in Trillian does not work.

  114. zAlbee Says:

    Anyone who wants Activity History sync might be interested in IMmerge at my website. There is a working version, and a version in development.

  115. ECM Says:

    Am I the only one finding that you can’t select alternate skin colors w/ this version? For example, the Bleach skin has several colors besides basic white, but they are all grayed-out on this rev when the worked just fine before.

  116. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Are you a pro user ? if not then maybe your 30 day trial period has ended.

  117. DiamondNRG Says:

    ECM – that has nothing to do with 4.2 … your pro trial of 30 days has expired.

    To those wondering about Xnobi … it does not ask you if you have Outlook 2010, so that is why Kitezer and others have not gotten the prompt.

    And build 15 is already released to fix tons of the WLM bugs. You guys are way too harsh for day 1 of a beta. You know that if the beta doesnt work you can always re-install the stable version right?

    And regarding the crap bundled in, sure it sucks but it only is an issue when we manually update which doesnt happen often. And Scott said they are going to look into having a Pro distribution that doesn’t have the stuff in it.

  118. Yakumo Fuji Says:

    Twitter Lists are only partially supported. It’s still all shown as two lists: Friends and Newsbots. To make full use of Twitter Lists, each list would have to be actually its own list, and not just simply merged into the Friends list on Trillian.

    But still, everything else seems fine, as far as I can tell. Still love Trillian.

  119. bernard Says:

    Actually there is already a pretty good way of doing activity history sync with Microsoft’s Live Mesh. I already use it between my desktop and laptop.

    The missing link is of course sychronizing with the Trillian Web client. This is the main reason why I don’t use the Web client at all.

  120. Stephen Says:

    The new features are great just the only thing that sucks me is this “quick chat” option on in the notifications. Hope in the final version I can turn off this crap. The button inflates only the window.

  121. kitezer Says:

    @Logrus yeah but its MS office outlook 2010 :P so apparently not supported yet. hehe.

  122. UberTod Says:

    Great updates. Hey, here’s an idea, seek to have H.323 capabilities for voice/video and be the FIRST voice/video software release to cross into a RFC Standard. Would put you back into the corporate offices. Right now no one offers an appropriate VTC capability that supports H.323 in software. Heck, even SIP transport for video/voice would be a good start.

  123. Soundjudgment Says:

    “” Heck, even SIP transport for video/voice would be a good start. “”

    It sure would be! It it is time for Trillian to get into some true SIP compatibility. Allow the user to add their SIP credentials and log on to a SIP server through proper ports and proxy if need be. There are so many SIP offerings. such as VoIP SoftPhones and other Net services that Trillian would be a great Client for. :)

  124. Patrik Says:

    Whats up with me being online even when im not and my friends getting a message that i am using my mobile, and that they can send me sms? This “problem” never happend with the older version.

  125. Trillian Multi Network Chat Apps | Richardcqz dot Com Says:

    [...] Read more about the new Trillian beta for Windows and grab the download over at Cerulean Studios! [...]

  126. jasovanni Says:

    You guys need a way to turn off notifications for windows live messenger. I get 20 new “Blah blah blah” has requested to be added to your contact list every week and your notifications won’t go away untill i click them all. It’s horribly annoying and has not been fixed in the beta….

    Either make it to where notifications go away on their own after a predefined number of seconds or give me an option to turn them off for add requests in windows live. This is make or break for me and at least 10 people i’ve asked about it.

  127. sowy Says:

    A serious user of trillian, 20h per day.
    Love to try new version. Maybe I can discover different bugs/features :)

    Thank you,

  128. Captain Slip » Trillian 4.2 Says:

    [...] Site officiel [...]

  129. Steven Wright Says:

    Would like to beta test 4.2. Use Trillian everyday also, twitter and facebook daily.

  130. it manager Says:

    I have to agree with the original comments on xobni. It is poor business practices to cleverly disguise a 3rd party software installer and it’s options (even if clearly stated) into another software installation package. Trillian and Xobni will never be used by the companies I work for or be packages I recommend anymore.

  131. Lars-Erik Says:

    Do we need to by PRO over again for 4.2, or will the existing PRO account work with 4.2 as well?

  132. Tom Boucher Says:

    you guys need to make money and all but the ‘have to read carefully or we install bloatware crap’ in the beta installer makes me sad.

  133. DiamondNRG Says:

    @IT Manager … it is very common to offer options, there is clearly an accept and deny… just learn to pay attention. If you are making your software recommendations based on an installer people will see one time, then you are not giving sound advice.

    @Lars-Erik, as covered during 4.1 … all 4.X pro licenses are for all of 4.X. Nobody will have to pay again until 5.0

  134. Jaime Luis Olguin Mesina Says:

    Thanks. We asked you, you gave us.

  135. Jill M. Cox Says:

    Hi I just love this messenger but I have one idea… I live on FB, It be cool to have FB chat on messenger also!!!!

  136. Trillian 4.2 añade múltiples mejoras para Windows Live y Twitter messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] Enlace | Trillian 4.2 beta [...]

  137. Ramen Sama Says:

    Do we still not have direct connect back for aim? Am i the only one who likes to send pictures in the chat windows or something?

  138. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Jilly M. Cox … it already has had that for over a year… you need to enable it in the preferences under Identities and Connections.

    @Ramen, most of us use the new Astra medium to send pictures (which is instant, no direct-connect required) … but yes AIM’s direct connect has not been added to Astra yet even though it is highly requested.

  139. Brian Kreck Says:

    I did an upgrade of Trillian and was a bit unnerved at first to see an app I didn’t recognize and would rather not have configuring itself after the Trillian install. I went back through the install package and found the screen where I inadvertently gave it ‘permission.’

    I think it is unethical to install apps by default from within an install package. It’s wrong when it’s the Ask toolbar and it’s wrong when anyone does it. Please, please reconsider it in future releases.

    I uninstalled the app and don’t plan on even trying it given their questionable ethics surrounding such behavior.

  140. Michael Nielsen, portrætfotografering Says:


    To post misleading links.

    To disguise a link to a video of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Popularized from excessive use on 4chan and certain Internet gaming forums.

  141. FoD9325 Says:

    Great job CS! 4.2 seems snappier and also starts faster on my system.

    Love the new metacontact creation. Genius!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  142. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Brian Kreck, that is not a fair reason. You blew through the installer in a day and age when everyone with free software has to recoupe costs by offering OPTIONAL bundled software. The checkboxes take 2 seconds to undo and your good to go.

  143. triluser54 Says:

    The 4.2 Build 14 installer I just downloaded as part of an “auto” update (the website says build 15 is out but build 14 is what came down just now) doesn’t give any options for Xobni install, it just installs it if you have Outlook on your computer. The Ask toolbar option is there as usual for anyone to uncheck. This handling of Xobni is beyond annoying.

  144. ian Says:


  145. Hobit Says:

    Please do make password protection on starting Trilian conection.

    If you have two or thre trilian acount in family, you can see everyones acountes

    Thank you for doing a good jobe.

  146. jpameli Says:

    Please keep up the great work!

  147. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Hobit, you can already do that, you need to right click your user icon on the profile sign on screen and uncheck save password.

    @triluser54 … that is not true, it presents Xobni with an accept or deny button and so you hit accept without reading it.

    @ian, the installer is not just for pro users… they have to offer options to keep the cost down. Scott did say they may release a pro only installer that does not have the bundled options though.

    And to all of you complaining about it… you realize that it only happens during manual updates right? Once 4.2 starts auto-updating you won’t see it again until 4.3 … seriously its not very often, just pay attention for 5 seconds while installing it.

  148. Thomas Says:

    How about webcam support for MSN???????????????????????????

  149. Jason Says:

    @Pak-Kei Mak

    Apologies for such a dreadfully late reply. Additional apologies for making my post sound like I was telling the development team what they need to do. That wasn’t my intention; rather, I was under the impression that the IRC plugin was simply outdated but I didn’t consider the possibility of implementing features that would benefit IRC as well as other IM clients.

    Anyway, when it comes to scripting, I would like versatility (something like mIRC has today with its own scripting language or ChatZilla using JavaScript or various IRC clients with Perl). I’d like the functionality of having auto-join with certain channels getting separated into defined tabbed containers. I want to be notified when someone says my nick (currently I do this with the Automation feature) but I’d like to be able to have the line that was said logged in a separate window with information such as who said it, what time, and in what channel.

    Basically, much of the stuff you can do with a customizable scripting language. Of course, it is entirely possible that there is already a way to do this and I have overlooked it.

    Again, sorry for the late reply and about the misunderstanding in my first comment. I love Trillian and I’ve been using it for at least eight years if not longer. I communicate via many different IM clients as I am sure many Trillian users do but having so many standalone programs running becomes a burden on my “classic” computer’s limited resources. Trillian allows me to use them all without draining my resources or inhibiting performance. Thank you!

  150. lbebo Says:

    I used the twitter within 4.2 beta via proxy server in the office fine, but after going home, I always get “infoErrorVerifyCredentials”. Anyidea about this?

  151. rolodexter Says:

    My profile picture’s not updating. Skype’s status isn’t updating with Astra.

  152. rolodexter Says:

    What about Google Voice integration so that I can SMS, Tweet, etc. all from one app? :D :D

  153. rolodexter Says:

    i can’t change my profile pic when i try to upload a pic. it says the pic is pending, then i select it, and nothing happens. what gives.

  154. TheGovernor11 Says:

    You don’t have to install XOBNI. You can just hit cancel and it won’t install it.

  155. rolodexter Says:

    what’s up with the profile editor? it’s wack. the profile icon won’t update. and my astra password won’t save.

  156. Mysterion Says:

    Add me to the list of unhappy paying customers that were tricked and forced to install the Ask Toolbar and XOBNI. I actually use my computer to do some work, which includes manipulating emails with confidential data in Outlook. Any piece of crappy software attempting to index my data without my consent while at the same time triggering my firewall to connect outside makes me very very unhappy. If I had wanted spyware on my computer, I would not have paid you since the beginning…

  157. lau' Says:

    Love the “mark as read” feature on mail notifications.

  158. Robert Miles Says:

    I’d like interested forum readers to know that as a paid enterprise customer, we are dropping Trillian due to the underhanded install of Xobni, which indexes confidential company Outlook databases and attempts to connect to untrusted networks.

    Yes, you can opt out. No, the option to opt out is not set up in a standardized ‘clear and consenting’ way. Yes, we are certain this is on purpose. No, we will not be considering Trillian in the future.

  159. Jeff Says:

    Unbelievable! I’ve been using Trillian for years happily. I just downloaded 4.2 because I’ve been having issues with AOL and MSN and I get this Xobni crap! I was NEVER asked if I wanted this or told that it was going to index Outlook without even asking! Where do you guys get off doing this?

  160. Jeff Says:

    I ran through the installer again, and I do see it. I install things like this so often, I didn’t give it a 2nd thought. I REALLY can’t imagine why you would partner with such an intrusive program such as Xobni.

  161. Stian Says:

    When I pay for PRO why do I get bullied into installing Xnobi and Ask toolbars every time? This sucks and is not very professional! I can understand if I used a free product.

    Do not default to install crap! It’s even difficult to spot the check boxes so they should be default un-ticked!

  162. Preparing to Send You a Message | Matt Refghi's Blog Says:

    [...] Will these possibilities help your productivity? Probably not, but they certainly amused me for a few moments. Though, to be honest, not as much as the introduction of Trillian’s Rick Roll Detection feature: [...]

  163. Ric Says:

    I got an issue with trillian 4.2 22: I have set up an windows live account and it seems to be connecting succesfully, no matter what I type in the password field (in ‘Identities & Connections’ option). Is this a bug? I have recently changed my hotmail password but I could not force the trillian – windows live connection to fail. I was expecting it to fail so i would type my new password for this account.