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Trillian for BlackBerry Beta: The ultimate chat client meets the ultimate keyboard phone!

Trillian for Blackberry

Trillian for BlackBerry LogoOver the years, we’ve received a huge number of requests for a native BlackBerry edition of Trillian. Today we are pleased to offer a sneak peak at the upcoming Trillian for BlackBerry! A beta test has begun and we’ll be working with a small number of testers from diverse backgrounds to help us finalize and polish the product.

Trillian for BlackBerry has been built to work on as many phones as possible and also features Storm support! If you’d like to be notified when Trillian for BlackBerry is available, please be sure to use the link below to sign up. Some great features of this new version include:

  • Connect to Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and MySpaceIM
  • Synchronize with Trillian for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Web and BlackBerry for contact list, avatars, accounts, etc
  • Support for many BlackBerry phones, including BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl
  • Two beautiful themes – black and white – designed to smoothly integrate into the BlackBerry environment
  • Handy and thoughtful keyboard shortcuts throughout
  • Various notification options – sounds, vibration, LED control, email push, home screen icons
  • Contact list sorting, grouping, MetaContacts, privacy, and organization
  • Set status, avatar, and display name from within the app
  • Message window bubble view, copy/paste, send photo, send buzzes, emoticons
  • Supports BIS, BES, WiFi, and direct TCP connections



Trillian for BlackBerry - Contacts in Black ThemeTrillian for BlackBerry - Contacts in White ThemeTrillian for BlackBerry - Chat Screen
Trillian for BlackBerry - Log InTrillian for BlackBerry - Accounts ManagementTrillian for BlackBerry - Take a Photo

67 Responses to “Trillian for BlackBerry Beta: The ultimate chat client meets the ultimate keyboard phone!”
  1. Kitezer Says:

    WOW!!! Guys that is amazing!!!! :D

  2. DiamondNRG Says:

    Very impressive, I knew something was up with Web 1.0 :P

  3. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    Great design and usability. Of course, hehehehehehehehe :D

    (Well, I don’t own BlackBerries, so you BB users need to tell us any User Experience you love about our new product.)

  4. Steve Randolph Says:

    I have a Blackberry 8830 World Edition.

  5. Oliva Says:

    What about Symbian or Android, Windows phone? Any plans?

  6. Scott Says:

    ENOUGH….Get your butts in gear and launch the version for ANDROID….or at least let us know if there is a version in the works. As a PAID SUPPORTER of Trillian….and an ANDROID user…I would like to know when you are going to realize that Android is the most popular O/S out there and is truly the only biggest rival against the iPhone….

  7. Jeremy Says:

    I don’t suppose there is a timeline for release. Can’t wait!

  8. Rick Says:

    I would be more than happy to volunteer for beta testing. I’ve got a Curve 8330.

  9. Richard Says:

    Yes! As Scott said, Android version!

  10. bernard Says:

    Thumbs down, Windows Phone 7 FTW!

  11. Chahk Says:

    Crap, I lost $20. I bet a co-worker that the next Trillian beta would be for Android.

  12. Chris Says:

    Well Kid, if you send me an invite I’ll totally rock out with the user experience. From the screen shots it seems like you have everything that I prefer, but I’ll double check what in my humble opinion is preferable.

    1. Integration with the “messages” folder. I don’t like having to open the client to check in coming messages and reply to them.

    2. Keep it simple. Most BlackBerry smartphones don’t have a lot of space onboard. So as much information you can store serverside or on the MicroSD card the better (such as cached profile pics, logs etc) for example BeeJiveIM is 1.4 megs and supports all the same networks you do with the exception of the Astra server.

    3. Simple line chat view. For those of us who don’t like bubble chat… (it’s just too iPhoney for me)

    That’s all the comsmetic things I can think of right now. Once I get an invite I’ll be ablke to help out some more. I’m on a 9700 running OS 5.0 and my pin is 2169D89A (if anyone wants it)

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  14. DiamondNRG Says:

    Maybe all of you non-BB users should stay positive for once and realize this obviously means CS is considering other mobile platforms. The BB has been requested since before Android existed… maybe that had something to do with it being the next one … who knows maybe they are working on them all at once. Just try to be positive instead of ALWAYS bitching and complaining. And Bernard, sure Windows Phone 7 looks neat but its not out yet so obviously they aren’t going to work on that yet.

  15. Richard Says:

    I’m not saying to not do a BB version, I’m saying that if its not, an Android version should be in the pipeline too.

    If Trillian gets an Android release, I’ll have Trillian on every device I ever use!

  16. Jonathan Says:

    are you guys lookin for beta testers?
    Would love to test this out on my 9630 Tour!

  17. John Says:

    What would be great is BBM support on the Windows client…:)

  18. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Richard, based on this having been in the works for a year… I’m guessing they certainly already have Android “somewhere in the pipeline”.

  19. Babylon2x Says:

    Fantastic! It’s drawn my interest firmly back to Trillian! This is great news. :)

  20. Babylon2x Says:

    On the Android note, the most popular Mobile OS is actually Symbian, followed by BlackBerry OS, Apple, and Android somewhere around 5-10%. But I’m hopeful Trillain will eventually be available for all mobile platforms :)

  21. Dave D Says:

    Really? A Blackberry version before Android?

  22. SMcVey Says:

    As a lifelong trillian AND blackberry user, this is excellent news… If you need any additional beta testers, I’m happy to help!

  23. Boots Says:

    Where’s the Palm webOS version of Trillian!!! ;) But seriously, how can you guys keep this up? You’ll have 7 versions of Trillian when you start supporting Android and Windows Phone. I use Trillian on Windows, Mac and the iPhone, so I’m certainly not complaining. I’m just amazed you can make and maintain native clients for so many platforms.

  24. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Dave D … did you miss the fact that they have been working on this for a year… that would be before Android was anything but a speck. I’m sure they already have plans for Android, heck maybe they have been working on that too for a while and not telling anyone :P

  25. RedRumy3 Says:

    Awesome, Look forward to having this on my storm2!!!

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  27. greycell Says:

    Holy crap, you’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t expect this in a million years!

    I love my Bold, but the chat-client experience has been lacking. I generally stick to Gchat, but the client is mildly buggy and causes me to lose messages periodically.

    Beejive is a multi-IM client which had potential, but was also annoyingly buggy in a lot of ways (message notification light would never turn off was the worst), but the aesthetics were absolutely terrible compared to Trillian’s style.

    I can’t wait!

  28. TrojanCentaur Says:

    Enough about the bloody Android, people! We get it! Sheesh!


  29. JSK Says:

    As a paying Astra user I too would love to see this for Android. I am tired of using Meebo and would much rather have an option for Trillian.

    With the decline in popularity of Blackberry in comparison to the growth of Android I am really surprised at seeing a BB version first.

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  34. Thelothian Says:

    I don’t understand why Cerulean’s efforts are spread on a lot of platforms while OSX version still in alpha state, apparently abandoned in a sort of preview version, with bugs and various problems… OSX is not a small marketplace and OSX users still search for a valid alternative to MS product and valid Adium’s concurrent. But maybe OSX doesn’t have any commercial interest in Cerulean’s plans.

  35. Chris Says:


    I think Sparks heads up both the iPhone/iTouch and OSX development. She’s doing a great job on the iPhone version… She may even be working on the OSX version at the same time, but not releasing anything yet… BTW I wonder if she’ll be working on an iPad version as well, lol.


    I don’t think the Android users heard you. *shrugs* I’m so excited for the BB version, I hope all smartphones get Trillian and Soon™.

  36. PC_Clone Says:

    Thank you! I have been waiting for the BB version ever since I switched from my iPhone. Please let me know if you need another beta tester.

  37. Jeff Says:


  38. jhol Says:

    hope trillian give a chance to webOS cos Palm need this king of apps soon

  39. Coffee-Turtle Says:

    Wow! This thing looks FULLY developed. I mean it looks like you guys have been secretly working on this for a couple of years! It’ so advanced from what I’m reading! I’m REALLY looking forward to it. I remember starting a thread about this years ago! (woot) It would be truly kewl if you could somehow integrate the native BB Messenger right within Trillian. It would be MetaContact bliss! SO looking forward to it and I will be happy to give back positive feedback and observations! Your only real competitor is BeeJive, but it can be a battery killer if you have too many simultatneous connections. I hope Trilly won’t see that issue. Again, great news!

  40. morchej Says:

    thats fantastic!
    trillian for BlackBerry.. *yeah*
    i hope, that i can be a beta tester :)

  41. Daniel (bigmalletman) Says:

    My only concern is that CS might be starting to spread their selves too thin…

  42. Andy Anonymous Says:

    What is with the people claiming BlackBerry is unpopular or declining in popularity? That’s totally untrue. BB just this month displaced Motorola on the list of the top five phone manufacturers worldwide. The Curve 8330 is currently the best-selling phone in the world — yes, higher than the iPhone, let alone any Android phone. And various reports suggest that BB is increasing, not decreasing, in popularity. BlackBerry is the natural next recipient of Trillian, after iPhone…and then Android, whose phones are lower in sales than both, should be next after. I can’t wait.

  43. mad guy Says:

    what about going on with mac osx development?

  44. Kris Says:

    This is great news. I do not have a BB, but I know a few people who do and might be very interested in a great app like this. I am hopeful that WM version will become available, in the future. I use WM 6.5.x and use it for business purposes, so my only realistic options are a BB or a WM device. I will not approve any iPads or iPhones on the network I support. I think they are great devices,but without a lot of infrastructure are not easy to secure. I do not blame Cerulean for focusing on a popular consumer product, but I am hopeful that they will release a WM, nonetheless :)

    Keep up the great work!

  45. gsdeniro Says:

    The BB beta version of Trillian locks fantastic. Like others however, I am looking forward to, and hoping for an Android version!!! Right now, trying out Nimbuzz and Meebo IM Android apps.

  46. Yastastra Says:

    if you still need more beta testers, I have the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I would be great if you send me an beta invitation.

    Great work ;-)


  47. Scott Toberman Says:

    Great news! I live on my BB. Where do I sign up to beta test?

  48. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    @Daniel (bigmalletman)

    Maybe, Maybe not… I think I agree with you though, a little…

  49. Jerry Says:

    Have never found a good chat client for blackberry and as an avid supporter of trillian and blackberry, this is GREAT news.

    If you need beta testers, I have a Curve 8320 and would love to be included.

  50. moep Says:

    Hm, why no Linux version?

    that would be really great, far many users I think…

  51. OJi Says:

    My BB was made for this ! :)

    Include me if you need testers…

  52. Simone Says:

    ok guys, your work is amazing, but…
    before open Trillian to so many new markets (Blackberry and Android i suppose next)
    why don’t you stabilize the mac alpha release?

    I think spreading trillian on all possible devices is a very good idea, but one per time.

    Anyway, keep it so good :)

  53. Jesús Says:

    Hey guys!!!… what about NOKIA???

  54. Emmalene Aubrey Says:

    Only for the Tour? What about us Curve users??? I’m being punished for being too dangerous for a touchscreen. T-T So sad. *snifflesniffle* I guess I’ll just have to wait longer for my dearest Trillian to finallly come to Curve users. (btw, I’ve been a faithfull user since 2006)

  55. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Emmalene, please read more carefully, it says “Support for many BlackBerry phones, including BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Curve, and Pearl”

  56. Dan Says:

    I have a 9550 and love to beta test for you.

  57. Originalme8 Says:

    So…a Blackberry…that’s nice. Now how about Trillian for the most popular phone OS in the world? You know that little green guy we all know and love/hate? Backed by the biggest name on the web? You know what I’m talking about…come on Google it! :P

  58. npaladin2000 Says:

    Ok, so what’s taking so long hmmm? Don’t make me go use IM+ now, not when I already set up my metacontacts in Trillian

  59. Jerome Says:

    This would make a great addition to the other apps I have on my Blackberry tour. I would be so glad when it comes out. Based on what has been posted so far, it looks like it can be very useful in business and other areas. You guys rock always. Forget the haters!!! Blackberry rules too!! Blackberry was here WAY before Android showed it’s head, and as such, you are preceding accordingly.

    Keep doing what you do best!!! :)

  60. Steve Says:

    Hey guys, can’t wait. How about an ETA on this? Or better still let people download the beta.

  61. Chris Says:

    Wow… Android users are pushy, lol.

    Still waiting on my invite, Kevin, lol.Hell to test out Trillian for BlackBerry I’ll even dust off my 8900 and 8320… Tho I’d prefer to use my beloved 9700… Keep me in the loop, kay?

  62. fabian g Says:

    sign me up for the beta! i’m all over it

  63. DiamondNRG Says:

    Everyone, read this: … cnet says it is coming TODAY.

  64. Vrmithrax Says:

    I find it amusing when people get all pushy about supporting THEIR platform. Just from sheer numbers, the BlackBerry should have been the FIRST smartphone platform to be supported, since it has the single largest user base. Oh, but by all means, push BlackBerry users out of the way and rush Android. It makes MUCH more business sense to target a much smaller percentage of the market, just cause I want it and I scream about it, right?

    I have a work BlackBerry, so I am naturally glad that Trillian is coming to me. But I also have a Droid, and I can wait for it to get to me there – because it WILL, and it will SOON, of that I have no doubt. People really just need to lose the false sense of importance and self-entitlement, and have a little patience. And maybe appreciate the good work that is being done, instead of trashing the entire process because they feel left out and their feelings are hurt… Sheesh.

  65. WraithsCrono Says:

    Uh, anyone know if where the feed back area is, cus I keep getting errors accessing a secure API…..

  66. Abhimanyu Ghoshal Says:

    wow, if you guys can get this to work on my aging 8800 as well, I’d be eternally grateful! keep up the super work!

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