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Trillian 1.3 for iPhone: Multitasking, retina display, MSN multiple sign-in!

Version 1.3 of Trillian for iPhone has been approved and will be available in the App Store shortly! Forgive us for posting such a giant screenshot, but the beauty of the display left us no choice. New features:

  • iOS 4 multitasking
  • Handsome new graphics for retina display
  • MSN multiple sign-in support
  • Additional bugfixes, speed improvements, and smaller usability enhancements.


37 Responses to “Trillian 1.3 for iPhone: Multitasking, retina display, MSN multiple sign-in!”
  1. Rapscallion Says:


  2. Raqib Says:


  3. Joesixgig Says:

    Looks great. So now with the new multitasking version, will it actually sign you out when you turn off the phone or close the app in the ‘task manager’?

  4. smw Says:

    @Joesixgig: No. Apple allows us around 5 minutes of background activity before the application is closed to facilitate fast task-switching. Even if Trillian gets closed, though, you’re still kept online through our servers for up to 7 days.

  5. Spencer Says:

    Great jobs guys!

    I would recommend it display Connected & Disconnected vs Offline & Online (as it’s harder to differentiate).

  6. Rachel Blackman Says:

    @Joesixgig – to clarify, if you suspend, we’ll run in the background for a little while and then be shut down (which hands over all processing to our servers, and allows push notification). If you actually hit the ‘Sign Off’ button in the accounts tab, however, you’ll be fully disconnected/offline.

    We have to stick with the suspend-and-push method where possible, because of the limitations Apple imposes on background apps and the fact that any background app can be killed if the OS needs more memory; you need to be able to restart from not-running just as if you had been still running in the background.

  7. Greg Says:

    Great work, the MSN multiple sign-in works like a champ!

  8. SoWhy Says:

    Looks nice. Now when will we get an Android version? ;-)

  9. Anthony Dardano Says:

    Ever since I have downloaded trillion basic 6 years ago, I have been a major fan of your group. I bought your pro license for 4.0 and instantly bought your iPhone app when I got the device. I appreciate how you guys pay attention to your products and will always be a happy customer since you guys take the time to make quality products.

  10. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Now how bout a ‘night’ mode for the interface… I’ve been liking those black themes seen on BB and Android :P

  11. Bob Says:

    Not working on the iPad… looks great on my iPhone 4

  12. Padre Says:

    Trillian tells me I am running Build, but iTunes says the current version is Does this mean I am using a version that hasn’t been released yet? am I in the future?

  13. DiamondNRG Says:

    Hey that picture can’t be Scott… what happened to the long blond ponytail?

  14. William Says:

    Version 1.3.1 is the fixed version that allows it to be ran on the ipad if I am correct. The 1.3.0 version was the first version submitted. Just like when I downloaded trillian, even tho itunes told me it was it is really Correct me if I am wrong staff members????

  15. DiamondNRG Says:

    This version is not for the iPad…

    They submitted but updated it to because Apple was taking too long and 1.3.1.x was ready… so Apple approved it but never changed the build number listed in the AppStore. They did this before too (like William said) … so in reality you are really using, it just is labeled wrong in the AppStore.

    1.3.1.X is simply a graphics update version of 1.3.0.X to have high resolution images for the iPhone 4… while it may play into an iPad version, Astra is still an iPhone version and not both and thus why it doesn’t fix anything on the iPad yet. I’m sure Rachel is secretly working on the iPad specific version (or an update that includes iPad specific code as well) and just not going to tell us until its time for it. Scott also is already on today, so they are moving right along onto the next round of features/fixes/upgrades/improvements.

  16. Joesixgig Says:

    Thanks for the responses on the sign off when terminating the app. Would it be possible for trillian to notify your servers of a true shutdown event? I’m hoping for a way to keep my status as online until I actively close the app or turn off the phone. That prevents me from having to go in and manually sign out.

  17. Michael Berg Says:

    So excited that Trillian got the iOS 4 treatment.

    Any chance of a 24 hour sale? Gotta save up for my Trillian 5 license! :)

  18. SeventhCycle Says:

    Yeah… Loading Trillian on the iPad causes the app to instantly crash. Please fix this soon.

  19. kryptonite Says:

    @seventhcycle: I have and can load just fine. Might I suggest re-installing it?

  20. SeventhCycle Says:

    @kryptonite Yeah, did that already. Guess I’ll file a bug report.

  21. [mAgIc2k] Says:

    Crash on iPad! Please fix asap!
    Is there any chance to go back to the old version? What should I do without Trillian now…

  22. honus Says:

    Please, for the love of god, use an embedded web view. Why, after so many releases am I still asked if I want to “suspend and view link” when I click on a link. Just load it up in-app for goodness sake.

  23. [mAgIc2k] Says:

    Thanks for the quick update for iPad users. That’s amazing support.

  24. Andy Says:

    Would love to see video chat support (isn’t the facetime cam an open platform, or will be?) so I can chat with my traveling family.

  25. DiamondNRG Says:

    Andy – Facetime only works with other iPhone 4′s … wouldn’t you rather have video chat that works on the major IM services? I sure would.

  26. Forge Says:

    And it looks great on iPhone 4 but still looks like garbage on iPad. :( :(

  27. Hendrik Says:

    My friends (using HTC and original ICQ App) are able to choose status “mobile” automatically.
    Why is this generelly not able @trillian 4 iphone???

  28. Darrin Says:

    I am looking to buy but couple of dumb questions.
    1. This does work over the 3G network, correct. Not just WiFi.
    2. When I close the app by hitting the home button, I know it mentions multitasking but is that really just the quick switch? or am I still going to get IM’s?


  29. Ted Says:

    Hi! Trillian for iPhone is a really cool app, thanks for this IM on iPhone!

    Please add support for themes (colors) and wallpepers (backrounds) for chat windows like BeejiveIM. Contacts – integrate with native Address Book on iPhone. And… any chance for add new cool feature – Video Calling – FaceTime on IPhone 4 with Trillian.App?

    Thanks a lot!

  30. Martin Fra┼ło Says:

    Hello trillian team!

    Trillian is awesome IM on iOS platform. Yeah! Would by really cool that Trillian for iPhone have support for different colors (themes) and backgrounds! Any chance to have FaceTime feature on Trillian app? And.. so… it’s possible to develop litle light version of Trillian with support Apple iAD?


  31. mararuzza Says:


  32. Dude Says:

    Would by so cool than trillian for iPhone have ability to use pictures from gallery as wallpaper and change colors too…

  33. JumaX9 Says:

    I would like to have contacts integrated with muly adress book from iPhone.

    Oh, and creating metacontacts in the iPhone app (not only at PC) would be cool too!

  34. Alex Says:

    Are there plans on releasing more plugins such as irc in the Trillian App. And is group chat supported like Beejive IM offers?

  35. Kanzar Says:

    So uh, are there any plans to add Skype to Trillian? Because I’d really love to have an all-in-one, and Nimbuzz has skype but no trillian chat, and Trillian has trillian chat (duh) but no skype!

  36. Chris Says:

    When trillian five coming to the iPhone

  37. Kitty Kaye Says:

    why are there no smileys in trillian? im disappointed.