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Droid Does Trillian: Trillian for Android is coming!

Trillian for Android

Because we can’t handle any more blog comments or emails about it, we’re tipping our hand – Trillian for Android is on the way! Check out the awesome screenshots and detailed information after the jump, and be sure to tell all your friends so they stop emailing us. :-P

Trilldroid - Home ScreenTrilldroid - Login

Trillian on Home Screen and Login Screen

Trilldroid - Contacts.1Trilldroid - Chat

Contacts Screen and Tabbed Chat Screen

Trillian for Android will include all the fantastic features of Trillian you are familiar with, such as:

  • Connect to Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP and MySpaceIM
  • Synchronize your contacts, avatars, status, accounts and more with your Trillian-enabled desktop or mobile apps
  • Get notified easily with Android notification system integration
  • Contact list sorting, grouping, metacontacts support, privacy settings and various ways to organize
  • Set status, avatar and display name quickly in one simple screen
  • Tabbed chat windows with bubble view, photo transfer, buzz and emoticon support
  • Support for Android phones as far back as version 1.6 – works with your good old T-Mobile G1 or the newest HTC Evo 4G or Motorola Droid!
  • We took special care and respect to design and build the user interface to smoothly integrate with Android – this is not just a clone from the iPhone!

The first beta release is only a few weeks away. Stay tuned!

241 Responses to “Droid Does Trillian: Trillian for Android is coming!”
  1. Raqib Says:

    The iPhone version is stable enough for such an announcement. Congratulations!

  2. soylent Says:

    WOOOOOOT!!!! Finally, I love you guys!

  3. Jeff Says:

    Any hope for Trillian for Linux anytime soon? :)

  4. Dave White Says:

    Finally! I was beginning to think you’d never get around to Android!

  5. Liz Says:

    Huzzah!!!! I can’t wait! :D

  6. Scott Says:

    Hell has finally frozen over….THANK THE MAKERS!!!

  7. Nearly Says:

    Thank you so much for this :) , I knew when I’ve been using Trillian since it came with a disc from a pc magazine, and I’ve been using it ever since. I’m a pro customer, and I wouldn’t mind paying for this, since I’ve been begging for a good IM application for android for awhile!

  8. Rachel Blackman Says:

    Hell hasn’t frozen over, and this has been in the works for quite some time. We just normally don’t announce things until they’re ready for a beta anymore. But you guys have just been so persistent, we’re announcing it early to try and at least reduce the ‘ANDROID +1′ e-mails we continually get.

  9. Patrick W. Says:

    Oh my, that’s awesome! First Trillian 5 (which is amazing by itself) and now Trillian for Android, great news! By the way and on the topic of Trillian 5, I guess contact/chat history synchronization will be supported by the Android version, when Trillian 5 gets out, right? Synchronization is an important feature for me, when working on multiple devices.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for those awesome products!

  10. Chris Says:

    Omg. =D
    I feel like shaking someone in excitement.. lmao. I am happy you guys are working on this and I will eagerly await for more details. =)

  11. Wes Says:

    Certainly exciting news. First Trillian 5 for Windows. Now Trillian for Android is closing in on a beta. And yet Trillian for the Mac is still in alpha… I guess we really are third rate customers afterall.

  12. chahk Says:

    Holy crap! I’ve been waiting for this announcement since mid-2008! This is gonna be awesome. Trillian on all major OSs.

  13. Ian Says:

    Maybe now everyone will shut up. (:

    “New build for Windows!” “You need an Android version.”
    “New release for OSX fixes lots of problems!” “Android plz.”
    “Click here to download Trillian for the Blackberry!” “Needs moar Android.”
    “Trillian for the iPhone is in the iTunes store now!” “Where’s Android?”
    “FINE HERE’S AN ANDROID VERSION” “You need a Trillian for the Nintendo DS.”

  14. Evan1993 Says:

    Hopefully this will cut down on the forum android related flame wars as well. Almost makes me wish I had a cell phone haha.

  15. Rob Says:

    Now my Evo 4G will be complete! (well, when it gets FroYo it will be)

  16. fearphage Says:

    fantastic. I hope the iChat like bubbles are toggle-able. Thanks team.

  17. Droiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Says:

    I think I just peed, pooped, and creamed my pants all at the same time. I’m really hoping all the benefits of Trillian Pro will be available on this download, I want what I paid for. :-) :-)

  18. Alan Morgan Says:

    Great to see this coming to Android. Now that the selection of OSes is broadening, is there any hope of seeing it under Linux any time soon? I’d so love to ditch Pidgin, even if I had to re-buy Pro… hell, I might do that anyways to support you if you put out a Linux port.

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  21. Marco / COOLover Says:

    Sorry for my bad english ;)

    I know why i love Trillian! I have 2 Android Phones (HTC Tattoo and HTC Desire) and I’m happy to hear that Trillian will come to Android!

    If you need Beta Tester, I would like to help.

    Greetz from Germany

    Marco / COOLover

  22. Anthony Says:

    Awesome. I can’t wait to get on the beta for this! :D I still have my HTC Dream.

  23. jonatan Says:

    woosahh..I will throw away my palringo and im+ license for sure

  24. DiamondNRG Says:

    I think it hilarious, they announce the iPhone version and everyone asks for Android and Blackberry… so they announce Blackberry and the Android requests double… Then they announce Android and presto all the Linux users start whining. Sure guys, Linux would be great some day, but don’t you think that maybe just for once they can write a blog post about a new version and everyone can refrain from the “OMG I WANT IT FOR THIS OTHER PLATFORM” posts? It is so damn annoying. Great work CS, we all secretly knew you had to have something brewing for Android.

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  26. epool86 Says:

    yeay, can’t wait to install on my Nexus One!

  27. Richard Says:


  28. Tyler Neal Says:

    Count me in for a beta ;)

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  30. [JD] Says:

    Cool, Cool, Have been waiting for this for a while, Please make it and open beta!
    Thanks in advanced!

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  32. Matt Katzenberger Says:

    I’m loving the UI. This is shaping up to be the first good multi-protocol IM client for Android.
    My one beef is with the conversation UI. Please don’t go with the iPhone chat bubble look.

    Take on the look of the Default android SMS app and Google Talk. Simple, yet elegant, and it’ll fit with other forms of communication on Android perfectly.

  33. Trill...OID! Says:

    w00t! sweetness! I am a Pro user and am uber-excited for this … I want to be counted in for a beta of this as well! Trillian for Android + Froyo = uber-sweet DROID!!!

  34. Stephen Says:

    Awesome!!! so excited for this!

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    [...] Trillian Coming Soon to Android Instant Messaging (IM) clients are already available for Android in varying flavors, including Yahoo! Messaging, Google Talk, AndChat, and Hello AIM, among others. But so far there has been no decent IM client that handles all of these IM services in one application. And the first thing that may pop into your head when you think of an all-in-one IM client, would be Trillian. Well, today we have great news for you. Trillian is currently working on an Android app, and should have a Beta out within the next few weeks! So, I guess now we can say, "Droid Does Trillian". With the app, you will be able to connect to AIM, ICQ, IRC, Windows Live!, Facebook Chat, Yahoo!, and Jabber. You will also be able to synchronize all your contacts and accounts with your desktop-based Trillian client. Also, interestingly, Trillian for Android will take advantage of Google's updated push notification system. Check out a few screenshots below: [...]

  36. Greg Says:

    One Trillian to rule them all. Great job CC! It’s good to see such a flurry of activity after how long v3 -> v4 took.

  37. Trong Says:

    Hey devs, I love what you’ve done here but what I’d love even more is maybe another skin set! I know you guys, want it to integrate with Android nicely but I personally like apps to have a signature look. Maybe you do a skin that is similar to the one for Windows or the web based version.

    Anyway, great stuff!

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  39. rabbitdude Says:

    Damn, I was hoping for 1.5. Oh, well, I’ll just wait for 2.1 to come out for my phone, which shall be sometime soon *crosses fingers* (and my phone is the Motorola Cliq).

  40. Matt Katzenberger Says:

    Also, instead of tabbed convos you could handle them like the Google Talk app does. Just a thought. Tabs are ugly.

  41. Raqib Says:

    What about a .jar for generic phones?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

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  43. MagicMike Says:

    Best news all week! Thanks CS!

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  46. Luna Saisho Says:

    Woo hoo! It should be out of beta, or at least pretty stable, by the time my Verizon contract is up and I can renew and get a Droid X for cheap! ^_^

  47. Nerislynn Says:

    Woohoo! You guys rock! Now I have even another reason to buy HTC Desire and dump my old Topaz along with WinMo 6.5

  48. Trillian For Droid Coming Soon | AndroidWhirl Says:

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  49. dottedfish Says:

    I think it was a very smart decision after all. Not only because you reduce the mess of incoming mails and requests but also because some customers might be even more loyal now, knowing that their mobile platform will be supported in the distanced or even near future. ;)

  50. Alandproject Says:

    Perfect ! all in one Solution !! can’t wait !!! Hero + Trillian = Power!

  51. Caschys Blog Says:

    Trillian für Android…

    Tjoa. Was soll man sagen? Zuallererst einmal: Yeah, es ist Freitag. Das Wochenende steht vor der Tür. Zweitens: nutzt jemand von euch einen Messenger unter Android? Falls ja, was nutzt ihr so? Ich selber nutze nur den integrierten Jabberclient Goo…

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  53. Michael Hart Says:

    Just when I was considering dropping Trillian altogether, they do the thing I’ve been asking for months.

    I’m afraid it might just be too late though.

  54. Robin Says:

    Need a port to Samsung Wave (Bada) please :-)

  55. ADV Says:

    Will I have to purchase this android vision also? I had an ipod touch and brought that version, but now I have a Nexus One and don’t use the Ipod Touch anymore, Thanks

  56. gitesh Says:

    This means I can finally leave digsby.

  57. ADV Says:

    I don’t like the black address book and chat window background. I think in froyo the stock address book background is changing to white also, I suggest you do the same, black on white text is very hard to read over long periods of time.

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  59. Draven Says:

    wow, yeah, cant wait to install on my htc hero!!

  60. Irontiger Says:

    Great news! I’m looking forward to get my hands on it ;)

  61. Zeze21 Says:

    YAY!!! Thank you! Danke! Grazie! Köszönöm! Gracias! Merci!

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  64. Dennis Says:

    Yeah, finally :) Thanks!

  65. Xcom923 Says:

    I can’t wait for this. FINALLY we’ll have a good chat on Android. I can’t wait for the beta release.

  66. Far Says:

    Great News :-) Can’t wait!

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  68. GhostLyrics Says:

    You should probably look at the skype sdk which has been released lately. For some that might be an important addition when multi-messaging.

  69. kalyan Says:

    Guys it would be the best if it also includes skype and can work on any android phone (not like fring which have a lot of problems) in the market. Cheers and hopes to make a skype module in trillian

  70. Josh Chesarek Says:

    About time :-)

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  74. steven sherman Says:

    YES!!!! I have a work phone with the iPhone app, I am a pro scriber and now I can put it on my personal phone. With over 5 android phones in my family this is awesome news!!!

  75. PoinDexters Says:

    OMFG!! I just Sh@t my pants!!!!

  76. DeeZ Says:

    Please! Don’t do clouds in chat, or allow turn off it in Options

  77. ebola Says:

    waited it for a long time… woooow… i use trillian from a begining but nowadays less and less… first i bought a pro license, but without correct background development i simply stay the free version on next time… and so… trillian 4 was the first again what little bit open my eyes again, but not ully, so stay the free again… and now.. trillian 5 maybe will buy again if it get what i waited… and plus the android… woooow… maybe cerulean will again in that fantastic position as when they released the 0.74 very long time ago… thanks god:) i hope i will like these… thanks cerulean…!

  78. Originalme8 Says:


  79. SilverDragon Says:

    I must agree with everyone here, this is one piece of awesome news! Also to agree with some others, please don’t do the chat bubbles. I have the iPhone version and to be honest, the bubbles are HORRIBLE. I never use them on my window version, they make things so difficult to follow. I like straight up and down, name to the left and message appearing after that. I know some might like the bubbles, so giving an option to do bubbles or to do standard style chat would be the key here.

    How can we sign up for beta? Is their an application we can fill out? Thanks guys, I look forward to this and finally my chat needs are SOLVED!

  80. Marc R. Jacobs Says:

    Although I am happy to hear this since I own a Droid and have been using IM+ :-( it really annoys me that there are far more Mac computers in the wild than there are Androids, or even iPads. Why can we never get a functional product on the Mac? The latest release is not even a plausible replacement for Adium, and not even within eyeshot of your awesome Windows product. One guy occasionally on the project is ridiculous.

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  82. Aleks Says:

    finally! i’ve been waiting for trillian on android since 3 phones ago >.<

  83. Trillan finally coming to Android Says:

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  84. Perry Says:

    This is some of the more important android news as far as IM power on the android.

    Overall the majority of the already existing IM clients on android are full of fail (imho).

    To those of you asking for skype support, or for them to remove the chat bubbles, i hope you realize that this is a first release and not the final product..(its not even in beta yet!) also we only have a small sampling of screenshots. I have full faith that CS will continue to put out a wonderful product again and again and I for one cant wait to try it out.

    I anxiously await to see what the first release fully looks like and how it works on my moto droid, but a future releases as well. If anyone can do a great IM app for the android market then its CS.

    I also would love to get information on how to sign up for a beta. i assume that the beta install procedure would be similar to other android apps (make sure you can install apps not from the market place and then install the apk manually etc etc etc )

    (and fyi i love the bubble chat)

  85. Eric Says:

    Great news! Now any chance for a webOS version?!?!? :) Pretty Please!

  86. smw Says:

    @Marc R. Jacobs: There are many people using Trillian for Mac as their daily IM; while we’ve certainly got plenty of work ahead of us, “not even plausible” is a matter of perspective. What in particular are you missing?

  87. SoWhy Says:

    Very good nice. I’d help with the beta if I may :-)

  88. StefLyon Says:

    Great news. My google Nexus One and me just can’t wait :)

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  91. Marc R. Jacobs Says:

    I think you are missing the point, I’m sorry if I was not clear. It seems your biggest development push is always Windows, because that’s where the majority of users are. And it is without a doubt, a spectacular product. Then, we have seen occasional bursts of work on Mac, followed by long lags. I admit I don’t have exact numbers, but I am certain there are far more Macs in the world than Androids, or iPads. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. Yes, your build 107 will allow messages, but not much more. You can’t truly be equating the lack of time invested in the Mac product as even remotely as usable as Adium. And believe me, I really dislike Adium after years on Trillian for Windows. I just want a Triilian for Windows on the Mac. Thanks for your efforts and would love to see more on the Mac.

  92. grenskie Says:

    As an avid user of trillian, since early 2000, and now droid owner, this news comes quite literally as “Christmas In July!!” I have tried almost every IM app on the android market, and have been truly disappointed in none of them holding a candle to trillian for PC. I even remember the days of pre 3.1 contact list merging, though I would graciously accept those days again to simply use an android version of trillian with anywhere near the feature pack or even the look and feel of the Astra desktop client!!

  93. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Marc, why didn’t you answer his question? He wants to know specifically what one or two or three features are the most important to you in Adium that Trillian does not provide you with yet…

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  95. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    @Marc R. Jacobs: What feature in particular in Trillian for Mac is missing?

    Trillian for Mac has every feature from Trillian for iPhone/BB/Android including contacts, chat, photo transfer and sync, and beyond that there’s per account configurations, list views, compact mode, info cards and so much more.

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  97. EntropyWorks Says:

    Will it support Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging . I would be willing to pay for that feature.

  98. Matthew Badsey Says:

    This is funny, i sent you guys a email about this… well thank you so much !!, i cannot wait to use this :D

  99. Schorhr Says:

    WIll Trillian for Android support IRC as well? Then it would be the first messanger capable of all the chat protocolls in one app ;-) Sign me up for two copies, please…

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  102. Batman Says:

    Now my Droid really will be INCREDIBLE.

  103. Trillian prichádza na Android « Blog Branislava Ráca o IT a veciach okolo nás Says:

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  104. DorkCorp Says:

    Seriously, what are we going to have to do to see a WinPhone7/ZuneHD app?! I’m willing to bribe anyone over at Cerulean and by bribe I mean you tell me a dollar amount and routing number.

  105. Bientôt : Trillian pour Android Says:

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  106. DiamondNRG Says:

    @DorkCorp … maybe the first step would be waiting for the WinPhone7 to get released eh? :P

  107. smw Says:

    @DorkCorp: Haha – 50k should keep the lights on long enough to get it done. Send it over and we’ll get crackin. ;)

  108. David Says:

    cant wait!!

  109. RedCell Says:

    Psyched for this release! I’ve been waiting to hear this news since I got my Android device!

    Thanks Devs!

  110. Morenicano Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GUYS! I love what you have done so far and hope that the future Android product is as exciting and socially simplifying as your existing Windows client. I did however want to ask if there were any plans for the Android/iPhone versions to support video chat at all? I have an HTC EVO and Qik… well… sucks. Plus it’d be cool to have a client to interface video chat between Android and iPhone. Just a thought. Sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong area. I’m not familiar with where the feature requests would go. I know you guys are very busy but if you wouldn’t mind at least considering that feature it’d be great! Thanks again and take care!

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  112. Sheik Says:

    I do not own an Android phone, but that are some great news. So, now we can talk about your next mission. It’s called “Trillian for Linux”. I’ll write you an email with more details ;)

  113. King Chiam Says:

    OMG! I just fell of my chair when I read this! Yes, I literally fell off my chair! You made my day! Right before reading this, I was talking to a friend who just signed up for Trillian that I wonder whether Trillian for Android will ever materialize and then I read this! You made my day! I can’t wait to install it on my HTC Hero!

  114. zzz Says:

    nice news!

  115. R T Says:

    Yea At last man!!! Would defo pay for trillian!!! Using nimbuzz but it is a bit annoying

  116. Hinano Says:

    yeah baby yeah! w00t. My favorite chat client finally on my favorite mobile platform. The next app Cerulean will be working on will be the awesome HTML5 upgrade to the web app version so the iphone and android version can be merged into a single app. awesome guys, seriously looking forward to this android version.

  117. DiamondNRG Says:

    @hinano, why would we want to use the web version on our phones instead of specific custom made apps? They all use the same backend so there is no reason for the iPhone and the Android platforms to have to be “merged”.

  118. David Says:

    Well I’m a BlackBerry user so this really doesn’t affect me at all… But I still feel like releasing my opinion. :D

    @People asking for webOS version: Palm was sold to HP and webOS won’t be on any new phones. There’s no point in making a Trillian for it.

    @People complaining about the Mac version: I agree 100%. I’m a Mac user and I feel pretty neglected. :(

    @People asking for Linux version: Linux isn’t a major Operating System. I wouldn’t expect anything like that when there’s a future version of Windows Trillian coming out and a Mac version that is in development.

    @People asking for WinMo version: Eww. Windows Mobile of any type is gross. Zune is gross. Anything mobile that is made by Microsoft has no potential. Get a BlackBerry or iPhone.

  119. Steven Says:

    @David, Um.. since when is Linux not a major operating system? You do realize that OS X (another major OS) is based off the Linux/Unix kernel.. right?

    I’d love to see Trillian make something at some point for Linux, theres really no point not to.

  120. Justin Says:

    @David – Linux isn’t a major OS? It has far more users than there are Mac users, so if anything was next, it would make most sense to be Linux before Mac. I am a Mac user as well, and yes our market share is growing, but we are still far from being anywhere near Linux users.

  121. Kai3k Says:

    Very good news! Can’t wait for it … I’m sure, it will be better than Nimbuzz and Meebo together!
    I will keep free space on my Desire fot it ;)
    Maybe you will release a beta version early?

  122. David Says:

    @Steven & Justin

    Despite how many people use Linux I personally don’t consider it to be major since many programs port to both Windows and Mac but avoid Linux and how Linux is just something you download and doesn’t come preinstalled on any computer (as far as I know). I can completely see the developers making a version of Trillian for Linux in the future, but as of now they have a Mac Alpha, a BlackBerry beta, an Android beta and Trillian 5 for Windows coming soon. I think they should prioritize and get some Alphas and Betas finished before they start working on a Trillian for a new Operating System.

  123. Tom Says:


  124. TuxAndDroid » Blog Archive » Android App Sammlung #1 Says:

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  125. DiamondNRG Says:

    @David, your opinions are just going to get people pissed off at you. CS announced a version for Android, why come in here and trash what other people want to see? Windows Phone 7 will be a great release, and its not “ewww”. Please try to remain mature and insightful. Opinions are like buttholes… everyone has one and nobody cares to have anything to do with anyone else’s.

  126. David Says:


    I don’t mean to trash, but people are being unrealistic. People have been complaining about them needing to make Trillian for Android for months. Now that it exists people are demanding more? If that gets repetitive to me, how do you think the developers feel? Also, the only thing I really trash is Windows Mobile and I’m sure most people would agree. Previous Windows Mobile phones have given everyone low expectations for Windows Phone 7 and none of the videos are close to promising. A mindless opinion is worthless, but mine is based on facts.

  127. Steven Says:


    Most of those who demanded/requested Trillian for Android are NOT the ones requesting Trillian for Linux/Windows Mobile/Etc. You cannot just clump them all together!

  128. David Says:


    I am not clumping them together, I’m saying that CS released the most requested thing on the forum and people still found more to complain about.

  129. Alteran Ancient Says:

    Wow, I love you, Trillian Team! Trillian will rock Meebo and eBuddy any day!

  130. Trillian komt naar Android « SocialTech Says:

    [...] via: Trillian Blog [...]

  131. DorkCorp Says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond well aware the hardware isn’t out…then again I may or may not be one of the people receiving a dev/test device. Wink wink, know what i mean say no more?

    I know Cerulean wouldn’t put effort towards an OS whose hardware/marketshare hasn’t even been seen yet. But I’m just an eager supporter of Cerulean and Microsoft to simply WANT the product to exist. I’m beyond satisfied with what CS has done in terms of a product and merely hoping that I will eventually see such an app. Until such a day occurs, I’ll eagerly be pushing this product on clients and purchasing upgrades.

  132. Ben Says:

    When will we be able to sign up for the beta? I am so in an so psyched!!!!!

  133. Josh Says:

    +1 for the beta sign-up

  134. Trillian - Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP и MySpaceIM для Android OS | Все о Google Android OS Says:

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  135. Trillian se lanzará en Android messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] Studios ha anunciado que están trabajando en una versión de Trillian para el sistema operativo móvil de Google. Entre las características [...]

  136. Dean Says:

    +2 for the beta sign-up. Any more updates on the timeframe?

  137. the great i am Says:

    Thank you.

  138. Ryan Says:

    Thank you so much! Finally!

  139. Dave Bacher Says:

    Awesome! I saw this on Yahoo news as well, and came over here looking for details.

    Given the choices in IM right now, on Android, Trillian will be a most welcome addition.

  140. Anthony Says:

    Will the Andriod version work on the Verizon Imagio or will it get it’s own version?

  141. KuraKai Says:

    Anthony, the Verizon Imagio runs Windows Mobile 6.5 not Android. It’s like trying to run Apple only programs on won’t work!

  142. yoporolos Says:

    heyy the trillian for blackberry via Tcp dont login at astra.. chek the server plz

  143. Jorawar Says:


    Yay! That sums up what I have to say.

    Actually quite excited by the prospect, have been waiting for a clever and dedicated developer to bring a proper IM client to Android for some time, can’t wait to get this on my Hero, eBuddy until then…

  144. Trillian para Android | Android Hoy Says:

    [...] Via: ceruleanstudios [...]

  145. Nutshell Says:

    Just got a HTC Aria Android phone and looking to get the Samsung Captivate – cant wait!

  146. Admiral Memo Says:

    Count me in for testing with the Droid Eris

  147. kmulliger Says:

    Please, please, please put me on the beta list! This looks incredible! I can’t wait!

  148. Matty Says:

    Wow thats great news, its about time android got a decent IM client, Ive not really been happy with any one of ones on the marketplace at the moment.

    I know you guys will do a great job :)

  149. seaner Says:

    Thank the maker! At long last my desire will be filled!

  150. Laurie Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I know I will love this app and very excited about ditching Palringo. BTW, I’d also pay extra to get the IRC chat on this too. But totally get that this would probably need to be an add on sometime later feature. Just want you to know since you already have the most user friendly IRC client out there for Windows. If we don’t let you know what we want and will pay for, you guys just have to shoot in the dark and hope for the best. :)

  151. Igor Says:

    Is it possible to add russian language support to Trillian? If I like your program, I’ll buy it then.

  152. z3ro Says:

    I am so excited to read this. I cannot wait for this release. Goodbye Nimbuzz and eBuddy. I am certainly going to be paying for this app if that’s necessary.
    Uhh… now to look up my Astra username…

  153. Manoj Says:

    What about Symbion? there are many users who use Nokia E series. Please think about us also.

  154. lu raymond Says:

    I wish the iphone version had a similar theme, please make light and dark themes available to both platform.

  155. michael Says:

    So almost 3 weeks after the announcement and nothing…
    I remember when I first got my Droid and wanted to run Trillian but was told by Cerulean Studios they’d not be supporting the Android OS. Do I wish I would have kept that email. would be awesome to post it up in here…
    guys it should have been out a year ago…WTF

  156. DiamondNRG Says:

    @michael, CS never said they were not going to support android. They just were not going to say IF they were going to.

  157. Originalme8 Says:

    AAHHHH….it needs to be out already…I’m so excited! :D

  158. Matz Says:

    Great news, I cant wait until we can test the beta release :-)
    Good work. Team

  159. skipnyip Says:

    I have been waiting forever to get Trillian on my Behold 2. I’ll totally beta test this without question!

  160. 1337ingDisorder Says:

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

    Why don’t you guys at Cerulean have people working on this around the clock? No one should be paid or fed until this app goes public!! We want it.. we NEEED it!

    All the other Android IM clients are so very lacking, and most have stopped connecting to facebook chat over the past couple weeks. In another week they may be fixed but if you release early you could sweep the entire android IM client market!! (And I’d get to use it sooner heheh)

  161. Kat Says:

    I am very anxious for the release of Trillian for my droid phone. Hope it comes out very soon. I am hoping it will be announced in the corner of my computer screen upon load up, as I’ll be first in line to grab this app. I already use the Pro version since it’s my favorite chat client.

  162. Robert Says:

    I can’t wait, started using Trillian .74 back in the day, last about two months before I went to Pro and haven’t found anything anywhere as good. How can one become a beta tester??? PLEASE….

  163. Scott Says:

    I really can not believe Trillian developers haven’t already had this out for Android.
    Talk about being behind the curve! Get with the program guys.
    Already a large amount of other IM clients available & you don’t even have a Alpha or Beta release!
    Trillian once was my favorite IM client but,you are so far behind anyone else I’d be embarrassed if I where you.

  164. d2star Says:

    And what about Trillian for Symbian (S60 v5)? :)

  165. ICQ Mobile fr Android erhltlich - Seite 2 - Says:

    [...] [...]

  166. z3ro Says:

    So… any idea for a specific date of release? I’m getting a bit antsy. Nimbuzz kind of sucks imo, and eBuddy isn’t any better. Not to be a nusance but it would be awesome to get it soon! Thanks guys! Please hurry up with it!

  167. DiamondNRG Says:

    They don’t give out release dates ahead of time…

  168. Matty Says:

    Lets hope its released soon, apart from the Official Yahoo client every IM client for Android is down right horrible and a total UI disaster,

    Nimbuzz and Ebuddy are down right horrible, im glad Cerulean Studios are bringing Trillian to Android, atleast they will be one great client out there for MSN Messenger on Android.

  169. Aleq Says:

    This is awesome!

  170. XAVIER Says:

    I have 2 small humble requests. !!!!These are two things i would pay to see in Trillian for android.!!!!

    SIP account support. and Bluetooth headset support via said SIP account and/or voice chat medium.

  171. Nick Says:

    Any friggen day now. You work on blackberry beta before android? Get your priorities straight. We need a better IM client, other phones don’t.

  172. GB Says:

    to nick:
    dont piss ‘em off, they may take longer, in spite. i cant wait tho whenevr you all do push it out even if it is beta.

  173. grenskie Says:

    Hey, if ANYONE knows how we can sign up as beta tester, let me know please, or heck I would even test the alpha version if it’s availible……..

  174. Petr Says:

    Finally! This is the best news in months.. Especially wirking on G1. I’d love to be tester.

  175. exapted Says:

    I can’t wait! I want to stay online all the time on my android phone. I want an actually good IM client for my mobile!

  176. aaa Says:

    And what about Trillian for Symbian (S60 v5)? :)

  177. Jonathan Says:

    That app will be great! Thank you guys for bringing Trillian to Android! Finally.

  178. Izzy Skeptical Says:

    This is just some cruel joke. There is no app for the android, they never even intend to make one.

  179. Mark Says:

    Where is the Droid app? Any comments from CS would be greatly appreciated.

  180. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Izzy, you are completely wrong. The dev’s have even been online with the Android app recently.

  181. VE6AY Says:

    @Mark, it’s still in alpha development, so there’s no way it’ll be in the marketplace for anyone just yet.

    @Izzy, same thing to you. It’s being made, so it’ll be out when they finish it.

    @Nick, their priorities are what they make of it. Just because YOU have different ones, doesn’t mean that THEY can’t work on their own list in their own time. Right now, they’re shuffling four new clients (Mac, Blackberry, Android, and Trillian 5), as well as working on updates for the previous two main revisions of Trillian (Trillian 3.x and Trillian Astra). They are busy people, and the fact that they even MADE Trillian in the first place is a great thing. They’ll do what they want, WHEN they want, HOW they want, because it’s THEIR PRODUCT.

  182. VE6AY Says:

    And now, since I totally forgot my own comments on this, I’m quite hyped. I’m supposed to be getting a new Sony X10 in the near future, so this’ll be a great thing to have on there. Hell, I’ll even buy the thing, because I like CS products that much (I own Astra pro, iPod Touch and will own 5 pro already).

  183. Nick Says:

    They shouldn’t have set a date then. Regardless.

  184. Cletus Says:

    Rock on you complete my Android.

  185. Jimmy Says:

    Got 2.2 for my HTC Desire today. Now I only have to wait for this app to get released and I’ll be a very happy man.


  186. Droid-o-Rama Says:

    The sooner the better!

  187. Nick Says:

    If your not going to release it on time at least let us know what’s up.

  188. Alawatsakima Says:

    @Nick, they didn’t set a date, they simply said “a few weeks.” From google’s define site:

    a few(a): more than one but indefinitely small in number

    “Small” is of course reletive… But as far as weeks go, I would say 10 would no longer be a “Small” number, but by comparison to 1 million, even that would be fairly insignificant.

    My point is that they have not broken any promises yet. And even by my first suggestion, they still have 6 weeks to go before *I* get upset.

    That being said, CS: Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see this app!

  189. Peel Says:

    The design looks wack. At least if you comapre it with eBuddy. Is there any chance of proper redesign of what is supposed to be the final version?

  190. skilled Says:

    I bought it for iphone now im using the galaxy s can iget the abdroid version cheaper? ? i bought pc version allsow

  191. flof Says:

    ok, that does it. Trillian for Android _and_ a special offer on the Pro version. I’m sold :-)

  192. Nick Says:

    A =1, coupe =2, few =3.

  193. Lucas Says:

    @Nick why are you getting so upset about this. A ‘few’ is not a definable number, just small in number whereas your quite right about ‘A’ and ‘Couple’.

  194. Kellie Says:

    I have been with Trillian since the beginning and love my droid….so what a great combination……can’t wait!!!

  195. Nick Says:

    I’m upset because ebuddy sucks and all the rest suck and trillian sucks very little.

  196. azo Says:

    superb for android :)

    also wish to have video chat option but anyway in the future maybe.

  197. IA_Bulywif Says:

    Okay so it has been a month sense you announced Trillian for Droid…Any idea when you will have an open Beta and how someone like me can sign up for it?

  198. Scott Says:

    I can’t believe it’s taken CS so long to put this out for Android.
    Truly disappointing & quite sure when it’s released that will be followed by more disappointments.

  199. Nick Says:

    Are you away CS, that android is up 886% in the stock market and sells and activates 200 thousand devices a DAY, and us now much bigger then iPhone, and blackberry? So wtf gives?

  200. Aidan Says:

    I just got myself a Droid X, first smartphone I’ve owned. I totally thought it would already have Trillian. I’m bummed its not an application yet. Just another vote hoping that it will be out soon so I can get it.

  201. Vampy Says:

    I’m still ansious for that beta, the first app i searched for qhen got my anddr was trillian, now i can’t wait more, usig that ebudy i anoying me at all :-) , count on me for a beta tester :-D

  202. Anders Says:

    Hi, Nimbuzz has a new version 2.0 that seems quite nice also. But I think this will be a killer when it gets out (when?)!


  203. Tom Says:

    I keep checking the android market every day to see if trillian is listed… sadly still not yet :-(

  204. Chris Says:

    Does a few short weeks mean indefinite?

  205. Nick Says:

    Forget it CS, everyone try the new nimbuzz it has better features. I’m deleting trillian off all my computers because of this lie.

  206. josh Says:

    forget it..this is just a joke…..

  207. Grant Smith Says:

    Any word on a (semi-) firm release date? I think we’re all chomping at the bit, here.


  208. Nerissa Says:

    So, where is the application? This was posted beginning of July and it’s now about middle of August and still not available. what’s up?

  209. smw Says:

    Hey everyone – we’re still hard at work on the Droid version. Our first priority was getting Trillian 5 to beta which we’ve now done, so our next goal will be the release of a beta version of Trillian for Android. We are also dealing with the month of August and employee vacations but rest assured that progress is being made!

  210. Nick Says:

    But no ideas on a release date, how cruel is that.

  211. Jesse Says:

    Nick, I thought you were leaving. Go away and uninstall Trillian and load up your inferior product.
    Or – shut up, wait till they release the end-all mobile IM product in their time, and get over your childishness.

  212. dw1640 Says:

    Count me in on the beta. I’ve a Samsung Captivate all rooted and ready to side-load anything you need tested. Bring it!

  213. ImAWESoME Says:

    When is this supposed to be coming EXACTLY? i’m about sick of waiting for it..and of course no one can give a clear cut answer

  214. Nick Says:

    Jesse- go fuck yourself, that’s how people get when this kind of stuff happens.

  215. Andreas Says:

    Here is another Android user who can’t await the beta version :) I also waiting for the history synchronization support and i hope you guys will implement in near future a full custom emoticons support for the MSN plugin.

  216. AndrewstiX Says:

    Can’t wait to try it!
    Thanks guys!

  217. Tom Plunket Says:

    +1 Android, kthxbye
    oh, +100 for using the default Android colors. Folks who don’t like the defaults should change the defaults. I hate apps that don’t play nice with the user’s preferences. Can’t wait to check it out.

  218. z3ro Says:

    Any idea on whether or not Trillian for Android will also support IRC? Or will I still need a separate app for that?

  219. Oceanborn712 Says:

    It’s funny how people complain after a few weeks, thinking back on how long Astra took ;)
    I’m as hyped as everyone else, but seriously: Be a little more patient, we’ll get it eventually and it’ll be awesome.

    Oh and everyone: Just ignore Nick, don’t feed the troll.

  220. dizneechic Says:

    Sweet. Just picked up a Driod 2 can’t wait for this to be avail!

  221. Sunny Says:

    Are we there yet? Week 6 (since the July 8th posting ………) eagerly waiting for the BETA launch

  222. Nick Says:

    Your mother was a troll. Bitch… Trillian is starting to get out done already by other apps in the market.

  223. Michael Says:

    +1 Android user here (Samsung Vibrant), and a Trillian Pro purchaser.

    Trillian for Android is one of the must-have apps for the Android Market. To have the Trilly experience on my phone, if it’s anywhere as fluid as on the desktop, will make on-the-go communications much easier.

    Can’t wait – as others have said. Keep up the good work, and hope to see a beta out soon.

  224. Sean Says:

    Woooo! I can’t wait either this would make my Droid top notch! any android phone would be top notch with this! Hope progress is going well!

  225. Rene Says:

    Yea, can’t wait!!!

  226. Scott Says:

    Woot! I have a Google Nexus One. I will gladly beta test for the android release

  227. kpaske Says:

    Woot! Very excited!!! Trillian is the best multi-IM client for Windows based desktops, and now I’ll be able to use the same app and synchronize my contacts with my Droid. Props go to Cerulean Studios for their efforts to meet the needs of all their diverse customer base!!!

  228. alawatsakima Says:

    Whoa… Wait a sec… At the bottom of the announcement about Trillian 5 they said “News about Trillian for Android coming next…” Where is that news?

    I’m not trying to troll, and I do understand the necessity to work out bugs in the early releases… But Trillian for Android will have bugs to squash too… The sooner we get all the clients out, the sooner we can get the session and history syncing running… That’s what I want to see, and what will get me to blow my dollars on these updates. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see this out soon!

  229. Thomas Theunen Says:

    Really looking forward to this, I have been using Trillian PRO for quite a while now and haven’t been disappointed. Hopefully the android app will do the same! Just make sure you keep the data transfer in check!

  230. Christopher Says:

    While you guys are making the trillian for android (which will be awesome) why don’t you port it on over to linux too?

  231. impatient Penguin Says:

    “a few weeks” weeks went by pretty fast… I want it now!
    Nobody is interested in a fifth version for Desktop… Priorities check! ;)

  232. Mark Cornelisse Says:

    Please call it Marvin! :D

  233. BreakTheB0x Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I can finally ditch that crappy eBuddy program and use trillian for all my IM needs!

    You guys rock, keep up the amazing work!

  234. AzDayton Says:

    It puts the chat into bubbles. I HATE that. Also the text is very small.

  235. Scott Says:

    It sucks.

  236. happyaku Says:

    I’d like to set a bigger font, have an icon in the notification bar, and not to recieve old notifications and messages as I open it after a crash.

  237. happyaku Says:

    Ah, my Gmail account says ceruleanstudios.IP:port is hacking my mail

  238. Trillian für Android Says:

    [...] Des Weiteren habe ich es in den ganzen Monaten noch nicht für nötig befunden, den Jabberclient so einzustellen, dass Benachrichtigungen auf PC und Android erscheinen, wenn ich an beiden Geräten angemeldet bin. Genug geschwurbelt: Trillian kommt für Android. [...]

  239. Tim Says:

    Jabber on Android is not working :(

  240. old time pc trillian user Says:

    it seems stable and has attractive interface, but it’s seriously lacking the main feature: BLOCKING USERS AND SPAM FILTER which makes it USELESS. every time I login I have 40+ chats and authorization requests from Yahoo & MSN users … I can’t spend 5 minutes closing chats and denying requests EVERY TIME I LOGIN into trillian. app deleted .

  241. Technology Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I can finally ditch that crappy eBuddy program and use trillian for all my IM needs!

    You guys rock, keep up the amazing work!