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Trillian for Android Public Beta!

Trillian for Android

Trillian for Android is ready for public beta testing! Learn more about this exciting new release of Trillian and grab your early beta copy here:

Over the coming weeks we will be fixing bugs and crashes, working to heavily optimize speed and performance, and finalizing our ‘service’ infrastructure to improve the reliability of background notifications. Beta testers should expect a few bumps and crashes along the way as we begin our full test on all of the many possible Android devices! As with the BlackBerry edition, Trillian for Android is a time-limited beta and will expire between releases. You will need to be running the latest version at all times to stay connected. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates, and thanks for using Trillian.

162 Responses to “Trillian for Android Public Beta!”
  1. Silvereye Says:


  2. Evan1993 Says:

    Wahoo! Here we gooo

  3. moppi Says:

    yes !

    i wait so long T_T

  4. Dave Says:

    So promising, yet disappointing. Logged in OK, received an IM. Tried to open it and the app force closed. Now every time i try to logon it force closes immediately. I submitted the crash dumps, contact me if you want to troubleshoot.

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  6. i-d Says:

    yeah.. it’s time to change.. yes we can lol

  7. Originalme8 Says:


  8. Chahk Says:

    Wow… It’s (almost) everything I thought it would be.

  9. smw Says:

    @Dave: We’ll be getting builds out quickly to fix all of the early crash reports. Hang tight…

  10. Justin Says:

    Very excited, and a bit disappointed. The app is beautiful, but I can’t do much more than force close it at this point. Still, very promising. Can’t wait for the updates!

  11. smw Says:

    @Justin: We received your crash dumps, will work on a fix for the next build. Thanks!

  12. sct Says:

    Working perfect so far on my Nexus One (CM6 RC3). Great job guys!

  13. sct Says:

    Actually, just opened up a friends image and:

    a) there is no multi-touch… understandable to start
    b) but I can’t zoom in at all?
    c) the image goess of behind the status bar (honestly I think the status bar should be gone when previewing and image.

  14. smw Says:

    @sct: Will be getting zoom controls in the preview window soon, is definitely needed.

  15. kenji Says:

    please explain what’s this suspending all about. what’s the difference between that and running in bg (hitting home or back button)

  16. Domino Says:

    App installed and opened my accounts fine, sent a few IM’s okay… then force closed. Now every time I get an IM, it force closes. Force closes all over the place. (Rooted 2.2 Moto Droid)

  17. z3ro Says:

    Oh man looking great! No support for IRC though? I really would like to get rid of all the messaging apps on my DInc in favor of one. And it needs a Notification bar icon that displays constantly while it’s running. So far, so good though. No problems yet. Keep it up! :D

  18. TrillyFr Says:

    Guys, I love you !!

  19. Scott Says:

    Stupid AT&T won’t let me install because it’s an “unknown source”! I’m just going to have to root my Captivate.

  20. Kevin Says:

    finally, one step closer to a decent im app for android!

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  22. Christopher Bailey Says:

    I’m so excited. I’m glad trillian finally decided to make one for android. although….it has crashed on me a couple times already.

  23. Talesin Says:

    Out of curiosity (and give-a-mouse-a-cookie hopefulness) will the chat logs synchronize to/with the desktop version? I tend to leave Astra running on my home box, and would be great if any chatting done on the mobile would sync back to the ‘main’ repository when they’re both running at once; don’t really want/need the desktop logs on the mobile, in the interests of saved space.

  24. Thomas Says:

    @Scott Can’t you just actived “allow unknown sources” in your application settings?

  25. Haggie Says:

    Will future versions add Skype support?

  26. Christopher Bailey Says:

    @thomas No Scott can’t do that. It’s a limitation of ATT. what he would have to do is root the phone and possibly install a new ROM

  27. Christopher Bailey Says:

    I’d also like to note that I haven’t been able to use this at all. At sign-in I keep getting FC. Anyone else have an Evo??

  28. Bob Says:

    Looks good, the first minor bug I see is the text area is not always visible when opening a new chat with Swype installed (it hides behind the keyboard) hitting the menu button brings it right up though

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  31. Bob Garber Says:

    PS… HTC Evo running unrooted official android version 2.2…
    Looks good, the first minor bug I see is the text entry area is not always visible when opening a new chat with Swype installed (it hides behind the keyboard) hitting the menu button brings it right up though

  32. Scott Says:

    @Thomas, AT&T has disabled that option for some unknown reason. But I found a way around it without Rooting.

    ***For all you AT&T customers***

  33. Brandon Says:

    Excellent work!

    My notes:
    No copy paste support from previous messages.
    Bubble chat = ewe, give me classic/minimal/old school views PLEASE lol
    A persistent icon in the notification bar when you are signed in would be helpful

    But definitely welcome addition, I can’t say I really like any of the existing IM clients aside from Google’s Talk application. Unfortunately nothing on android compares to Beejive for BlackBerry yet.

  34. MagicMike Says:

    I’m a little confused about its background functionality. It doesn’t put an icon in the notification list which would help prevent Android from closing it. I also didn’t notice any service running. I guess it just sits in the background until Android expires it and then you get signed out?

  35. Richard Says:

    Wow. So far so good. It looks beautiful. My only question is how much the chat syncing will occur. I’m noticing some syncing between devices if I’m on two, but its not complete.

  36. Lawrence Feldman Says:

    Thank you for a great product and I look forward to using it on Android. Now that there is Android, maybe a native linux client is in the future.

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  38. Nezehath Says:

    Great work!
    Please include Droid LED status function for message received when phone screen is off.

  39. ninekat Says:

    Okay this is sweet, nice job guys. I have been waiting and this works I know it has bugs but this works. One thing I would like to know if there is going to be away to change notification sounds since the one right now is the one that is set for voice mail unless there might be something I am missing. The program is awesome and you guys are great

  40. Ethan Says:

    Suggestion: during a conversation, how about presenting the option to close other tabs by longpressing the tab without having to leave the open chat window?

  41. Sqube Says:

    How do you submit crash dumps, exactly? For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that the FB names for my contacts aren’t synced up and people that I can see are on when I look at FB aren’t in my list (even when I disconnect and reconnect).

    I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t really like to stay connected for any length of time. I’m using a stock Droid 2.

  42. alawatsakima Says:

    I seem to be able to send IMs just fine, verified on Astra and Google Talk.

    However, I got a force-close when trying to send a picture via Astra. How do I collect my crash report and send it in? Is there a bugzilla for this project yet?

    Also, I would like to +1 for loading Trillian persistently into the notification tray. Having it run continuously is an important feature to me.

  43. alawatsakima Says:

    I forgot to mention, I’m running a vanilla Garminfone, I believe it is Android 1.6.

  44. Scott Says:

    Will this be available in the MARKET PLACE so we can see when updates are available?

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    [...] Cerulean Studios announced the release of Trillian for Android Public Beta. In the coming weeks, Cerulean Studios will be focusing on fixing bugs and crashes, and will be working optimize speed, performance, and the service infrastructure. [...]

  46. alawatsakima Says:

    OK, another problem, arguably requireing the aforementioned persistant placement in the notification tray:

    I tried backgrounding the app (Simply pressed the home button and opened another app), When I tried coming back, it didn’t let me log back in (Said that there was an unknown communication error).

    However, this may be an bug in the backend as well, as I now also unable to log into the web client, recieving the error “Session timed out or logged in from another location.”

    Anyway, I’m going to have to wait till I get home tonight, and I will try logging into the Windows client and force the loggout on all other devices. Will report back on the success of that move when I get there…

  47. James Says:

    OH GOD it’s so beautiful. <3

  48. KyleHase Says:

    Why aren’t you using OAuth for Google accounts? Sharing email passwords is a really bad idea.

  49. XAVIER Says:


    Small feature request IRC + a little bit smaller avatars. But all things said and done its perfect!

  50. Lisa Says:

    I would sooooo love to try this out… alas.. AT&T and Motorola have joined forces against me and still have my Backflip on 1.5, so I can’t join :(

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  52. z33k3r Says:


  53. z33k3r Says:

    Oh, chat tabs are a bit big IMHO and where is Playscript view!? that’s the most efficient way of displaying chats…

  54. Zilverone Says:

    Very nice job guys. I’m quite happy to see this and it will be very helpful to keep me in touch when I switch to night shift soon. I do echo the request for IRC to be added, hoping that it is a planned feature that just is not ready yet.

    One thing I noticed while playing with the phone also having Trillian up on my laptop and watching the way they worked together. Both the Astra connection and the ICQ connection drop the connection on one when the other connects. Is it possible to keep them connected on both PC and phone at the same time or are there technical limitations that prevent that?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  55. rathkopf Says:

    If you don’t remember your password when you try to log in, it’s not very forgiving. It gives you another page where you can enter the username/password, but no login button. When you go back, it tries to log you in again, but it seemed to try again with teh incorrect password. The only way I was able to log in was to remove the account and start over.

    Is there any way to change which sound is used for new message notification?

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  57. Morenicano Says:


    I love it guys! I understand it’s an early build but am SO happy you guys released it to the public! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store in the upcoming release in the next few weeks! I’d like to add a +1 on my vote for the notification/BG feature. I do have a question though — If I have a Meta Contact I am trying to IM is there a way I can choose which of their accounts I want to IM without the program picking it for me automatically?

  58. Shelaba Says:

    I’m totally excited that it finally came out. I’m only sad that it happened the day after I sold my Evo. I’m stuck with my old phone until I can pick up my Epic.

    This is my single most anticipated app for the android. I’ll be so happy when I can finally get it installed.

  59. Sean.Proper Says:


    Trillian 5 and Trillian for Android all in the same month!
    Thank you so much! It’s a little buggy, but not bad for a first public beta release. And I like the look and feel and interface better than anything else out there in the Droid Marketplace. Time to finally uninstall eBuddy (well, maybe I’ll wait till the background features are improved).

    Also, to reaffirm Talesin’s comment, I’d love to see the chat logs synchronized with the desktop (and even Web) version. Is that in the works at all?

    Otherwise, great job and keep up the good work!

  60. DonXoB Says:


  61. Grimmy Says:

    Nice… but wondering why it needs permission to “modify battery statistics”?

  62. SICK Says:

    I F***ING LOVE IT!

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  64. Bandos Says:

    Thank you! Just an great app!

  65. Andrew Says:

    GREAT, needed to restart my NX1 for the app to work properly.
    Just a few comments/suggestions that I feel would help the app, after using Nimbuzz for awhile.
    1: Animated notification bar icon to show when online or connecting or offline.
    2: background UI should use the WHITE background also, not just black to fit into Froyo theme (Also black bacground for outside use is almost impossible to see)
    3: Smaller avatar icons (If the icon was the same size as the persons name that would be great, this would give me even more real estate on the screen)
    4: SKYPE please please add skype support, don’t want to use nimbuzz also just to have skype support.
    5: active chats grouping. At first it looks like a great way to present active chats but after chatting with my contacts, the chat group is soooo big, I am having to do too much scrolling to go up and down the list. I would suggest you place a single Active chats link that loads the tabbed chat screen again. or load a separate screen listing your active chats.
    6: allow siping left and right to change to new active chats, I know you have tabs but moving your fingers to the top takes time and swiping is much quicker.
    7: online network icons are white, but the windows 5 desktop version they are blue, would make them consistent. I keep thinking as they are white, they are not online and keep checking status.

  66. Lars Says:

    Got Invalid Password or Error connecting to the Server Message. Anyone else?!

    I definitely enter the correct password :/

  67. puco Says:

    Great job

    Can we expect Skype support in the future?

  68. Petr Says:

    Great.. The best IM tool comming to android. :)

  69. Sergio Says:

    Developers, please make two things(or make it optional):
    1) An icon in notification area
    2) Option to choose the sound for incoming messages

  70. heldenlos Says:

    Great. Thanks :) I love it.

  71. Heiko Says:

    Its a great software, which is already the best messenger for android.

    However there are some problems left:
    1.) App Crashes often when resuming from standby (Screen off)
    2.) Sometimes when sending pictures the receipient cannot click the link (It says “Access denied” on the Page)
    3.) I cannot change background color
    4.) I cannot turn off the chat bubbles (nice but should be optional)
    5.) Big problem: Vibration alert when receiving a message is great when u have the phone in your pocket but its highly annoying that you also get a new vibration on every follow-up message by the same person. This should be fixed in a way, that only messages result in vibration, if i haven’t touched the phone for at least 2 Minutes OR the screen is off (standby mode)

  72. rowin Says:

    I too got Invalid password.
    Any ideas?

  73. robert Says:

    One thing i didn’t care for was how when it synced the msg’s with facebook, every single one flashed up top on the notification shade, and it vibrated for every single one. That’s something i don’t want is it to “notify” us of synced msg’s. Another thing that i’d like to see that’s been said before is to have an icon up top to let us know it’s still running, and your status (online/offline/away).

  74. King Chiam Says:

    Well, I was so excited and really woke up when I saw this thread. Immediately tried it. Was impressed with the install. Managed to use it for 5 minutes, send one message out to a friend. After that, it has been totally useless … every time I login and try to chat with someone, I get a force close. So far, I have not been able to login and do any chat at all.

    Using Android 2.1 on an HTC Hero.

  75. chris Says:

    it’s good for a beta… but a few suggestions:
    [I'm using a sony x10a with android 1.6]
    -I can see the profile pictures from my facebook contacts but not my windows live messenger contacts
    -It would be good if the app would put an icon in the status bar so that i’d know when it’s running
    -it would also be great if my contacts weren’t separated/grouped by which network they’re on

    fix those and i’ll be happy. thanks for the release!

  76. Matt Cooper Says:

    Any of you guys know how i can choose what account i want to im on Meta Contacts? it always chooses one for me.

  77. Lucas Says:

    I tested it out yesterday but it force closes every time I try to relaunch Trillian on my Moto Droid with OS 2.2 (non-rooted) So I’ve uninstalled it for now and just need to wait a bit longer till it’s more stable. Great work though CS I’m looking forward to the upcoming releases.

  78. Danny K Says:

    Love the Android app but it would be terrific to have a “Minimal” type of skin where the avatars are small and the chat window is “normal” (as opposed to bubbles). Otherwise, keep on rocking!

  79. Dioncecht Says:

    SWEET! Worked well off the install.. then closed for a few hours and then took quite a bit of effort and reboots and re-adding accounts to get back online. Got back on and working well. Wondering if maybe custom notification sounds will be added at some point? just wondering.. anyways.. you guys are awesome for releasing this for Android!

  80. WhizGidget Says:

    Hooray!!! Been running it for the last few hours, and I did have one force close issue occur (but other things were going belly up on the phone too). HTC Incredible running 2.1.

    Thank you guys… this is *great* and I’ve been waiting anxiously for it! Meebo has been uninstalled (which I only used twice in order to confirm something with someone that I didn’t have a phone number for).

  81. eddieonofre Says:

    I installed Trillan on my Moto Droid and it doesn’t work properly
    It connects but then nothing works
    I click a user to start a chat nothing happens, I try to add an account and nothing happens,
    not working at all only works the first 3 second when it connects (since it show my contacts)
    but that is all

  82. eddieonofre Says:

    Is there a mail or web site where I can post any bugs or improvements…i like the idea o trillian
    but so far I can get it woking nicely
    I try the Mac version and same thing didn’t work
    I’m not sure but seems to be struggling with my Windows Live Messenger Account

  83. Colton Mathis Says:

    I don’t like how there is no option to leave it running constantly. The longest time you can leave it running before it signs you out is 7 days.

  84. Raqib Says:


    Out of all the comments up to this point, only one of them mentioned a Linux client.

    It looks like the beg cycle for new devices has slowed down quite a bit.

    Now it’s time to fix everything with the current clients!

  85. CammeronJohnson Says:

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting for something better than meebo for a long while.. Is this why the server is having a hard time connecting on my pc and droid as well? I bet theres a lot of people jumping on this beta! Glad to see it and good luck Cerulean/Trillian Team!

  86. Adam Burr Says:

    Very promising. Mostly working well as far as I can see. However, my MSN/WLM account won’t connect properly. The account remains grayed out in the accounts list screen. And yet username and password are definitely correct since it is able to see my contacts.

    Look forward to the updates!


  87. Walrus Says:

    Hello everyone, I don’t know who will read this but I’d really like some information on something concerning gmail accounts. Today, my gmail informed me that my account has be accessed by a suspisious IP (it’s a feature of gmail webmail, warning you that a foreing ip different from what you usually use logged in to your account and accessed your emails). The suspisious acess was logges as: So I tracked it back to Trillian, which I just installed the beta on my Android Smartphone. This is a really important matter of course, because in now way should Triallian or cerulean use the information provided to access our gmail account from there servers!!! I’ve been using several IM clients and gtalk/gmail android app and never encounter such a breach in security matter. I changed my password immediately of course and now have to update all my settings which is a real pain… In the meantime I’ll refrain to use Trillian beta app on Android until this is fixed or we get a clear answer on this matter. Please if anyone could bring this matter to the dev team it would be appreciated. Thanks. Have a good day!

  88. Walrus Says:

    I just wanted to add I’ve been contacted by someone from Trillian, and the fact that they use their servers to connect to gtalk is how the trillian app works, and that gmail password or account data are not compromised in any way by this. :-)

  89. 1337ingDisorder Says:

    Oh praise be!! Glad to finally have trillian come to android, I’ve been drooling over this for a long time.

    That said, there are two HUGE suggestions:

    1) There should be a way to select the notification sound for incoming messages. I can’t find any option to choose a custom mp3 or wav file. (If you really wanna go for bonus points, it’d be great to be able to assign different notification sounds to different networks, users, or groups)

    2) The force-close issue needs to be fixed. Trillian stays alive in the background for a little while on my droid, but after half an hour or so it silently hangs until I bring the app to the foreground, at which time it prompts me for force-close. (Motorola Milestone, Android 2.1)

    Also one suggestion that could improve the app is that MSN should be called MSN instead of WLM. Took me a couple days before someone pointed out that MSN is now called Windows Live Messenger. Since you’re going with the shortened form WLM, why not make it WLM (MSN) so people who use MSN don’t look at the list and say “What a cheese-off, they don’t have MSN!” when in fact MSN is there ;) Though now that I know MSN is WLM this issue doesn’t affect me anymore heheh

    Thanks to everyone on the TrilliAndroid team!!!

    - 1337ingDisorder

  90. 1337ingDisorder Says:

    Oh one other suggestion.. For all I know this may already be implemented.. but one thing that bugged me with meebo and other IM clients is that they would occasionally get disconnected from the networks they were connected to, and they would just treat this as acceptable behavior.

    So I’d open meebo and find that I’d been disconnected for lord-knows how long and had to manually re-connect.

    It would be fantastic if Trillian could sense disconnections from the network and automatically re-connect (or at least if there was an option to set that, as I could see some people not liking that feature).

    That would completely solve the “why haven’t I gotten any messages all weekend??” problem (well, except for people who just don’t have any friends heheh)

  91. Exodus615 Says:

    I love this app but for me to fully replace this app with google talk or pingchat I need to be able to send video and sound clips as well as pics and have the ability to have my friends join a chat I already started with someone else I love Trillian also a new welcome start up boot wouldn’t hurt and plz that grey box when signing in for a secondary profile we can really do without that also Trillian doesn’t seem to work well with Yahoo and u should be able to pick an avatar icon without logging on to your pc as well great work tho

  92. Exodus615 Says:

    Oh man I meant replace Pingchat or Google Talk with Trillian

  93. Tagger Says:

    I love it! Running unrooted EVO with 2.2. I’ve had 0 fc’s and I actually prefer not having the icon on the system bar (perhaps have a check box option to show or not? I know some want it). I have no issues with Android trying to kill the app from running just because its not on the status bar, I don’t know what those people were talking about… The only bug I’ve had so far is when I update my avatar photo it only will change on aim, not yahoo or WLM. 2 thumbs up! Keep up the good work. :)

  94. Robert Says:

    Sorry not stable enough to be usable, it crashes on unexpected server communication error every time.

  95. Mz_Jay Says:

    Why am I not able to download Trillian Beta onto my Inc? I click on the link but nothing happens.

  96. XAVIER Says:


    I agree with your last suggestion.

    Also PLEASE make the avatars smaller or set this as a option !
    It takes up way to much real estate.

  97. me Says:

    i run it (19aout version) since 24hours on my galaxy S i9000 (stock firmware jf3) no crash or connexion lost but sometimes i cant open chat window by pressing on a contact so i need to logout/login to fix that.
    And we need a metacontact function ;)
    thanks for your work

  98. rob Says:

    has anyone had the issue of their facebook chat staying active even when the phone is off? someone told me today my chat was “active” all night. i did leave my facebook page up on my computer and chat was active when i did but the phone died sometime later on and i left home for a party i was chatting with a facebook friend on trillian and just assumed the when i hit the back button it would turn the app off. is this what killed my battery? confused?

  99. Tobias Says:

    Great job, but I support some of the ideas forementioned, especially the notification or symbol, when the app runs in the background.

    Another thing: Some history-options, including sort by “longest history” like in the desktop version, i rarely chat with many of my contacts.

  100. vodnik Says:

    Just wish there was a way to tell when it is running and when it’s turned itself off/automatically logged out. When I first start the app I get notifications every time someone writes something, but after a while this stops and there’s no way to tell when it will do that and when it won’t.

  101. Berilon Says:


    I had the same problem. My gmail account warned be about access from the same IP address. I hope that the trillian devs are aware of it.

  102. danosh Says:

    is it possilbe, that ‘bada’ user of samsung wave gets an trillianversion too??

  103. Buck.tick Says:

    Installed on my Vibrant (Galaxy S on T-Mobile). It is on endless logging in. When I’m logged into Trillian on my laptop it sees the Android device. Unfortunately, I just have the mac equivalent of endless wheel o’ death on sign in :-/ can’t get passed it.

    Didn’t know where to submit issue :s

  104. Jeremy Says:

    Loving it so far, much better then other services.

    My only wish is to make an option to make enter the send button. I’m so used to that with my handcent i keep on hitting enter only to skip down a line instead of sending.

  105. Fruban Says:

    Using and comparing it to eBuddy. I like Trillian for Android but it force closes a lot (too much), doesn’t seem to keep me logged in while in the background, and I’d at least like the option to see it in the drop-down bar at the top. While eBuddy is simpler and stable, if Trillian is made stable I’d say I like it better than eBuddy because it has some nice extra features.

    How bout the ability to export a saved convo to gmail? Also, I’m used to hitting the return/enter key on my hard keyboard so I’d like to not have to reach for the screen to hit “send.” It would smooth things out. I’m using an LG Ally. Lastly, how bout making the search bar pop up automatically when I hit a letter to start searching for contacts on the hard keyboard instead of making me hit the hard search button? Seems redundant. Minor tweaks but it would smooth out the experience!

  106. Alawatsakima Says:


    I saw your post and your reply regarding the accessing of gmail from CS. While I understand that this is only a small risk and is expected, I do wonder if it can be remedied somehow. Someone earlier in this thread mentioned using OpenID to log into Google; Would that be a solution to this problem? I don’t know how I feel about some of the implications… On the same note as the people who mentioned Trillian for Android cannot log into the PC version at the same time, I DO wish the CS servers would log into the accounts, then all clients access the CS server (I imagine this is a portion of how device syncing will work in Trillian 5 in the future), I wonder if that would prevent the use of OpenID from solving anything… I’m not a developer, just a thinker, and I’m sorry if my thinking out loud is not helpful. I just wanted to brainstorm with the people who actually understand the implications.

  107. ouned Says:

    Hmmm after some time in background it doesnt refresh anymore and stops recieving messages.

    Im using ICQ

  108. Admiral Memo Says:

    Yeah… Loving this… This is awesome and worlds better than any other offerings. Here are my few niggles. First, occasional Force Closes when returning to the app from the home screen. Second, MSN connection is slightly flaky. I think that’s on their end, though. Third, I’d like to disable the “bubble chat” style. Fourth, idea for connection with the Skype Mobile client. I’ll give you guys a 95% on this. :-)

  109. Geffá Felipe Says:

    Accessing from other countries makes Gmail think that your account is being hacked because of it’s ip addresses from ceruleanstudios. Maybe you should see about how Trillian Mobile connects to Google Talk, because in Trillian for Windows it doesn’t pass trough ceruleanstudios servers I think, then it doesn’t generate this error.
    About the rest… really, I don’t know if there is anything else to complain!
    Maybe the ability to change the notification sound…

  110. Geffá Felipe Says:

    there is a way to integrate with phone contacts like Gtalk from Google does on Androids, and you see the green, orange, red and gray indicators at your phonebook?

  111. Geffá Felipe Says:

    Can it get a persistent option to stay on the notification bar?

  112. Geffá Felipe Says:

    In a chat window, the contact picture appears at top of contact name. Can the picture stay at the left of the contact name, so the contact information bar in the chat window can be smaller, with that we can see more of the Chat, and when pressing this contact bar in the chat window, could it open the contact informations (email, status messages, bigger contact picture, and other things…)

  113. Geffá Felipe Says:

    when I long press in a contact name for GOOGLE TALK contacts and hit “Privacy”, it shows a screen showing “Loading…” at top and a “Save” button at the bottom and stays there. In MSN contacts it shows the block check box. But I didn’t test that yet

  114. Geffá Felipe Says:

    I don’t know if people would like this too much, but maybe you could make an option to separate the IM services (GTALK, MSN, YAHOO…) by sliding to the side the contacts. Like you do on home pages on Android an Iphone

  115. Guybrush Says:

    Great job, wonderful. Skype support would be awesome, please add it in future versions!

  116. Kirill Says:

    No support for 1251 codepage now?

  117. Dean Kacos Says:

    Can not add accounts crashes immediately after adding aim/yahoo. I am on Droid X 2.1 verizon

  118. Vampy Says:

    Well im in, :-) but i dont see any way to report feedbacks, is upose this is not intended on this blog, What i anly see is the option for a kind of autotesting, so you use the app and it sends reports an statistics of use to developers, (if i understanded well theese option) so, the question, is there a way to report feedbacks and bugs to developers?
    By now, it just seems not being able to write on Wlm, it shows not connected, but i see my buddies although i cannot chat with them, it seems to e a kind of bug.

  119. Vampy Says:

    well, :-P i just found those links up here just after posting :-P , yes i am it…

  120. Matt Katzenberger Says:

    Amazing app. Best multi-protocol IM client on android, and second best IM app (after google talk).
    I do have some concerns though.
    First, I get a force-close whenever I re-open the app after it has been sitting on for a while. I understand this is beta and I’m not complaining, just reporting a bug (I didn’t see how you wanted us to do this so here ya go).

    Second, please switch from chat bubble to using the *same* interface as Google Talk and the text messaging app for conversations. The app’s contact list looks amazing, but the conversation UI looks kinda sloppy.

    Third. In a conversation at the top where the other person’s name and picture are displayed. Please make the picture the full height of that area (left aligned) with the text after (like Google Talk and Text Messaging in Android 2.0 and 2.1) Having it centered looks strange and the user picture is way to small.

  121. narcis Says:

    Does your push mail notification work? Mine don’t arrive.
    Please fix this.

  122. COOLover Says:


    I use Trillian Android on the Desire with 2.2 and it is greate.

    I would like to wish that i can select, if I can show the Date/Time when the Message come in. Like “Fonts and Chats” under Windows where i can tipe “[%D.%N.%y - %h:%m]”

    I can use all my Accounts, and it works without any problems!
    I think it is better as some other Message Systems on Android (Okay I may be biased. Because I use Trillian since version 2 and that as Pro)

    Sorry for my bad english.

  123. Adham Says:

    Hi there, I have downloaded Trillian 4.2 build 22, But I think there is a problom with yahoo mail !!!
    Because I can’t see more any notification about new mails arrive.
    I don’t know what is the problem or is it related to yahoo mail or trillian !?

    Please chek it out


  124. XaeroDegreaz Says:

    A little late to jump on the bandwagon, guys. eBuddy and Meebo beat you to it a long time ago.

    Of course, I’ve downloaded this just for comparison. Honestly, though, it can’t get much better than what the other two guys already offer. The only benefit I’m seeing from using Trillian (so late in the game) on my Android, is the ability to have it synced with my desktop.

    However, when I’m logged into eBuddy, and i’m chatting on MSN, or whatever, the chat window updates on my desktop already, so looks like this is just “another IM application”.

    I sure hope that after the beta they don’t decide to try and charge for this. I’ll have to LOL for a week straight, at least.

    A year or so ago would have been all great to have Trillian on my phone. God knows I looked.

  125. Noel Says:


    Not all of us adopted Android as early as you. eBuddy is terrible on battery use. Meebo and Nimbuzz buddy list offers no metacontacts consolidation. The multi-protocol chatting stuff is basic hat — plenty of room for Cerulean to innovate on usability, efficiency and Integration. Chat history for all services tied to Astra account? Yes, please. The skies the limit for Trillian to establish signature features and aesthetics that I will (and do) glady pay for.

    First and free are nice. But in a world where people have no qualms about upgrading smartphones every two years, Improvements to the state of the art and affordabilty are better.

  126. blasph Says:

    I may just be dumb here but the enter key on my qwerty keyboard won’t send the message? Can you add the option to have it do so or is it already? I am trying to switch to this app over another and won’t be able to until that’s a possibilty. Also agree with those that said add the option for icon in notification bar while running in background I have an issue where my droid kills background apps after 10 mins, really annoying.

  127. Felix Says:

    Does this support cloud push (like the official Google Talk app), to help keep battery usage from CPU wake at a minimum? Meebo is pretty bad on this, main thing I’m looking for.

  128. Jim Says:

    This turned my camera on twice, I was logged in but not using it. HTC Desire stock HTC 2.2.

  129. Jay Says:

    Does this do push notifications like the iPhone app? If _not_, why?

  130. norak Says:

    On Droid 1 FRG01B, downloaded, installed, signed up for an Astra account, added Yahoo & AIM, but couldn’t add Google account. Account list said 3/4 but Google never showed up. Finally signed out on the phone, signed in over the web, and added Google account there, then restarted the app on my phone and it finally showed up.

  131. Kelly Says:

    Promising start, considering it is a beta. though FCs constantly and I only receive notifications when in the application. Once fixed, this will be phenomenal. Suggestion: font size setting please.

  132. Kelly Says:

    Forgot to say I’m using it on an un-rooted moto droid running 2.2 and launcher pro

  133. Kelly Says:

    Update is much better, I don’t get the FCs every time I switch back to the app anymore. Still do not receive notifications unless I’m in the app however. Also, when I logged in for the first time after the update, I received a notification for every part of the conversation I had with people when not using trillian (i was using fb itself and eBuddy since this beta was pretty much unusable until this update due to the constant FCs), which resulted in a long span of notifications one after another, it sounded like morse code haha. In any case thank you for three update and progress you are making. Being a programmer myself I understand the toils of getting people to actually test for you and receiving feedback that is useful. Please let me know if you need more information. I also sent you my logs, though it was prior to the update. Thanks again!

  134. blasph Says:

    Step in the right direction! The notification icon is great. Ty guys. The enter key on my droids qwerty keyboard still doesn’t send the message….it doesn’t do anything at all now. Lol. Still would absolutely adore the option to use it for send. Reaching up to hit send on the touch screen sucls. :)

  135. Balint Kozma Says:


    Bug 1:
    Disable Identity panel – it disappears OK – go to home screen – go back – the Identity panel is still there.

    Bug 2:
    Receive a message in contact list – go to chat – go back to contact list – go to another opened chat – go back to contact list: Trillian confuses which opened chat session received the message (it appears under another contacts name)

    Can I get a notification about a message when the phone is in standby? Once when I got back from standby, I received all messages that came during standby. Does it check regularly like ebuddy (15 mins)?


  136. XaeroDegreaz Says:

    @Noel It’s too true, eBuddy is a battery muncher. On another note, after playing with this for Android, I just don’t see how this is any better than the others. Well, battery use is definitely a plus, hats off to CStudios for that.

    eBuddy and Meebo also offer accounts tied to a main account, much like an Astra account. For those of us who’ve used Trillian since it came out, I can see how Trillian on the phone would be a great thing for them, especially if they hadn’t encountered eBuddy or Meebo (I can’t comment on Nimbuzz, I never used it).

    All in all, great job incorporating (finally) Trillian into the Android platform. I’ve uninstalled eBuddy and am using this full time now.

    We also need a way to supress the multiple logins notfication for the AOLSystemMSG user. It’s annoying to say the least. We need a way to block that username, I’ve tried everything to no avail.

  137. blasph Says:

    totally agree with XaeroDegreaz about the aol system notifications. Should have a way to enable your phones number or something so that if trillian logs in on that phone it wont send the notifications if you have the account logged in on the computer still. A way to bridge them or something. That would be absolutely amazing. lol

    but i’m also getting the messages just from force closes and signing back in.

  138. blasph Says:

    Hm. Never mind the first part of that comment, if I remember correctly you can do that with pro.

  139. benny Says:

    -When i log in my ICQ via Computer after i used Trillian on my Cellphone, my Avatar isn’t shown.

    -Sometimes Chats doesn’t start after tapping a Friend in my Buddy List

    -Sometimes when i start a chat and start writing, i have tot tap one more time in the bar where my text is shown or the letters doen’t appear (But the correction box of swype appears while writing)

    …Tha are the Bugs i notified, but Trillian is still better than Meebo, eBuddy and even Nimbuzz

  140. benny Says:

    And there should be an Icon in the Notification Bar that shown if youre logged in in the background. Like in Nimbuzz, the icon is always shown till u log out.

  141. j Says:

    So far I’m reasonably impressed.

    I’ve never been a fan of showing the active chats in the buddy list. I’d rather have a button to open the chats (as they’re tabbed nicely in the chat window, anyway.)

    While I know chat bubbles are popular, and fine as a default. it would be extremely nice to have an option to disable them.

    I’ve also noticed pressing the physical enter key on my Moto Dext doesn’t send the message. You have to tap send. It’s not the end of the world, as it’s in the bottom right, near where my thumb is anyway, but I keep pressing enter, expecting it to do something.

    Being able to sort contacts by service would be an additional bonus. Again, not the end of the world.

    Avatars seem to work fine for Facebook, but AIM/MSN don’t appear to pick them up. Not sure if it’s just me on that one.

    For those who’ve mentioned it not being in the notification bar, there’s an option in there for that. It’s under Settings, Notifications, Ongoing. This may be new, and/or may have been mentioned before. That forces Trillian to stay in the notification area.

    Keep up the good work. This is definitely a nice start.

  142. blasph Says:

    The newest release shuts down if my phone idles. I set away messages, and leave the program running while I sleep and such. It shuts down itself after about 20 minutes. Dislike.

  143. C. Chu Says:

    Still holding out for the ability to change notification sound…

  144. blasph Says:

    So, the newest release started a problem with my away messages. I can’t change them with out first force closing the program and reloading. Even to set myself back online from away. Also, still no enter key from my keyboard. It messes with my brain!

  145. narcis Says:

    When the phone is idle (standby with screen off), it doesnt receive the IMs.
    I also wait for the possibility to change the notification sound.

  146. SkiGeek Says:


  147. HTCEvogal Says:

    I love it! I stay connected most of the time which is awesome!! It doesn’t annoyingly logg off and on.

    ONE thing: I can send all the pictures I want but I can’t seem to receive them. I don’t even get a notification asking me to accept or reject file… :( help?

  148. Doug Says:

    Please give me an option to not have the annoying icon in the notification bar!!

  149. soomon Says:

    i also have the prblem with gmail warning me about logins from cerulian studios.
    this didn’t happen until a few days ago (i remember i updated trillian on my android phone).
    i never got any warning message before.
    what can i do?
    disable google talk?
    or is there any better oslution?
    thanks ,

  150. soomon Says:

    and i have to add that i signed off on the trillian appyesterday and still got these warnings….

  151. soomon Says:

    and i have to add that i signed off on the app yesterday and still got these warnings…

  152. Jiggy Says:

    Few things :
    1) When I first log in, though it shows me online (on the main page where I have my friendlist etc), I am actually invisible. I have to manually update my status to ‘Available’ in order to actually become visible. This conflict between the main page and what is actually happening is irritating and one of the main reasons I haven’t adopted Trillian full time.
    2) Sometimes my IMs do not make a sound when my phone is in sleep mode. When I turn on the screen I have an IM from a friend.

  153. HurpDurp Says:

    > Your 2 year old g1 can use it!
    > My Cliq is only one year old and it can’t use it because it’s stuck on 1.5.

  154. Drew Nicholas Says:

    I got this app when you first released it an d have not had any problems at all. I really like it. I would like to know if you have plans to show the status of my contacts. idle and what not.

  155. Drew Nicholas Says:

    Sorry, I was asking about the Android app and the idle status.

  156. Robert McKenzie Says:

    I’d like to stick another vote to dump the horrible bubble chat for the Android platform in Trillian. Copy and paste is a definite must as well.

    Will the app be going to the app store for easier update notification as well?

  157. Ilir Says:

    Why would the app access my gmail account? Why is it necessary to pass through your server? There many other apps like Nimbuzz, eBuddy, etc etc and they never accessed any of my accounts. This is privacy breach. Please fix this!

  158. Chris Says:

    today, gmail warned me because someone from ( accessed my account.

    apparently your piece of software sent my PASSWORD to your server and you could snoop around in my private, personal data.

    i hope you realize the implications…

  159. denis707 Says:

    i also have the problem with gmail warning me about logins from cerulian studios.
    gmail eventually disabled my gmail and asked me to change my password
    Is there something I can do, I want to stick with checking my gmail friends

  160. Dave Says:

    I’ve had the gmail password security breech issue as well. I do not take this lightly at all. Until it is remedied I will not use Trillian on my Android device to access my GTalk. This has huge implications that I hope the devs are fixing.

  161. Doug Catiller Says:

    I’ve just had this problem, and I paid for the app in the Market. It happened yesterday, so I can’t get a refund. I’m ticked and want this fixed!

  162. Jorgen Baker Says:

    I don’t know why we don’t all switch over to Nimbuzz. They seem to play nice with all the other clients unlike Skype. I’ve also found the quality of calls to be much higher and the price lower. I’d like to see them add SMS but it’s going to take a while for the phone companies to let that happen.
    Ideally we’d all use SIP and have all the companies merge together at their own pace.
    I feel a lot more secure with Nimbuzz handling my calls (based in the Netherlands) than Skype, based in the US and with ties to the FBI and CIA.