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One More Thing…

Trillian Astra - One More Thing…
This week was pretty slow at Cerulean Island. July 4th came mid-week, and we decided to put out a quick build on Monday to address some important bugs that would have negatively impacted some of the new alpha testing team’s first impressions. This, unfortunately, didn’t leave us with an incredible amount of time to work on new features and bugs.

Instead, we decided to add roughly 3000 new testers to the team, our largest expansion yet! This aggressive headcount increase was due in part to the launch of our upgraded fleet of shiny Astra servers on the backend – as we’ve been repeating all along, we’re putting alot of effort and focus into ensuring that the servers can support the load of our entire userbase once we launch.  One of the unique challenges we face with Trillian Astra is that once we hit the switch, we need to support a large number of concurrent connections to our backend very quickly. As anyone who has done serious server development can tell you, this isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Given our limited development time, we decided to take a small break from our standard development roadmap. (Yes, we actually have one of those! :P ) It was important for us to continuously watch the servers, add new testers, and make the small changes we noticed necessary as they cropped up throughout the week.

Ultimately, we ended up finding some time to work on some “alternative” interfaces to connect to the servers of Trillian Astra. We think some of you might have a unique need for this one…

Trillian for iPhone (thumbnail)

Currently the contact list and message windows are up and running. You can see the status of your contacts they update. You can send and receive messages in real-time, as long as your browser window is open. There is no need to move Windows (what a backward concept! :) ) around on the phone, as everything is compact and fit tight to the screen. This beauty is completed with a smooth and true-to-the-pixel user interface done right. This interface of Trillian Astra is designed for iPhone; it doesn’t just “happen to work” with it.

If you own an iPhone, please feel free to sign up as a Trillian Astra alpha tester. Don’t forget to tell us you own one in the “About Yourself” section in the form! If you are a Mac user, you may also get a chance to use the browser edition of Trillian Astra as a part of the alpha program.

Trillian Astra for the iPhone will become available to alpha testers in the next few weeks.

104 Responses to “One More Thing…”
  1. agraham208 Says:

    Sweet CS! Keep the features a-coming! Can’t wait!

  2. thelatinist Says:

    Great job, guys. Thanks for the invite, and excellent news about TrillianAstra for the iPhone. Lack of a fully-featured chat client is one of the things keeping me from buying one. Besides price, that is.

  3. Elessar Says:

    Here’s an idea…Astra for the Nintendo DS…i know, amazing. Actually, that would be insanely awesome since i have my DS on me often. But that aside, can’t wait to see the features implemented into Astra, any time soon? :(

  4. Daniel Spiewak Says:

    Seriously, this is really really cool. AFAIK you guys are the first to get a fully functional, cross-protocol IM client working on the iPhone. It’s really too bad they don’t give you full access to the libraries (CoreAnimation, browser-less applications, etc). Maybe in a later release…

    Until then, you’ve just made renewing my pro subscription worthwhile. :-)

  5. JPSnuffy Says:

    Can I hear a witness on Treo 700p. Anyone? Anyone?

  6. agraham208 Says:

    ***Post compounds on Elesar’s comment***

    Not to rain on the Nintendo DS parade, but what if based off of what you have so far for the iPhone, seeing as how it can’t use any major scripting, just make a landscape version of it, seeing as how you already have the portrait. The portrait version can be ported for PocketPCs and Smartphones (ahem, iPhone) and the landscape version, for portable widescreen devices (ahem, iPhone) like the PSP, Nintendo DS, or even a Hiptop Sidekick (although they have their own chat software) but if you can snatch more people over due to ease of interface, more the better. Then, using the browser declaration, you can have CS servers automatically load the version best suited for their page. These mobile pages can also be the low bandwidth alternative, for older browsers and what have you.

  7. Elessar Says:

    The more i think about it, the DS would be perfect. It has two screens, both of which could be used to display the contact list. You could used the D-pad and/or stylus to open a window on the top screen and could have a keyboard pop up on the bottom screen where you could use the stylus to enter your message. Now, obviously this would all have to be simplified…but it would be a great application for the DS :) And a company such as CS making their program for the DS…awesome :)

  8. MikeFromCZ Says:

    Still no invitation for alpha testing, even if I am already signed up. So sad…

  9. richard4339 Says:

    You mention that we should tell you on the form if we’re Mac or iPhone users… if we’re existing alpha testers, how can we let you know this? It’s been so long since I filled the form out, I honestly don’t remember if I told you I was a Mac user, and I’d LOVE to be able to FINALLY use Trillian on a Mac…

  10. bullitnutz Says:

    Same as MikeFromCZ:

    Dying for an invitation to the alpha test :)

  11. AlbertQ Says:

    This is AMAZING :D ….

    And, when we have a version for Pocket PC???

    I love Trillian ;)

  12. AshTR Says:

    Maybe I should have added in my invitation that there are 3 computers in my house. Each are very different.

    Oh well, Astra on iPhone looks really cool. Looks like a perfect match. :)

  13. AshTR Says:

    Scratch that. Not on my invitation. On my request form.

  14. psychoboogie Says:

    woo hoo. astra alpha – check, iPhone – check.. bring it on. this is THE missing part of the iphone right now…

  15. matthias Says:

    Looks nice. No invitation til now.
    There are good innovations. But I hope you also worked at the IRC plugin. Which is’nt the best.
    It produces many Disconnects. Too many Disconnects, to work over longer time periods with it.
    I do not think that it’s because of my Connection. – But I will see. At least if I become a tester ;P

    I’m looking at my e-mail account every 10 Minutes :S

  16. Gordon Says:

    Oh wow!!! I’m certainly praying for an invite then at this point! The second I saw Jobs talk about the Web Dev they were pushing for the iPhone, I thought, “Gee, Trillian could do an Astra plugin for this thing.”

    Not only am I avidly awaiting Astra, but I went out and picked up an iPhone on day one. I’d be THRILLED to test the plugin for the team!

  17. maunic Says:

    matthias … they are no longer developing the IRC plugin. There will be a 3rd party one made in the future.

    richard … If you are already an alpha tester you will have access to whatever they release. There is no need to update them on your using of an iphone. Trillian is NOT AVAILABLE on a mac … I really wish they would change the website so it would stop making it look like it is. It might be someday, but the only way you can use Trillian on a mac so far is via the web client.

  18. jhodulik Says:

    Guys, this is unbelievably elegant looking. I’ve been in the “I-want-an-iPhone” camp so long I feel like I own one. As such I’ve been following the iPhone ‘application’ space quite closely, and I can say, without hesitation, that this is one of the most promising looking iPhone apps out there. You nailed the iPhone UI perfectly — you can’t even tell it’s a web app without looking for the Safari address bar in the message windows. I’m guessing the interface is Kid’s doing? Whoever it is give yourself an iPat on the back.

    The ‘Current Communications’ group? Absolutely brilliant! That’s the perfect way to combat the iPhone’s reliance on one browser window at a time and much more straightforward than simulating multiple windows in a strange way like meebo works.

    Can’t wait to see some more about this!

  19. seifip Says:

    Is a WM6 version in the works? :D I love Trillian but I’m not at all a fan of the iPhone :(

    HTC Kaiser is waiting =D

  20. dandrzejewski Says:

    I think a blackberry client would be great.

  21. fearphage Says:

    I’ve always thought the iphone was for people with more money than sense. It lacks many features of other smart phones and is generally more expensive. Apple is good at making trendy products though. I will give them that. However, some of us are not willing to trade looks for functionality.

  22. dageekkid Says:


    LOVE the Astra. it ROX!!!! now

    PRETTY PLEASE, with SUGAR on top…..

    Would we be able to see one for S60 phones like Nokia E61/E62, please?

  23. stephen_r_45 Says:

    dang……i dont know if i got an invite…………i have gmail and i put on a heavy spamfilter………my email is s t e p h e n r i c e 4 5 @ g m a i l . c o m :P thanks

  24. maunic Says:

    Hehe, your going to need that spam filter posting your email address that way, the bots can read that!

  25. crazybithead Says:

    This is pretty cool. I just got made an alpha tester, and my work just bought me an iPhone, so I can not wait to test this. Keep up the good work and the Astra interface is soooooo cool to the old one. Good Job

  26. weshsu Says:

    I’m also a current alpha tester. How do I update my profile to let you know that I have an iPhone. I’ve been enjoying testing it for Windows…I’d really like to test it on my iPhone. It’s one of the biggest items on my iPhone wish list.

  27. Rachel Blackman Says:

    Not having actually tested to be sure, but, isn’t the S60 browser more or less the same WebKit-derivative browser as the iPhone’s? I thought the S60 browser was pretty well standards-compliant, unlike Pocket IE et al.

  28. Nikos Says:

    Damn. It’s months since I signed up and still not invited. According to Murphy’s Law, I *will* get invited; one day before the beta test :D

  29. zerock Says:

    I have a question, if i have an invitation already, should i just wait for the announcement?


  30. bgarmisa Says:

    I just got an iPhone and am already an alpha tester. I’d love to test the iPhone app as well :-)

  31. sidjohn1 Says:

    I’ll have to second the request for a treo web interface. treo 600 -> 650 -> 700p user and loving it, well after the firmware updates :) . the iphone may be slick and all but it cant do what my treo does, has been doing for years. Keep up the awesome work and build 48… no complaints yet

  32. jasta14 Says:

    Really looking forward to the iPhone Astra interface… Great work…

  33. maunic Says:

    Those of you that are already Astra testers … you don’t have to do anything different to let them know you have an iPhone, I am sure when its ready you will be told what to do to use it.

  34. DimazzzZ_Lark Says:

    I apologize myself, I’m newbie here %). I heard, that iPhone was closed for the strange developers. O_o you did obtain permission?? Steeply! I can’t wait anymore! (For PC )))

  35. arceledi Says:

    I have an iPhone & I am Dying for an invitation to the alpha test

  36. jhoff80 Says:

    I’d love a Treo/Blazer version of Trillian as well.

  37. dageekkid Says:

    to: Rachel Blackman…

    check out for more info… thanks for checkin it out… Cannot wait.

  38. dageekkid Says:

    to: Rachel Blackman…

    here’s a better link ;)

  39. kid Says:

    jhodulik: That’s right. I like to nail things down. ;) Thanks for your iPat, now I need an iMassage!

  40. Rachel Blackman Says:

    Those S60 links do say, as I recalled, that the S60 browser is a WebKit port. So basically, the same underlying CSS, HTML, Javascript et al engine as Safari. (Whether that be Safari on Mac, or Safari on iPhone.)

    Given that it’s basically the exact same browser, I’d think the same interface would work code-wise on the S60 browser. It might need an update to the newest version of WebKit first, but I’d assume they’ll be bringing the port current ANYWAY. So at least at first glance, looks to me like most browser-based iPhone apps should work on S60 too, unless they call into iPhone-specific DOM goo.

    I’m sure there’d be a few quirks due to screen size differences, but still. :)

  41. avianwaves Says:

    I hope there’s a WM6 version in the works for those of us without thousands of dollars of disposable income allocated to trendy apple products. I’d never buy an iPhone even if I did have they money, though. :-) I like to tweak the hardware and software guts of my gizmos too much. :-)

  42. onecleverthought Says:

    What a perfect time to be invited into the alpha. Now I can start to use Trillian on my iPhone! Thanks guys!

  43. SenseiC Says:

    too funny…. how many of the above missed the italicized print? :-)

    the part that reads, “it doesn’t just ‘happen to work’ with it.” bahahaha

    one little chicken (still in an egg)…
    two little chickens (still in eggs)…
    three little…

    counting B4 they hatch

  44. VoIP IP Telephony Says:

    iPhone gets Trillian Astra beta update!

    Cerulean announced that they have released a new beta version of Trillian Astra for iPhone. According to the article on Cerulean Blog, more than 3000 people have down loaded the application. This number might go higher as other users get to know about …

  45. thelatinist Says:

    SenseiC: I think you’ve misunderstood the italicized print you’ve mocked. For this statement to mean what you think it does it would have to read “it just doesn’t happen to ‘work’ with it.” Word order is, after all, very important in English.

    The plain meaning of this statement, is that Trillian Astra for iPhone has been designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities (fitting tight to the iPhone screen, to use the example they give, rather than requiring use of the iPhone’s zoom and pan functions). It is not, as are some other web-based IM clients, an interface designed for use on a desktop that “just happen[s] to work” on the iPhone.

    Most importantly it *does not* mean that Trillian Astra for the iPhone doesn’t work, but that the fact that it works is not an accident but carefully planned.

  46. maunic Says:

    Good post thelatinist .. you would think if someone was going to write such a mocking post they would at least read the entry first.

  47. steve Says:

    This will definitely make Astra a hot seller. Great work!

  48. DimazzzZ Says:

    I see Russia “Elite” word )) Guys, what does it mean? ^_^

  49. DrClick Says:

    How did you remove the address bar if this is a web app on the middle screen shot. This is an amazing app if it is indeed a web app!

  50. Elessar Says:

    No DS love i see…another idea down the drain :P

  51. Social Strategist - Innovation, Communication, Consulting Says:

    Convergence Essential for the Mobile Web

    [...]This is a smart move by Cerulean Studios, the makers of Trillian, and could be the start of a trend if they develop the Trillian client to work on other mobile devices.

    Just as mobile devices themselves are a convergence of utilities, the most …

  52. Evera Says:

    How about a Windows Mobile version? :D

  53. phoniclynx Says:

    I have one of those unique S60 (Symbian) mobile phones and there are all ready a few IM clients out there as it is. Most of them manage to do all of the major IM networks like MSN, AOL, YIM, Skype, Jabber including a few other smaller IM transports.

    However none really do as a fantastic job as something like Trillian.

    If Trillian decided to do a S60 v3 version I would be ecstatic. And way more valuable than any of the other programs like IM+ and Fring to name a few.

  54. NEADmike Says:

    Hey all!

    I just tried signing up to be an Alpha tester to help out with Trillian for my iPhone, but it will not let me submit the application since I do not have a pro member login.

    What is that about?

    Do I really have to be a Pro member in order to apply to be an alpha tester?

    If so, that stinks :-\

    But if there is a way I can apply to be an Alpha tester, like to e-mail the application to you guys instead, please let me know!

    I would love to help ut and more importantly, get a great IM program like Trillian on my iPhone!

    Thanks so much guys!

    E-Mail is N E A D M i k e @ a o l . c o m

  55. maunic Says:

    NEADmike … you just leave that spot blank … that is all.

  56. illJazz Says:

    Time and time again, you impress me, Cerulean. It’s refreshing and even a bit strange to see the folks at Cerulean being so impressively on top of things after that ridiculously long did-they-all-die-in-a-plane-crash-???-period after Trillian 3.1′s release in, what, 2004?

    Somehow you seem to be at the top of the game and although I’ve been saying this ever since I first set my eyes on the Trillian Astra teaser pages, I continue to believe that Trillian Astra will do to IM clients what iPhone has done to mobile phones: destroy, nay, obliterate the competition.

    So what do you suggest I do? I now have an iPhone but of course could not have mentioned that back when I first signed up to be a tester. Should I RE-sign up?

  57. rubikskube Says:

    I would love to try this out, Astra looks very cool, and I’m dying to get IM on my iPhone. Every other iPhone IM solution lacks that certain something: Trillian-ness. Please let me in!!!!!

  58. maunic Says:

    illJazz … it will all be part of the same test, you don’t have to do anything if you are already part of the Astra alpha test.

    And the iPhone has done NOTHING to the SmartPhones :P

  59. illJazz Says:

    Well I signed UP to be an alpha tester but never actually got inside, i.e. never got an invite. That’s why I was wondering whether I should resubmit the request mentioning that I now have an iPhone.

    I’m confused :/

  60. sheik Says:

    I am an alpha tester now, will I have to resubmit in order to use the iPhone client?
    Amazing product btw, keep up the outstanding work. =D

    I’ve had an iPhone from day one and I’ve had little to no trouble with it.

  61. maunic Says:

    Oh … well I suppose IF they end looking for a batch of people to add that mentioned that … then maybe it would help … but there have been problems for people that signed up twice … as their passwords have ended up not working. Personally I don’t think it would matter much, but it’s your call.

  62. Macabra » Blog Archive » To czego brakuje Says:

    [...] fakt, że powstają zamienniki a czasami programy wypełniające luki w iPhone. Jedna z nich jest multikomunikator Trillan. Takich aplikacji powstanie zapewne dużo więcej. Niestety internet w iPhone może być blokowany [...]

  63. SenseiC Says:

    Well now THIS is weird… same build of Astra, but today it now has the tool tips all showing (i.e. not appearing behind the window)! Too Weird!

  64. SenseiC Says:

    To thelatinist

    Ahhh… but I DID read it… several times.. and have read it a few more since your post too. The beauty of English (or more importantly of the WRITTEN language) is that there’s no benefit of voice inflection, facial expression, posture, etc. I still get the same meaning from it. All I can say is I am thrilled that Astra is coming out (having used Trillian daily for years now) and am happy that they’re working on making Astra available on as many platforms.

  65. SenseiC Says:

    Well written code + portability is a sign of good engineering… which doesn’t “just happen”…
    But Astra is still Alpha/Beta… and iPhone is just been released… and the Sloth delayed left, right and backwards the release of Vista and when they DID release it was billed as the more heavily tested… blah blah blah… release of Windows… and a couple of months later the fecal matter hit the air-displacement device and now all anyone can say is man I can’t wait for SP1. Toss that in with Moore’s Law and his later observation, “It can’t continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens.” and who’s to say what Astra will (and possibly will not) work on/with when it gets released. At this point I’d be happy just to get Astra to make it through our stupid corporate firewall so that I could REALLY test it with Jabber (gag me), IRC and MSN.

    Oh… and I didn’t intend my comment to be mocking… Sorry to have offended any who I did. I just thought it was quite funny… Then again… I can’t stand Will Ferrell and others think he’s another John Belushi so what I find funny and what someone else finds funny are two complete different things.

    I guess I’ll just sit back and continue to loathe this blog interface.

  66. SenseiC Says:

    Though I must confess… this is better than Bugzilla by a long shot :-)

  67. illJazz Says:

    Seems I can’t even “confirm” I signed up for alpha testing. Gotta scour my GMail archive…

  68. maunic Says:

    Sensei .. a good idea is to keep your posts in the blog on topic (ie no Microsoft hate rants) and to not triple post. Thanks.

  69. illJazz Says:

    Since nobody here gave me any authorative guidance, I went and signed up again. At this rate, I won’t get a chance to check out Astra until it’s final anyway, so I can’t possibly have hurt myself here :)

    Enjoy the day :)

  70. webshaun Says:

    I’d really think that there would be more interest and an easier rollout for a client based on the Windows Mobile Smartphone’s. Everyone I know in business is moving towards phones like the Treo 700w to match up seamlessly with their Exchange servers. Wouldn’t it make sense that a product original developed for Windows have a Windows Mobile version before a proprietary POC like the iphone?!

  71. drabisan Says:

    A nice feature from 3 is missing. When I start Astra it doesn’t give me new mail notification anymore. It works only for gmail accounts but it doesn’t anymore for Hotmail and Yahoo.

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    [...] Sitio Oficial: CeruleanStudios. [...]

  74. Pensador Says:

    Very nice–when I’ll be able to test it on my iPhone? :)

  75. maunic Says:

    drabisan … not feature complete mean anything to you? Please read a lot before posting things that have been pointed out 100 times.

  76. drabisan Says:

    maunic, don’t be mad on me! I understand you are annoyed of messages regarding the missing notification and I understand you, but, believe me, nobody can read all posts! I’ve been looking in “search” but it didn’t helped me too much…
    I’m using Trillian daily for some years. I have paid for this right, but I don’t have the time required to read all posts.
    I was trying to help! Nothing more!

  77. maunic Says:

    Ok, thats fair enough. But if you have something to request, then check bugzilla … the blog doesn’t really work out well for feature requests anyways :)

  78. .jl Says:

    sign me up for the trillian for iPhone, please…

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    [...] [beta test via trillianblogs] Thanks Kevin! [...]

  80. sfiore Says:

    Were are we are with distribution of the Beta?

  81. maunic Says:

    sfiore – it is still private Alpha, there is no beta to distribute.

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    [...] das Apple iPhone in den Verkauf gegangen ist, haben die Jungs von Cerulean Studios direkt mal eine Trillian on iPhone Version rausgehauen. Da gibts nur ein Wort für : NEED!!! Trillian Astra Alpha Tester bin ich bereits, [...]

  83. Cinderzilla Says:

    Oh I’d love to be able to test that out on my iPhone :)

  84. BlogTrage » Trillian Astra provides iPhone interface to IM Says:

    [...] wee birdie (thanks Victor) pointed us to this post on the Trillian Astra dev blog, which shows an interesting version of the TA web access portal. [...]

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    [...] “Trillian Astra” BETA TEST [...]

  86. digitalruse Says:

    I would also like to echo a Trillian for Pocket PC Phones.


  87. NarcAngel Says:

    What the hell? It’s still not released??? How long you plan for this farce to last anyway? Build 2011? What the hell!

  88. user001 Says:

    will this work with the itouch?

  89. buzzsurfr Says:

    Doesn’t need to be said, but I want to make sure that the PTB know many people want this…

    I want a Windows Mobile client!!! I can test for it if need be also.

    I’m sure some people would also like a Palm client.

    Also, I don’t know how screen size is being handled, but keep in mind that almost every device has its own screen size.

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  93. AllFather Says:

    Hm, i just signed up for the alpha (same username), but i forgot to mention i got a iphone.
    Infact, i gave iphones to my employees to communicate with, so please add that to my information if possible :)


  94. TxDub84 Says:

    Hi… Names Brick, I just wanted to say I have been Beta Testing Trillian Astra for a while & I am very pleased, I think it is an excellent software that surpasses the abilities of just about ne other type of IM Client I have tested, (& I Have Tried many Multi-IM combatable software’s this so far is by foremost the absolute best)

    Any ways

    I wanted to suggest an idea that might increase the potential & popularity of Astra software even more to the developers & programmers responsible for designing it

    Check out this is a yahoo Anti-Bootable IM Client that is almost immune to just about any kinda of Boot attack or chat bomb in yahoo chat rooms & it also has many customization tools & the ability to hide ALL the bots in a chat room with an automatic filter, (in other words u don’t have to Ignore the bots they just automatically disappear once they enter the chat)

    The best thing about this unique software in my opinion is that it is NOT Yahoo software, yet it can access yahoo chat with out all the bull & has many customization tools

    Please consider partnering, with this site, or making a plug-in or Trillian Astra Update combatable with ICQ/AIM-AOL/YAHOO/MSN chats etc…

    This would be an excellent upgrade it at all possible

    For those of you who have AIM & cant access AOL chat I do this by using my trillian as my IM user & I downloaded AOL Desktop… this is AOL so u don’t have to worry about it slowing down your computer as much but u can also import all you AOL Favorites to your Internet Explorer & doing that if you have your Favorite AOL Chats on your AOL You can now access them with your AIM or Trillian

    This comes in very handy especially considering as long as you last screen name u logged in with is the User name u want to enter AOL chat with u don’t even need to be logged into AOL Desktop…

    So basically I just showed you how to access AOL CHAT ON TRILLIAN Lol

    Cool huh

    But any ways for all the programmer & trillian Astra Designers… My Idea is for you to merge a similar Program or plug in kinda like Yahaven & AOL Desktop, & this should allow Trillian Users to access yahoo or AOL chats on Astra…

    Myself I can only access AOL Chats on trillian

    But I have to use regular yahoo or Yahaven to get in yahoo chat & log off my Astra

    Which sucks

    Message me on
    AIM - ShadowithInn
    MSN -
    YAHOO - Symbriotic
    ICQ - 280888824
    Myspace IM - EdgeX_SinERz
    GoogleTALK -

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    [...] use AOL Instant Messenger.  Of course, my good friends at Cerulean Studios will eventually release Trillian Astra, which will mean that not only should you be able to use AOL, but also MSN, GMail, ICQ, etc. all [...]

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  98. MorganTN Says:

    Yeah I would love to be a part of it as well. I just got my iPhone 3G and could use some Classy Messaging on there.

  99. toren Says:

    Ok, I’ve got an iPhone, I’ve been in the alpha for quite a while now, how do I get the iPhone version?

  100. jbaranski Says:

    Okay, so yeah, I have yet to see a version available for the iPhone! :( One has to wonder if you’re holding out on us until the 3rd gen iPhone is released so you have the ability to integrate video chat into a pro version.

  101. Phurion Says:

    Video chat for the iPhone (and most cell phones) is impossible (and useless) since the cameras face AWAY from the view/touch screen.

  102. :: Alles zum iPhone − Instant-Messenger: Ein erster Blick auf Trillian Says:

    [...] im Juli 2007 kündigten die Macher des Instant-Messengers Trillian an, eine iPhone-Version des [...]

  103. worlebird Says:

    Posting this from my WM6 device – I second the sentiments above. It would be great to see a Windows Mobile version…

  104. Desire Says:

    I’m trying to register your product that I recently downloaded from apple store.
    When I tried to register the program I was advised that already had an account my used name is my account is under
    desire.r but I forgot my password. Can you reset my password.