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Trillian for Mac Beta: The one social app for your Mac – new history, Twitter, and Facebook integration! (1.0 Build 160)

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Trillian for Mac is back with a vengeance featuring extensive upgrades across the board! You can now view all of your previous conversations – even those you had before this release – using our new history viewer and chat windows! We’ve also added awesome new social window support starting with Facebook and Twitter. studiVZ chat integration joins Trillian for Mac in Build 160, a few important crash bugs have been fixed, and we’ve also spent some time improving overall performance and stability for this build.

Download Trillian for Mac Beta now!

Brand new history viewer

Trillian for Mac Social-02
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Point 1 All of your previous Mac chat history is included. You can start browsing your chat history right away.

Point 2 Browse by date. The history viewer is laid out like iCal, and days with conversations are marked with a dot.

Point 3 Auto-history previews your last conversations, letting you close your chat windows and come back anytime.

Extensive Facebook and Twitter integration

Trillian for Mac Social 2-02
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The same extensive integration with social feeds found in our highly-acclaimed Trillian 5 for Windows is now available in Trillian for Mac!

Point 1 Twitter support: View tweets, @replies, DMs, lists, and searches. Quickly reply and retweet!

Point 2 Facebook support: View your news feed, events, group invites, and more. Easily comment and like individual items.

Point 3 Photos and links are automatically expanded on Facebook. Pictures posted on Twitpic are previewed on Twitter.

Point 4 OS X menu bar integration with multiple glowing states to indicate level of activity.

We’re also happy to announce that Trillian for Mac has been upgraded to beta status. This doesn’t mean we’re done adding features; rather, it reflects the renewed day-to-day usability of the client as of today’s milestone! Since our initial release, we’ve added an amazing list of features including:

  • List views of multiple sizes
  • Growl notifications
  • Chat history with viewer
  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook news feeds
  • XMPP-based Facebook Chat
  • Contact info card popups
  • Avatar chooser
  • Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Sound and notification preferences
  • Universal binary support, and
  • a whole bunch of resolved issues and bug fixes!

We will continue to work on improvements, bugfixes, and new features in the months ahead. Happy chatting and tweeting!

52 Responses to “Trillian for Mac Beta: The one social app for your Mac – new history, Twitter, and Facebook integration! (1.0 Build 160)”
  1. alen Says:


  2. Daniel Says:

    I wish we had the option to split chats into multiple windows… I miss that from the windows version… it is seriously making me wish there was a good chat client for Mac… I love Trillian and I have used it for a long time, but I really want that option back…

  3. Steve Says:

    Wow! This is just the sort of big roll out I was hoping for. Way to push the new features and get us Mac Trillian users some new toys!

  4. Patrick Vinson Says:

    : | : ) :D =D XD ….me while reading the blog post. I love you guys. Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Moritz Graf Says:

    I love you guys :) Next step could be Video-Chat?

  6. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Can’t wait to put that on my Mac and test :)

  7. Ben Says:

    Great! Just switched to iChat (for testing purposes), now I’ll have to switch back :)

    Where is the chat history stored? Still got my Trillian Astra (windows) chat history, would be great to see it up and running in Trillian for Mac!

  8. Henrik Says:

    Reeaaally nice! Well done!
    A suggestion for the history viewer: drag to select multiple dates to view an aggregated history for those dates. Perhaps click “October” to select all dates in October.

    Do we have metacontact management yet?

  9. DarkNovaGamer Says:

    Great news! Thank you Sparks for continuing to better the Trillian platform for OS X.

  10. John Rowe Says:

    Looks great guys – keep up the good work!

    Will it be 64 bit by final release? It seems as though Apple is pushing that direction with it’s own apps.

  11. B Daly Says:

    Hey, just a question regarding the histories. Where are they held and is it possible to take specific conversations off the record?

  12. nicmare Says:

    please remove the status icon from the tray bar!!

  13. StickyFinga Says:

    F yeah, history! Good work, can’t wait to try it.

  14. oldkerosen Says:

    the status icon in the menubar is superfluous if it doesn’t function similar to ichat and linkinus agent, namely letting you set your status without running the full featured application…
    also “the glow colors” are hard to distinguish on small screens (13″ macbooks) and therefore do not help at all the user in recognizing at a glance the status set.

  15. Moritz Graf Says:

    Again very cool update! I love it!

    But I’ve got two things:

    -It would be nice if it would be possible to see Notifications from Facebook (When someone comments something or so)
    -The dots in the Historywindow under the Datenumbers are really small. I think a color would be a better sign.

  16. Ernie Says:

    Thank you for a Mac update! It’s been a while, but glad the project isn’t dead.

  17. Jay Says:

    Love this update! History update is well appreciated. Thanks!!

  18. Andrew Says:

    I was about to give up on you guys. This is lovely.

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  20. MechMykl Says:

    With the addition of the history viewer to this build, today I get to finally remove Adium from my system and switch completely to Trillian for Mac, completing integration across my PC, Mac, work iMac, and iPhone.

    Been a Pro customer for years. Thanks for making the best IM product in existence.

  21. Originalme8 Says:

    I knew I should have brought my Mac to work today. I could have been playing with the new build! >.<

  22. Don Says:

    Request to add screensharing requests.

  23. PhilD Says:

    Looks like it can’t connect to MSN. Is there a log file I can check somewhere, to figure out what the problem is? Right now I click “Connect”, Trillian appear to connect, then disconnects immediately, with no error message.

  24. Dominito Says:

    This is amazing!

  25. ajm Says:

    Picked up by Lifehacker

  26. smw Says:

    @PhilD: If you hold the apple key when starting Trillian and selecting your account, a debug log will be generated on your desktop. Try connecting to MSN when logging and you can email me the log to review at

  27. imyn_wulf Says:

    Looks much more usable compared to Adium. Although, I do miss the docking and variable contact list size.

  28. Lucky Says:

    Just when I gave up a week ago, you guys pull me back in!

  29. Derek Says:

    Without OTR Encryption this is still a no-go. Adium builds it in. Trillian 3.x had a beta, buggy plugin.

  30. PiggyCorrosion Says:

    Great release! been looking forward to you adding these features. BUT I am still getting the multiple facebook chat contact lists with users duplicated in each. I run Trillian Astra on Windows (running the current BETA) and I am running the latest version on my Macbook and on my iPhone. Any ideas forum/support peeps? Keep up the good work!

  31. Jack Says:

    The problem is that as far as I can see, you don’t offer Bonjour support (for talking to other clients on your local network), nor screen sharing, nor voice/video chat, all of which are available in iChat, and all of which I use from time to time (especially Bonjour, which works locally even if your Internet connection is down).

  32. VoIP Says:

    What about Jingle for XMPP (Jabber)?

  33. MAddeen Says:

    Well done — great work .– finally the mac community got an adult IM :-)

  34. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Piggy, they fixed that bug, but you will need to disconnect all devices except one (easiest to leave just windows signed in) and shut the facebook plugin off and then delete all your FB contacts. sign out and back in and turn the plugin back on. Now they will all show back up and there will only be 1 set. From there you can move them around without them being duplicated.

    Basically the bug is fixed but it doesn’t clean up the mess.

    And to easily delete all your FB contacts, just type “facebook” with the contact list in focus or into the contact list search box.

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  36. Chris Johnson Says:

    Thank you for adding history! Now if only it was searchable… for those looking for a workaround. I setup a shortcut to Users->[mac.username]->Library->Application Support->Trillian->[trillian.username]->logs. From there, look in the Query directories and just open up the appropriate “.log” file and you can see (and Search!) your histories.

  37. Benni-chan Says:

    finally :)
    I like the update und hope, the next few updates won’t take that long ;)

  38. Marco Says:

    Great work but, please, make menubar icons optional :/

  39. Matthew Says:

    Video and Audio Chat please!

  40. Pyth0n Says:

    Trillian for Mac without the feature MetaContacts is bullshit.

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  42. r2xj Says:

    I *LOVE* Trillian. Please please PLEASE add IRC!!!

  43. James Hill Says:

    Yeeeeaahhhhhhh :)

  44. The Radicati Group, Inc. » News-By-Mail » News-By-Mail October 1st, 2010 ~ October 7th, 2010 Says:

    [...] Cerulean Studios released Trillian for Mac Beta, with new features such as chat history and integration with Twitter and Facebook. [...]

  45. James Hill Says:

    Now, if only we could opt-out from the menu bar icons… I can’t find them useful and find them ugly.
    …and if only you changed your status icons, which are a mess (design-wize but also funcionality-wize, as they make no sense together: maybe a semaphore type of icons would be better). This makes trillian look amateurish next to ichat.

    Later, being able to separate chat windows would be nice, too, and choosing different “sizes” for the head of the contact-list and the contact-list itself, like the windows client.

    Eventually, skype and audio/video would be nice.

  46. ajm Says:

    Bugs? Feature requests? Get them into our bug reporting system please – you can find info on how to access it at

  47. Trillian para Mac alcanza la versión beta y ahora incluye integración con Facebook y Twitter Says:

    [...] En esta última compilación de la versión beta los cambios y correcciones son los siguientes (para conocer todos los cambios visitar la página de Cerulean Studios): [...]

  48. bjsebeck Says:

    I really wish that there was a way to “dis-integrate” facebook with Trillian. I don’t want a stupid facebook icon on my bar all the time. I don’t use it, and it’s annoying. It’s all good for those who like the feature, I’d just like to see a way to opt out of having it there.

  49. JJ Says:

    Glad your back to working on the mac version, but unfortunately i wont be using it until skype support is added.

  50. Robin Blahblah Says:

    Nice to see those new features, but, seriously, it is really broken. Facebook glows when i have new stuff, but will NOT let me view it, only showing the old ones. I have to disconnect and reconnect. And Twitter is even worse, it never shows the new stuff, doesn’t even glow, and i have to restart Trillian to see the new stuff. Fix it please ! I really appreciate the effort cerulean studios put into making a mac version of Trillian, and, despite those broken features, it is still one of my favorite all-in-one instant messaging.

  51. Taylor Says:

    Two things I want to see to make the facebook integration actually useful, Inbox notifications and notifications of posts on wall/coments and such

  52. Witty Wife Says:

    I really wish this was available for Macs running OS 10.4.

    It’s frustrating that it’s not.