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Trillian 1.0 for Android!

We are pleased to announce that Trillian for Android, the best way to chat with your friends everywhere, is now available on the Android Market! Trillian is priced at only $4.99, so skip your extra fancy dessert coffee for a day and help support the team at Cerulean Studios! :D We’ve also been getting a large number of requests for a way to distribute our mobile clients for free if you’ve already purchased Trillian Pro; we are investigating possibilities and hope to have something solidified in the coming months.

A note for beta testers: we have no plans to disable the beta build. If you’ve been helping us test Trillian you can continue to use it, although it won’t receive further feature updates. Thanks to everyone who helped us iron out the bugs and we hope you enjoy Trillian for Android!

69 Responses to “Trillian 1.0 for Android!”
  1. Dev Says:

    Do existing pro members have to pay for the app?

  2. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    The builds sure are coming quick for multiple platforms/versions. Well Done C.S.

  3. dekenfrost Says:

    “We’ve also been getting a large number of requests for a way to distribute our mobile clients for free if you’ve already purchased Trillian Pro; we are investigating possibilities and hope to have something solidified in the coming months.”

    That would be Awesome !

    I already bought trillian (twice) for windows and again for IOS. Now I have an Android phone, and although I would be happy to support trilian even more .. I guess buying it 4 times in the matter of a few months is a bit much =)

    Keep up the good work, have been using trillian for years, and will continue to do so :)

  4. Patrick Says:

    Will there be a possibility to purchase it without using the Android Market? A possibility to pay via PayPal would be great.

  5. StickyFinga Says:

    I really hope you guys can make it possible to enjoy my pro membership to the full extent. Great work, CS!

  6. dahem0n Says:

    Yes! We paid users would love that! i have been supporting you guys since i got a stable job :)

  7. passsy Says:

    5 Dollar? too much

  8. Ian Says:

    Dev, did you read the news article you’re commenting on?

    “We’ve also been getting a large number of requests for a way to distribute our mobile clients for free if you’ve already purchased Trillian Pro; we are investigating possibilities and hope to have something solidified in the coming months.”

    If they’re investigating possibilities, it’s very unlikely that they’re investigating something which they’re already doing.

    Currently, everyone has to pay for Trillian Mobile, Basic and Pro users alike. Paying for Pro allows you access to Pro-only features, as well as priority support. The $5 cost of Trillian Mobile, conversely, is intended to offset the cost of the heavy usage of the Octopus servers, which are what keep your connection persistent even when your phone goes on standby or you enter a zone with no signal. You pay once when you get the app, and the cost covers your usage of Octopus for the lifetime of the app.

    “[Trillian Mobile versions] are powered in part by the Cerulean Studios Octopus, a high performance server architecture we engineered in-house to meet the demands of a busy web application.”

    As things are currently set up, a Pro account does not pay for Octopus usage, nor does buying a mobile app pay for a Pro account. The two costs are for entirely different things.

  9. Richard Says:

    Ian points out that the costs for mobile are different than the costs for desktop pro usage; I get this. But I also know that I (have) used Trillian on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. I’ve paid for every pro version of Trillian that’s come out on Windows and I’ve paid for the iOS version. I don’t know about BlackBerry, but I know that both iOS and Android can support in-app purchases (Android in a roundabout way at least), so perhaps for the mobile OSes, a simple check to see if the user has a mobile paid account? Then, the app itself could be distributed through the various app stores and markets for free. The same could be done for the Windows/Mac builds (I have no clue if I’ll have to pay for Pro for the Mac version when it leaves beta, but I hope it’ll be the same deal).

    This may already be what you’re looking at, but something like this seems intelligent or like a good way to go. However, as a current beta tester of the Android app, PLEASE let us know soon if you at least intend to go this route, because I don’t want to break down in two or three weeks and buy the Android app only to have you guys come back two weeks after that and decide that its just one cost for all mobile apps when I already paid for it =/

  10. dahem0n Says:

    What about an Ad supported free version? Angry birds does a lot of money, and it’s free!

  11. smw Says:

    @Richard: We are aware of this issue as well. Whatever we decide will certainly take existing customers of multiple platforms into account and we will do our best to honor those of you that supported us “the hard way”. :)

  12. Schmiggy_JK Says:


    The big issue is many of us paid for Pro for the promised feature of active synced history. This is the main reason I went with that, over the free version.

    However I cant use that feature without another client. While I don’t mind paying something ($5 seems a bit much, though I’ll be the first to admit not knowing the detail of the man hours in to a project like this), it just seems like a discount could be in order for those us buying this to use with a feature we already paid for.

    CS has generally taken care of their supporters so I hope that continues.

  13. Bradley Says:

    Still waiting for the XMPP Group Chat support

  14. Patrick W. Says:

    I don’t really care If I have to pay for Trillian for Android again although I have a Trillian Pro account, and actually I would love to support you further with a payment. However, paying in the Android market is impossible for me right now (until it supports other payment options), so please make it possible to get it in some other way.

    Also, does this mean that Trillian for Android is now stable/final? Is the synchronized history feature already included (waiting for the servers), or is that coming at a later point? Actually I am still avoiding to use Trillian on my phone as long as there are no means to synchronize history.

  15. Accophox Says:

    Yeah. I jumped on the Trillian bandwagon after v4 and bought v5. And have owned the iOS app for a while… but am now on an android phone. I do realize there are extra costs for running octopus, but perhaps some sort of happy medium – an “upgrade” cost for pro licenses to use mobile apps too?

  16. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Congrats to the CS Team on 1.0 for Android!!!! As a pro user I see the one-time $5 to be the cost of the ability to use a synced Trillian on my Mobile.

    Keep up the great work guys :)

  17. Cam Says:

    5 bucks is a bit much. I have been happy with the beta and would pay around 2$ for it, but there are just too many good (not great) free versions to make it worth that much.

  18. michael Says:

    Since the most recent update, I don’t get audible notifications of new or existing continuing IM’s. Hope this is fixed by the time I get around to getting the paid version. I’ve been running the beta since day 1 and have paid for pro versions 4 and 5.

  19. Hund Says:

    I really enjoyed Trillian. The only app worth $5 is.. uhm.. none?

  20. F Says:

    Awesome! But I don’t own a creditcard – please add possibility to pay via PayPal and I will support CS! :-)

  21. SoWhy Says:

    Great work but I agree that existing Pro users should have at least some advantage over other customers. A free license for Android would be great (not too hard on a technical level, just make an apk-Package available in the members’ area and include a check in that version where people can enter their login info for the homepage to verify their status). :-)

  22. Terepin Says:

    I’d love to pay for it, by I’m living in Slovakia, so I’m unable to buy from Market anything. Could you, please, add option to buy it with PayPal through your website?


  23. Fabio Albieri Says:

    I’m reluctant to do this purchase because
    I NEVER had push (c2dm) working.

    All I had was: enabled battery saving mode (as suggested in prev blog entries); not suspend Trillian. Then, after 5 minutes screen is off, I’ve been unable to receive messages until I unlock phone and go to Trillian.
    No, no Juicedefender or similar apps, and this happens on both wifi (policy is to never sleep) and 3G.

    Never seen Push-c2dm working -> not buying it.
    Please consider release a time limit demo with c2dm CLEARLY WORKING, and I’ll buy this.

  24. TrillyFr Says:

    I hope we can translate Trillian for Android soon, via Trillian Wiki ?? I’m ready :)

  25. Miro Says:

    It has been available for download for free and i had it, but i formatted my sdcard and came back to download it again and seen it’s paid.

    Unfortunately not all users have access to the paid market apps. Think about it!

  26. Andrei Neculau Says:

    Any plans to add Skype support ?

  27. Naftali Andrade Santos Says:

    I can’t find it in the market. Anyone knows why? Been using the beta with no problems.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 5, if that would help at all.

  28. Alawatsakima Says:

    I hate to be a troll, but sometimes it just needs to be said…

    Dear CS:
    I have been using your products since the early days of Trillian 3.0. I love your product, and it has become an important part of my online lifestyle. As such, I purchased Trillian 3.1 Pro, Beta tested Trillian Astra, purchased Trillian 4 pro (For myself and 3 of my closest friends), purchased Trillian for iPhone (Despite knowing I would only have the iPhone for a few months, and I did almost immediately get an Android device), and have been beta testing Trillian for Android. Your products are fantastic, and I stand behind them all the way. Therefore, I intend to purchase Trillian for Android and Trillian for Windows 5 when it comes out, as soon as my college kid budget allows (I can’t even afford fancy desert coffee). You are just that important to me.

    However, like my purchase of Trillian for iPhone, my continual purchases of Trillian for Windows is not because I actually use them. I have not used Windows full time in years, and really only boot it when I have a teacher that absolutely refuses to support web standards and requires Windows software… I use Linux nearly full time. I support your products financially to the best of my ability, because I love what you do. I hoped, and continue to hope, that if I fund these projects long enough, they will become stable enough for you to feel you can move on to supporting Linux. This is an important milestone for me, and I feel that I can speak honestly when I say it is important for other members of our community as well.

    CS, I trully do love you, and I really do plan to continue supporting your fine work, but it would be nice, someday, to recieve something in return… So, I ask nicely, please strongly consider building a linux port… I don’t much care what library you use, I have both GTK+ and QT4 libraries installed (Although if asked, I would vote for the latter), and I would be more than willing to install just about any library you ask. I just want to be able to use your product, natively on my favorite OS.

    Thank you,

  29. Batman Says:

    I didn’t see a changelog for this version was there anything that was changed or fixed or is this the beta version released on the market?

  30. The Radicati Group, Inc. » News-By-Mail » News-By-Mail December 10th, 2010 ~ December 16th, 2010 Says:

    [...] Cerulean Studios announced the public release of Trillian for Android 1.0. The Trillian for Android app is available on the Android Market for $4.99. [...]

  31. Jeff Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Alawatsakima! With a Linux version I’d be back in the Trillian game in a heartbeat. I happen to use Ubuntu, but even just a basic UI with a manual installation so I don’t need to recreate my Metacontacts every time I install Pidgin would be greatly appreciated.

  32. xavier Says:

    What about offering a “refund” via paypal / google checkout / bank transfer for pro usres when you buy it from the market?
    Like, you actually spend the money but afterwards when you verify you are a pro user you get it back on another way.

    Or if not a full refund, at least a partial (50% off or something) one would be nice.

    Just throwing ideas.

  33. Mono Says:

    I’m buying the app but it really needs a widget or an api for plugins so some one can make their own.

  34. reverie Says:

    Not buying it till push notifications work.

  35. Naftali Andrade Santos Says:

    Again, it seems the Trillian app has some sort of filter for my device (Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500B), since my friend could find it normally with his Motorola Milestone. But i’ve been using it during the beta with no problem.

    Would it be hard to remove these filters? I’m definitely buying it.

  36. Tony Says:

    No trillian for symbian nokia phones?How is that posible since people own more nokia phones than any other phone?

  37. Daniel Says:

    Please add the posibility to pay with paypal, and some kind of discount or get it free if we alredady have trillian pro for windows.

  38. MagicMike Says:

    Anyone else suddenly stop receiving IMs on your Android after a while? Then when I go back into the app, it has some weird “invalid session” error.

  39. smw Says:

    @MagicMike: Make sure you are not using the “sign me off after” value of “immediately”. This could be causing the problem. We are investigating other related reports as well but this is one currently known cause.

  40. Igor Says:

    1) Add skins or change this black background. Now it looks awful…
    2) Add support of cyrillic encoding for ICQ.
    3) Add history function.
    4) There’s a bug in contact list. The active contact appears twice: in online group and ‘chats’ group. It’s not convenient…

  41. glococo Says:

    Voice & Video XMPP support ???

  42. LXXIII Says:

    plz make it free for current Pro users – thanks!

  43. VE6AY Says:


    The contact list “bug” as you call it is actually a standard feature that’s been in Trillian Android since day one. What it does is allows you to have a list of your open chats all at the top, so you don’t have to try and find them by scrolling down through the list. You can always minimize the Chats category so you don’t see them a second time.

    I got my copy and thing that 5 bucks ain’t that big of a deal. I bought 4, 5, and iPhone (even though my iPod hasn’t been touched in months), now Android (I’ve been using it since 0.63, so long time). I care about Trillian (as you can tell), and support CS in what they’re doing. They went and have done a WORLD of good for the IM community since it came on the scene way back in the 90s. And seriously, are you so strapped for cash that you can’t spare 5 dollars for this app, and the features it gives you ? While yes, it doesn’t have them all, the chat sync is enough right there for my five bucks. So what, I am now short one more drink at the pub this weekend. Big whoop. (Yes, in Canada, drinks are expensive).

    Keep up the good work, CS. I like what you’ve done, and things are great.

  44. MagicMike Says:

    @smw: Thanks for the response. I’ve been watching it over the weekend. I have my “sign me off after” set to “7 days”, which I thought meant that my mobile device will be signed into Astra for 7 days, and if it works like the iPhone version, every time I go into the app, it resets the 7 day counter, right? I signed in sometime Friday afternoon. Sometime that evening, Trillian for Windows alerted me that my Android device had been disconnected. I went back into the app on the phone (which still had an alert icon showing on my status bar) and it displayed a “reconnecting” alert window and reconnected. Similar events kept happening throughout the weekend. It never made it 7 days or even close. Even if my phone’s connection dropped at times, I wouldn’t have expected that to affect my Astra session as I thought it was kept server side. Were the Astra servers experiencing some trouble over the weekend?

  45. smw Says:

    @MagicMike: Nope, nothing that I can think of. Enable diagnostic logging and keep the phone running for a while – as you notice the drops, track them down by timestamp and send the logs in for our review. We can take a look and hopefully the logs will provide additional insight. The counter should be reset as you load the app, correct, and the sessions are kept on our servers. Something else must be going wrong if you’re seeing it repeatedly. Let us know here or via email (smw@cerulean) when you send in the logs and we’ll take a look.

  46. Thorsten Says:

    Trying to run Trillian 1.0 on Gingerbread (in the emulator, using the Google API 9 image) just results in:

    W/ImageView( 497): Unable to find resource: -1
    W/ImageView( 497): android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: Resource ID #0xffffffff
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.content.res.Resources.getValue(
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.content.res.Resources.getDrawable(
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.widget.ImageView.resolveUri(
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.widget.ImageView.setImageResource(
    W/ImageView( 497): at$
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at$1500(
    W/ImageView( 497): at$H.handleMessage(
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    W/ImageView( 497): at android.os.Looper.loop(
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    W/ImageView( 497): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    W/ImageView( 497): at$
    W/ImageView( 497): at
    W/ImageView( 497): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)

    I know Gingerbread hasn’t been officially released yet, but you might want to look into this soon.

  47. BrashFink Says:

    No trial? Then there is very little chance I will ever get. Too bad. Used Trillian for years on PC, swapped to Adium on Mac, was looking forward to it on my phone… but not paying $5 without even trying it out… sorry.

  48. VE6AY Says:

    @BrashFink, did you not use the available beta while it was up? That, for many a person, that was a great way to try it.

    And I’m sure that some people still have build 145 (that was said to be the final of the beta, and not going to expire (someone correct me if I’m wrong)).

  49. Obrut Says:

    I want to try/purchase Trillian for Android, but it’s nowhere to be found. Definitely I can’t find it in the market. My device is HTC Desire HD (Froyo). Please provide a valid download link. Thanks!

  50. Matt Says:

    This looks great. When can we expect to see Trillian for Windows Phone 7?

  51. VE6AY Says:

    @Obrut, go to and scan the QR code there – it should take you to the market page for Trillian.

    I’m not sure if hyperlinking in the comments here works, but here’s the actual QR code they used, too:

  52. VE6AY Says:

    ACK ! I typed the wrong link. Should be not .com. MY BAD.

  53. Jose Says:

    I agree with others, I love how it works, but how it looks, not so much. Make it more beautiful or something, skins, anything.. I mean for 5 bucks just for this IM for Android, I hope improvements like this are coming, cause though on my end it works great, I want it to look just as good as it works. Give us options, options are always good, ;-)

  54. Naftali Andrade Santos Says:

    @VE6AY Using the QR Code results in nothing… The problem is that, when posting on the Market, Cerulean selected some filters that prevents, in this scenario, his device and mine from even finding the application. It is there, but we cannot buy it. :’(

    I have been using Trillian in the beta stage and had no problem using it on my device. I guess @Obrut did so (I don’t know). So, I see no point in filtering us… =/

  55. smw Says:

    @Naftali: Does your phone have a camera? Does the camera support autofocus? Lastly, does your phone support WiFi? I’m thinking one of these three things may be causing the issue, and we can update the APK to not require these features. Probably just a development oversight that we had them listed in such a way anyways.

  56. Naftali Andrade Santos Says:

    @smw Thank you for your reply.

    My phone does not have auto-focus, I think that’s what causing the problem. It has a camera (only a back camera) and supports Wi-Fi.

    If you guys can update the APK, I would be very pleased and will definitely buy it.

  57. Kevin Says:

    are there notifications for the android version? does anyone think there should be?

  58. Jeremy DaCosta Says:

    Please make Trillian for android free for pro users. I am a dedicated paid user myself!

  59. Nicola Says:

    I need trilian for linux!

  60. Krolli Says:

    Since I am trillian pro user I would really appreciate a free android version included in the pro package as well.

  61. Fabio Albieri Says:

    Still no news about a true, working and reliable c2dm push ??

  62. Flemming Jacobsen Says:

    I still got the old 145 version as the APK install file in case someone wants it. I will however only share it with people as far as CS permits.

  63. Peter Says:

    Why has it been over a month and still no solution for Trillian 5 Pro users?

  64. Craig Says:

    smw Says:
    Does your phone have a camera? Yes
    Does the camera support autofocus? Yes
    Lastly, does your phone support WiFi? Yes
    I’m thinking one of these three things may be causing the issue, and we can update the APK to not require these features. Probably just a development oversight that we had them listed in such a way anyways.

    The Android market does not have trillian for me, anyway. I have a Galaxy 5. I have tried the QR code, and it doesn’t find anything either.

    What’s the next thing to try?

  65. VE6AY Says:

    I wish you people would calm down. CS has never even hinted at offering any of their other products for free to Pro buyers. Ever. So why do you think they would start now? Or that you are entitled to it?

    Trillian for mobile (Android, iOS, BBOS) uses a different subset of servers than the desktop versions. Octopus, I believe it is called, is what allows the mobile platforms to survive the deluge of mobile connect-disconnect-reconnect sessions that plague mobile connections.

    The octo servers are different from the standard servers, and need their own maintenance, updates, and code optimizations. So why should anyone get them for free, just because hey have the Pro for desktop versions?

    Are you all so greedy that you can’t spare five bucks? Seriously. It isn’t that much. My PDF app on my phone cost me 12, and it was worth it. 5 for Trillian is nothing. A beer on the weekend that I can’t have. Big deal. I purchased the iOS version, too, and when I get my Crackberry, I’ll get it for that, too.

    Seriously, people. Quit being so greedy. It isn’t the end of the world. Besides, the last beta build is a non-expiry version, so you can use it until the end of time if you wish.

  66. Pablo Says:

    I’m a Trillian Pro for Windows user and I’d happily pay $ 5 for a Windows Mobile version. Will it be coming soon?

  67. overdigo Says:

    I am having problems to find Trillian in Android Market…

    Something happening?

  68. Neil Says:

    I can not buy the trillian app for android. It keeps looping me through to sign in again. Would like to buy.

  69. Angel Turner Says:

    I am a paid pro user and I bought Trillian for android about a week ago, so far it runs good for me (I run up to 50 screen names at a time on my computer software) so far have only used up to 4 screen names at a time on android but would be much more useful for me with a email sing in function like on pc version (something along the lines of holding down on the screen name until a menu pops up with an option to sign in to email, and an inbox alert for each signed in screen name would make this the all around best messaging / email / social networking app ever.