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Trillian for Windows: The continuous client! (5.0 Build 30)

Instant messaging has always been a great way to easily communicate with the people you care about. Now that more and more of us are splitting our time between work, home, and mobile devices, an annoying problem has cropped up – conversation fragmentation. Something you said at home gets lost when you settle into work; you’re fishing your phone out of your pocket to recall a link you received earlier; the grocery list you were responsible for landed on your work PC and you’re left all lost in the supermarket … the frustration goes on.

Build 30 ushers in a new era of interoperability – between devices themselves – which we’re calling the continuous client! Your chats can now be shared in realtime between all of your Trillian devices, meaning you can stand up from your desk, grab your phone, and keep chatting exactly where you left off. We’ve taken extra care to get all the tiny details right to make this experience awesome, and we hope you enjoy it. If you’re technically inclined, learn more about what makes this feature tick below!

  • Trillian shares chats between all devices in realtime. Hop off the home computer and continue chatting on the couch via the family iPad. Seamlessly switch between your mobile phone and work computer throughout your work day.
  • Trillian supports optional cloud-based storage of chats. A crashed hard drive won’t take years of chatting history with it, and new devices are instantly initialized and up-to-date with your chat history – even mobile phones!
  • Trillian uses presence technology to know where you’re active and makes notification decisions accordingly. For example, stay on Trillian for Android all day at work and you’ll receive no C2DM notifications, buzzes, or sounds because you’re active on your desktop.
  • Trillian works out-of-the-box on all major IM services that support multiple points of presence, regardless of their particular nuances. For example, some services send messages to devices marked ‘online’ and not ‘away’, and others target messages to individual devices. The result can mean fragmented or one-sided conversations depending on the device. Trillian deals with all of this for you and keeps your chat windows tidy and sane. 
  • Trillian keeps track of read and unread messages, so your desktop isn’t blinking when you return to it after a day of chatting on your mobile. Even cooler, if you walk away from your desktop and someone starts messaging you, your iPhone will update its badge count as soon as it realizes your desktop was left idle with N unread messages.

We would also like to thank Joshua Topolsky of Engadget for his great article on the continuous client, which helped crystallize much of our early thinking on what we could bring to the table. We hope you enjoy Build 30! We’ll be issuing updates to our other products to bring them up to speed shortly.

182 Responses to “Trillian for Windows: The continuous client! (5.0 Build 30)”
  1. jazde86 Says:

    Wow, fantastic! *woot* *bounce*

  2. [[Neo]] Says:

    So glad the “This conversation is no longer off-the-record” stuff is fixed.

  3. Brad Says:


  4. Jana Says:

    yessss! :)

  5. derSpinner Says:

    Ураа! Наконец-то.

    Uraa! Finally.
    Thank you!)

  6. Leo Says:

    DLing…sure hope my Twitter issue is solved now!

  7. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:


  8. Sri Says:

    When is the client for windows phone coming out?

  9. Darrin Says:

    Trillian, as always, impresses!

  10. Pitta Says:

    Would be great if there was a Windows Phone 7 client.

  11. DiamondNRG Says:

    Very nice

  12. venkatx5 Says:

    Great.. Thanks 4 d Fix.

  13. Rafael Says:

    I guess “display what I’m listening to” is broken.

  14. Scream81 Says:

    hey thanks guys… !!

  15. gorgos Says:

    So does this work out of the box or do I have to change it manually in the settings?

  16. zowieguy Says:

    Contact names inside the chat now show user name instead of real name after update. I can not find a setting to change it back. Any help?

  17. VE6AY Says:

    Looking good so far. A couple of language packs need some minor tweaks, but otherwise everything’s looking great. Chat History Sync is a HUGE thing I’ve been hungry for.

  18. StickyFinga Says:

    Amazing. Thanks for the update!

  19. Sunshinefox Says:

    I’m assuming like the illustration shows, if you happen to have a MAC for work PC for home and Android Phone, the MAC client wont require an update for this to work?

  20. Slash Says:

    Yes! Trillian can bypass firewall and comunicate with messenger live account easilly, without thouse hard configurations!

    I love trillian, and the interfaces are too smart but i still wish a better interface, something that simulate windows live messenger simple window with colours, fonts and smilles identically.


  21. SpeciaLKey Says:

    now i just hope the file transfer on MSN can be faster. overall nice work!

  22. David Remy Says:

    Is the chat history sync encrypted and compressed?

    I too would like to see a Windows Phone 7 client, but I’m sure that won’t start until the other clients are out of beta.

  23. inferno Says:

    Cool !!! Funny !!! Espectacular.

  24. razorblade Says:

    Best feature ever!!!
    That was what I was looking for :D

  25. Photovirus Says:

    Finally! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! Thanks a lot!

  26. ScaraX Says:

    Nice! Finally Skype works again :)

  27. Undertaker666 Says:

    “fixed video chats don’t work”
    does this mean video chats are working again in astra?

  28. Vash63 Says:

    Very cool. Great for when I walk away or open a full-screen game. Only problem is AOL System Message still pops up bitching about how I’m logged into two different places… really wish there was a way to disable that or block the message.

  29. FS Says:

    Same issue with screen names. The name in the current conversation shows as however I’ve customized it, but in history shows as the full username. I.e., “Bob Smith” versus “”

  30. kitezer Says:

    So happy, no issues what so ever!!!! :D Thank you so much!!!!

  31. KaBuTo Says:

    Nice. Thanks for the update!

  32. Young Says:

    Does Yahoo not support Multiple Points of Presence? I can’t keep Yahoo logged into both Windows and Android clients.

  33. smw Says:

    @Vash63: You can ignore these messages for each AIM account in the account preferences under ‘miscellaneous’.

    @FS: Can you show us a screenshot? There are a few places we do this and I’d like to make sure of what you’re reporting.

    @Young: No, it does not.

  34. Runeox Says:

    This is amazing! I’ve always wanted this kind of functionality, and this direction of development is exactly why I recently switched back from Pidgin. Excellent work! I hope Trillian picks up steam as 5 nears a final release!

    That said, does Trillian do Yahoo! MPOP yet? As of build 29 (haven’t updated yet; At work), signing in on Yahoo! on my desktop signs me off on my iPhone. MPOP is supposedly supported in the official client… Has this been addressed in build 30? If so, this is an awesome day for multi-IM.

  35. Cody Says:

    Yahoo Avatar still not popping up in the list… Hope this will be fixed soon.

  36. l4v4 Says:

    love it

  37. Chahk Says:

    Awesome update!

    @smw: Are you guys staggering updates for the rest of the clients (Mac, iOS, Android)? In other words, how soon is “Soon”? :)

    @Young: Better migrate away from Y! Messenger before Yahoo decides to kill that service too.

  38. Volle Says:

    here is a screenshot of the screen names:

  39. M-D November Says:

    I’m just grateful you fixed the GChat “This conversation is not off the record” thing. That was driving me CRAZY. Everything else is just cake.

  40. Sirtaptap Says:

    Excellent update! This is exactly what I was hoping the client would eventually do

  41. Richard (InvisoSniperX) Says:

    Ok, after about 1 hour of use…

    Continuous client is ridiculously Awesome! Working on my iPhone already :D

    Log sync is what i was waiting for, but this is far and beyond log sync :)

  42. MikeT Says:


  43. Matt Says:

    Works well, except incoming IRC messages (IM or channel) don’t trigger any kind of notification any more. Taskbar doesn’t flash, no sound it played, nothing in the window title. Working fine for all other IMs, just not IRC

  44. Richard Says:

    /me is installing now

  45. Greg Says:

    This is excellent! Does the log sync just start working when it’s turned on and does it sync my log history for the last few years or is it just for chats moving forward? It would be nice to get everything synced up in the cloud.

  46. john doe Says:

    Now if only the android client supported MUC on jabber, instead of just showing the synchronized messages that I send to the conference when I’m using my PC

  47. Ben Says:

    It’s not quite clear from the post: is it possible to synchronize chats *without* storing it in the cloud?

    Additionally, it would be nice to have a blog post detailing the security of chats stored in the cloud (hopefully they are encrypted, possibly based on your Astra password?)

  48. Brandon Says:

    Cool, this is what I was waiting for to bring me back to Trillian. Except now I’m using my Mac most of the time and it looks like the Mac client still needs to be updated. Is that correct? Everything else should work right now except the Mac?

  49. l4v4 Says:

    I use two twitter Accounts and 1 Facebook, but in System Tray is only 1 Twitter Icon, How can I enable the two other?

  50. l4v4 Says:

    And also it kills/delete all my History … WTF How can this be…. *scared*

  51. MagicMike Says:

    Continuous Client was definitely a nice surprise — above and beyond actually! We would have been impressed with just chat history syncing, but this is a huge bonus!

  52. l4v4 Says:

    My issues are fixed by myself. dont be scared :P

  53. Darkdragon Says:

    Yeah i agree also Yahoo buddy icons are still not fixed, i manually have to put it in, but it doesn’t stick after relog. Please fix it when you can , if your on change log says its FIXED, when it isn’t.

  54. Darkdragon Says:

    i also try switching from YM11 to Trillian with my buddy icon but i can’t see my own, but my other friends are ok, because the cache data is still there.

  55. BattMan Says:

    Where is the iPad app? We’re all still waiting…….get me off of IM+!

  56. dalponis Says:

    Still awaiting Steam support.

  57. butter toffee coffee Says:

    This is very neat news. Is there any idea of when we’ll have the “hide” button for IM windows on Win 7 when we use Aero?

  58. origpumu Says:

    Thx for fixing skype-issues!

  59. origpumu Says:

    Skype doesn’t close after exiting trillian. Starting skype by trillian works as espected.

  60. Bradley Says:

    I’m still getting duplicate history lines from XMPP chat rooms when I log in.

  61. jpameli Says:

    I also bought the Android verion!
    Please keep up the great work!

  62. thavian Says:

    Very cool, but I can’t take advantage of this because I have a Windows Phone 7. Any plans to make Trillian for Windows Phone?

  63. thavian Says:

    Sounds cool, but I can’t take advantage of it because I have a Windows Phone 7 and there’s no Trillian for Windows Phone. Any plans to make one?

  64. Corey Says:

    iPad? Perhaps you’re missing another announcement!

  65. Holger Says:

    Thanks for the update! But please don’t let us hanging there for such a long time in the future. Off to play with the new features!

  66. Marty Says:

    Congrats, guys! This is very cool tech and just makes sense. I’m glad you’re the ones implementing it.

  67. Trillian Now a Continuous IM Client | The Android Blog Says:

    [...] Click here to read the full build release information. Share Android News android, client, continuous, im, pro, sync, trillian [...]

  68. Brian Says:

    Now lets get it on Windows Phone 7, so I can actually use multiple devices. :)

  69. RealityRipple Says:

    Neither Yahoo nor ICQ seems to be too happy about this setup just yet. Hope you guys can get those protocols to play nice with a multiple login system.

  70. Todd Says:

    All good updates but I still have the issue of when I close Trillian I get a box saying Trillian has stopped working. Just saying, I hoped this would have fixed it. Oh well.

  71. Aleq Says:

    This is beyond PERFECT

  72. Nathan Says:

    Please add support for office communicator!

  73. Andy Says:

    Wow, great feature. Thanks.
    I know others have asked for this in the comments. Can we get some comment about the Windows Phone7 client availability, please?

  74. AndrewB Says:

    Option to disable Facebook Chat – Please. I use Jabber instead. Don’t need the double identity.

  75. Eric Says:

    “Hop off the home computer and continue chatting on the couch via the family iPad.”

    If only there were a Trillian iPad client…

  76. Stym Says:

    Finally, the killer feature has arrived! Excellent job. So glad to be a paying user now. ;)

  77. Dayan Says:

    updated on my work computer and laptop and the chat logs ARE NOT in sync? what do i have to do to get them synced and which one takes precedent?

  78. msimm Says:

    How about adding new themes? There are so few that work properly for all of Trillian’s features…..

  79. Lewis Says:

    There won’t be a windows phone 7 client till microsoft allow access to TCP/UDP sockets. At the moment all you can do on WP7 is http. That’s why there’s no IM clients on WP7.

  80. eleazar Says:

    I just bought the Android app specifically for this feature. I bought version 5 of Trillian for this feature as well. :) Can’t wait to see it in action!

  81. Vaclav Says:

    Thank You ! It’s really great. I’ll buy Pro version to PC too (have already bought for Blackberry).

  82. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    What ever happened to the dark theme that was mentioned a long time ago for the windows skin “no-skin” ?

  83. Peter Says:

    I just tested this with two desktops using Trillian 5 and the latest android client. It works flawlessly. Simply amazing! I’ve wanted this for so long and now its finally here. Thanks guys!

  84. Dayan Says:

    ohhh… i guess i need to leave my devices on to do continuous messaging. i was thinking for example if my laptop was off and i was messaging all day from my desktop, that when i turned on my laptop i could continue the conversation (but i guess that would not be considered real time).???

  85. Peter Says:

    TO ALL THOSE ASKING FOR Windows Phone 7 – read here:

  86. Dayan Says:

    i also have a blackberry and when i have trillian running on the blackberry and on my desktop and when someone tries a file transfer it does not go through. they get an error message stating that the file can not be sent. as soon as i close trillian on my blackberry and the file transfer is initiated again it works.

  87. Patrick Says:

    ok, so I have updated my windows version from 4 to 5, and fixed all the duplicate contacts from that first 5 version. have put merged my old chats with new chats and renamed them in the new format “-(\d+)|xml)” and imported all chat history into repective contacts.

    would this history have synced to the chat servers, or do they need to be active chats?

  88. Derek Says:

    Mail notification does work work properly:
    * Hotmail: Notification pop up, but under the mail section showing no new message
    * Yahoo mail: seems to work
    * Gmail: does not work: no notification at all.
    * POP3 mail: Notification pop up, but under the mail section showing no new message

  89. Justin Says:

    This finally got me to cave on the Android client. The feature is beautiful, though I’m disappointed that you guys still haven’t figured out how to get ICQ and Yahoo to run simultaneously from multiple locations. Meebo’s pulling it off, somehow, so it must be possible.

  90. Irontiger Says:

    Thanks guys!!!


  91. RealZero Says:

    I really hope the future, non-beta, version will bring the “social” features to the other skins as well.
    Twitter is kinda useless on the “old” skins currently as they have no kind of “reply” and “retweet” windows.
    Let’s really hope that’ll improve until the “beta” label is removed, as great as the chatlog thingy is, the other, “basic” features shouldn’t be ignored, right.

    Best wishes,

  92. dubrox Says:

    thank you so much!

  93. Henry Chan Says:

    Hi, Trillian is really one nice app, but is it that it doesn;t support video conferencing yet? Correct me if I am wrong (refering to Trillian 5 beta for windows)

  94. Cadence Says:

    Once again validating my purchase of Trillian Pro, I absolutely love it. And now, it’s even better. Thank you again!

  95. worldwaffle Says:

    Windows Phone 7, please? :)

  96. blah Says:

    Bah, I’ve been doing this with Skype for years.

  97. Siddharth Surana Says:

    Fabulous. I had some issues with historical chats being marked as unread.. hopefully this update fixes it.

  98. JD Says:

    Incredible. This is why I’ve supported Trillian since 3.0…

  99. Fjorab Says:

    Thanks so much! This is fabulous news, and i might make even more use of my Android app now. And bravo for fixing what Skype broke with its update. :-)

  100. Lidia Says:

    Thank you very much for your good work! Bravo!

  101. Travis Says:

    Is the new online logs feature going to take my 1GB of existing chat logs?

  102. R R Krishna Kishore Says:

    pleasant transition windows, and multi chating messengers every feature of trillian is fantastic
    inclusion of social networking groups and mail clients is not found in any chat messenger except trillian
    we can see and post updates all right from single window
    single userid and password for all logins
    i never come across such a most useful product

  103. Bfri Says:

    I’ve been a long time Trillian (desktop) client customer. With the new feature to share chats between all devices I had to buy the iPhone app, too. Great work guys!!

  104. Milan Jaroš Says:

    Unfortunately installer did not requested administrator’s rights so I needed to run it as admin user manually.
    Trillian rocks! ;)

  105. messagingjoe Says:

    Fantastic! Almost unbelievably fantastic. Not fantastic to beat if there was at last a client for windows phone. MS, please give us an API …

  106. vishal Says:

    Please launch Trillian for Symbian operating system

  107. Nick G Says:

    Where do you actually enable server-based history storage and synchonisation? I’ve been poking around for 10 minutes and I can’t see it anywhere.

  108. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    @ Nick G

    Preferences/Activity History. Both settings are located there.

  109. Anysia Says:

    Works great for my android tablet, but I could really use it for my Windows 7 Phone.

  110. Trekkie Says:

    I’ve been using DropBox to sync my chat history across multiple computers – which BTW works great. What is the difference here? And what about all my old history, which i stored locally (in my DropBox), will it all be synced to the cloud also, just by checking the: “Also backup my history online” in the “Activity History” preference page?

  111. BigKush Says:

    Brilliant, fantastic work – will be using on the iPhone 4, and I already thought Trillian had synchronisation between devices working pretty well!

  112. elcio Says:

    I was having problems with Skype with previous version… Skype contact list did not appear with other contacts as used to. now they came back… tks,

  113. Chris Says:

    But if I use ICQ I still have to reconnect if I use the PC instead of the iPhone because ICQ doesn’t allow simultaneous logins. I don’t get what’s so different. I could just use a Jabber transfer, set priority to 5 in every client (PC/iPhone) and get all messages on every client.

  114. Mika Says:

    What are “IM services that support multiple points of presence”?

  115. Patrick Says:

    Nice Update, thanks a lot. I only have an issue with the Skype-History of some contacts, i can access the old history, but new conversations will not be recorded. Any Ideas?

  116. Nick G Says:

    Thanks, how did I miss that! I guess I don’t really think of chat logs as “activity history”.

  117. Arnaud Says:

    would it be possible to permanently display a contact on the desktop (and above other windows) as does the add-on Messenger Plus for Windows as this picture:

  118. Livio Ribeiro Says:

    Did offline messages have been implemented to Windows Live Messenger?

  119. Jacob Says:

    And this update is why Trillian is the best and worth paying for.

  120. Boo Says:

    I’m still waiting for webcamn for Gtalk ….

  121. Quinn1981 Says:

    Thanks for fixing that Facebook thing so quickly! You guys are great. Just paid for 5 Pro after really enjoying 4 Pro. Thanks again. :-)

  122. Andy B Says:

    Agreed on the call for a Windows Phone 7 version… Any ETA?

  123. ajm Says:

    @Arnaud just drag the contact onto the desktop.

  124. Sam West Says:

    Brilliant idea but the follow through? Without being able to use it on my Windows Phone 7, it’s no help what so ever.

  125. MLG Says:

    Awesome! Thank you

  126. bojowaggie Says:

    I now have double messages when I’m talking on Facebook IM.. very frustrating…

  127. Fleon Says:

    Vote for Windows 7 version. Would be the first decent client for the platform.

  128. Allan Knudsen Says:

    Any chances of a fix for GTalk conferences? Atleast a notice when someone tries to invite you would be nice.

  129. Joe Says:

    Small problem with resolution switching. On 1600×1200 I have Trillian in the lower right corner. Switching the resolution to 1024×768 (when undocking) and switching back (redocking laptop), the Trillian window now sits near the middle of the desktop. Please either define window position in ‘relative distance to nearest two edges’, or keep a position saved for each detected resolution.

  130. Manas Joshi Says:

    Amazing service and product…!! Simply love it :)

  131. Adam Says:


    Nicely done once again! Great update. Any chance Yammer integration could be coming?

  132. l4v4 Says:

    @Arnaud Did you try to drag&drop the name from contact list to desktop? s it that what you want?

  133. bojowaggie Says:

    Now I am getting double sending messages on gtalk..

  134. l4v4 Says:

    I found a new Bug if a Have a chat window with more than one person (tab) and I am in the 3rd tab for example and the person from tab1 write me a new message it oft go to transparancy mode and go only back, if i minimize and deminimize it again. This is not a big deal, but if this apears oft I think it can be razz me.

  135. Miles Says:

    I love this feature, but the Android client is opening up my soft keyboard any time I send a new IM from the web client. I haven’t tested if this happens with the software client yet. Seems like the phone is somehow focusing the text entry field when new windows are opened up by the streaming?

  136. Konrad Says:

    Omg, I am now in love with the Trillian team <3

  137. TC Says:

    Great! what i always hoped and searched for! Thanks!

    But now make Trillian for Symbian 3, please.

  138. ted Ciricillo Says:

    The Trillian gods have done it again!!!!

  139. l4v4 Says:

    ..have a problem with: “show current Song in Notes”

    This morning, it works now it doesnt any more (like in the last few releases, too)

  140. l4v4 Says:

    ok think I found whats the problem, If I play the song, it doesnt work, if I delete all information from the file ( artist year etc….) then it works again…. Sounds a little buggy, can you fix it in upcoming release? :)

  141. l4v4 Says:

    And it mostly only works when the titel is not to long, have no special chars in it and is stored in my Musik in User Folder of Win :/ *strange*

  142. fajri Says:

    nice work btw.
    but, can you modify it look? the current looks too oldies and makes bored. Make it more flashy but simple and would take minimum memory resource.

  143. Derek Says:

    Waiting on Mac client to support this…

  144. Joshua Beyer Says:

    Have you seen them cloud commericials on windows 7 ^^ thanks to it haha for reals! – Microsoft it is something tight now that trillian uses it and other programs can access it the world is much easier ha! Thanks for the update guys you made my life a lot easier! Best im client ever ha

  145. Lars Says:

    Great features! Just upgraded to pro :)

    And as some other commenters already said: Windows Phone Version would be fantastic.

  146. EXP Says:

    “FIXED [Social] Twitter “Unread Message Count” inaccurate”
    actually, the unread count for me used to work, but now it’s totally wrong. i go from 3 unread to 500 unread, to 1989 unread. Something went wonky.

  147. Keith Harrison Says:

    I am crying I am so happy … well … maybe not crying …. but VERY AWESOME! Way to go guys!!

  148. Matt Says:

    This is awesome. Now we just need a Windows Phone 7 version to use this with… I hope soon.

  149. Matt Says:

    @ Lewis,

    With all due respect, I think you’re mistaken. There ARE IM clients. The MSN Messenger client, IM+ is on its way. All without requiring an update of any sort. It is possible, It can be done, and Trillian should be doing it. They have Trillian on every other major platform, and WP7 should be no different.

  150. Billy Says:

    Attempted to use on Mac (App Store download as of March 3, 2011) and my iPhone, switching between them worked wonderfully for AIM / Facebook, however Yahoo disconnects on any device I’m not actively using it.

  151. Mike Says:

    Great work guys! Trillian 5 is now head and shoulders above all other multi-protocol clients. Thanks for the great product!

  152. Spike Says:

    So this means there’s no free trillian client for Android anymore? =(

  153. MagicMike Says:

    If you guys want to see a quick video demo of the continuous client feature in action, check out this video posted on

  154. Benjamin Says:

    Thank God about being able to share conversations on multiple devices I think this is the best feauture implemented in the last few months, I’m going to enjoy this very much since I have trillian for PC, blackberry, iTouch. What I would like to see is that if there is some way we could purchase them in a bundle, it was discomforting having to purchase every one seperate when I had the idea of buying the PC one and having the accessibility of using any other version for other devices.

  155. The Radicati Group, Inc. » News-By-Mail » News-By-Mail February 25th, 2011 ~ March 3rd, 2011 Says:

    [...] Cerulean Studios has released Trillian for Windows 5.0. New features include shared chats between devices in realtime, optional cloud-based storage of chats, and more. [...]

  156. Stuart John Says:

    Well done for catching up. We designed multi-device sign-on, active presence, chat and event sync into Skype version 3 in 2006 :)

  157. MagicMike Says:

    @Stuart John

    That’s great — I didn’t know Skype was that far ahead! I didn’t realize it connected to all the major IM services, all my email accounts and social services — all while maintaining continuous synchronization across all my devices. And doing all of this since 2006. Nice! :)

  158. Trillian 5.0 incorpora actualizaciones en tiempo real entre dispositivos messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] Enlace | Trillian 5.0 (Build 30) [...]

  159. jk04120 Says:

    Now, if only we could get some energy devoted to functionality in the basic, single-machine cases: better support for chat rooms with the various protocols, video support across the board, privacy/encryption support for IM where that is defined (external hooks into your AOL interface seem to work, but not other things… and I’m personally particularly concerned about Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk), etc.

    Sorry to sound negative — these new improvements are obviously of considerable importance to some users, but lack of what is now basic functionality that requires keeping other clients around is really becoming a problem.

  160. Philip Kahn Says:

    Request: Linux support. I’d love to have one continuous client across multiple platforms. I bet you can even charge for pro for linux and it would be purchased. Nominally, it shouldn’t be too different than Android, right?

    Also, does anyone know if from the beta android client to the current one if the contact integration for chat improved? That’s what’s kept me from actually using the Trillian for Android client — the fact that browsing my contact list shows their statuses and quick access to chat for gchat.

  161. dickie Says:

    no foobar2000 on set status? its only support winamp & itunes :-/

  162. Scream81 Says:

    @dickie: try foo_winamp_spam

  163. sean2078 Says:

    Finally! ^^ What we’ve been demanding for AGES is finally here! Thank you!!

    @jk04120 – Be quiet, you are incorrect .. Thank you Trillian! :)

  164. Guti Says:

    Is there any plan of a native Win64 build of Trillian 5?

  165. Kadir Says:

    Hello all! There’s a weird thing going on with my Trillian when I sign on my Windows Live account. It shows my contacts in groups. I used to have groups on my Windows Live account before but I deleted those groups and now, they appear under “Other Contacts” however in Trillian, I still see my former groups like “Besties”, “Friends” etc. Why is that happening? I would be really glad if someone helped me out. Thanks in advance.

  166. Kadir Says:

    Hello all! There’s a weird thing going on with my Trillian when I sign on my Windows Live account. It shows my contacts in groups. I used to have groups on my Windows Live account before but I deleted those groups and now, they appear under “Other Contacts” however in Trillian, I still see my former groups like “Besties”, “Friends” etc. Why is that happening? I would be really glad if someone helped me out. Thanks in advance.

  167. Eric Says:

    I’m having the same problem as someone else with transparency. If a contact in an inactive tab sends a message the window becomes transparent and only returns to normal after the window loses and then regains focus. This is happening when I have more than one tab open and the window is set to be transparent when out of focus.

  168. Radek Petr Says:

    All good, except incoming IRC messages don’t trigger any kind of notification any more. Taskbar doesn’t flash, no sound it played, nothing in the window title.

  169. Chris Says:

    Not all Sound notifications are playing in this build. Do not always receive audible notification during AIM group chat or individuals AIM chats, sporadically disappear.

  170. RealZero Says:

    Still, when switching between home and work, several lines of conversations are still missing as if they’re not uploaded “regularly enough”.
    Maybe still an “Beta” error, hope it’ll be gone in the final version.

  171. Hyperfludd Says:

    Wanted to point out that the cloud sync saving is great, but we lost any notifications for the IRC cilent. Keep up the work, guys. Looking forward to future releases.

  172. limubai Says:

    I’m experiencing problems with skype. Right now, answers are not appearing on Trillian window.

  173. ives Says:

    having a hell of a time getting the LCS and OCS addins to work with communicator. any roadmap plans? i love trillian and would love to keep using it across all environments (windows 7 @ work, os X @ home).

  174. Roy Says:

    The only thing missing for me now is a mail/gmail tray notification icon… it’s there for facebook and twitter, why not for emails???

    Please add it, and digsby will never see any diskspace on my machine

    Love Trillian 5

  175. Trillian Introduces the Continuous Client | BigBlueBall Says:

    [...] Studios have released a new version of Trillian that promises just that. They call it “the continuous client” and looked to Joshua Topolsky’s great Engadget article for [...]

  176. James Says:

    As always, Trillian impresses. And as always, Cerulean Studios listen to the end user. Unlike a certain other “popular” messenger.

  177. Bud Says:

    My friend bought me a Pro License but using her username instead of mine. Now she is trying to transfer the license to me but we are not getting the support we need through the site. Could someone help us? My Astra username is budmail.

  178. Alawatsakima Says:

    Linux Support would be FANTASTIC, and I have been requesting it for literally years. While stating that it would be similar to the Android build is completely incorrect (From a software developer standpoint, Android shares no similarities to Linux development, unless you are developing in a Java Runtime Environment. CS: Please do not do that for a Linux build!), Octopus, the server behind Trillian, IS built on Linux, and should therefore be easy to port.

    That correction out of the way, I would like to submit my +1 for a linux build.

    As I have stated before, I have purchased Trillian 3.1, beta tested and purchased Astra/4.0, purchased gift licences for 4 of my friends, purchased for iPhone and for Android. Of those builds, I used 3.1 for a total of 8 months, I used Astra for a total of 5, I used 4 for a total of 2, I used the iPhone build for a mere 2 weeks, and while I use the web client and the Android build constantly, they aren’t as useful as they could be with a version I can use on my desktop. I am very likely to buy 5 eventually, not because I will ever use it, but because I believe in the product.

    I do hope that my support and dedication will pay off eventually. I very much desire a Linux build. I know others do as well.

  179. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » Trillian for Mac: The other continuous client! (1.1 Build 3) Says:

    [...] including continuous client functionality. You can learn more about this awesome new feature on our original blog post! The Google Talk “off the record” bug has been fixed, and we’ve added a bunch of [...]

  180. RealZero Says:

    While I really love this and especially chatlog synchronisation, I still don’t get when the sync process is done.
    Sometimes it works great to write and log off one on computer, and receive all the new logs on another computer when logging in.

    But sometimes it does not happen and I have to login on device A again to make sure data is transferred. When exactly is the transfer done? It seems not to be “live”, otherwise everything would always be up to date, right?

    This confuses me a bit and I hope to see it more reliable in future versions.

  181. Trillian para Mac se actualiza con más mejoras y novedades messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] lanzamiento incluye muchas de las novedades que se implementaron en la versión para Windows, entre ellas [...]

  182. MisterIndie Says:

    Waiting patiently for the Windows Phone 7 version…