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Build 1: Think Different.


Well, we always said that we would never ‘port’ Trillian to OS X. And now we’re excited to announce that we haven’t! Instead, after many support/feature-request tickets asking for an OS X port… we wrote a new Trillian UI from scratch.


To clarify, with Trillian’s new architecture (v4.x) the core functionality is separated from the UI. This is how the Flash-based web version and the Ajax-driven iPhone version can use the same code as the native Windows client. The UI layers are all entirely different, but the underlying code is the same. This is how the new Mac OS X port functions; the UI layer is entirely written from scratch in Objective-C and using Cocoa, but the underlying ‘guts’ of the program – the mediums, the contact list management and so on – are the same Trillian code as on Windows, Flash and the iPhone! :-D

Though this first alpha build of the OS X version of Trillian is still very preliminary and minimal – the functionality pulled through is about the same as the Flash-based web version – the code for every single feature on the Windows version is there in the underlying mediums. As the UI is expanded, those features will become available. The OS X version will be playing catch-up to the Windows one for a while yet, however.

Right now, this initial build will only work for those who have already set up their Astra accounts and contact lists under the Windows version; brave souls with a Mac running Tiger can download the build to experiment with, and log quirks into Bugzilla under the new ‘Mac OS X’ platform option; this being build 1, there will no doubt be quite a few!

If you’re an existing tester and would like the build, please use this URL to send us a letter, including your current Astra username and testing details. We will be accepting any existing testers who are able to follow these instructions into the OS X testing pool. If you’re not a tester but would like to be, our sign-up form is here.

Going forward, Windows builds will continue happen on Fridays, while Mac OS X builds will happen on Mondays. (Though obviously not this coming Monday, however!) If there is interest in general, we may do some posts about the experiences of trying to recreate the Trillian UI under Cocoa and translating existing bits to their (not always identical!) Mac OS X equivalents. Also, please note that we’ll be treating the OS X build as a completely separate entity as far as our release cycle is concerned; Win32 users will not have to wait for a feature-complete OS X port to see Trillian Astra go gold. Depending on the development process, we may very well release a final build of the Win32 edition before the OS X edition.

For now… “think different” and enjoy the new treat! :)

P.S. For a full screenshot so you can prove that it’s for real, click here.

187 Responses to “Build 1: Think Different.”
  1. arcaex Says:


  2. akrus Says:

    Linux build please

  3. loraxxarol Says:

    Awexome Cross ’98.

  4. AdamWillis Says:

    Super Excited. This is what I have been waiting for with Astra.

  5. RSA Says:

    Oh man! Awesome! I know we’re not even really at an Alpha stage with a 1st release, more like , Proof of Concept code, but still, this is moving in a good direction…..lord knows I hate iChat!

  6. DiamondNRG Says:

    Wow, big news.

  7. rhlowe Says:

    That is so awesome!! I am buying a mac soon and I hated the idea of not having Trillian without parallels, you have now made all my dreams come true!!!!

  8. k3davis Says:

    That’s swell… forgive me and all for saying this but, no wonder we’re still in alpha after all these years. Is your development scope so large that you’re never going to release a final? I’m on the verge of dumping my trillian pro because it is so aged. I’m excited about this project, but the more periphery you release the less inclined I am to wait.

    Sounds like you have a smart architecture that lets you use the same underlying code on all these platforms. Now how about a finished product that uses that architecture…

  9. DiamondNRG Says:

    k3davis … was that post necessary? Please just wait nicely like the other children. :)

  10. steve Says:

    Wow! That’s pretty darn awesome. Great job.

  11. k3davis Says:

    @Diamond: fair enough ;) I could be the only one who wishes they would get to beta at least before announcing so many other separate alpha projects. Just my opinion, after all.

  12. pnkrkrgeo92 Says:

    Trillian 3 went through 121+ builds, I wouldn’t be complaining until…let’s see…build 300 and still in alpha? But the fact is the program works and works well. I’m even running it in a bad environment called “Windows Vista” and it’s not crashing at all.

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  15. DiamondNRG Says:

    Thats funny, my bad Windows Vista runs 4 times better than my great XP did. I say your hardware sucks or you have it setup wrong. :P

  16. rickatnight11 Says:

    Well I have to say I did NOT expect to see this this evening. Nice advance CS!

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  18. kyleabaker Says:

    I must also ask for a Linux build! I’ve recently switched to Ubuntu and have been experimenting with Wine, but I can’t seem to get Trillian to work. A port to Linux would be sweet. I’m sure it would become the most widely used messenger client in Linux as it has a lot more to offer than most all other messengers. The only thing is, you’d have to get many more services added to the list. Pidgin (used to be GAIM) supports a lot more services than Trillian: (AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, GroupWise, ICQ IRC, MSN, MySpace, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, XMPP, Yahoo). I would definitely use Trillian in Linux over the others. Two words: Do It. :D

  19. gizmobits Says:

    I second what k3davis said – Astra is great, but both it and 3.1 have their problems. I’d like a stable Astra.

    Also repeat the request for a Linux port. I use both Fedora and Ubuntu and would love to not use gaim/pidgin – it’s like using an IM client written in 1996. But that can wait for a stable windows release.

    Great work, but please focus. :-)

  20. Rachel Blackman Says:

    To those saying that this slows things down, in truth it doesn’t cause a huge hit. The core is shared between the web, Windows and Mac versions; adding another platform that it actually gets tested on just ensures the code is written cleanly to start with.

    The slowdown on Astra getting to beta has been more the overall rearchitecting, which is as much for maintainability as for portability. Splitting things up and rewriting darn near everything makes Trillian itself much, MUCH more maintainable (and much easier to debug, and to performance-tweak), and works into eventual plans for beyond 4.0.

    Even without the web or other platforms, the re-architecting pays for itself in terms of code maintenance. :)

  21. alextheblade Says:

    did you hear that “mac dude” is going out with Drew Barrymore?

  22. Brian C. Says:

    How soon will the emails come out? I can’t wait, sent in my Astra-testing info right away :)

  23. caletz Says:

    WOW! nice… good bye Windows Live messenger ! > the client! :P :D good bye adium as well :D coooool EXxxxcellent guys!!

  24. killmoms Says:

    Looking forward to trying this out, especially if A/V is eventually supported. Though, to be fair, I much prefer how Adium can make its buddy list incredibly tiny and unobtrusive—I store it way down in the corner of my screen so I can see it pretty much all the time. I spend way more time in OS X than I do in Windows so… frankly all you Windows users can take a hike. ;)

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  27. deloreancowboy Says:

    wow… that’s great news! Can’t wait for the Mac version to catch up to the Windows version… I was hoping to get myself a Mac one of these days.

  28. seifip Says:

    Will there be a Windows Mobile 6 version?

  29. mcdope Says:

    A Linux Build would be better, at least for me ^^ ;-)

    But anyway: nice to see that you goes multi-platform *thumbsup*

  30. The Distant Librarian Says:

    Trillian coming to the Mac

  31. hellomoto3485 Says:

    Hmm, that’s funny- if Windows builds are released on friday, why hasn’t there been a new one??
    Are us Windows users supposed to be so excited for the Mac edition that we completely forget about asking “Where’s the new build???”

  32. shanx24 Says:

    When will there be support for the Skype chat client? That’s about 10 million users, if not more.

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    Trillian für Mac! Bald auch für Linux?

    Gestern wurde bekannt gegeben, dass die Cerulean Studios nun auch eine Mac-Version von Trillian entwickelt. In ihrem Blogpost dazu wird mehrfach betont, dass es sich hierbei nur um die Entwicklung einer Oberfläche handelt und der Kern, der gleic…

  35. velvetgeisha Says:

    well this is all nice and good but I wish they would adress some of the issues that the current astra is having… like the fact that I haven’t been able to log into astra since well…EVER!’s been weeks since I got my invitation email and I still get the same bad password error… and I am not the only one who has this problem and it seems noone is bothering to adress this issue. Yes I know.. this isn’t the place to be putting this but where is the place then? I already submitted a bugzilla report (along with allot of others with the same problem) and I even sendt inn a ticket… I can’t post in the forums for some strange reason so I can’t really submitt there so this is my last option… Sorry if I sound like I am whining but I am just so frustrated.

  36. Salz Says:

    What about Beta Testers for Mac? I have a Mac, so i would be proud to test your nice software on mac.

  37. Gordo Says:

    Well, I think Skype won’t be added soon, because the Skype-protocol is not open and there are some crypting-features, so no messenger supports Skype yet!
    I’ve been asked whether I know a messenger which can deal with ICQ and Skype, but I don’t know ANY messenger except the original Skype, which can deal with the Skype-protocol….

    Besides, I don’t like Apple and I don’t like Mac OS X… If there is a version for Mac OS X it doesn’t matter to me, but I can just repeat, that I would like a LINUX-Version!!

  38. DiamondNRG Says:


    Pidgin list you gave: AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, GroupWise, ICQ IRC, MSN, MySpace, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, XMPP, Yahoo

    Trillian list: AIM, Astra, Bonjour, Email, Exchange, Facebook (in progress), GoogleTalk, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, LCS, MSN, MySpace, QQ (in progress), SILC, Skype (remote plugin), XFire, Yahoo

    Pidgin: 14
    Astra: 17 plus 2 in progress

    Again, pidgin sucks.

  39. rickatnight11 Says:

    Have you been able to use the online flash-based service?

  40. chris32882 Says:

    I must side with what k3davis has said.

  41. kyleabaker Says:

    DiamondNRG: Are the other Astra plugins available? I currently only have the basic ones installed. I’m also guessing most of those are for Trillian 3.x and have not been fixed for Astra yet.

  42. jwcom Says:

    I will buy Trillian for one reason only on the Mac, Video Chat with other MSN users.

    Microosft refuses to do this, and iChat is useless with people on a PC.

    I will put my money where my mouth is, you have no idea how important this is.


  43. DtD Says:

    I can’t wait till there’s a Trillian DS! (If Cerulean Studios doesn’t make it, I will!)


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  45. Saptarshi Says:

    Excellent work there guys… I’m sure in the days to come we’ll have Linux builds with the same UI. I’m sure its gonna be gr8 to use this rocking IM client in all platforms!!

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  50. xpankrat Says:

    Adium is pretty much the de-facto IM client for OS X. Regardless of how it’s described, Astra’s release is a direct competition call against Adium. Hence the question – how is it better than Adium ? Why would people switch ?

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  55. jalefkowit Says:

    Count me as another underwhelmed user.

    For years now there’s been a bug in Trillian 3.x Pro where if you use it on more than one machine, changes you make to your buddy list on machine A get thrown out when you log in on machine B. Since I use Trillian on my home and work PCs, this bug effects me. The upshot of the bug is that you can never delete a contact once it’s in your buddy list, since when you log in on the other machine, it gets added back by mistake.

    This bug has been outstanding for at least four years now (, and the only fix we have received has been kludgey workarounds and exhortions to “wait for Astra, all these things will be fixed then”.

    So I signed up to get early access to Astra, which according to this blog I as a paying user of Pro should have been granted no later than the middle of September ( Well, it’s nearly halfway through October now and I still don’t have an Astra invite, despite having signed up for one multiple times over many months. And the bug in Pro still isn’t fixed.

    The other day I downloaded Pidgin and gave it a try. You know what? It’s not as pretty as Trillian, but it works, and buddy lists synchronize just fine across multiple PCs automatically.

    I like Trillian. I really really do. I was an early user and paid up happily when the Pro version came out. I evangelized it among all my Windows-using friends.

    I can’t do that anymore, though. I can’t in good conscience continue to recommend Trillian when it’s clear that the devs’ priorities are so skewed. A Mac client? Really? When there are already plenty of good FREE multi-IM clients for the Mac? And when bugs like the one that bit me sit around for years without getting any attention?

    Sorry guys, I think you’ve lost a customer.

  56. tazdevl Says:

    How about we get the windows version out the door before we work on an Apple version? That’s where the bulk of your user base is. Let’s maintain focus, lock some features instead of adding more and more features that will have marginal utility to most users and release Astra.

    I’m glad you’re moving onto other challenging projects. However if it dilutes your efforts to satisfy the needs of your current user base, you’re alienting the people that enabled you to get to this point by announcing projects like this.

    Duke Nukem says what?

  57. Xaos Says:

    Haha, good luck.

    Btw, you’ve been dugg:

    And every Mac user on digg hates you.

    You have to compete with Adium, which is free, awesome, super-lightweight, and used by a ton of users. If I were you I wouldnt waste my time.

    Dont get me wrong, personally I love Trillian, especially Astra, but I really dont believe you have a snowballs chance in hell on Mac.

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  59. DiamondNRG Says:

    You guys are being ridiculous,
    Adium is so low on features compared to what Astra will have when its done, it likely won’t even be apple-to-apples. As long as it has to be based on GAIM it stands no chance at ever being as feature rich or customizable. Nobody said Astra on a Mac was already better, but its pretty darn obvious it WILL BE.

    And to the guy complaining about not being able to manage contact lists, well it IS FIXED in Astra. Sorry you didn’t get your invite, but when you do, you can get rid of that poop known as pidgin.

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  61. xpankrat Says:

    Which features exactly do you miss in Adium ?

  62. Sandman614 Says:

    Ichat sucks, Adium has been my fallback and now Trillian is finally crawling in the door. I cannot wait.

  63. Charles Says:

    This is ridiculous.

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  74. SenseiC Says:

    Has anyone else noticed a problem with group chat w/in MSN? That is to say, I can chat just fine with people… until someone decides to start a group conversation and then I can’t type a thing. I end up having to start Windows Live Messenger (which logs me out of the Astra MSN session). Just wondering.

  75. rich_phoenix Says:

    I know that I haven’t received any Email Updates (upon startup) from MSN/Hotmail. If it, indeed, is part of the same problem.

  76. empty.f4ei Says:

    How to send an Emotiblip?
    I insert some Videos, but I don’t know, how to send them.

  77. DiamondNRG Says:

    Sensei … I think that is due to a bug that is affecting all “chatrooms”. There was a patch made for it to fix build 56, so I would imagine they just forgot to include that patch in build 57 and will likely be included in the next build.

  78. Jared Schwager Says:

    Thank you so much for FINALLY porting Trillian to OS X! You have now regained another customer! Not just any either, I’ll definitely be upgrading to Pro once again.

    I can’t wait to test the Mac version!

  79. avianwaves Says:

    My god… Every week Trillian Astra gets more feature creep, but further from ever ending “alpha” phase. I have never seen a for-profit company get the Feature Creep Flu so bad. Usually feature creep happens in poorly guided open source products where they just keep adding features and (not wanting to ever declare a “version 1.0″ for fear of production instability) just keep forever incrementing the 0.xx version number. This seems to be what’s happening with Trillian Astra. I submitted a alpha test request over a year ago and still haven’t gotten a reply. Meanwhile, I downloaded Miranda (yes, a 0.xx “feature creep” product that will probably never be “stable”), a bazillion plugins, and finally have good IM functionality for XP and Vista. (Trillian 3.x is notorious for poorly handling “true” multiple user configurations without manipulating the config files by hand… In contrast, Miranda (and I imagine Trillian Astra) store everything in %appdata% like Microsoft has recommended since 1999!)

    So where is my bitch-fest going? When the heck is Cerulean going to decide to stop adding features and just stablize what they already have!? Answer? Probably when I’m so used to Miranda that I don’t care about Trillian’s new fangled GUI anymore.

  80. DiamondNRG Says:

    Well if you don’t care anymore then why not be quiet and go away? We all appreciate the features and hard work and will continue to wait even if its another 6 months before beta.

  81. Trillian for Macs Has Arrived Says:

    [...] This particular Mac version of Trillian is somewhat pared down for its initial offering, but all the features you’re accustomed to on the Windows version will be added into the Mac version in the coming months. Get more info from Cerulean Studios here. [...]

  82. avianwaves Says:

    DiamondNRG has a great idea. Don’t let anybody speak their mind unless they bow to the almighty developers and their much delayed plans. Even if said fed-up user is a paying customer and/or future paying customer. I’m sure Cerulean’s investors would love that attitude.

  83. avianwaves Says:

    Incidently, I’m not arguing AGAINST adding features. That’s silly. I, like many other Trillian users, want to see Astra’s immense feature list capped and the program actually reach Beta and RTM sometime within the next six years. After an initial STABLE Astra, they can work on Astra 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. adding all the whiz-bang features they want and grow their base. That’s all I’m asking. Feature Creep leads to delays, missed deadlines, and more bugs, because the developers keep wanting to dedicate time to the “cool new feature of the day” instead of releasing a stable product. Learn a little about software development. Also, I have no idea how Trillian is funded, but I worry if they can’t get a stable Astra sometime in the near future, they won’t even have money to continue development. I can’t imagine an IM getting too incredibly huge of venture capital, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Trill 3.x Pro brings in the cash. Shrug. Either way. Feature Creep is FRUSTRATING.

  84. DiamondNRG Says:

    Did they give you a release date? How is it a missed deadline then?

    Why don’t you learn a little about running a business. It is their company, their product, you can voice your opinion all you want, but why not do it in a less demeaning way eh?

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  86. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    avianwaves: It was not untrue that there was a feature creep going on in the beginning of the development cycle. But ever since the announcement of Trillian Astra last December, we were pretty cleaned up, in my opinion. There is definitely a clear set of features to be completed by launch, and it’s not like we add it when we like. There are only three key things, Profile, Audio/Video and Wizard, left before we are out of alpha. :)

  87. DiamondNRG Says:

    Wizard? Sounds interesting Kid… For importing contacts or something?

  88. hemmerich Says:

    @Pak-Kei Mak: i hope there is one more thing to accomplish before leaving alpha: get astra working with proxies! i cannot get a single protocol to work using a proxy. this was working really well in trillian 3.1 and i hope it will be soon in astra.
    i am sitting 8 hours a day in my company and i cannot use trillian astra because the only way out ist with a proxy. i like astra already. looks great and makes almost no errors. but when i can’t use it soon all day i have to watch out for alternatives…

  89. Pak-Kei Mak Says:

    hemmerich: The proxy feature is already there. So if it doesn’t work for you, it’s a bug, and they can be fixed in beta. If you have trouble finding a feature, feel free to post in our forums. :)

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  93. xxdesmus Says:

    Not to be totally negative, but a Mac version of Trillian is going to fail miserably. No one is going to pay for an IM app when Adium destroys all other competitors for free. Unless Trillian is full skinnable (like Adium), free (like Adium), and has a huge modding community (like Adium) it will fail. I don’t mean to be negative, but it’s the sad truth

    You guys should spend more time on the Windows version, and less time wasting your time and effort by trying to break into the Mac market. It’s not going to work out well for anyone. You’re going to be split over 2 platforms, and both will be sub-par applications. Instead, you focus on making the Windows version better because you’re already in for a battle with Pidgin, AIM, WLM, and gTalk clients.

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  95. DiamondNRG Says:

    xxdesmus, you were born negative. We all know that.

    And do you think they will not offer the Basic version? How quick you are to jump to conclusions you know nothing about.

    And yeah, heaven forbid it lets Mac users do A/V … heaven forbid that, they might just like it.

    And by the way, AIM, WLM, and GoogleTalk are not competition to Trillian. People use Trillian because they have accounts on multiple services, and those clients don’t help (much) with that.

  96. Tiakumosan Says:

    That’s great. When I switched to mac from PC one of the softwares I missed was Trillian (I’m currently using Adium in macosx), but can’t wait to use Trilian again!

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    [...] Trillian for OS X be the Adium-killer? [...]

  98. Eolirin Says:

    Jeeze, does no one actually *read* what they’re saying when they make posts? All of this complaining about the OSX client hampering the Windows client or somehow severely slowing down the Windows release is completely ignoring the fact that all this really is… is a modifed version of the UI. The core techs are all the same, so there’s no splitting resources in anything other than the relatively mild amount of work needed to actually get the UI to display properly under OSX. If the core parts of Astra are sufficiently modular the technical issues should be pretty minor all things considered… and it certainly doesn’t significantly slow down the development of the core modules, especially if they have separate programmers working on it. The bugs in the core are going to affect all of the clients equally, so they’re *still* things that need to be prioritized exactly the same. They went for a highly modular design, which is what they have been saying for a long time now… so how many UIs they make is pretty irrelevant. They all *work* the same under the hood. The level of support you have for UI specific bugs though, *can* be impacted, but honestly… the Windows client for Astra doesn’t have many of those anyway… almost all of the remaining issues in Astra that I’ve come up against are more of the ‘core technology’ type issues.

  99. AppleIQ » Blog Archive » Trillian is coming to the Mac Says:

    [...] makers of Trillian, Cerulean Studios, has announced that a Mac version of Trillian is on its way to Mac OS X users everywhere. This program could be a challenger to iChat unless [...]

  100. Free & Fast Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Says:

    [...] Studios announced Friday that Trillian is coming to Mac OS X. The company is quick to point out its previous statement from last year, “We will never port [...]

  101. olmari Says:

    I’m also voting for Linux version too. Pretty please =)

  102. Trillian for Mac, and Macs Freeze? at Sean’s Blog Says:

    [...] Trillian will be coming to Mac soon! Of course it will be minimal compared to Trillian for Windows for a while, but still, nice to see something decide to go Mac! Read more here. [...]

  103. IM Watch: Social Networks Expand Presence of IM « Nova Scotia Girl Says:

    [...] news to the Mac, Trillian developers have finally announced a long-awaited version for the Mac. In a new blog update, Trillian developers announced that the OS X version of Trillian is not simply an OS X port, but [...]

  104. avianwaves Says:

    “Jeeze, does no one actually *read* what they’re saying when they make posts? All of this complaining about the OSX client hampering the Windows client or somehow severely slowing down the Windows release is completely ignoring the fact that all this really is… is a modifed version of the UI.”

    Apparently programming a UI from scratch requires no developer time. Amazing. And apparently porting (oh, sorry, it’s not a “port” it’s just a recompile that works on another platform — wait, isn’t that a port?) the underlying layer requires no developer overhead too! Amazing!

    I want to know their magic secret for creating new things in zero time. That’s incredible.

  105. avianwaves Says:

    typo: “underlying layer” should read “underlying engine”

  106. avianwaves Says:

    “Did they give you a release date? How is it a missed deadline then?”

    “Why don’t you learn a little about running a business. It is their company, their product, you can voice your opinion all you want, but why not do it in a less demeaning way eh?”

    Customers (especially paying) are demanding creatures — imagine that.

  107. DiamondNRG Says:

    Yeah, but when demands turn to whining, you look stupid. If you to post “hurry up” then do so, but beyond that to just blatantly attacking them is pathetic.

  108. » Trillian comes to Mac! Says:

    [...] More info here! Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  109. rich_phoenix Says:

    >>DiamondNRG Says: October 6th, 2007 at 3:13 pm
    >>Trillian list: AIM, Astra…….

    Forgot one, IMVU plugin is still available :)

    >>olmari Says: October 10th, 2007 at 3:16 am
    >>I’m also voting for Linux version too. Pretty please =)

    hmm…maybe a blog could be made somewhere for Trillinux
    What do you think, LowSNR? *grin*

  110. DiamondNRG Says:

    Trinix works too :P

    And yeah, IMVU, forgot about that.

  111. Trillian Astra headed to Mac OS X Says:

    [...] Studios, the makers of Trillian, decided to drop a “bomb” all of a sudden and announced that their upcoming version 4 of Trillian, codenamed Astra, will also [...]

  112. Trillian Astra headed to Mac OS X | Technology Funda Says:

    [...] Studios, the makers of Trillian, decided to drop a “bomb” all of a sudden and announced that their upcoming version 4 of Trillian, codenamed Astra, will also [...]

  113. apple » Blog Archive » Trillian IM client being ported to OS X - private alpha testing begins Says:

    [...] it’s pretty hard to imagine why they’d bother, Cerulean Studios is porting Trillian, their wildly successful Windows multi-IM client, to OS X. How will Trillian (a commercial product) [...]

  114. Trillian IM client being ported to OS X - private alpha testing begins Says:

    [...] it’s pretty hard to imagine why they’d bother, Cerulean Studios is porting Trillian, their wildly successful Windows multi-IM client, to OS X. How will Trillian (a commercial product) [...]

  115. Trillian comes to the Mac : BOSS logic Says:

    [...] at the office pointed me to this announcement about Trillian coming out on Mac OS/X. Frankly, I was a bit shocked to find that someone with a Windows machine found out before I [...]

  116. Podcast Episode Three at Sean’s Blog Says:

    [...] Trillian coming for Mac! READ [...]

  117. Says:

    Trillian Astra pour Mac OS X et pour iPhone

    Trillian, le logiciel de messagerie instantannée multi-plateforme pour Windows débarque sur mac et risque de faire de l’ombre au bien-installé, et néanmoins excellent Adium… Nommée Trillian Astra, et actuellement en version alpha privée, cette…

  118. MACNOTES.DE » Die Woche (KW 41) Says:

    [...] kleine Premiere feierte diese Woche der Chat-Client Trillian. Bisher war dieses Multitalent nur der Windows-Welt vorbehalten – jetzt gibt es den Messenger auch [...]

  119. Digital-Mayham Says:

    Okay I submitted my interest in the Mac OS Trillian Astra beta the day they posted this blog and on I go this email back

    “Thanks for signing up to test the first Mac version of Trillian Astra!

    This note is to let you know that your information has been received and
    your name is on the list. You should be receiving an email sometime
    this week letting you know what to do from here.

    Thanks again!

    Cerulean Studios”

    A week has gone and past and still no email with any information… whats going on?

  120. I am not George Says:

    [...] maybe you also know that Trillian Astra is also ported to Mac osX (at last!) and… [...]

  121. Trillian ported to Mac… Linux next? at Auto Ignition Says:

    [...] Cerulean Studio’s blog post on their latest [...]

  122. IRC News » Trillian alpha released for Mac OS X Says:

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  123. The blog of Zaugg : I, for one, welcome our Leopard overlords. Says:

    [...] had in OS X.  Okay, except I still hate iChat.  Adium isn’t bad, but how much longer for Trillian Astra, guys?  And that desktop background – ick, it was the first thing to go.I obviously haven’t [...]

  124. graficus Says:

    Please hurry up with OSX version.
    I don’t like the chunky look tho, at least keep version 2 whistler slim skin available!

  125. 阅读推荐(2007.10.07) | Says:

    [...] Trillian IM正在移植到Mac平台 很多人对Trillian [...]

  126. Trillian for OS X | this is Says:

    [...] 7th, 2007 | IM • Internet • Macintosh Cerulean Studios have announced an alpha version of Trillian for the Mac, which they have gone out of their way to clarify is not a port but an entirely distinct dev [...]

  127. upstaked Says:

    Since you brag about rewriting it from scratch, why not choose something cross-platform for the UI? How many orders of magnitude does a Qt4 license cost less than porting code across MFC and Cocoa?

    Qt would’ve also helped you get closer to a linux release… Trillian is one of the few pieces of software I’d pay for to have on Linux, and you must know by now there’s lots of people feeling this way. You are losing market share, and have been for a while. Although your late getting-to-OSX is finally a smart move, it’s just not smart enough.

    But don’t mind, just keep it like that! It only takes enough frustrated users to improve Pidgin and Kopete until they spill over into your WindowsOSXish back yard and pose some serious competition. Prepare for *that* loss of revenue.

  128. Devioux Says:

    Now we seriously need Trillian Astra for Linux.

  129. Best MSN Messenger Client for a Mac - eXceem Says:

    [...] Best MSN Messenger Client for a Mac Hopefully Trillian for Mac should be out soon!! __________________ To all those who have received a freebie: "Go [...]

  130. TxDub84 Says:

    Hello All, This is Brick (TxDub84) again

    Last time I Left a Post here I suggested something for the programmers of trillion Astra, & complimented the software greatly

    Same as last time, I want to say I am still really enjoying Trillian Astra, & to those who don’t have it I would recommend Buying Trillian Pro because u have many more advanced features from the plug ins you can’t access with Basic Trillian or Trillian Astra, even though both are great products & I Highly recommend Astra because it supposed to eventually work with Skype & is now combatable with Google Talk Messaging & as well as MSN, Yahoo, AOL/AIM, ICQ, & Myspace Messengers

    Note to Designers & Programmers’ of Trillian Astra:

    1#) – the Add me button for MSN/Myspace IM/ & Yahoo boot me off Trillian every time I use it… I have uninstalled, reinstalled, & even delete the Trillian folder from “Programs under C Disk Hard Drive & it continues to act up &boot me off unless I actually log into Yahoo, MSN, or Myspace Messengers & Add the person from there… Also I am sure you know the Plug-In for Skylian doesn’t work, in fact all it does is crash Trillian every time it starts up, but also now, the Yahoo & MSN Voice feature isn’t working with Build, thought I’d add that, just so yawl know

    2#) – It would also be Very Impressive if Trillian Partnered with an unlimited Online storage site such as which is highly recommended by & maybe even an unlimited Media playlist site such as or even better which is better cause its just 1 playlist with all your media needs & not just music all in 1 place that is combatable with sites such as Myspace, My Yearbook & other social networking sites u will find at

    3#) – The I would like to maybe see Trillian have an Address book & Organizer later on down the line… maybe with the Email Anti Spam Security of Gmail… the Online Viral Scan of Yahoo from Norton’s or even better possibly Ewido which is highly recommended for online security infection removal scans by Microsoft, & the Address Book of either yahoo for all the possibly contacts you can think of or a partnership with

    P.S. I still think from my last Posting, it would be nice Trillian could have either a New Plug-In of Upgrade software that enables access to AOL Chartrooms through running a similar software such as AOL Desktop (I use this to gain access to AOL Chat rooms without even being logged into AOL simply by having it installed on my computer) or Yahaven which allows access to yahoo chartrooms with even more advanced settings then yahoo has making it completely unbootable & impervious to Bots as it Automatically hides them so u don’t see them in chat… or even access to ICQ chat, & maybe Myspace IM Chat rooms from If Trillian could have access to these features I have no doubt it would become the new Number One Universal & Revolutionary ALL Purpose chat messenger

  131. Five Best Instant Messengers [Hive Five] » Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done Says:

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  133. Some things will always be difficult at No-Rights Productions Says:

    [...] to use nudge/buzz, meh. Surprisingly I just found out right as I’m writing this post that Trillian is offering an OS X version. I may have to check that out.) And speaking of Yahoo Messenger, it bothers me that their Mac [...]

  134. Some things will always be difficult at Ben’s Blog Says:

    [...] to use nudge/buzz, meh. Surprisingly I just found out right as I’m writing this post that Trillian is offering an OS X version. I may have to check that out.) And speaking of Yahoo Messenger, it bothers me that their Mac [...]

  135. kevinsgill Says:

    Any updates on the Trillian for Mac. I have not heard any updates/news on what is going on with Trillian for Mac. Anyone heard anything on this. Any update would be nice. Anxiously waiting for this.

  136. ferricoxide Says:

    So, is this project dead? I mean, it’s been in some sort of “in progress” state for over a year and is *still* being listed as “private alpha” on the main page (same with Astra, in general, it seems).

  137. brino Says:

    it is nice but whet do I can start useing it on my mac I dont see where I can download it

  138. Best Instant Messenger Client | Online Project Management and Collaboration Blog Says:

    [...] just recently they released a beta version. Non the less it is still promising and they promised a MAC and iPhone releases as well, just keeps me wondering how long it will take them [...]

  139. Best Instant Messenger Client « Online Project Management Blog Says:

    [...] just recently they released a beta version. Non the less it is still promising and they promised a MAC and iPhone releases as well, just keeps me wondering how long it will take them [...]

  140. Kevin Says:

    Hello all “Trillianates”…!!! Happy Holidays to the CS team and Trillian users out there. I am still wondering and trying to find out when is a download going to be available for Trillian for OS X. I’ve been waiting for this release for about a year now and the project has been kinda in silent development mode. Any date… team CS. Please any update on OS X version would be appreciated. I can’t wait to try the “Alpha” or “Beta”.

  141. kc9hej Says:

    I can’t wait to get this and dump virtual pc for good

  142. iksg Says:

    I am actually starting to give up hope on this product. I’ve been a Trillian user for a long time and would really like some update on the Mac version. It’s been a long wait without any updates or anything on this topic. I know that the CS team is more focused on the “Widows” version but at least put out some type of update on the Mac version. I don’t even think that anyone from the team actually reads this section at all. Common guys…. any update.

  143. iksg Says:

    Can anyone provide us an update on this…. please…..

  144. Five Best Instant Messengers | Lifehacker Australia Says:

    [...] it continue to place all of their IM trust to Trillian. In the future, Trillian is also promising a Mac release along with an iPhone version, so it may have plenty of life in it [...]

  145. FireFish Says:

    This is great. I’ve actually been drooling over this very same screenshot for months. How soon do you think we’ll be getting an Astra build for Mac OS X to play with ?

  146. iksg Says:

    Any updates on the Mac version of Trillian. At least something…. even an Alpha update…!!! Please update team CS. Give us Mac users something to look forward too.

  147. riddlz Says:

    When I went to login to my trillian tonight.. a special message came up saying there was a new version of Trillian! I WAS EXCITED!!! Though it was beta I’m okay with that.. I’ve run on beta programs many time including one’s i’ve done myself! Well… I’m displeased because I can’t even login because I keep getting an error password incorrect… I even had to create an account here to post this thread! My question is… is the old information being carried over? Or is this something that’s all brand new? If so… I’m hoping my Pro will at least carry over… if not.. then you’ll be losing a customer to something else that’s free. I paid the price years ago in hopes to see new development like we just got here… and I’m also finding out it was in 2007 when it was being passed around… did I hear about it? Nope! and it’s now 2009.

  148. Trillian kommt fürs iPhone » Says:

    [...] iPhone kommen soll. Gleichzeitig hab ich auch gesehen, dass eine entsprechende Entwicklung für Mac OS X [...]

  149. hexzero Says:

    Just making sure that the OSX thread doesn’t die off. Many users out here can’t wait for the iPhone release, since some implied the Mac version may follow shortly after.

  150. neerajaiet Says:

    Thanks for great post.

  151. anandxsharma Says:

    My Triallian astra is not connecting with any other messenger except google at work even i put right proxy inforation. The old trillian-v3.1.10.0 is able to connect with yahoo , msn , aol at work.
    Can some body had idea how I connected Triallinan Astra for Yahoo and MSN.

  152. Paul Driscoll Says:

    So, does it really take over two years guys? Come on OSX Snow Leopard is upon us – why aren’t you?! :D

  153. Deric Scott Says:

    I was half hoping that after Snow Leopard was officially released, there would be a statement released here to the effect of “We at Cerulean Studios decided in the spring that it made more sense to target Snow Leopard rather than Leopard for the port of Trillian. Now that Snow Leopard is shipping, we are happy to announce the beta testing of Trillian Astra for OS X 0.6″.

    I guess it was just a wish. I am more than a bit disappointed there has been no news on this front in a VERY long time. I have waited quite a while for the release, and am now starting to think it may not really happen after all – it has now been over 2 years since the “announcement” that started this thread.

  154. Rachel Blackman Says:

    There’s actually been updates on the process posted on the Forums fairly regularly recently. Just that there’s not been anything ‘sexy’ enough for a Blog post. :) Do expect announcements soon, though.

  155. jon Says:

    Trillian is already out of date before its release..

  156. Likkie Says:

    I give up!

  157. Ryan Says:

    Yep, I agree… Pathetic… I’ve been waiting, and waiting patiently for a mac version of Astra and it looks like time to move on. I’ve got Beejive on the iphone. My guess is, this will never happen. Ichat and Google Talk work anyways.

  158. Dan Says:

    Promises, promises, promises… It really feels like Cerulean are just not serious about Mac/iPhone dev. Happy for them to blame Apple for the delays in the iPhone version, but the Mac version should really be here by now. C’mon guys, I’ve been a long time proponent of Trillian, but the faith is waning!

  159. Pyrofallout Says:

    Was very exited to search the AppStore this evening and be able to download Trillian for iPhone for 4.99 which I gladly paid, the app works wonderfully and the only piece of the puzzle missing is Trillian for OSX. Now I could be wrong, but from what I can see we still have had almost no word at all on the OSX version even though we were told we would receive a update (which was supposed to happen last December if my memory serves correctly).

    Is it in any way possible for someone over their at Cerulean to throw us Mac users a bone and at least give us some type of update on the progress?

    I gladly purchased Trillian Astra upon it’s release, and gladly purchased Trillian for iPhone upon it’s release tonight. We were told way back when that once Astra was officially released the OSX and iPhone ports would be seeing much more attention. All I am asking for is some sort of a sign that Trillian Astra for Mac may one day actually exist in the near future. Please Cerulean? Pretty pretty please?

  160. Lord Osxual Says:

    Okay Apple says yay to the iphone/pod app that has some kinks to work out, CS hasbeen flooded with them so I’m sure we can expect a fix soon for us phone/pod users who graced this app with the 5 bucks.

    Cerulean, It is time to say something to put us macheads at rest about the OS X version. Was it being worked on while you were waiting for the iphone version? Does Apple have to approve of this one too? We need something official. I want something official, not jsut what is based in a forum. Minds must be put at rest.

    Grace us, Oh Cerulean! Let all the macbrothers and macsisters raise their hands and go AMEN! Astra for MAC is risen! AMEN!

  161. Stephane Cote Says:

    Lets see, this was originally posted on Oct 2007… we are in nov 2009.. over 2 years ago, and you guys dont even have a 1 public build? OMG. I wonder where my money for the registration went…. im on mac now.. i need a trillian for mac.

  162. Sam Says:

    It’ll be awesome, when it comes out.

  163. Virginia Cruz Says:

    Hi, I heard about Trillian not long ago when I was looking for a multi-platform instant messaging that supported Messenger as well as Skype. I got very excited at first when, after registration, I could choose to add Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, etc.

    Straight to the point: Skype doesn´t work. I was prompted to enter my username, but there seems to be no option to enter a password. When I check the connection status it says ´Connecting Skype as ´my username´´, but nothing happens.

    I don´t have any problems with Google Talk or Messenger but if I can´t use it for Skype as well then Trillian Astra is useless for me.

    Any comments or news updates on this matter will be appreciated.


  164. Jan Schoenfelder Says:

    Hi there,
    after more than 2 years and still not a sign of a release. It is a shame. It seems that you guys either lost your one and only MAC programmer or you’re just not interested in the MAC platform at all. With a market share of more than 5% it should be worth to develop that piece of SW further. Btw, MAC user tend and are willing to pay more for their SW than PC users.
    Think about it, especially when it should be soooo easy to port as you have described.

  165. andriy Says:

    there isn’t an all encompassing client that provides video chat on mac. if this works i’ll pay the 30$

  166. Jules Says:

    No news on if this happening?
    There is clearly a market for this product, but will it appear?

  167. Michael Toler Says:

    I used to say this will be great “when” it comes out, but now I say “if”? I used the Windows version and loved it, so I was thrilled that a mac version was under development. But it hasn’t come yet. I’m beginning to doubt it will. There’s an iPhone app now. Has anyone tried it?

  168. Ryan Says:

    I’ve been waiting for quite some time for the Mac OS X version… I sure hope they are getting all of the details correct! I understand the desire for the iphone client, but I would think sales of the iphone version would be driven further if the Mac client was out first.

    Hoping it isn’t another two years. Heck, I am worried Apple will change to a new version and foul things up before they get the X version out the door to us Mac users.

  169. El Chipo Says:

    I am currently at the point that I WILL not buy Trillian for Mac even if it will be out someday because of the non-existing news about it. They made an iPhone-App to increase sales not becuase the iPhone world would love it. Teh Mac market is too small to support it.
    I loved Trillian on Windows but I will stick to Adium which is not the worst client at all.
    I am really pissed!

  170. t Says:

    This is sad. Really sad. Putting a long-promised Mac version on hold simply because the iPhone version would be more competitive shows the lack of respect toward possible clients (yes, the Mac users).

  171. JeighLG Says:

    I’m with you, t. Long-time PC/Trillian user, switched to Mac 2 years ago. Was excited to see Trillian ‘in development’ back then…thinking (silly me) that with all the fast development Cerulean did with the PC version, Mac would be forthcoming within months. Hearing that the iPhone took precedence is not only disheartening, its off-putting. I think I’m going to boycott Trillian from here on out. I have both PC and Mac now. Am switching to another client for the PC. Will suggest same to friends and family. Too bad…they had such potential.

  172. Stephane Cote Says:

    Due to lack of suppose I…
    1. Uninstalled every instance of Trillian on all my home PC’s
    2. Removed the app from my iphone (and regret spending the money purchasing it, i will keep using beejive)
    3. will not purchase any new verison released (MAC or PC)
    4. Forever regret spending 10$ to update my licence 2 months ago
    5. Download another IM client (there are plenty out there)
    6. Stop promoting Trillian to all my friends like i have been doing in the past

    Shame that even after 2 years, they don’t even have a ‘beta’ out. if the mac project is dead.. just says so.

  173. Orrin Says:

    I have been with Trillian Astra for a long time. I’ve supported Trillian by telling my friends and using it left and right. I needed the mac version 2 years ago and have been waiting.
    The wait is over. I finally made the switch to Adium and will take the sacrifices, which are small, just to have stability in my life. I will never buy a mac version.

  174. Paul Says:

    I’ve just noticed these posts started in 2007! What a farce!
    I mistakenly bought the iPhone version as I thought they would all work ncely together, iPhone, PC and Mac.

    Dream on!

  175. James Anderson Says:

    Adium is kicking your butt. It runs great on my mac and has for awhile.

  176. Lars Says:

    What a rip-off first you promise the mac users: ‘we are working on it blablaba’. And now after two years I’m still using Adium. From this day I will not visit your stupid blog anymore and I will spread the news about the arrogance of Cerulean Studio’s. And I will not install it on my Iphone either. You can kiss my white ass, turn your back on the community and you’re going down son.

  177. Paul Says:

    Just had another thought. The whole name of this package, Trillian Astra is a Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide to teh Galaxy character, and Douglas was a long time Apple fanatic, he would turn in his grave if he knew you still two years later had not released a Mac version!

  178. Mark Says:

    When Trillian first came out, I was a huge fan, purchasing the software and upgrading as new features became available. When the Intel MAC became available, I purchased a MacBook Pro and have not looked back. Today, I checked in to see if the promises about Trillian for the MAC had come to fruition and am disappointed to find out that there is nothing but a screen shot. Oh well, other applications continue to improve and fill the void.

  179. Aaron Says:

    Guys, don’t get discouraged. I have the iphone and the windows version and I’m doing great. A Mac OSX version would be great and I’m still with hopes that you’ll have some time to work on it. Best of luck.

  180. smw Says:

    Aaron, thanks for the encouraging note. We’ll have an update on the OSX port soon!

  181. Gabe Johnston Says:

    What a complete joke. Over two years, and nothing. If I had to guess, I’d say you are NOT EVEN WORKING ON THE MAC VERSION. Pathetic.

    Also, it’s simply “Trillian” in Hitchhiker’s Guide, not “Trillian Astra”.

  182. Kevin Says:

    I’ve been a Trillian user for a long long time and have been loving it. Got the Astra for Windows and iPhone as well. Thanks Team CS for all your hard work and dedication. Even though the Mac users like myself have not heard any recent updates on the Mac version of Trillian, I still have faith in Team CS. Keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll see the Mac version sooner or later. Thanks again….. Team CS.

  183. chadatsb Says:

    I am using Trillian Astra as chadatsb, I would love to test the Mac version on Snow Leopard. Thanks.

  184. bob Says:

    the bug in the contact list is not yet solved. still exist up to now. just downloaded the astra yesterday.

  185. Michal Says:

    It looks great! One think for me that is disqualifying this communicator is no support for gadu-gadu and nasza klasa. The question is when the will implement this support or if they plan to do it or no, because all the polish market is waiting for that. Regards.

  186. CrazyMindstorm Says:

    please port it to linux :)

  187. Daniele Curto Says:

    Astra for linux !