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Build 83: Return of IRC, New Facebook support, and more.

Build 83 features some massive new features for Trillian Astra, including official IRC and Facebook support with a few additional improvements to the user interface.  As always, we’ve also fixed a handful of important bugs in our ongoing road to completion.  New in 83:

Point 1 Facebook support: In addition to MySpace, Facebook join the ranks as the tenth service in our planetary system, denoted by the colors blue and aquamarine. Our first implementation features a News Feed, Notifiers for News Feeds, (instant update ‘toasts’ shown through windows near your system tray) and a Status Message update tool.  You can now type in the Status Message edit area and update the status across all IM services and Facebook as well!
Point 2 IRC support: In response to our enthusiastic power user community, we’ve brought back our IRC plugin and updated it with some fantastic new features, such as brand new Chat Room and Server Browsers, channel management tools, encryption support, and a lot more advanced features.
Point 3 Better mail Info Cards: Info Cards for mail services such as Gmail have been updated with a new layout. Now they display name and excerpts from each email, as well as the icon of the domain where the mail was sent from.
Point 4 Cleaner Notifiers: We’ve cleaned up the layout for system tray Notifiers, where buttons will only be visible when you move your mouse cursor over them.
Point 5 Quick Reply through Notifiers: You can now have Trillian notify you when new messages arrive in a new or existing private chat session and quickly reply to them through Notifiers near the system tray. Like inside Chat Windows or on the tabs of Tabbed Containers, these Notifiers also show chat messages in neat chat bubbles.

Last but not least, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Ingmar Runge, author of many great Trillian plugins such as Good News and Trilly Tunes, who has recently joined our team as an official programmer.  Welcome, Ingmar!  :D

175 Responses to “Build 83: Return of IRC, New Facebook support, and more.”
  1. Crash Says:

    Auto-update ran without issue. Installed and working fine. MSN is back! Woo hoo!!

  2. Z_Man Says:

    Hell yeah! Awesome! Facebook support? Thanks!

    Btw, first comment. YAAY!

  3. Scream81 Says:

    wow, i will try now!

  4. bpat1434 Says:

    Yes!!! Only have an issue with the notification (x) icons being under/over text… but other than that, can’t wait to fiddle with it!

  5. Z_Man Says:

    Or not the first comment.. :(

    Well, after adding my Facebook account, it seems that when you hit the delete key in the browser window that pops up it deletes 2 characters instead of one. Kinda weird. Maybe it’s my computer. Maybe it’s a bug. But whatever.

  6. webshaun Says:

    Oopps…. roll over buddy details are still not working . I have 4 monitors, a widescreen on top of 3 x 19″ monitors. trillian is on the widescreen, the primary is set to the left most 19″, yet the details are showing up on the center 19″ monitor seemingly directly below trillian on the middle 19″ monitor. Gotta wait for another patch i guess :(

  7. Chahk Says:

    “Chat Roow Browser” – spell checker, anyone? ;)

    (IRC Settings -> Chat)

  8. agraham208 Says:

    *squeals* AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  9. Gahgah Says:

    incredible guys. great work. facebook…that’s really great!!!

  10. globex Says:

    Congrats guys! Good job. Two very cool features, can’t wait to play around with them.

  11. DiamondNRG Says:

    Congrats KingIR… :)

  12. ParaDon Says:

    Crap! MSN is still not working for me. It must just be me. I am running AVG 8 w/ firewall. Is that it? Any ideas?

  13. webshaun Says:

    hmm, did Trillian crash Facebook?!

  14. Bahamuth Says:

    hmm MSN works again for me, even with the “normal” serveradress.

    But my name in ICQ is still scrambled for me (sometimes there’s not even a nickname on my side for me). Wasn’t this way after the first start after the update, but after I needed to start it again, my nickname is well… strange ;)

  15. Drashna Says:

    Awesome! IRC! ANd congrats KingIR. And awesome job. :)

  16. RickNY Says:

    Thats just great.. How about fixing named containers?

  17. Bahamuth Says:

    someone else here with a non-functional IRC-Channel-Browser? It just don’t show me anything

    and on Astra-Connection -> Account-Settings -> Miscellaneous: there’s just “Loading…” *ponders if this was before as well*

  18. kyleabaker Says:

    Awesome guys! I really like the feature to reply to messages through the notification! I’ve been using it in Digsby for a while already, but it definitely just made me like Trillian even more than I already did, haha.

    IRC is also a very sweet update! I just hope the Facebook feature is better than Digsby’s. I haven’t set it up just yet, but I hate the way Digsby opens a new small window to update your status instead of just streamlining it with a text box in the main view.

  19. blueink Says:

    Good move, CS. Actually two good moves: 1) added another dev (welcome Ingmar Runge, looking forward to seeing your talent) and 2) put together a Facebook plugin.

    I confirm what webshaun is experiencing. The facebook plugin is just way too buggy and crashes from any changes or almost immediately right after login. Suggested solution: do not use the facebook plugin, at least until many of these issues get ironed out in the next build. Also, it would have been a bit more useful if CS actually outlined briefly in the post how to connect with facebook. Spent like 5 min trying to figure out what all the steps were.

  20. purrcher Says:

    sweet. I had a feeling an update was coming out today. I like the changes and look forward to finding bugs hopefully and welcome/congrats Ingmar.

  21. moofmoofmoof Says:

    I had a problem similar to yours with build 82, but it’s cleared up with 83.
    I have a 3-monitor setup (20″ screens on either side of a 30″). Trillian is on the right edge of the rightmost monitor. After installing build 82 the rollover details would appear in the center of my middle screen at approximately the correct vertical height (so shifted left by maybe 2000 pixels.) As of this version (build 83) the problem is gone.

    I wonder if CS partially fixed the problem; or if it’s related to maybe rearranging monitor layout or config while trillian’s running, or similar? I have a vague feeling that this happened once before, long ago, after mucking with a new monitor.

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  23. y0himba Says:

    OMG! INGMAR!!! WOW! <3

  24. Alexandrus Says:

    MSN is back, but still, when Yahoo contact sign off, then they quickly sign back on, so even though the contact is actually offline, it’s shown as online in the contact list. Quite annoying.

  25. benlahue752 Says:


  26. B0XST3R Says:

    When I type a new status message my ICQ status always changes to online, even I’m n/a or away. So I’m n/a,type a new status message and my status automatically changes to online. In further builds it worked.

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  28. Codplay Says:

    Seriously awesome work, guys!! Really appreciate it!

    Facebook plugin working just fine for me, despite a few minor UI tweaks need – but for a first release in an alpha, I’m not complaining! ^^

    The new notification windows are _awesomeness!_

    And welcome Ingmar!! :D Glad to see another talented person on the dev team! All the best!

  29. madgeek Says:

    ok, most comments are about 1 of 2 things:

    1) issues that are so specific to you (4 monitors?!!?) they aren’t really helpful.
    2) protocols that *worked* before and *still* work.
    3) a combination of the two.

    IRC is “new”? funny, the old plugin worked for me. until i installed this new version. freenode tells me i’m already connected. my friendly channel ops tell me i’m not. i have to change my nick to something random (asdfasdfasdf) at logon, then change it back. i’m using nickserv on freenode to identify myself. i’m notcing some settings in Miscellaneous are not saving under IRC. do these still need a semi-colon (;) to seperate? the box says ’1 per line’ but they’re not saving when i make changes in the text box. i have to make the changes several times before they stick.

    this is a big reason i don’t use digsby. trillian is (was) still the only client offering IRC support. if this fails to work, i’ll be more than disappointed.

  30. roboticsguy1988 Says:

    Any chance of perhaps adding facebook chat support?

  31. madgeek Says:

    ok, i’m a jerk, killing my VPN connection to the office (using OpenVPN) seems to work consistently.

    on the other hand, trillian should be/has always been *GREAT* at working fine over VPN. what’s different here?

  32. madgeek Says:

    I forgot to add the obvious, this is a seriously awesome product for an alpha. you guys have made me nothing but happy.

  33. ffej5647 Says:

    I am actually quite disappointed with build 83. The IRC and facebook ones are cool but i already added them myself in the 74 build. Many of updates are good but for some reason in build 83, whenever i quit Astra, it erases all of my connections and i have to reenter all of my connections constantly. I am going to try to troubleshoot myself but please post if anyone else if having the same problem.

  34. phoniclynx Says:

    YAY.. MSN is back…

    Yet.. I can’t use the new Facebook plug in though.. I enter my username.. nowhere to add a password though… and I click connect and …nothing… sweet lil nothing…. and it also hangs the preferences screen…. can only close it with the X of the window.

  35. DiamondNRG Says:

    phonic, you are just supposed to enter your real name in that window and click connect and then another window pops up asking for your facebook credentials. This window can take a long time to come up and can fail sometimes as the facebook server is currently having issues.

    IRC is a totally new plugin from the 3.1 version so it is going to take a few builds to work out some of its bigger issues. Ingmar can do it though, have faith :)

    Facebook chat will be evaluated after F8 next week when Facebook releases their API for it.

  36. jeylm Says:

    Possibly, there should be option, that the quick reply notifier appears only if there is no chat window with the contact opened, else ist quite annoying to get notification after each message in session.

  37. Joshua Meadows Says:

    Well every time I try to set IRC up Trillian locks. I have had to delete the irc.dll file to even log back into Trillian at startup at all.

  38. Irontiger Says:

    Wow, thanks!!! :)

  39. Sudip Regmi Says:

    How to enable “Quick Reply through Notifiers”????

  40. B0XST3R Says:

    Bahamuth I also still have the problem with my nickname in ICQ. Have to go to connection manager,go to the settings of my ICQ-connection where I can change my nickname and close it. Then my nickname is displayed right. But this changes on every chatwind that i open.

  41. B0XST3R Says:

    Sudip Regmi you just have to enable the notification for new message in a private session or chat room. Then you get a notification for a new message and can klick quick reply in the notification box. There is no option to enable or disable the quick reply.

  42. ffej5647 Says:

    @DiamondNRG- The IRC plugin is not old and yes, has been around since the arrival of Trilian 3.0. There is nothing different except that it is in Trillian Astra now. To tell you the truth, I doubt that CS is really going to update the IRC plugin at all. I moved the .dll file from Trillian 3.0 to Astra and it is the same thing as the one they just added so just don’t expect anything amazing from the IRC plugin.

  43. mgm1001001 Says:

    Anyone else see an issue with use a service icons pack like Tomethicons? It was fine in previous builds, but with this build I’m back to little circular orbs for all of the services and I can’t figure out what’s changed.

  44. DiamondNRG Says:

    ffej5647, that is absolutely not true. This IRC plugin was being worked on by Ingmar before he joined CS and he is working on it. In the forums there is a huge feature list of the stuff they are planning to add to IRC 4.0. Go look at his other plugins, he will not disappoint us.

  45. DiamondNRG Says:

    mgm1001001 … you should just have to re-apply the pack. I don’t think anything changed to cause them not to work.

  46. doj Says:

    Whenever i close Astra, it erases my connections and i must reinsert all of my connections.

  47. Nikos Says:

    “In response to our enthusiastic power user community, we’ve brought back our IRC plugin”

    Power users? Since when is IRC a “power user” thing? Even my mom uses IRC even though she can’t even copy a file without my help.

    “Powe user” lol. Just because you didn’t implement it previously doesn’t make it a “power user” protocol.

  48. DiamondNRG Says:

    Nikos… if you were to query EVERY IM user there is, you would find that it is not used hardly at all by average users or novices. Thus why that statement was made. Most “moms” do not use IRC. Consider yourself lucky.

  49. JMS Says:

    sweeeet, better IRC support! thankyou thankyou thankyou

  50. ffej5647 Says:

    Maybe so DiamondNRG, but, until now Ingmar and CS has not made any update to IRC since the Trillian 3.0 version. And the brand new 83 build, i experienced is probably one of the most buggiest builds I have worked with! I am going to try to not let Trillian update and just keep all the plugins and stuff but I am done with build 83 and i hope build 84 comes out soon!

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  52. drabisan Says:

    Weird problem the one with MSN on build 82. That plugin worked for a while and, without any problems, stoped working. I did a restore from Ghost to my laptop, upgrade to build 82 and no change!
    I was lucky, one day later build 83 appears and my MSN problems were solved!

  53. mgm1001001 Says:

    DiamondNRG: Still not dice with the service icons. I followed your instructions from and tried Cubic service icons, too.

    I have done a global search for any trillian.dtd that reference ServiceIcons and changed everywhere i could find. Should I open a bug for it? I wasn’t sure if no one else is having issues.

  54. mgm1001001 Says:

    Sorry to follow my own post, but I just found Bug 1483 which gave me the hint to run trillian as admin (Vista) when restarting after an icon change. That did the trick.

  55. xxdesmus Says:

    Is it me or does “Quick Reply through Notifiers” sound remarkably similar to the feature Digsby has been offering for months now? Hmm…. maybe that’s why Astra is taking so long.

  56. nayss Says:

    Hi @ all,

    did auto-update at VHP and XP pro with SP3 v.3311 – both without any problems.
    XP update automatically updateted my self-installed IRC 3.x plugin to the actual one -> great !
    - is obviously back – thx and well done after first few looks at it.
    - it’s still not perfect (but back is most important), have found first problem :
    I could see a contact online that I blocked (for ever) – but could see them as usual and I am afraid, that I could write this contact (i didn’t tried it.). While right-clicking the menu I saw, that there is no possibillity to block this contact again / new. This problem is with XP and VHP.

    The problem with detail-windows at next screen is solved now. Thx for fix it !

    and at last : Welcome Ingmar !
    …or better : Willkommen bei den Entwicklern von Trillian Astra ! :-)

    Best Regards,


  57. DiamondNRG Says:

    ffej … If this is the buggiest version you have ever run, why would you not want it to update anymore? If you don’t like dealing with the bugs, install 3.1 alongside to use when certain Astra builds are annoying you.

    drabisan … that is because the break of MSN on 82 was caused by the MSN server changes. That can happen at any point in time.

    mgm … Honestly I have not had time to test that myself on 83, will try that tomorrow night and let you know.

    xxdesmus … Why would they not spend a couple days to add the few features Digsby offered that Trillian did not? Seems like a smart business move if you ask me.

  58. roboticsguy1988 Says:

    To DiamondNRG: Digsby Bug already supports Facebook Chat and some other features that Astra does not as of right now. So….. it is possible to integrate the chat before the API release you were speaking of. Of course sticking with trillian is a must since it is the best anyways ;-)

  59. gentoo Says:

    Since this update… My Laptop has done nothing but lockup and run trillian.exe at around 98% CPu runtime. Rebooting helps until i start Astra, once its open… my laptops proceeds to lockup and run the worst it has run since i have owned it.

    Lenovo T61P w/ 4gb memory and 512gb dedicated video (NVidia).

  60. CrimsonKnight13 Says:

    Auto-update & Update Check didn’t work.

    The Facebook Login browser window won’t allow me to login. It says that there was an error with the login progress.

  61. Milad Says:

    in build 82 and 83
    1 .Whenever i close Astra, it erases my connections and i must reinsert all of my connections.
    2 .contacts just sign on ! when Yahoo contact sign off, it’s shown as online in the contact list.
    so i choice build 81

  62. slipupunder Says:

    Cerulean don’t listen to madgeek.

    1) issues that are so specific to you (4 monitors?!!?) they aren’t really helpful.

    You have two alpha testers reporting problems with large multi monitor setups. But you’d have to add my entire office and the offices of a number of the other design companies I work with. The minimum here in my 160 seat office is 3 monitors. Even the secretery has three. I’ve never seen someone multitask solitaire, spider solitaire and freecell with the same level of efficency.

    My desk is 4 monitors One for the image i am working on, another for toolbars and note taking mostly, One for my email, calender, and IM and one I use to have any refrence images for the design this last one is pretty much for any type of reference if i’m learning a new technique or anything.

    So to madgeek just because you don’t have a set-up like that doesn’t mean others don’t, and every problem that exists is a bug if it’s fixed now or in beta doesn’t matter but it would still need to be fixed. Notifications flashing up on the wrong screen would annoy the crap out of me!

  63. DiamondNRG Says:

    robotics … yes, but Facebook is changing to XXMP and CS doesn’t believe in hacks like Digsby does.

    gentoo … disable the Facebook plugin, it has some serious CPU issues. Hopefully Ingmar gets some of it handled for build 84, he is already right on top of it.

  64. reefguysurf Says:

    …kudos on the facebook support…me loves trill :-)

  65. underground Says:

    Users dosn´t see my online status at ICQ
    and my name is scramble at my chat window

  66. Margarette Says:

    Everything is working great here. Thanx!!! Wonderful job! :) I’m crossing my fingers the hide chat window will be back.

  67. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Msn is messed up again. All contacts say orphaned just like they did in build 83. Anyone else having the same issue ? It just happened minutes ago, and a restart and reinstall does now help.

  68. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    sry i ment build 82

  69. Soul Of The Pharaoh Says:

    Lot’s of promises in this build but nothing of use to me since I can’t get #5 in the image to work. Can someone tell me how I can activate these “super notifications” and Quick Reply through Notifiers? Currently I only get notifications and would love to use this feature…

  70. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Soul Of The Pharaoh open preferences then select Notifications check mark New messages arrive in a private chat and so on… that should enable your Quick Reply through Notifiers.

  71. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    sry for the second post but i wanted to mention that msn now is a hit or mis…sometimes it works and other times all my contacts Orphaned. hmmmm

  72. Max Weber Says:

    Those features all sound great. But can you please do something with the Mac version… and invite some more testers?
    I’m stuck with Adium that does neither MSN nor AIM nor Jabber correctly. :(

  73. bojowaggie Says:

    Nice build. but I am having a LOT of issues with Trillian just crashing on me.
    I see that it happens when i click on Yahoo or gmail or AIM mail icons. I have this running on a Vista box and a XP box?
    Anyone else having this issue?

  74. mattfast1 Says:

    Astra seems to crash every time I log in to facebook. MSN is still failing to connect as well.

  75. herrschteiner Says:

    I’ve got AIM back now, but still no MSN. Keeps telling me that my password needs to be reset.

  76. Eurostar Says:

    yeah bojowaggie I have the same issues. When I’m on gchat and have gmail plugin installed and i mouseover the gmail mail icon I get a crash. Its new in this version

  77. sydsunman Says:

    I like the new quick reply feature and also now clicking reply goes to the corresponding tap (i noted now only).

    One more feature i would like to see (from digsby’s idea) is to delete or mark as read on emails. Very convient.

  78. boyinvernon Says:

    w00t w00t yay i love this build its awesome wtg guys and everyone that helped

  79. prisonerinmysoul Says:

    I crash whenever I try to log into facebook. :(

  80. lowtone94 Says:

    Out of all the latest releases, this one seems to crash the most. I record at least 3-4 crashes a day. I use Sametime, AOL,MSN, Yahoo services. I turned on the “contact starts preparing a message” notification(very cool BTW) and use the minimal skin… I love trillian but this version is just buggy…i don’t use facebook so havent turned on that feature..
    I also believe this may have something to do with the updated mail notifications…

  81. Nethyr Says:

    This version constantly locks up on me and I don’t notice it until I’ve missed a few IMs, lots of services will fail to connect or reconnect (especially Yahoo’s reconnection). Best of luck guys, looking forward to the next release. This one is stopping me from staying on IM. :(

  82. mooch Says:

    hm i’ve got problems with my connections :S
    every time i restart trillian, all my connections are blown away again and i have to reenter my username and password – anyone got the same problems?

  83. nayss Says:

    @ DiamondNRG

    Can u tell me, if there are plans to integrate / develope a plugin for the russian network ?
    This would be very helpful for me, because i am still using QIP together with Trillian here in Moscow.
    It is VERY popular in Russia and lots of them are living in US an Europe as well.
    So I think, it wouldn’t be only for a few users…
    It doesn’t matter to me, if it is a third party developement or direct by triliian /ceruleanstudios.

    Thx for answer.
    Best Regards, nayss

  84. DiamondNRG Says:

    nayss … I can look at but obviously I can not read it. Do they have an english page or an english version of their client I could look at?

    I can’t really say for sure how interested anyone is in doing it, but you could always file a feature request in bugzilla and see if anyone seems interested.

    The key is probably finding someone that uses it AND can write plugins. As I doubt CS is ready to take on another medium themselves after bringing Bonjour and IRC back and adding Facebook and MySpace to the lineup.

  85. KungFuGardener Says:

    Quickly reply though notifiers? Facebook support?

    Well, I looks like its true what they say. If you can’t innovate, I guess you just imitate.

    Long live Digsby.

  86. Toff Says:


  87. monthigos Says:

    Sounds great. I’m looking forward to a chance to try Astra out.

  88. predator2104 Says:

    Trillian is showing that I’m connected to msn, but it’s not the case, even the msn contact list is not acquired. And I can’t see the people who are online.

  89. DiamondNRG Says:

    predator2014… MSN is changing stuff on their end and thus CS has to keep making changes (this happened in the last build too). It is affecting even people with other clients, so I don’t think there is anything wrong on our end, just some change CS needs to figure out and try again for 84.

  90. mooch Says:

    why are my connections not saved?! it’s quiet enerving to reenter my icq-number and password again every time i start trillian -.-

  91. unhuman Says:

    Trillian crashing like mad. It’s lasting a little bit longer today than yesterday, but it’s easily < 5 mins.

  92. BryanX9X Says:

    Diamond – as far as you know am i the only one that is experiencing constant crashing with this latest version? I have not seen any mention of it, but i was not sure if you had heard anything, so i thought i would check in.

  93. DiamondNRG Says:

    Bryan, do you have the Facebook plugin enabled? It causes that for a lot of people.

  94. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    this build is crashing for me all the time. I do not have the facebook plugin active…example: it has crashed when i move the mouse cursor over my email notification icons,change status and so on. So no your not the only one with that issue.

  95. DiamondNRG Says:

    a-s … those are specific things causing it to crash, not just randomly crashing like the Facebook plugin can cause. The hover on the emails is a known reported bug as well. I have not seen one about changing status though. Is it as simple as anytime you change status it crashes or is there more detail to this? Did you file a bugzilla entry? What medium(s) are causing it? Did you test by disabling them all and trying them all individually?

  96. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    I am having troubles narrowing down the problem of status change crashes cuz it is not happening all that often,so i have not filed a bug report. I have disabled mediums and tested, but like i said, its not happening all the time,so i will continue to try and find out what is causing the issue.

  97. kurtd Says:

    This build crashes about once a day for me. I haven’t found a rhyme or reason to the crashing.

  98. kurtd Says:

    By the way, I only use AIM and Yahoo. I don’t use facebook.

  99. afterwego Says:

    All of these features are wonderful and make Trillian a more well rounded app, but how about some of the basic things. For example, the ability to change my Trillian account password. Even though this isn’t a feature maybe an update on the Mac version since I know several of us are very interested in that version as well. Also whether the iPhone web version will turn into a native app or work properly for that matter.

    And I already know the canned response of when the Windows version is done, so no need to follow up with that. These are just things that come to mind as I see Trillian for Windows being updated.

  100. DiamondNRG Says:

    afterwego … the ability to change the Trillian password will come along with Trillian going public. It helps keep things a bit tighter for right now.

    And yes, you did already know the answer to your other 2 questions. You see how long one version is taking, do you really want them trying to work on all 3 at once? :P

  101. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    im not so sure that the msn login issue is do to windowslive doing updates… my msn worked and i could see my online contacts untill trillian crashed and i had to restart it.

  102. DiamondNRG Says:

    a-s … it isn’t so much with them doing updates as it is with them “messing with their servers” so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Now obviously the native client isn’t affected so CS just has to figure out what to change so that Astra isn’t affected either!

  103. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Right on…thanx for the info.

  104. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    so i decided to try voice chatting using yahoo medium tonight and it will not let me send mic or receive….grrrrrr

  105. eratork Says:

    I love the face book integration! Two ideas: Could we have a way to set a separate status for myspace &facebook? Some times my IM status doesn’t make sense as a social status, especially if you are displaying your current song as your online status. Also, could we have in addition to an auto “is” prefix get a “is listening to” prefix for music statuses? Should I put this in bugzilla?

  106. Martix Says:

    Hi, don’t you think next week would be THE ideal week to release a new build, which corrects the name-bug =)?
    Always having names like “�� 46″ is a little bit “strange” ;)
    I would welcome it!
    And btw: this build hasn’t crashed once for me! (MSN works too)

  107. jtaylorhoopla Says:

    Is there any way to make it where when you use quick reply it makes the window stop saying it has a new message? am i missing something here?

  108. Milad Says:

    previous post :
    in build 82 and 83
    1 .Whenever i close Astra, it erases my connections and i must reinsert all of my connections.
    2 .contacts just sign on ! when Yahoo contact sign off, it’s shown as online in the contact list.
    and new post !
    .set one yahoo contact permission to appear offline ..
    .login whit astra and see .. permission is wrong .
    Other request ;) :
    list off words in automation part .. %time% .. %dispayname% .. and more new automation like : when file transfer down .. when one special id buzz me ..
    its great :p

  109. Milad Says:

    one more
    option in instant lookup part for one last news or random last news ..

  110. Milad Says:

    one more
    special icon for every connections ..

  111. Milad Says:

    one more ..
    text quality at large size is too low ..

  112. DiamondNRG Says:

    Milad, you should log into bugzilla and check out the requests there. That is where the developers actively read feature requests. And the “special icon” for every connection is a big request but a messy one as the users battle over what way to do it. Personally I think it is silly as that is the point of identities, but to each his own. Either way, go log into bugzilla to search for the things you want and request them if they are not there.

  113. kurtd Says:

    2 .contacts just sign on ! when Yahoo contact sign off, it’s shown as online in the contact list. This is already in bugzilla

  114. Ufuk Yilmaz Says:

    Hello, I’m always reading the Trillian Astra Blog and hope and hope :)
    But my Invite never arrives my mailbox ^^

    Can any Admin send me please a Alpha invite? Please…

  115. DiamondNRG Says:

    eratork … good idea, and I know it was requested for Facebook, but yes it would make sense for MySpace too.

    jtaylorhoopla … it is a bug :)

    Ufuk … I don’t think any more invites are going out right now. They are getting ready for public beta.

  116. jtaylorhoopla Says:

    DiamondNRG: Thanks! Also, i really wish the email popout crash problem would be fixed in the next build

  117. whorfin Says:

    I love the new build save for some issue with Yahoo that causes Trillian to crash from time to time.
    I will see a new mail in my yahoo account and when I mouse over it the program crashes.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  118. Ufuk Yilmaz Says:

    @ DiamondNRG: Hmm.. maybe, have you any kind of information, when the Beta starts?

  119. DiamondNRG Says:

    whorfin, yes it is a known bug that was entered into bugzilla to be fixed.

    Ufuk … the info that I may or may not have about that I can not give out, sorry :)

  120. Ufuk Yilmaz Says:

    What a shame ^^

    But even so, thank you :)

  121. Edison Says:

    The new added feature is great. My Astra crashes sometimes when I brought my computer back from sleep mode. Facebook login also crashes after I press login. I guess I will wait until the next update.

  122. DiamondNRG Says:

    Edison, try copying that link to that facebook page into a real browser. But that bug has been fixed for build 84 as soon as it is ready.

  123. Edison Says:

    Alright I’ll try that. Thanks.

  124. Riddeck Says:

    @Diamond: Public Beta? I´m waiting for it 2 Years… i hope the Beta comes this Year! One Question… Comes the beta only for Windows or also for OS X and iPhone via SDK ?

  125. Theorof Says:

    Is the feature set for Astra nearly complete? I mean the first Astra blog entry is from Dec. ’06. That’s nearly 2 years. The happy 8th birthday Trillian banner makes Astra development 25% of the whole lifespan of the Trillian program to date. Are we going for a new record, or is this behemoth going to graduate to beta within our lifetimes? Don’t get me wrong, I love the program, but you can’t be all things to all people, so maybe it’s about time to lock in those features and move forward eh?

  126. mm2knet Says:

    Have you ever thought of releasing bug fixes more often? The features are nice, but there are some evil ;) bugs in it…

    - memory overflow (still) with the username.
    - the contactlist is so slow… it takes up to 3 seconds, when u move the mouse over it until it reacts… one core is at 100% load. on a 3Ghz quad core with 8gb of ram under vista x64
    -sometimes the onmouseover effect on the contactlist is a bit to heigh (i mean the detailed descriptions about the user)

    feature requests:
    - have you thought of contacting the guys from the german studivz? its a facebook clone, very popular in germany and europe
    - notifications if someone reads your status message
    - support for otr (additionally to the normal encryption)
    - a button to make a chat window always on top (until it is closed)

    ty 4 reading ;)

  127. Prem Says:

    I am unable to add any contacts, I add them, but they don’t show on my contact list.

  128. yoshinatsu Says:

    LOL, I suppose a nuclear bomb fell on Cerulean Studios, right? XD
    They haven’t showed up for, what, one month? XD

  129. DiamondNRG Says:

    yoshinatsu … 24 days. And they are working every day, even some evenings and weekends.

  130. diam0nd Says:

    - have you thought of contacting the guys from the german studivz? its a facebook clone, very popular in germany and europe

    All good, shame that europe part of that suggestion is a lie. Here’s a suggestion for YOU, mm2knet: let’s stop suggesting CRAP like adding regional (as in the services which only a couple of coutries use) sites/service. How does that sound? :)

  131. RubyGloom Says:

    i am not sure if anybody already mentioned these problems, but better twice than not at all:

    1.) whenever i enter my login data to the popped up window for facebook login, trillian crashes!
    the notification says something like “trillian has encountered an error and must close. please take note of any chenges….. ”
    2.) s o m e t i m e s trillian crashes in the exact moment i moce the mouse over the email notification (not the little pop-ups, but the lines in my contact list)
    i think this error should be translated something like “do you wish to close or look online for a solution of that problem?”

    is anyone with me?! :)

  132. RubyGloom Says:

    diam0nd, dont you think your reaction is a little over the top?? mm2knet just wrote what he thought would be good ideas. and without new thoughts, even if they are not realizable, internet and our beloved trillian would still be in stoneage…

  133. Gahgah Says:

    Well I think diam0nd’s reaction is more than a *little* over top. I’m living in germany. I like Facebook but over here no one really uses it. studiVZ and schuelerVZ are the social networks that everyone uses here. I would really love to see support for that. I don’t want/expect that for 4.0 but if the devs want to reach a whole bunch of people with Astra they should think about that.

    But the way you were posting I think you won’t understand this point of view. When reading you comment one could think that translating Astra into diffrent languages is waste of time too!

    These bugs are already fixed. The fixes will be delivered with the next Build. So you just have to wait a bit ;)

  134. DiamondNRG Says:

    Ruby, you can get by the first bug by copying the URL for the login into a real browser window and doing it that way. The bug you are seeing there is actually in that mini browser window Trillian creates and not in the Facebook plugin itself.

    But like Gahgah said, it will be fixed in 84.

    diam0nd, I don’t like you writing nasty things like that as then when I load the blog up I think everyones reactions to your post are aimed at me at first! Not cool.

  135. Gahgah Says:

    @ Nick
    Well I was 100% sure that the post i was refering to was not posted by you. You’ve a diffrent way of pushing out you point of view. If you have a diffrent opinion your way of posting is still adequate!

  136. RubyGloom Says:

    @gahgah: i am totally with you. the only problem i see is trillian getting begger and bigger. you mention studivz and schuelervz, what about meinvz? and if they addes these three, the next ones would want xing, friendster, youtube and and and… i have no clue about the work the programmers would have, but i think it’ll be a lot. (but still i would love the studivz/meinvz application ;) )

  137. k0shyX Says:

    Thanks for the new features!

    One feature that would be really cool is if, for AIM, friendly names could be enabled. Like, instead of the SN being shown, the alias of the buddy is shown. Trillian 3 obtained the aliases automatically.

  138. Giolon Says:

    Hey, I’m sure you guys at CS are working hard, but a little communication goes a long way! I did see one of my reported bugs get marked as fixed in the past month so I know you aren’t sitting back doing nothing. Come on, how about a little status update, yo?

  139. empty.f4ei Says:

    lost the email with my password and the downloadlink for the newest beta version.

    my astra name: empty

    please send me a new one :-(

  140. DiamondNRG Says:

    emtpy … first thread of the astra chat forum.

  141. hampsterblade Says:

    This may be a weird feature suggestion, but I think it would be really cool. I love Trillian and have been using it for years. I recently upgraded to vista and have become fond of the vista sidebar. Unfortunately the right side of my screen is where I put my trillian, so I can’t put the sidebar there. I would like the ability to place certain contacts (or all of them) as a widget in the vista sidebar. While looking into this i found yahoo has already implemented a feature like this, ( )

  142. edsena Says:

    Well, after more than 2 years waiting for this announced release be available (unfortunatelly I was never selected to join the beta test phase), I gave up and now I’m a happy Pidgin user… I’m really sorry that this happened but, hey, 2 years w/o any *real* update on the SW (For instance, support for MSNP9+) is, at least, disrespect to the end user…

    Best Regards,

  143. 30 Hz Says:

    nuclear bomb in cs?

  144. KnoxBNYC Says:

    Anybody else having a problem with Yahoo giving a regular “You have been disconnected” message? This has been going on throughout several builds of Astra. I also keep a 24/7 connection with AIM, MSN, and Gtalk, but only Yahoo gives that message.

    Friends have confirmed that I am indeed logging on and off at the times when Astra gives me that message.

  145. PhoenixHawke Says:

    @KnoxBNYC: I have the same problem. See

    @Developers: Update? please? with a cherry on top? :)

  146. DiamondNRG Says:

    Phoenix, it will probably still be *at least* until Monday before a new build surfaces … probably a few days after that IMO.

  147. PhoenixHawke Says:

    Thanks Diamond. Good to hear :-D

  148. mm2knet Says:

    @diam0nd: no comment… -.-
    @all others: :)

    I mostly use the Standby feature fo my Workstation. So Trillian has a uptime of more than a week, sometimes even more before it gets restarted. after maybe 40h uptime of Trillian it starts getting slow. (see my comment above) Sometimes even Warcraft 3 is getting slow, when something on my contact list changes ;)

  149. ffej5647 Says:

    When is 84 supposed to be released!? I am getting too sick and tired of lame…old…83! Do you know diam0nd?

  150. ffej5647 Says:

    Oh never mind…you said probably at least Monday…well this is a big lil message to CS….GET YOUR BUTTS IN GEAR AND FIX THIS RIDICULOUS IM CLIENT! It is taking so much longer than it should and CS keeps on making new problems for themselves! Its going to be such a waste of time and if they actually plan on selling it….no one will even care anymore because people are losing interest in client because it is taking sooooo long! Bad bad bad business decision made by CS!

  151. ffej5647 Says:

    Oh…haha yea I checked! 4 FLIPPIN YEARS! 4 years and 1 month so far CS has been working on Astra! Thats how long it took MS to create Vista! I am seeing CS do to trillian as MS did to windows…its a sad picture to even think of but to tell you the truth…i hate to say it…but thats where it looks like it truely is going! Great job CS! Ruin yourselves and disappoint your fans!

  152. ffej5647 Says:

    ok fine…not exactly that long but about 3 years!

  153. PhoenixHawke Says:

    @ffej5647: If you don’t like the client, there are plenty of other options out there. Frankly, I’ll take Astra in alpha over any other client out there in production status. Comments such as yours are not constructive and serve no purpose other than to irritate those who are trying to help take Astra from the excellent client it already is and make it truly exceptional.

  154. Riddeck Says:

    @ffej5647: I know what you meen… i´m waiting over 2 Years only for a Beta… CS is Building a Monster Messenger with 100 of functions…. but nobody will use all of the 100 functions! The most of IM Users will only Use 2 or 3 Functions…. MSN ICQ thats it! I´m reading in many Forums or Blogs that users have no longer interest on Trillian Astra because they wait so long that they have to use like and love other IM Progs… I dont understand what CS needs so long time to get Astra to beta Status and than realese the Final!?!?!

    Sorry for my English!

  155. Riddeck Says:

    I think CS work as long Astra that they are afraid it
    in the beta phase to let go and users do not like it
    or ask what it has taken so long!

  156. emcviper Says:

    @ffej5647 I couldn’t agree with you more. This is turning into a bloated monster. I don’t understand why CS doesn’t just cut off the features, clean up and finalize T4, then if they want 100 other features build it into T5 in a few years.

    The alpha is buggy of course, and 3.1 feels like it belongs on Windows 3.1. This weekend, I’m going to start researching alternatives. =(

  157. DiamondNRG Says:

    Hmm, but if everyone will use 3 mediums, then there will be tons of people using each one. It only has 10, not 100. It will be worth it. And they want it to feel that way to EVERYONE.

  158. KnoxBNYC Says:

    @PhoenixHawke Thanks so much for the info. I honestly had looked, but simply not found the bug listing.

    I’m glad it’s not just me! :)

  159. Riddeck Says:

    Ok … this is a good example! There are only 10 but
    many user think if it takes so long must it will be 100
    be. If Astra release and only 10 are saying
    the user … that I have waited 4 years now? There are also a lot of the user Astra not even know and never know … Youtube, there are at 1 video … on the website a few pictures … the German Astra Forum is Dead since month… a little more transparency for the users would be great!

  160. nmg196 Says:

    I *still* get the corrupt username issue in ICQ message windows. Is there any way of fixing this?

  161. DiamondNRG Says:

    nmg196 … things can’t be magically fixed in the middle of a build. So the most obvious answer to your question would be to wait and see if it is in the fixes changelog for build 84 when it is ready.

  162. predator2104 Says:

    Where’s build 84? 38 days without any news…

  163. ffej5647 Says:

    @PhoenixHawke I don’t mean to throw down and diss Astra at all! I have loved the client since its very first couple of builds but, honestly…its taking way too long and I really am loosing interest! And emcviper has pretty much said what I said in some other words. They don’t even need to release a T5 in a few years! Clean the bugs, release Astra and just send out download updates whenever they update it! No need to keep it in Alpha and dick around with it forever! Thats what companies do all the time now! Release the program and just send out download updates! Thats what we are just getting now with the Alpha! And thank you emcviper and Riddeck for having the same feelings as me for Astra!

  164. ffej5647 Says:

    And by the way….when Astra has been a few years out like 4 or 5 years (if it ever comes out) then they can think of a great new idea for a brand new amazing client!

  165. nmg196 Says:

    DiamondNRG… I think my point was that they keep adding new features like Facebook support, without fixing really obvious problems like the username corruption problem (bug 6069) and the fact that trillian totally crashes if anything happens to your network connection for a couple of seconds (bug 2831). Surely it’s more important to fix application crashes rather than introducing new features like facebook support (not a very important feature since it doesn’t tell you anything you can’t find out by visiting facebook)?

    Trillian seems to be getting more and more unstable as they keep adding more stuff. They obviously can’t keep on top of how many bugs they’re introducing with each new feature. I find it just crashes now almost twice daily – but when the build numbers were in the 70s, it seemed pretty stable. On my home machine it doesn’t even load any more since build 83 so I’ve had to stop using it.

  166. zentinal Says:

    I would love to weigh in on the latest build, but, I have yet to make it into the alpha.

    Fingers crossed.

  167. DiamondNRG Says:

    nmg …Facebook was developed by Ingmar, a different new developer just added to CS. Almost all of Facebook and the new IRC plugins were done before he was a part of CS. Therefore hardly any time was wasted.

    Yes, bug fixing is important, and that is why there is a beta cycle. I can run build 83 for 4-5 days at a time with 10 plugins enabled so obviously the issues you are having are not necessarily ones that affect everyone. But they are surely in bugzilla and would be fixed during that beta cycle (if not sooner).

  168. picusacek Says:

    Nice work guys BUT contact list in ICQ is coruppted.

  169. BuzzyJr Says:

    Kinda behind here… Lost the site for the betas, and unable to login to astra… :(

  170. TxDub84 Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!AIM CHAT PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry I didn’t know where else to post this I am actually using Build 85

    OK… This is how it works, & if it doesn’t work I hope some 1 listen’s closely & takes notes to figure a universal configuration for it because after this I am clunked out & I give up. Oh & by the way it is both hardware & an Internet Connection issue with the settings from the back of your modem & the Password space under your trillion AIM Connections
    Identities & Connection >> AIM – Settings >> (Connection Settings) …Did I Tell you this works for both AOL & AIM Chat Rooms…
    Server/Hostname :
    Server/Port : 5190 (not 80 or 23)
    Proxy/Protocol : HTTP
    Proxy/Port : 443

    Ok now listen up because this is where it gets tricky… put you old man cranky glass’s on & tighten your boot straps. You’re going in… Look on the back of your modem. Mine is a Motorola. For mine there is a Tag with various bar codes on it, & there are 3 Mac ID’s
    I think this is related to the type of connection you have for your internet… for example I have a Windows XP HOME Dimension Desktop Dell 3000… & I have an Ethernet Connection (Ethernet is the fat phone cord like wire plug thingy), as far as I can tell the Mac ID that Says HFC, is the one I needed to use too get it to work this is a combination of letters & numbers. Mine was {00195e9c981a} ***this may be different for you***
    Under where it says password… Enter the Alpha Numeric code for that Connection type… for example mine said (HFC MAC ID: 00195e9c981a). This means the part you actually enter into the Password section in my case was: 00195e9c981a
    Their… I hope I resolved an ongoing issue. Feel free to message me I’d love to talk. I am not an expert please don’t come to me asking a bunch of questions like I am one. I just decided to test a couple things that involved trying what everyone else had probably tried myself which was downloading the current version of AIM 6.8 & comparing the connection settings from trillion astra to AIM 6.8 & then reading the help forum for AIM Connection settings which made me realize it when I called my computer manufacture that is wasn’t a hard ware issue even though it was related with IE.. That it must be something based on the authentication code allowing my internet service to work. From their I called my Internet service provider & figured after a lot of trouble shooting that it was these codes on the back of the modem that actually acted as a Unique Password to my AIM Authentication code Settings which intern is actually the Password on my Trillion astra connection settings

    AIM - HotDamnItzBrick
    ICQ - 280888824
    YAHOO - Symbriotic
    MSN -
    Myspace IM - EdgeX_SinERz
    Skype - TxDub84
    Email -

  171. TxDub84 Says:

    Ok… I take back what I said about getting AOL & AIM Chat to work at the same time but I think I figured out a plausible solution

    Use Trillian “Server Port 5190 or 80” as default server for all AOL chat rooms. I tested this with AOL Proxies “SOCKS4 using Port 1080”… Both work. I tested this using “AOL Dallas chat” which is not an AIM chat room by typing into the “Join a Chat BOX: Dallas”. This worked for all the following chat connection tests for the AOL service, but not for AIM chats such as the AIM Chat called “Bored”

    Note to the Creaters/Programers: under proxies for AOL Settings on Trillian Astra for accessing AOL Chat: The “NONE” Options works to but when you exit trillion trillian crashes’ I don’t know why. Using None as a Proxie Option later might allow testers to use AIM & AOL without switching the settings

    Yesterday I had it connection to both AIM & AOL Chat rooms with a single setting. But since I last exited Trillian some reason the setting I had specified is no longer working now when I log back into Trillian Astra. My supporting reason of why I assumed it would work is this. I have always been able to access both AIM & AOL Chat rooms with either AIM client or Trillian Astra. Both have worked for me in the past. Exept the way I have been able to do this without having AOL installed on my computer is by using AOL Desktop Client & making sure the last Screen Name I logged into even if I wasn’t using AOL Desktop that when I navigated to a chat room from my Firefox or Internet Explorer Browser from chat rooms I had imported & saved to my Bookmarks, it would log into chat without a problem. AIM Chat rooms I just went the site & logged in from there & AOL Chats I used The AOL Desktop Client to access Chats

    I believe The reason that I was able to Log into Both AOL & AIM Chats Yesterday Prior to my posting with out using the site or the Desktop Client had something to do with finding a unique setting that I specied on my last post, but how it could only work if you didn’t exit trillian because apparently trillian crashes & dosnt load AIM & Usually messes with ICQ any other time that I used the that setting after exiting & restarting trillian

    The following setting I am referring to is…
    Server/Hostname - (This is an AIM Server Hostname)
    Server/Port - 5190 (Although I have found that 80 & 443 both also work without failure but do not connect to chat)
    Proxy/Protocal - HTTP (SOCKS5 also works with out error but does not assist in connecting to AIM Chat either)
    Proxy/Port - 443 (This I have found must be a standard setting otherwise ICQ & AIM Both Crash & it also will come up with errors & or crash with any other setting I have found)

    PS I nolonger believe the Mac ID on the back of the modem has ne thing to do with any of this to work

  172. TxDub84 Says:

    Ok… New Discover about AIM/AOL Chat Settings & how to make it work
    Server Hostname:
    Server Port: 5190
    Proxy Protocal: SOCKS5
    Proxy Port: 443

    Ok… Notice “SOCKS5” I tried this earlier & it only worked with AOL chats not with AIM chats, but I discovered that for example “Dallas” is an AOL chatroom… “Bored” is an AIM chat room… some reason & I couldn’t figure out why AOL chat would connect & AIM chat rooms wouldn’t. Then I tried tried AIM Chat Mixer… which is an AIM Chat room & some reason prior to that AIM Chats weren’t working… which made sense that I had to specify the server such as AOL or AIM before typing the name of the chat in the box…

    For example instead of…
    Singles Chat
    Gay and Lesbian
    AIM Chat Mixer
    Just Wanna Have Fun
    20s Friends and Flirts
    Alone at Home
    Big n Beautiful
    Chance Encounters
    Twenties Love
    Crowded Room
    Lobby 1

    I used & this actually did connect to both AIM & AOL Chat
    AIM Bored
    AIM Singles Chat
    AIM Gay and Lesbian
    AIM Chat Mixer
    AIM Just Wanna Have Fun
    AIM 20s Friends and Flirts
    AOL Dallas
    AOL Alone at Home
    AOL Big n Beautiful
    AOL Chance Encounters
    AOL Twenties Love
    AOL Crowded Room
    AOPL Lobby 1
    AOL Lonely

    This is my contact information… give me a shout
    AIM – HotDamnItzBrick
    ICQ – 280888824
    YAHOO - Symbriotic
    MSN -
    Myspace IM - EdgeX_SinERz
    Skype - TxDub84
    Email -

  173. TxDub84 Says:

    OK… When comparing the notes of my last entries, & the fact that When using AIM Chat through the site & AOL Chat through the desktop client both work & So does it with the following setting

    Server Hostname:
    Server Port: 5190
    Proxy Protocol: SOCKS5
    Proxy Port: 443

    Both options for AOL & AIM chat rooms through the trillian client worked except when I use that AIM Setting which seems to be the only 1 I have found that can connect & Access Both AOL & AIM chat as long as I Specify the service such as AIM/AOL before the name of the chat room I enter… it worked, but when I use AOL Desktop to connect to the AOL Chat rooms & AIM Site to connect to the chat rooms the chats are filled with people using that service such an AOL screen name on AOL or AIM chat… or AIM on a AIM chat. The difference is apparently that when I don’t use the AIM Site or the Desktop client & just specify the Server & Proxy settings. Doing it this way there is almost never any 1 using that chat which is the same exact chat as it would be if I used it through the AOL Desktop of the AIM Site.

    Occasionally there are 1 or 2 people in the chat I enter from the trillian chat box where otherwise when I would use the AIM site or AOL Desktop to connect there are many. I am no expert. But in my conclusion this can only mean after great amounts of testing over several hours in a 2 day period messing with settings trying to learn how I can access chat with out the site or the AOL Desktop client. Even though I have found a way to connect to the chat rooms some reason that was unable to be figured out by the whole trillian team & the programmers for at least probably 2-3 months now. Which I have now figured out. This issue at hand is still that when you enter chat with these settings with out using the desktop client or the site is that no 1 is generally in those chat rooms

    I conclude that the reason there are a few people in the chats when I enter them instead of many is because either they are entering chat the same way I was which is through the site or desktop client when actually having AIM or a program similar to trillian or maybe aim express as their chat client, or its cause they have an outdated or maybe updated version of either AOL or AOL Desktop which most people aren’t using which is why when using trillian to access those chats there is very rarely anyone in them & when there is its only 1 or 2 people at most

    By the way I am using Build 85… not 83, I just don’t know how to access the blogs forums to help 7 posts these where they should be posted

    If anyone wants to access AIM or AOL chat for now till the programmers figure this out & it actually work… I would suggest NOT using Trillian to connect to chat but instead access AIM chat through & access AOL chats by Using the AOL Desktop client As I have for over 2 years.
    You can Access both types of chat while still being logged into trillian just use them separately.
    For example, for AIM on Trillian Be logged into whatever version of Trillian that you use & go to the site & log in the chat form the online site login page where you directly ever chat
    For Example, for AOL chats On Trillian Be long into whatever version of trillian that you use. Do this by (1st step) ”making sure you have Imported all your favorite chat rooms that you like to use onto you Internet explorer from when you had AOL”. (2nd step) Uninstall AOL from your computer & Install AOL Desktop. “You cannot have both installed at the same time or otherwise AOL with dominate the Desktop client & this will not work without actually having AOL”. (3rd step) After Installing AOL “Desktop” client which you can download at sign in with the Username you plan on going into chats with. Note: every time you want to change you AOL Screen Name for chat room access you will have to log into AOL Desktop & Change your log in settings to that Screen name. (4th Step) Completely Exit your New found AOL Desktop program & click on you Internet Explorer & Access the chat room you had originally imported from your AOL Software to you Internet explorer by selecting your preferred chat from your favorites menu… Wait a few moments, it can take depending on your computer a few seconds or a few minutes & a small pop up will show up with the last screen name that was logged into AOL Desktop as part of the pop up text. Note: you cant’t change your screen name here you have to log into the Desktop client to do that, but if it is the name you want to log into chat with just enter your password & after that the AOL chatroom you selected on your favorates will pop up just like as if you where using AOL. I find the computer runs much faster this way then it does when I used to use AOL a long time ago plus I can access chat & use all my other Messagers with out slowing down my computer will using trillian

    Feel Free to contact me
    AIM - HotDamnItzBrick
    ICQ – 280888824
    YAHOO - Symbriotic
    MSN -
    Myspace IM - EdgeX_SinERz
    Skype - TxDub84
    Email -

  174. jessica Says:

    any idea when facebook chat will be fixed? should i go back to 3.1 for awhile or wait?

  175. Dawn Le Pichouron Says:

    So MSN was brought back at the expense of Facebook chat? Not such a good move.