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Trillian for iPhone: Ad Hoc Beta!

We are proud to announce the upcoming Trillian for iPhone, a native application for your iPhone and iPod Touch! With the advancements of iPhone OS 3.0 and our latest Astra technology, we are happy to be able to give you the best possible IM experience on your favorite mobile device.

All the essential features you expect from a good IM client

Everything in Trillian for iPhone is straightforward. A contacts screen displays all your IM contacts, properly grouped and sorted. Chat windows showcase a neat bubble view and tabs so you can easily chat (including copy/paste!) with multiple contacts just like you do on your desktop. You can set your status, set your avatar, set your status message and so on. In addition, since this is Trillian, you can manage your many IM connections grouped under multiple identities!

Instant synchronization between devices

Trillian for iPhone is always connected to the Astra server, and utilizes the ability of Astra assets to be instantaneously synchronized across multiple clients. If you change your avatar or display name on your iPhone, the change will be immediately reflected on your Windows client as well as your Astra Profile online. If you add a contact on the iPhone, it will show up on your Windows client right away, or vice versa – there is no need to re-add or re-organize your contacts.

Simultaneous sign on

When allowed by the backing service, Trillian supports multiple devices utilizing the same IM services with the same usernames. Your Astra, AIM, and all XMPP-powered services will always be online without ever worrying about kicking another connection offline. Because not all IM services support this concept, we’ve also made sure that Trillian for iPhone has its own autoconnect settings, independent of your desktop!

Never lose your sessions

Chatting on a train as it heads into a tunnel? Thanks to our in-house “Octopus” server technology, your Trillian for iPhone sessions are safely stored server-side, ensuring you’ll never miss a message due to spotty service conditions. Even if you exit the application, upon coming back online all of your previous chat windows and messages will be waiting for you. You can even configure Trillian for iPhone to set itself away when the application closes down.

Push notifications

With the new iPhone OS 3.0, iPhones can now receive push notifications from service providers like Trillian Astra. What this means is that once logged on, your iPhone will instantly alert you whenever you receive an instant message, even if the application itself is closed! A pop-up window will appear showing the message with the signature Trillian sound; simply click the “View” button to reload Trillian and reply in the chat window right away.

Favorites and contacts search

One downside to mobile devices is screen real estate. If you have 500+ friends, the iPhone may have a hard time fitting all of them in one place. That’s why we are introducing a brand new feature, Favorites, which allows you to pin the contacts you chat with the most in a separate list for super quick access! What’s more, in order to let you find your contacts as quickly as possible, we’ve implemented an instant search feature on the contacts screen – simply click the search button, begin typing and watch the results appear.

Active chats at a glance

Trillian is built to manage multiple contacts, multiple connections, and multiple chats at the same time. To achieve this, we’ve implemented a chats screen and a tabbed chat window to show all your open chats at a glance. With the chats screen, you can see all the latest messages from each contact in one place – no fiddling between tabs. With our tabbed chat window, you can switch between chats with a single tap, or browse between them with swipes. The tabs also display useful real-time information including avatars, typing notifications and unread message counts.

Astra features and more

Our native Astra service shines in Trillian for iPhone. You can instantly send pictures from your photo album or directly from your camera to your friends. Friends on the Trillian Windows client can also send you pictures or even hand-drawn messages for easy display on the phone! The included user information viewer allows you to see a simplified version of one’s Astra Profile: location, basic demographics, and status. Even the buzz feature will vibrate your phone like it should!

Clean, concise, and coherent

Clean: A basic layout – everything is laid out in plain, simple lists.

Concise: No excessive buttons or cluttered interface elements, just the minimum controls necessary to achieve all basic IM functionality.

Coherent: Designed to fit in with the same look-and-feel as Apple’s own applications, making the entire program intuitive to existing iPhone users.

Astra Account: your key to many other devices

To use Trillian for iPhone 3.0 Beta, an Astra Account is required. Your connections and contacts are seamlessly kept between devices, and a single account means you can optionally and securely share your connections between devices. As our Trillian Astra platform continues to mature, you will begin to see strong ties between Trillian’s desktop and web editions. Once you register, you will be able to use the same account on any edition of Trillian, no extra setup necessary! The best part: registration is easy and painless and can be done right on your iPhone!

UPDATE: We now have enough testers for our first round of testing. We’ll post again if we need additional assistance; thank you to everyone who signed up!

125 Responses to “Trillian for iPhone: Ad Hoc Beta!”
  1. Gahgah Says:

    Ok guys. You’re incredible!!! This is really great. No one expected that! Great work. Videos look incredible. Think this is a big point for Apple….really great!

  2. Irontiger Says:

    Hey guys, I don’t have an IPhone, but when I read this, I wish I had one… Absolutely great work!

  3. bigminisachin1231 Says:

    This looks really great! One question, for Diamond or really anyone else out there: When this is publicly released on the App Store, will it be available to all Astra members or just those with a Pro subscription? Because since it’s a native app and not actually an online interface, shouldn’t it be open to all members?

  4. ttstam Says:

    Great job, guys :-) . Looks awesome from what I’ve seen :-)

  5. Scream81 Says:

    wow really great!

  6. ryanworrell Says:

    Awesome! Signed up. Hopefully I can get selected and help you guys make this software the best IM for iPhone ever!

  7. mstoner Says:

    I am so glad to see this I have been waiting for this I am tired of using the other IM clients on my iphone.

  8. weatherangel Says:

    bigminisachin1231 – Keep in mind that the iPhone 3.0 update also supports subscriptions, which is perfect for Trillian users. We are already part of a subscription program for Astra. The iTunes App Store requires all subscription/in app offerings to be a paid application, so a minor fee at least will be required to gain the application if Cerulean Studios does go this route, but it is the most logical route considering what the business model of the company seems to be.

  9. weatherangel Says:

    Oh, and I have been looking forward to this for the last year. Glad it’s finally coming about!

  10. Digital Mayhem Says:

    okay sent in my application hope I get selected…

  11. SDWolf Says:

    Very nice. Any chance of a release for Android? :)

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  14. PeerBr Says:

    Now the same for WebOS, please.

  15. deloreancowboy Says:

    Or maybe the BlackBerry Smartphone? This is the one app that the iPhone will have to make me jealous. Now if it had auto logon at startup I might have to switch.

  16. Darrien Says:

    Bigup for the screenshots. Loving the characters, loving Trillian ;)

  17. Balthasar Says:

    Why have you done this? Now I want an iPhone… (I wanted it before, but now more than before ;) )
    But what is with that Trillian for Mac, would love to see some progress there too…

  18. saxman Says:

    Would love this for Windows Mobile as well.

  19. iMeow66 Says:

    Just signed up for the iPhone Beta test. It really looks great and I am glad it implements push notifications from the beginning! :D

    However, your signup instructions were a bit confusing. Anyway… I hope I did the right thing in the end. :P

  20. ErikKratz Says:

    Doh. I just paid $9.99 for IM+. :)

  21. iksg Says:

    Just signed up….. hopefully I get selected. The instructions were kind of confusing…… the second part. I’m not sure if I was suppose to submit a bug report or not… but I still did.

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  23. DaveWhite.Net Says:

    I would also be interested in an Android version. Have to use Meebo at the moment, which just isn’t cool.

  24. iksg Says:

    Did the ppl who want to help test this out submit a bug report? I was confused on that part. Hopefully I did everything in correctly.

  25. Samui Says:

    I would love this for Windows Mobile. Right now I’m using a SSH client and centerim, because the IM clients for WM aren’t that great.

  26. XAVIER Says:

    I signed up for the iPhone beta test too, hopefully I can put my new 3GS to some good use once it’s shipped too, this is just the cherry on top of the proverbial cake.

  27. AstainHellbring Says:

    What about a windows mobile client? Thats the one I’d really love!

  28. ashaw Says:

    Signed up for beta last night… been on Astra since alpha build 40 something (I think). Would be great to give input and feedback on the iPhone app as well.

    Personally, I say no Crackberry or Android app… make them be jealous :)

    Instructions for signing up were pretty concise in my opinion, I also submitted a bug report, I assume they wanted to make sure whomever was signing up had a bugzilla account and knew what the heck they were doing for submitting bugs :P

    More props to CeruleanStudios for being awesome! Thanks guys!

  29. blackn01s3 Says:

    Pls make one Version für Windows Mobile…i hate the IPhone so i dont understand why only for this apple crap…

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  33. Digital Mayhem Says:

    has download information gone out already? As I submitted my application within 1 minute of the original post here so I know I was in the top 100 applicants but haven’t heard anything nothing in email or my bug post. :’(

  34. Rachel Blackman Says:

    Digital Mayhem — Download information hasn’t gone out yet, testers haven’t yet been notified. :)

  35. ajas2 Says:

    The info above mentions ‘simultaneous sign on’ (ie being logged on to one IM account from two devices) but doesn’t include MSN / Windows Live in the list of services included. Windows Live has a feature called ‘Sign In Multiple’, so it definitely works on MSN. Can the Beta testers say whether Trillian for iPhone does multi-location sign-ins for MSN?

  36. DiamondNRG Says:

    @ajas2 … that is not supported at all in Astra right now. It was added after that part of Astra was already done, and I believe Scott said it will be supported later on. It likely would be the same answer for the iPhone.

  37. Digital*CHET Says:

    Damn, I missed the sign up. I’ m really looking forward to having Astra on my new iPhone. Thanks for all the hard work guys. :D

  38. sammyboy405 Says:

    Im Pretty Bummed I Didnt get picked to beta this :( I bet I was one of the first people to sign up too. Ohh well. lol

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  40. pberson Says:

    I really want to beta test this app I just purchased a iPhone 3GS and want a muti chat IM client. I have been beta testing Astra for WinXp and absolutely love it. I need this app for my iPhone and willing to pay 10-20 bucks for it. Please get me on you beta list.

  41. magmadoodle Says:

    hi girls and boys,
    i’m a 31 year old girl from germany and i have a iphone original and iphone 3g here… i tested im+ and beejive and i’m still looking for something better… hope to get a chance to test your program… this would be very nice! let me know, i would be very thankful :)

  42. insomnia976 Says:

    When is this being released please?

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  44. DiamondNRG Says:

    @insomnia, the 100 testers already have been notified. It is in private testing. There is no release date, there never is. It will be out when it is done.

  45. Maverick0212 Says:

    it looks so great!!! I am an beta tester of the windows version since a long time too, and I would be really happy if I could participate in testing the iPhone version! Just mail me, I would really appreciate it!

  46. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Maverick, you should have read the post above yours, the iPhone testing spots are full already.

  47. hfelsh Says:

    !#$%^&*()!!!!!! I love Trillian on my PC, and while IM+ is fairly decent on the iPhone, I’d love to have Trillian, just because I’ve been using it for so long. ;)

    Although IM+ does have a few features I think Trillian doesn’t, like the ability to sign into Google Talk, MySpace chat, Facebook chat, Skype, Twitter, and Jabber…hopefully Trillian catches up soon. ;)

  48. DiamondNRG Says:

    Um, hfelsh… have you never used Astra? It has ALL of those, and the web/iphone versions already have GoogleTalk, MySpace and Jabber… and I’m sure the others will come soon enough.

  49. Captiosus Says:

    This is crap.

    First off 100 users BARELY qualifies as a test. BARELY. With as massively popular as Trillian is, a 500 sample size should have been the bare minimum.

    Secondly, why weren’t PAID USERS OF ASTRA notified so that they could sign up? Or, better yet, why didn’t you automatically factor us in to the testing program? You want to test features of Astra, us paid users have all features completely unlocked on the PC, and subscription interoperability between the two is one of the selling points.

    I dropped money on Astra, like Trillian Pro before it to support Cerulean Studios. Thus far, I’ve yet to see what the hell my money is going for. Sure, I get updates, but that is IT. And considering Astra “beta” on PC, after it runs the 30 day course, still retains the look, feel and plugin options.

    Those of us who have paid for Astra beta should have been immediately e-mailed with invites to the iPhone version. PERIOD.

  50. knowsbest Says:

    When is it possible to get this alpha version? I ready to test anytime!

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  52. RampantAndroid Says:

    Got an iPhone, partially because I can’t wait for this! Looking forward to it!

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  54. billclark Says:

    @Captiosis Quit whining. First off, they can only provision 100 beta testers. This is a limit of the Apple Developer’s account. Second, pissing and moaning about how you feel you got ripped off isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’re not entitled to anything, and Cerulean Studios doesn’t owe you anything. You paid for a subscription to Trillian, whether it was 3.x or Astra, that’s what you got: the full-featured Astra client. To expect anything more is just childish.

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  56. bradhandy Says:

    I see the iPhone client has the “shiny” chat bubbles. You might want to read this article from MacNN about Apple’s rejection of an application which had that feature.

  57. Gator Says:

    Another inconsistent decision by Apple, shiny round chat windows. IM+ has them. Text+ has them. Go figure….

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  59. Adam Pearce Says:

    Wow, this is amazing!! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say this is out soon!!!!!

  60. jen Says:

    WOW, submitted Aug 14th and not up yet? Come on Apple! Your slowing down a great app. I can’t wait to trash the crappy AIM free client with ads all over the place.

  61. Paul Iossi Says:

    Could you check in with Apple and see where the status of the approval process is at? It’s been a long time ago since you submitted the app for approval in August, nearly a month and a half soon. We are fast approaching October and it would be nice to know if it will be available soon. Thanks. :-)

  62. Alicia Says:

    I absolutely cannot wait to see how this goes through! I just bought an iphone, and i was saddened at the thought of having to use several IM services on the Iphone. I went looking to see if there was a trillian app, and darn, i HOPE this goes through!!!!! Finally after the many years of using trillian, i bought myself a copy of Astra. :) I have loved your program for a VERY long time! THANKS GUYS!!!

  63. Shane Santiago Says:

    Please don’t forget to allow landscape typing.

  64. WillCroPoint Says:

    Does anyone have any clue about what’s Apple doing? It’s hard not to get rude when talking about their Trillian approval delay!

  65. Sergey Says:

    And support for the address book will be? I want to sync my contacts with address book in phone. Thnx.

  66. voyager Says:

    Great news about the app… since Apple are taking their jolly good time approving this app, is there a way to install it without using the App Store? If not, can we please find out what the delay is with Apple?

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  68. Dizzle McMuffin Says:

    CANNOT.F$%**ING.WAIT haha, send me the beta bitches!!

  69. Brandi Says:

    We should all start killing the app store with searches for Trillian. Maybe they’ll see the demand in the logs and approve it faster? Just a thought. :)

  70. Justin Says:

    Nice, I cannot wait for this!!! I signed up for beta but was not accepted I guess.

  71. PsuFan Says:

    @ Brandi, Apple already approved it or they would not be able to beta test it ;) (I think…)

  72. Tester Says:

    Beta testing should be re-opened (expaneded) to help resolve any open issues and allow the iPhone app to get to market sooner. Testers are of the understanding that it’s not a primetime ready for production app, and any problems need to be reported to get fixed. Inclusion in the bets means inclusion in the problem reporting and efforts to improve the product. It’s benn a while now guys. Let’s get this thing released.

  73. Michael Says:

    Now I’m owner of this Great iPhone but still waiting for trillian to Be available on the AppStore. Hope this will come really Soon. Really Great work from you!

  74. Paul Iossi Says:

    Can you check into what has delayed the app’s approval? Something has clearly delayed progress. Thanks.

  75. Julia Says:

    I’m still waiting too… I hope Trillian is available on the AppStore soon! ;) The other IMs aren’t so good…:(

  76. Homer Says:

    Didn’t Apple store approved a couple of thousands apps a week ago or so?
    I read about it somewhere.
    Can’t wait for it to get released.

  77. Richard Gepes Says:

    Please let me in for iphone astra testing… What do I need to do?

  78. Alton Says:

    I’ve signed up for beta invitation months ago. How the hell do I get this app? I know trillian takes years and years and YEARS to release something, and I don’t want to wait until iPhone 8G comes out for this. How can I get an invitation other than waiting all life on trillian to send it?

  79. Alton Says:

    Oh okay, didn’t know we were still waiting on Apple. I wish this was available via Cydia, apple takes forever also to approve things. -.-

  80. Anthony Says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out all of the other instant messengers for the iphone are just crap :) but im sure you guy’s are just going to blow all the others away just like on the pc

  81. Dana Shaw Says:

    I’m sooooo excited to hear about it being in beta. I can’t wait for it to be ready! Is it likely to be included with any Pro membership or cost extra to add to the iPhone?

    Thanks much for all your awesome work! Trillian gets better and better lately at an increasingly fast rate!

    Dana Shaw (Toronto)

  82. Paul Says:

    Can’t wait for this. I have been holding off installing a chat client on my iPhone hoping this would be available.

  83. Tester Says:

    NOTE: There has been no feedback or updates from the Trilian Crew on the iPhone Status or availablity for quite some time. As a long time Trillian User (Paid) I can’t see any reason to purchase the paid upgrade to ASTRA without the iPhone App being available. At minimum, a status update from the Trillian Crew would simply be polite.

  84. Jessica McKinnon Says:

    @Tester: iPhone developers are not informed as to the approval status of an app until it is actually approved (as soon as it is approved, the app becomes available for download from iTunes. There is also no means for developers to actively inquire about the status of their pending app. And even of there were a way for them to find out, they would not be able to release the information due to Apple’s very strict nondisclosure agreement. Considering the number of Trillian fans out there, I think you can rest assured that within minutes (or even seconds) of approval, it’ll hit the tech newswire. I personally can hardly wait to get rid of AIM, Yahoo, and Twitter on my phone…

  85. Arcaex Says:

    Put it on Cydia

  86. JRazman Says:

    @Jessica I’ve followed many other iphone devs, who post their status of the app they are developing. Whether it is simply a update of not hearing anything from apple, or that is was rejected with the need of changes for re-submitting.
    Also, like Qik, it can be on Cydia, until they get approved in the store, that would be most excellent! ;)

  87. atlana Says:

    what, no Windows Mobile version ? at least on WinMo there are no restrictions of how it has to look like, unlike the mac-fanboism, sure, using WinMobile requires that you get to KNOW what you’re doing with it, it’s not “dummy user friendly”, on the other hand it’s very versatile and modular. I’dnt trade my SAMSUNG SGH i907 for a iphone – not even for free! if there’s no trillian for WinMobile, I guess i stick to the PALRINGO messenger instead

  88. lecrum Says:

    This is fantastic guys but its kind of like putting a glass of water just out of reach of someone dying of thirst.

  89. AAADiver Says:

    The heck with Apple. You guys are losing $$ at this point. Put it on Cydia!

  90. Aaron Says:

    when will it be ready for download???

  91. SirCapsAlot Says:

    I have a licensed copy of Trillian and have been waiting for the iPhone app to come out for Tril. Please consider me. Thanks

  92. Frank Says:

    bought an Astra Pro account for features like multiple sign-ins. It’s quite useless if there is only a Windows Client. I have a pure Mac environment with MacMini, MacBook and iPhone.
    At least the iPhone App would be great (Put it on Cydia for sale and you’ll make a lot more money than on AppStore).

    Anyhow, great service, thanks a lot (many years with trillian Pro since the service started).
    But as I got rid of MS, I lost my trillian…

  93. Aramith Says:

    I can’t wait for this, fantastic job, where / how do I get it?

  94. Qtrolazyg Says:

    Anxiuosly awaiting the approval for my iPhone. Have palringo in use for stop-gap measure…
    Love trillian. You guys are awesome.

  95. Develyn Says:

    STILL waiting for the iphone app. This is my FAVORITE messaging program by far. Come on Apple!! Jump on this thing! Trillian is the greatest!!

  96. WillCroPoint Says:

    It is officially now almost two months and a half you’ve submitted the app now! Isn’t that a totally crazy approval delay?! What’s Apple’s excuse to justify that? The Trillian app approver is on long term off sick and cannot be replaced or are they just taking us for nuts???!!! Crazy ba#####!!!

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  98. Kahri Lynn Says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out! I love trillian!!

  99. Good Says:

    so when can i expect to have this app on my iPhone 3GS?

  100. Chris spearman Says:

    I use my iPhone at college and would love to test trillian astra

  101. regnuf Says:

    I would love to try it. Thanks

  102. Shreenath Says:

    I must say the iphone app looks brilliant and more so; the hitchhiker reference throughout make for a great read – thanks team for keeping the humor in the world!

  103. Erik Says:

    They need to make a Blackberry version of this IM. Otherwise Great additition to the iPhone!

  104. Rudi Says:

    Hello !
    I love Trillian too…I can´t wait until i have Trillian on my iPhone! I use Trillian many years on my desk, still having Astra Account and now we all must wait!… so many days and Apple won´t publish Trillian for all fan´s arround the world ! Whats going on, Steve Jobs ??

  105. Ryan Says:

    Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy is my favorite book, too!

  106. james Says:

    wow… nice….
    please make for blackberry as well….. thanx

  107. Bill Niemeier Says:

    Do you plan on having this app for Blackberry phones?

  108. Vartra Says:

    Ive been using Trillian as my IM client on my PC for years, currently I’m using IM+ on my iPhone 3G (caught it on sale for $4.99) but I’ll happily switch to this when its available.

  109. ScrewyLewi Says:

    What we really need is an Android port! Now that the droid is out and on fire, I will test!!!!

  110. Peter Says:

    There has got to be some update regarding Trillian for iPhone? Has Cerulean Studios given up on this?

  111. AAADiver Says:

    You have to be the most patient company I’ve ever seen. You’re losing your competitive edge over the competition and frustrating your loyal and potential customers with this unreasonable delay. Will there be a point where you say enough already and make you software available through Rock or Cydia?? I hope so, I’d hate to see this drag into next year!

  112. smw Says:

    @Peter, AAADiver: Efforts continue behind the scenes to bring Trillian for iPhone to the App Store. We have not given up and will update everyone as soon as we hear something from Apple.

  113. Duncan Says:

    Apple has recently updated their Approval Process to be slightly more informational.

    This may lend to more information on this Trillian App for iPhone.

  114. I Give Up Says:

    I have totally given up on these guys completely how long has it been for them to release this for the Mac & iPhone what 3 years already it’s now turned into a complete joke amoungst Apple fans.

    Face it, it will never be released and if it did there support will be a joke as well.

  115. J Says:

    Yeah, I’m about to give up. I’ve held off getting an IM client because I really want to use Trillian (I’ll pay!) but this is ridiculous. I think you should take “Available for….iPhone” off of your website, because it isn’t available…

  116. Frank Says:

    It is in deed rediculus.
    The website clearly states “…available for Windows, iPhone and Web”. This has to be changed immedeatly, as it leads to the opinion that there is a iPhone version as well.

    Number one and three really work great, but iPhone? No way to get it, even if you apply for a beta test. I bought a pro-Account, just to get the beta, but it seems beeing a pro or free user doesn’t change anything.

    I would hv loved to help improving this app, having the option to use it on my Macs, my iPhones and the only Windows PC that ist left in our environment. It would have been great to have one client for all systems, especially with the simultanious login.

    I finally decided to stay with Adium on my Macs, IM+ on the iPhones and use Trillian just on my Windows PC, if neccessary.
    I am not sure whom to blame, as there are ways to get either response from Apple or simply publish the app somewhere else.

    Maybe CeruleanStudios can give us an update whats going on according to the new Approval Progress Screen (maybe post a Screenshot), so we can all see whats going on.

    Just to clarify: I love Trillian. I was one of the first to have it years ago and updated since then to every new version that was released. I updated to Pro already in 3.x, as I thought the money was well invested. Hopefully Ceruleanstudios can keep us up to date somehow. I would (as many guys here) love to get some details about the price we can expect. Will there be a free version, will a pro version be free for already registered 4.x Pro users or will we have to pay it all again?

    Please give us something we can work with!
    But not to forget: Thanks Ceruleanstudios for your great work!

  117. Todd Says:

    I’d have to agree with Frank. “…available for Windows, iPhone and Web” is false advertising. This has been available for iPhone for most of this year, but nothin. Take it off until it’s available!

  118. Charles Nicolosi Says:

    This is awesome! On a whim I decided to search the app store and bam! There it was! As much as I love Trillian and have for years…I understand funding issues, but I’m a tad peeved that the app is $4.99. I say that, but I am also willing to help support you guys too. Fring was terrible in comparison.

  119. 10 онлайн IM-клиентов для жителей Интернета. Says:

    [...] версию (пока только для для Windows, клиенты для Mac OS X и iPhone в [...]

  120. Delphiace Says:

    I am loving my droid. Android 2.0 is the phone platform of the future for sure. I hope trillian is working on the android 2.0 version as this will be easier for them do develop and I think (100%) all IM/social networking users will buy it and love it. I have been using trillian since version 2.0 and I alaso own Astra for windows. I think trillian guys will develop something stable and reliable plus the push messages while disconnected via astra servers is revolutionary!! If you do build this for android 2.0 make sure it integrates with the contacts application like they have done with facebook app.

  121. Steve Says:

    Will sending/receiving IMs count as text messges or do they go through the normal data plan?

  122. belie bteapps Says:

    Great job Guys !! Go on !!

  123. z33k3r Says:

    Android is a must! We need to get this going ASAP. Android is soon to take over the iPhone in transfer rates and users. With (trying to remember correctly) over 35 phones running Android OS this year… Trillian could be the show stopper when it comes to IM clients; if they got onboard. I understand the push for iPhone, but apparently glitz came before profit… Trillian user for over 4 years, never turning back… but common!

  124. boardtc Says:

    Just for the HTC Legend, looks great. But I miss Trillion. Please can we get the word on a roadmap for an android port and no April fools. New to the Android os, sounds like Meebo is my best option in the meantime?

  125. Brandon Says:

    I second what the 2 previous posts are saying. I have owned a motorola droid since December and have been forced to use the Meebo app as a multi-login chat program. While the app works well most of the time (when it decides to not randomly sign me off of facebook chat), I would love the personal touch that Trillian has been known to bring. I have been a Trillian Pro user for years and years. I understand why the iphone came first from Cerulean Studios in terms of a mobile alternative since most of your developers have an iphone – whatever. Now I see that you are working on an app for Blackberry phones. While currently RIM still sits pretty at #1 overall in market share, they are on a rapidly steady decline and have not merited any positive market points in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with cerulean studios releasing Astra for Blackberry. I think it’s awesome that Astra branches out because I believe in the product so much. My issue is that Android is a true open source OS, one in which I’m sure your developers would love to work with in that reason alone. The figures for the first quarter of this year speaks for itself, as can be found here in an article written by

    You have an open source OS that is now establishing itself as possibly the best mobile platform and is still gaining shares at an exponential rate. A platform that does not take forever with some ridiculous review process for apps (see: Apple). Would this not be common sense to release a Trillian Astra app for Android, which in turn would earn Cerulean Studios more popularity and money? I’m just saying, how is this not a win-win for you Cerulean Studios? Please…enlighten me.