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Trillian for iPhone: Now available on the App Store!

Trillian for iPhone

NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE: We are proud to announce Trillian for iPhone, a native application for your iPhone and iPod Touch! With the advancements of iPhone OS 3.0 and our latest Astra technology, we are happy to be able to give you the best possible IM experience on your favorite mobile device.

Trillian is now available on the iPhone App Store!

Trillian for iPhone is now available for purchase on the App Store, competitively priced at $4.99! This price is for all customers, including existing Trillian Pro users. Unlike desktop versions of Trillian, all mobile and web ports require the use of Cerulean servers and bandwidth to keep you connected and generate push notifications. In light of this, we felt a small fee was appropriate.

We’re re-posting our original beta announcement blog today in celebration of the release. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support these past few months. We hope you enjoy Trillian for iPhone!

All the essential features you expect from a good IM client

Everything in Trillian for iPhone is straightforward. A contacts screen displays all your IM contacts, properly grouped and sorted. Chat windows showcase a neat bubble view and tabs so you can easily chat (including copy/paste!) with multiple contacts just like you do on your desktop. You can set your status, set your avatar, set your status message and so on. In addition, since this is Trillian, you can manage your many IM connections grouped under multiple identities!

Instant synchronization between devices

Trillian for iPhone is always connected to the Astra server, and utilizes the ability of Astra assets to be instantaneously synchronized across multiple clients. If you change your avatar or display name on your iPhone, the change will be immediately reflected on your Windows client as well as your Astra Profile online. If you add a contact on the iPhone, it will show up on your Windows client right away, or vice versa – there is no need to re-add or re-organize your contacts.

Simultaneous sign on

When allowed by the backing service, Trillian supports multiple devices utilizing the same IM services with the same usernames. Your Astra, AIM, and all XMPP-powered services will always be online without ever worrying about kicking another connection offline. Because not all IM services support this concept, we’ve also made sure that Trillian for iPhone has its own autoconnect settings, independent of your desktop!

Never lose your sessions

Chatting on a train as it heads into a tunnel? Thanks to our in-house “Octopus” server technology, your Trillian for iPhone sessions are safely stored server-side, ensuring you’ll never miss a message due to spotty service conditions. Even if you exit the application, upon coming back online all of your previous chat windows and messages will be waiting for you. You can even configure Trillian for iPhone to set itself away when the application closes down.

Push notifications

With the new iPhone OS 3.0, iPhones can now receive push notifications from service providers like Trillian Astra. What this means is that once logged on, your iPhone will instantly alert you whenever you receive an instant message, even if the application itself is closed! A pop-up window will appear showing the message with the signature Trillian sound; simply click the “View” button to reload Trillian and reply in the chat window right away.

Favorites and contacts search

One downside to mobile devices is screen real estate. If you have 500+ friends, the iPhone may have a hard time fitting all of them in one place. That’s why we are introducing a brand new feature, Favorites, which allows you to pin the contacts you chat with the most in a separate list for super quick access! What’s more, in order to let you find your contacts as quickly as possible, we’ve implemented an instant search feature on the contacts screen – simply click the search button, begin typing and watch the results appear.

Active chats at a glance

Trillian is built to manage multiple contacts, multiple connections, and multiple chats at the same time. To achieve this, we’ve implemented a chats screen and a tabbed chat window to show all your open chats at a glance. With the chats screen, you can see all the latest messages from each contact in one place – no fiddling between tabs. With our tabbed chat window, you can switch between chats with a single tap, or browse between them with swipes. The tabs also display useful real-time information including avatars, typing notifications and unread message counts.

Astra features and more

Our native Astra service shines in Trillian for iPhone. You can instantly send pictures from your photo album or directly from your camera to your friends. Friends on the Trillian Windows client can also send you pictures or even hand-drawn messages for easy display on the phone! The included user information viewer allows you to see a simplified version of one’s Astra Profile: location, basic demographics, and status. Even the buzz feature will vibrate your phone like it should!

Clean, concise, and coherent

Clean: A basic layout – everything is laid out in plain, simple lists.

Concise: No excessive buttons or cluttered interface elements, just the minimum controls necessary to achieve all basic IM functionality.

Coherent: Designed to fit in with the same look-and-feel as Apple’s own applications, making the entire program intuitive to existing iPhone users.

Astra Account: your key to many other devices

To use Trillian for iPhone, an Astra Account is required. Your connections and contacts are seamlessly kept between devices, and a single account means you can optionally and securely share your connections between devices. As our Trillian Astra platform continues to mature, you will begin to see strong ties between Trillian’s desktop and web editions. Once you register, you will be able to use the same account on any edition of Trillian, no extra setup necessary! The best part: registration is easy and painless and can be done right on your iPhone!

209 Responses to “Trillian for iPhone: Now available on the App Store!”
  1. StickyFinga Says:

    Ain’t got one but I’m glad you guys managed to set this up properly now. Just another step towards World Domination. Keep it up, CC.

  2. Scream81 Says:

    Congrats you guys!!!

  3. Toff Says:

    *throws confetti* :D

  4. Brian Says:

    Yaay! 3 Cheers for Cerulean – now i just need to justify buying an iPhone – guess asking for a JME Version is so much more than a long shot

  5. Stuart Anderson Says:

    Fantastic new, well done guys!!
    Makes me whish I had and iPhone. No thought of a Nokia cross over?

  6. Illianthe Says:

    Very nice. :) This will definitely be useful when I get my iPod Touch at the end of this year.

  7. Leujin Says:

    I seriously almost peed myself with excitement.

  8. Peter Says:

    AWESOME! Released on my birthday! you guys musta done it just for me! awww shucks…

  9. Heather Edick Says:

    Fantastic looking so far, everyone! Nice work!!

  10. exopotamie Says:

    Great!! What does this mean, if anything, for the Mac version? Eagerly awaiting it!

  11. Tandriin Says:

    A lot of work to do, but the for the first release not bad! I’m missing the landscape mode when im chatting with someone it’s a lot easier to type and the link option from my IM contacts to my contacts on the iphone as Beejive it offers.

    Another great feature would be the option to synchronize the history of iphone and desktop client not only for the astra network! I would love this feature for icq/msn, too. Isn’t is possible to store this data on the astra servers and when i’m reconnect my client @home the history will automatically updated.
    Im sure this would be an Killer Feature for a lot of People! or/and a reason to buy trillian pro ;)

  12. Romain Says:

    What about SYMBIAN??

  13. Andre Says:

    Any chance of offering a Lite version which doesn’t offer Push but for free? Also how about increasing the Push notifications to 3-7 days like Beejive

  14. coffee-turtle Says:

    Congratulations!!! it was a long time coming….

  15. louis Says:

    just installed to my iphone the only things it needs is an auto astra signon

  16. mrimagineer Says:

    Just bought my copy :-) Long time user, looks great so far. Looking forward to a quiet-mode setting though (such as time-based). And skype support! (push notification skype chats)

  17. Chahk Says:

    Well, now there is one thing that iDoes and Droid doesn’t. Hope Android version is in the works already. I’m getting sick and tired of eBuddy.

  18. Jason Says:

    Awesome. I’d buy this in an instant if there was a Mac version of Astra I could use as well.

  19. Jay Says:

    Oh my god, finally! Apple’s approval process blows syphilitic goats.

    Already purchased and currently installing.

  20. XAVIER Says:

    What version is the latest one in the apps store ?

  21. Kelta Says:

    Well… while I was using Windows Live, there was no usable and reliable software for me to use on Mac and iPod. And at that time I was completely sure that I am going to use it when it arrives to iPhone. Well… I switched to Google Talk which I recommend to everyone, which has a very cool browser client for ipod so unfortunately I am not forced to use Trillian now. Otherwise I would buy it in this very second. Great job guys! I’m happy for you! 3 months of waiting. I’m sure it was worth it! Hope that since The windows and iphone clients are out we can start focusing on the mac side! And… In the blog post for the Web client. There is a feature called “add and remove contacts” for Trillian for Web. Well that is pretty obvious to me how to add someone but could anyone tell me how to delete a contact in the web build? Thanks.

  22. smw Says:

    @Kelta Try hitting the delete key when you have a contact selected, it should bring you to a confirmation screen.

  23. BoRoN Says:

    I really can’t believe it. Trillian is available in the AppStore. I’ve directly bought it. GREAT !!!

  24. WillyWacker Says:

    wow.. so fast? i wait one year or longer :( (
    and registered for astra beta and Pro User and now.. nothing Discount ??

    I’m impressed.

  25. Manguera Says:

    No, please release Trillian on Mac OS! Then we can say: X-Mas is in November this year :)

  26. Travis Says:


    But, can you guys release a lite version for it? I dont have a credit card and cant buy it :(

  27. ajm Says:

    Travis: I think you can purchase an iTunes gift card with cash (at many major retail stores) and redeem it from either iTunes Store or the App Store.

  28. Byte Size Updates Says:

    Apple App Store Leaves Trillian Astra Hanging…

    Last month when Cerulean Studios launched Trillian Astra, they also submitted Trillian for iPhone to the Apple App Store for approval. Fast forward thirty days and they are still waiting for a response from Apple.

  29. IwamaRyu Says:

    Great Application, but please implement Landscape – Keyboard in version 1.1. :-)

  30. Neil Says:

    Bought, used…love it….congrats guys!

  31. ADV Says:

    I was expecting this to be free for PRO users of your service, why should I use this when I use Nimbuzz for FREE and it does 90% of what your version does for $4.99, comments welcome

  32. ajm Says:

    Landscape keyboard should be coming soon. If you follow the latest iPhone thread in our forums there has been talk about how it was coded but just needs some more consideration before going into an update.

  33. Nik Stohn Says:

    3,99€??? Really??
    I prefer Nimbuzz instead.

  34. Inside the id10t » Trillian for iPhone: Now available on the App Store! Says:

    [...] After many months of anticipation Apple has finally approved Trillian for iPhone! [...]

  35. XAVIER Says:

    Does anyone know what _version_ is the latest one in the apps store ?

    Whats the actual version number ?

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  37. Rachel Blackman Says: is the app store version. The iTunes page claims, because that was what we first submitted. When we resubmitted a binary last week (ping!), the version number in the app info didn’t increment. *shrug*

    The mismatch is only aesthetic (the App Store actually gives you 280), and nothing to worry about; when 281 or 282 goes to the app store, they’ll be in sync.

  38. Dilirius Cortez Says:

    Hi there. I am a little Bit disappointed. How can i see my offline contacts? Lots of my Friends are invisble. I cant chat them. I will stay at nimbuzz till this is fixed :(

  39. Eric Says:

    No facebook support :(

  40. Rachel Blackman Says:

    Contacts who are favorited show up in the favorites list even when offline (or, in this case, invisible). They also will show up in search results, if you tap the little spyglass and search for them.

    If you want the ability to have all contacts (even offline ones) show in the main list, please add a ticket to Bugzilla with a feature request, so that the feature ends up on the roadmap. :)

  41. amulpokh Says:


  42. Ryan Says:

    Congrats guys! Really hope you guys can make an Android version as well – would love to have it on my Droid, the other IM apps for it aren’t very good.

  43. OOZ662 Says:

    Been waiting for this so long…and now I have no money. Sad panda.

  44. Nick Chhan Says:

    Finally! Getting it asap!

  45. Robert Biro Says:

    I’d like a volume control for sound effects – I want the phone to ring for calls, but I don’t need really loud beeps for an IM. Or maybe a separate volume control so I can have a quiet beep but my music/call volume can be louder

  46. Steve Says:

    Where is facebook? I can’t add my acount. Hope it hasn’t been left out…

  47. Raqib12 Says:

    Simultaneous login doesn’t seem to work. Will this be fixed for 1.1?
    Will there be a way to synchronize contacts with the address book and vice versa? Say, linking meta contacts with people on your address book?

  48. create Says:

    I know you said landscape keyboard is coming, and that is my #1 gripe at this time

    The 24hr timeout on the connection is way too short, this should be bumped up to at least a week, my AIM app never seemed to time out and I like being always logged in, it’s why I have an iPhone :-(

  49. Chris Says:

    Nice! Purchased! Been waiting for this for a long time. Great job guys. I love the features.

  50. Johnny Says:

    Thanks for the great app..BUT…will any save chat log or email chat log be implemented in the near future? If yes it will be the perfect IM app!!

  51. Shawn K. Hall Says:

    @ADV: if you use Trillian on your desktop/laptop, you’ll find that sync’ing accounts is extremely simple. If you change accounts or manage more than a couple, this is huge.

    I’ve got this on my iPhone now, and while it’s got a bunch of beautiful features, I have to agree with others here that the lack of landscape mode is a major flaw. Waiting patiently for the update. :)

  52. Wahoobie Says:

    Excellent! Best iPhone App I have ever bought….good work folks!

  53. PatJay68 Says:

    Purchased !!! Do you plan to add skype connexion ? What about a mac version of Trillian ?

  54. Trillian-Messenger ab sofort für das iPhone verfügbar » Videos, Trillian, Aktion, Trillian-Blog, Screenshots, Einige » Says:

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  55. mooch Says:

    simultaneous login doesn’t work for me! all services disconnect when loggin on on the ipod!
    please fix it :)

  56. rville Says:

    3,99e shit thats expensive, with halfbaked features.

    Where is the facebook chat?
    Where is the landscape keyboard?

    I’am sorry but there are a lot better clients available for the iPhone. Some of them are free and some cost little more.

    And no discount for registered Pro users?

  57. Kevin Says:

    Like it but come on, ihave signoff set to 24 hrs yet I come back into it 45 min later and it prompts me to select account to sign in. Huh? Push don’t mean Jack if it’s signing me off!!!! That is real frustrAting and if this is truly and app error and not human error that is ridicuolus. I’m gonna stick with aim knowing you guys stole 5 bucks from me.

  58. Kurt Says:

    Awesome! Just downloaded and installed, and it’s far superior and faster than anything else I’ve ever used, including more expensive apps. Thanks, Cerulean! (also, the Hitchhiker’s Guide is my favorite book, just another great thing.)

  59. Teo Says:

    great. Trillain at Appstore at least.

    But where is the significant feature of Trillian, which makes ist possible to categorize offline contacts?

    Chatlog would also be nice.

  60. Hiro Says:

    No french version ?

  61. Stephen Says:

    Great to hear, insane that it has taken Apple this long.

    I currently use Beejive but I will give Trillian a go if/when the Mac client is released as there is one feature I really like that the other clients don’t have but it needs to desktop client.

  62. ajm Says:

    Kevin: that sounds like a bug; perhaps it’s not successfully saving state on exit. I’m sure you’re still signed on the server though, so just tap your username and see if it says “Resuming”

  63. Joesixgig Says:

    Looks great, seems to work perfectly. One thing though: this morning google asked me to change my password because of suspicious activity for the first time ever. Could it be that accessing google through Trillian iPhone, Trillian Astra desktop, FeedDemon, and web interface all at once clarifies as suspicious behavior. Either way, if others start experiencing this, we’re going to need a fix.

  64. Trillian for iPhone | My Philly Network Says:

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  65. Manksgloob Says:

    This is the first app that I have actually paid money for in the almost 17 months that the App Store has existed.

    Aren’t you special?

  66. John Says:

    nice release. Would be nice to have landscape mode

  67. Batman Says:

    Works like a charm! Good job.

  68. Michael Says:

    Great App. Seams for me it has Somerset problems with my Jabber Account. I added myself into the Friends List but did Not get an online Status of myself. Hm has to check in Detail. But anyway good Application and i’m happy to use it from now on. BR Mikesch

  69. ewww Says:

    “register new account” – “account verification” spins endlessly. It’s borked.

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    [...] Trillian for iPhone now available. [...]

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    [...] meses. E isso já foi há mais de 30 dias! Ontem, finalmente, o aplicativo ganhou sinal verde e começou a ser vendido na App [...]

  72. iksg Says:

    This is the day I’ve been waiting for a long long time. Thank you CS.

  73. JJL Says:

    Been watching the Cerulean Studios’ Blog for a while for just this announcement…

    (clicks ‘Buy’)

  74. Will Smothers Says:

    Guys – not to complain or anything but I think that you should provide Pro owners with a iTunes gift card for $4.99 so that the app is free for us. We have already paid you for the premium service…

  75. @Mel_pucca Says:

    Will the iPhone app be supporting Skype, Twitter, and Facebook in the near future? Other than that the iPhone app is so well put together. So adore the fact we can change our statuses and update profile pic using iPhone photo collection. Cool.

  76. max1589 Says:


  77. d0nnae Says:

    The Push-Notifications are not working for me properly. I only tried over ICQ and i got 2 messages with a bit more of length forwarded/pushed, but all the other messages that where “aha” or “:>” where not pushed! is there a minimum number of required characters or somethin or is it just a bug? anyone else havin the same issue?

    other than that, i happy u got it released finallY!

  78. DiamondNRG Says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think 5 bucks is a big deal? I really don’t think it breaks the bank.. .and it makes sense that the mobile apps aren’t included for free.

  79. getjams Says:

    Nice! About time Apple! I downloaded it right away. I have been a Beejive user for a couple years and two things keep me more inclined to use Beejive over Astra on the iphone: landscape mode and it is also easier to manage individual accounts on Beejive. Sometimes I want to sign into just one of my IM accounts and it’s a LOT harder to do this on Astra. Beejive boots up right to your connections screen and you can either go online with all of them or choose which individual protocols to go online with.

  80. Ilhan Says:

    Definetly needs Skype chat and landscape keyboard.

  81. Batman Says:

    I think $5 is a competitive price for the app plus whatever new features are added. I think people need to understand that the landscape mode will be added so throw that argument out because it will be added. Facebook chat would be nice, and I think it will be added with time. I am just glad that the app was released and functions properly.

  82. Nutshell Says:

    Congrats on your deliverable!

  83. Jay Simonds Says:

    I also was informed by Google to change my password due to suspicious activity this morning after installing the iPhone application.

  84. Raqib12 Says:

    …I too was notified of there being suspicious activity on my Google account after installing Trillian.
    Cerulean Studios, do you have an explanation?

  85. Joesixgig Says:

    One minor thing: I have found consistently that when the iPhone goes to sleep with Trillian running, when I password unlock the iPhone (3G), the lower navigation bar is missing from Trillian (contacts / favorites / Chats / Status). Exiting the app and reopening it brings the bar back. -Joe

  86. shadowau Says:

    never want one YUCK PHONE the first made ppl sterile so y get one … when is a symbian coming … or do i make one my self ?

  87. Joesixgig Says:

    On Google’s ‘suspicious activity’ alert: the Trillian team is looking into it, but it would still be helpful if anyone with that problem reports here. They seem to be trying to find common factors that can cause this, so if you report here it may be helpful if you list which google services you access, and how. For me the list is:

    - Feeddemon (google reader account)
    - Trillian Astra
    - Outlook (IMAP gmail)
    - Web interface (occasionally for gmail, GNews, GDocs)

    - Google reader (Safari)
    - Gmail imap
    - Trillian (new)

    I never had Google complain about suspicious activity, so it seems that the Trillian iPhone app made the difference.

    Final request: it would be useful if the forums would have a specific section dedicated to the iPhone app, just to have all bugs and feature requests in one place. -Joe

  88. Raqib12 Says:

    -Trillian Astra
    -Google Voice

    -Mail > Gmail

  89. Alex Says:

    Same comment as Raqib12 …I too was notified of there being suspicious activity on my Google account after installing Trillian. Cerulean Studios, do you have an explanation?

  90. stoph Says:

    Pro users should get it for free. Show us some support for supporting you ;)

  91. Affinator Says:

    My Palm Pre is eagerly waiting for an announcement ;-)

  92. Allison Says:

    So awesome! Thrilled to finally have this on my iPhone :)
    I hate to ask for things but I have to agree with some of the requests above, integration of the Apple landscape API would be awesome (the one that won’t flip to portrait with the home button at the top), phone contacts integration, and syncing of history would rock my socks!

  93. sahas katta Says:

    First off, Congrats!

    Just as some other users mentioned, this is one of the few Apps I’ve actually have been willing to pay for. It’s well designed, responsive, and works great!

    It makes sense why landscape mode isn’t implemented yet. Even in the phone’s default SMS app, it’s easy to type, but hard to see anything.

    One thing I’d point out is that the settings are in the iPhone’s Settings section. Things such as sound settings aren’t within the App itself. (In case others don’t know.)

    I also have not been able to sign in to my jabber account. It’s because it’s using a special domain for it. Not the default one. So since there’s no setting, it isn’t working. (It works on the desktop client perfectly.)

    And other than that, Facebook Chat would be an awesome addition.

  94. iPod + Phone = iPhone - Page 76 - TRIBE - Says:

    [...] Trillian for iPhone: Now available on the App Store [...]

  95. Sean Fuhrmann Says:

    THANKS GUYS! Purchase immediately.

    Only request would be to move the more button and replace with the send button (to mimic SMS and add ability to send multi line texts).

  96. Mickey Sattler Says:

    Nice release, albeit pricey. Needs Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. Nice to have include Latitude and other geolocation app integration. Needs this and more to make price attractive over IM+ and Beejive. Plus Mac Trillian. Thanks so much for all this work and enduring the Apple App Store gauntlet.

  97. John Says:

    BATTERY DRAIN… started out with 100% this morning and installed this. by 1230 my battery was down to 45%.. my normal % by 12 or 1230 would be around 75%..I used IM+ before (which i hate so i switched to Trillian). The only thing i changed on my phone is installing trillian and using it with push notifications so i know that is the culprit. Please fix… $5 isnt much but it is wasted on an app i cannot use.

  98. Rapscallion0 Says:

    @DiamondNRG – I totally agree. Whoever is complaining about the 5 bucks needs to relax. If 5 bucks is too much for you then how the heck can you afford an iPhone. I am a pro member and happily paid the $5 to get the iPhone version.

    I have been using IM+ up till today and am so glad I switched to iTrillian ;-) . Sure there were some nice features about IM+ like horizontal keyboard and auto reply when app is not running. But IM+ was soooooo slow for me, and iTrillian is a welcome relief. And the rest of the bells and whistles will come for iTrillian as well.

    Thanks a tonne CC and keep up the good work!!

    PS. For those ready to start flaming me for calling it “iTrillian”.. I know thats not whats its called, but I like the ring of it. :-)

  99. Pneumatic Says:

    Rachel just posted to the forums:

    “Internal builds have already had the maximum suspend time up’d to 7 days. That’ll be in the next push through the app store. “

  100. Joesixgig Says:

    Just had to change my Google password for the second day in a row due to ‘suspicious activity’. This time I was not using the Astra desktop client, so it’s beginning to look as if the iPhone app alone is enough to appear ‘suspicious’ to Google. I’ll stop using the app for now, since changing the saved password on all my Google-dependent software is getting to be a pain. Please let us know if there is a workaround. -Joe

  101. Pre's Bee Yotch Says:

    Otherwise known as Astra account zerocross, or ZxHayate.
    This is just one step closer to an all-round platform to beat out all others!

    I lack either of Apple’s devices this works on, but have Astra on Windows.

    Maybe to get the Palm webOS users happy, you can make them a version, too?
    Also, since Astra on Web might not work with Nintendo DSi Browser, maybe a version could go in there?
    I’m not forcing anyone, just an idea…
    But if you do, then you’re even closer, and future-proof in case popularity shifts between handhelds…

  102. Pneumatic Says:

    The “suspicious activity” issue is known and it’s being worked on now. There is a thread running on the forums about it here:

  103. James Says:

    This is awesome, I’ve been waiting for the iPhone app…. but I not liking the price. I already shelled out $25 for Astra, I don’t want to have to pay another $5 for the app. Still, I probably will just suck it up and get it. Looks nice though

  104. d3plus Says:

    hi why trilliand dont support qwerty keyboard, that sucks…. tha app is good but with out qwerty, doesnt work at all. :(

  105. GoGoGo Says:

    Purchased application last night after hearing it had finally released. I had been anxiously awaiting it. To be honest, I’m disappointed. I feel like we’ve been waiting for forever, and this isn’t as spectacular as I expected. It works well enough, however I have some complaints about the UI. Away messages which are too long don’t display properly in the info page. Buddy icons look distorted because they aren’t being shown at their native resolution. There are practically NO options to customize how it works or sounds or looks, something I am particularly disappointed by as customizability is something Trillian is known for. AIM being my principle usage, I am forced to compare it to the official AIM app, which IMO, works more quickly and with smoother transitions. Also, I am getting disconnected at random sometimes and losing all the conversations I had going. While I am glad Trillian for iPhone is here, I look forward to some more spit and polish from you guys in the future.

  106. Robert Says:

    Great going guys now add Landscape mode to it !!!!!!!

  107. StupidDog Says:

    Wow, just Wow! I am deeply impressed!

  108. Adrian Says:

    It just doesn’t work. What a waste of money. If I could I would ask for a refund.

  109. z1r0_ Says:

    When a Friend sent me the link to a news that said that trillian had been accepted i ran to the AppStore and bought it without even thinking about anything. I was using beejive until now. It’s nice but i wanted to give trillian a try and now I can’t stop using it. It’s much greater than I expected after reading some ratings on the AppStore. Very nice work <3 there is nothing better :)
    Great work. So happy that it finally got accepted by Apple.

  110. Alec Says:

    You guys released the iPhone one before finishing the Mac version. It’s easier to port a Mac Application to iPhone, but still iPhone support I guess :/

  111. Centerfield13 Says:

    I’m quite pleased and I purchased this as soon as I saw the news.

    For people to say things like “It just doesn’t work” means they aren’t understanding how to use it or they are just trolling.

    I know it will receive the constant improvement attention that your desktop app gets. Finally, I have a great IM client for my iPhone and iTouch.

    Congrats! I feel it was worth the wait.

  112. pjm Says:

    Great work – thanks for the effort.

    Any idea when Facebook, Twitter, and IRC will make it to Trillian for iPhone?

    Also, any idea when Trillian for OS X will be released?

  113. Raqib12 Says:


    For some people, it really is crashing, on my friend’s iPhone 3G, it spontaneously crashes for no reason.

    It works 100% on my iPhone 2G, and my iPod Touch 2G.

  114. WillCroPoint Says:

    I love it. As soon as it gets updated with landscape mode, Facebook and Skype support, longer Push notifications and small things like being able to view offline contacts, I will find it perfect. And guessing most of these are already in the works I’m quite glad. Keep up the good work !!

  115. Niko Says:


    im really happy that apple released Trillian for iphone. As expected the App is great.

    There are two things that i am missing. I would really appreciate it if they could be added to Trillian Iphone:

    - Some kind of Geo-Status like IM+ has. Friends can click the link in your status to see your position on the map. This would be really great.

    - The Second thing is skype.

    Best regards

  116. Dennis Says:

    No Skype… bad, hope updates will fix it soon… no landscape ? very bad

  117. fatcab Says:

    I’ve bought your iPhone App yesterday and I like the GUI really. It’s a great finish. Most, the app is fast, push works fine.

    BUT, please fix the bugs as fast as possible. Sometimes when Trillian starts, the loadbar hangs in the middle. And please add an option, to save the online/away messages.

    But all in all you done good work. Go on guys! :-)

  118. John Says:

    I want to correct a prior comment i made. This app DOES NOT drain my battery. I after removing trillian from my phone the battery was still draining so i went to apple and it turns out my phone was defective. I also received an email from the makers of this app apologizing for any issues with the app. I must say that is top notch customer service especially since they knew of my problem by reading user comments. Again this app does not drain the battery it is fine on my new phone. and i love this app.

  119. Tabris82 Says:

    Congrats guys! I am happy to pay for this and any other services you provide!

  120. Dark Says:

    What about Gadu-Gadu, would it be available in the next updates?

  121. DiamondNRG Says:

    There is no Gadu Gadu plugin at all for Trillian, so I doubt that would happen anytime soon. If it was to be made it would be 3rd party, and I doubt that 3rd party plugins are going to end up being run on CS’ server for everyone using a mobile platform to connect to.

  122. Vartra Says:

    WOOHOO!! Finally, purchased, installed, and set up. Its about time APPLE approved this.

  123. Will Thong Says:

    I am in love with all the awesome Hitchhiker references in the screenies :)

  124. ulli Says:

    please add skype and facebook, maybe twitter soon .

  125. Martin Sunny Says:


  126. SkiRookie Says:

    will you being making Trillian available for BlackBerry Storm??

  127. SkiRookie Says:

    oops! I have both as a tester at work, iPhone and BlackBerry, would be nice to have it on both.

  128. kt Says:

    So close to cool and yet absolutely nowhere! What a waste of money if your primary IM network is AOL — no way to easily sync your contact list. Great disappointment.

  129. paul compton Says:

    Great at last, £2:99 – - worth every penny cheers guys.

  130. stephan Says:

    geil… das läuft !!!

  131. Benjamin Says:

    Awesome! I’ve waited so long for this app. I’m Trillian pro user and love this messenger since some years. Are there some special features for pro users in the pocket version? I don’t regret, that i haven’t bought some of this other shit like IM+ or Nimbuzz.

    Thanks a lot, team!

  132. niltz Says:

    I am a little disappointed by this.

    1) I am a pro user so I thought this would be free with a pro account.
    2) No landscape keyboard…I have big thumbs and the standard keyboard is too small
    3) No facebook support

    For the price, (2) and (3) should be there…

  133. Stephen Says:

    with an iphone can not do anything, what is with a version for android? thx

  134. Israel David Navarro Says:






    I am an Internet Evangelist and Christian Counselor and I use IM as a tool to reach the lost for Christ im on my iPod Touch 24/7/365 and i have to usse either Beejive IM or IM+ …. AND THE LOGIN TIME IS 24 hours unlike Beejive and IM+ its 7 days

  135. Ray Henson Says:

    Love the sync’ing of the Desktop and push notifications, Having issues with my jabber contacts though. After it first installed, they showed but then dissapeared. I have tried logging off and back on, bit no luck. It says that it is currently connected, but it’s not.

  136. AParrette Says:

    And the flaming starts on the app store. this is by far the best app out there. i can use all my chats from windows with 1 app. hell there are even some that aren’t available in the app store. And the ones on there that say they have been with trillian for years and are disappointed for having to sign up for an account is complete bull. And as far as this being the first version to come out i will live w/ no background and limited options.

    Any idea if landscape and other options like facebook chat will be avalible?

  137. Michael D. Bailey Says:

    Trillian is truly a killer app. The iPhone version is the first mobile IM client I’ve seen that deals with poor connectivity seamlessly and intuitively. This app will easily make me money. Thank god Apple finally published it.

  138. Pancho Villa Says:

    While I’m glad the iLovers got their version, not all of us are followers of the false church of Jobs…
    How about a version for the BlackBerry?

  139. PsuFan Says:

    Charging $5 to current customers is poor.

  140. Oni Says:

    Thanks guys. Any reason why it was delayed? Or is it crApple being stupid…

    Also, agreed on the landscape keyboard thing. Everything else is just ancillary.

  141. Ian Says:

    You’re being charged for an iPhone app. The price of the app has nothing to do with a Pro subscription.

    When you’re buying Pro, you’re buying access to some of the more advanced features, and you’re buying higher-priority customer support. In short, when you pay for a Pro account, you’re paying for Trillian Pro.

    Using Trillian for iPhone necessarily makes heavy use of CS’s servers for Push notifications, the Octopus server, etc. Whether you have Trillian Basic or Trillian Pro, you’re still using CS’s resources. The $5 cost of the app helps to offset that cost to CS.

    Could they sell the app for cheaper? Maybe. Could they give it away to all Pro customers? It’s possible. Would they make a profit? Doubtful.

    I know many ‘Net users these days expect everything for free, but people can’t make a living on free. Bottom line: CS is a business. They’ve got a very cool product that they’re trying to sell. They’ve done a very cool thing by providing so much functionality for free, and they’re banking that people like it enough to pay for the extras.

    Do you want Trillian to go under? No. I don’t, at least. Do you want CS to charge reasonable costs so they can operate at a profit? I do.

  142. Taffman Says:

    Fantastic guys, well done. Next stop Android ;-)

  143. onetwo Says:

    missing landscape-keyboard…

  144. BoRoN Says:

    You are absolutely right, Ian !
    I think exactly the same.

  145. TheFearlessCat Says:

    How is the speed?

    For example, AIM for iPhone locks up after each message with maybe a 10 second lag.

  146. Andy Says:

    Do Trillian pro users have to pay to get a copy of the iPhone application?

  147. Batman Says:

    Yes, Andy you need to pay to get a copy of the iPhone application because of the use of the servers and increase in bandwidth to keep your connected and for the push notifications.

  148. Chad Says:

    Synced activity history would make this app indispensable.

  149. bgate Says:

    Looks good, how about a S60 version? :-)

  150. Brenda Says:

    oooooooh my, so many awesome cool feautures!!! Would like to see it soon on the ANDROID market. I’ve downloaded every messenger handler there is available on the android market and they don’t compare to this Trillian iphone app.

  151. Ben Says:

    needs facebook chat then it would be perfect

  152. chadrh Says:

    Been waiting for this for a long time and have to say I’m disappointed. No landscape AND a charge despite having paid for Pro. The bandwidth argument doesn’t cut it. If I’m on Trillian on my phone it’s cause I’m mobile and therefore not using Trillian on my desktop. They’re charging Pro users because they feel they can. Not this one.

  153. DiamondNRG Says:

    chadrh, they don’t know when people buy the app or not if they have a pro account… so what your saying would screw them over for the people that use the free version of the desktop client. It’s 5 bucks, just get over it… it allows you to be mobile and use it… which is something above and beyond the pro feature set you paid for before.

    Landscape keyboard has already been added and is coming in a build soon.

  154. vuzman Says:

    Cannot connect to Astra or ICQ(AIM) qithout knocking the Trillian desktop connections offline…
    And why can’t we have simultaneous signon for WLM too? The WLM client can do it.

  155. Ian Jones Says:

    This is a great app but it sapps my battery.
    if i uninstall the app the battery drain stops. IM+ doesnt do this.
    Is anyone else seeing this?

  156. Darwing Says:

    Great first release guys now add landscapeode fbook chat and skype and I’ll pay 3 times the price!!!

  157. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Vuzman … Astra multiple logins is PRO feature, AIM multiple logins work fine, ICQ does not allow this at all (not even with their native clients) and WLM multiple login support is brand new and is coming to Astra SOON.

  158. Astarael Says:

    My main issue is that it seems to disconnect nearly every time the device locks, so it has to resume or sign-in again. I always have to wait for it. I don’t know if it can be avoided. And sometimes I see these “reconnect” or “signed out of hotspot” prompts which loads some webpage if I click it, then I have to exit that then load trillian again….needless tapping.
    I also can’t connect simultaneous with my desktop version.

    Other than that some customization, to step away from the mostly white interface, would be great. More apps should try to match the glossy black face. Astra improved a lot graphically while the ipod version is so plain…

    That aside I am glad to finally have it :) Great for playing games and still being able to chat. ;)

  159. Disgruntled Says:

    I bought this yesterday but so far have not been able to logon to any accounts.
    No matter which IM protocol I use, I get ‘incorrect passwrod’ errors.

    I have confirmed the correct password by logging on via my PC.

    Can someone help?

  160. W.Shatner Says:

    Bought it about 12+ hours ago – I have 7 accounts with various networks and it seems to work as perfectly for me as the desktop version. I’ve been a long long time Trillian user and was awaiting the iPhone app as I wasn’t pleased with the other available clients. Glad you finally got it through the atrocious “review process”. Battery life doesn’t appear to be negatively affected for me, especially since Trillian is closed most of the time and uses the PUSH notifications. Signed in with my Astra account I setup long ago.. bam.. everything was there – zero problems thus far – just appears to work – Thanks :)

  161. Originlame8 Says:

    Great job guys love it! Only one suggestion. Landscape keyboard is a necessity, add that and you have the perfect app!

  162. GeetarDSC Says:

    A version for Blackberry would be GREATLY appreciated…And not just for certain versions of phones but the whole line. Thanks!

  163. Monolith Tyriss Says:

    Just a quickie here. Glad you guys finally got onto the iPhone platform. Very awesome looking software there! I already use Trillian Astra all the time on Windows, so this -would- be great. But I’d gotten hold of BeeJive a while back.. and over the course of the updates it and Trillian are pretty much the same beast on the iPhone. Sure Trillian is -cheaper-, but if you’d already bought Beejive a long time ago like I did when Trillian was ‘still coming..’, I can’t -quite- see something that pops out on Trillian I don’t already have on Beejive, or works better. Because as said, the two are pretty much identical.

    Yeah Trillian does a lot of syncing between PC and iPhone, that’s something I’d miss. I may eventually -get- Trillian on the iPhone anyway, but have to see how it goes. iPhone being sold right now, -might- get a 3GS or Touch in the next few months so would have need. If I don’t get either, well.. not much point for Trillian iPhone, is there? Thanks for all the hard work guys, hope it really pays off!

  164. Kenny Says:

    I’ve been a Trillian user since the beginning and a long time Trillian Pro customer. I love Trillian and have converted pretty much everyone I know over to Trillian. However, I use Facbook Messenger 90% of the time and without Facebook support this app is completely useless! I must say it looks absolutely amazing and very well put together, but with the lack of certain features it is still very poor compared to other apps. For right now I will continue to use BeeJive IM, as it’s the closest thing out there to the desktop Trillian client. Also, I definitely think you should reward your loyal Pro customers by offering some sort of a discount or at the very least some extra functionality!

  165. BoRoN Says:

    Couldn’t you stop asking for landscape keyboard in every third post ?
    CS already answered that it is already implemented and will come within the next update.
    Just lean back and relax !

  166. Fireguy74 Says:

    Couple of issues I have had so far and recommended bug fixes in new version:
    I cannot keep simultanious connections. I am logged into my desktop with ASTRA (Astra, Google, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN) and when I log into the iPhone all but Astra, AIM and Google get disconnected. Conversly when I then try and log back into the iPhone, they disconnect on the desktop.
    Also, every once and awhile the iPhone client will log me off and tell me that every one of my IM passwords is incorrect and make me re-enter them. Menu options and locations need to be cleaned up (hard to find certain things under certain locations).

  167. Kit Says:

    Just bought the iPhone app and there’s no secure IM support?? AIM will not allow me to be logged in from the phone and on the desktop (paid ver of Astra)

  168. VE6AY Says:

    @Fireguy74, Kit,

    Yahoo, Skype, and ICQ don’t allow for simultaneous connections. It’s something that was pointed out a while ago (or if you’re like me and use Astra on both your desktop and laptop, try logging your identities in on both at the same time). It’s not a bug, but a problem with the Yahoo, Oscar and Skype protocols. Nothing the CS group can fix. HOWEVER. Simultaneous connections on MSN is something that has recently been introduced and will be coming to Astra soon, which means it’ll probably be coming to the iPhone app, too. (thanks DiamondNRG for that)

    @ Kenny, and everyone else complaining about the price,

    Having us pay five dollars once isn’t the end of the world. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes for an app like that that we normally won’t see. As a beta tester, I read some blog postings and forum posts about it, and the whole Octopus thing that they do is on THEIR SERVERS. Meaning that when we use Astra for iPhone / iPod Touch, we connect to THEIR SERVERS. These servers of theirs cost money to maintain – hardware upgrades, bandwidth allocation, hosting sites, networking issues, the whole nine yards. So having to pay a few dollars once is nothing. And so what if you bought Pro ? It means you were happy enough to support them once. People who bought Pro in 3 still had to pay to buy Pro in 4, right ? This is the same sort of thing – you still have to support them. If you don’t like it, well you don’t have to buy it, right ?


    The Blackberry platform is constantly evolving, so there’s some problems with making it work on ALL of the line – for example, you try and run an app from, say the Bold, on the old 6000 series phones. Ain’t gonna happen. The whole thing has changed since then. Hell, apps for the Storm and the Bold aren’t completely compatible as it is, and they’re two that’re really close.

    Blackberry is lower down on the priority list for the CS staff. Why ? Because (a) they all have their own work to do, (b) Mac is the next big thing, (c) a lot of the staff have iPhones, and (d) the code for the iPhone and the Mac is partially interchangeable. It’s a clear stepping stone for them, as they have stated in the past.

    Everyone else, just be patient. Yes, there are bugs. Yes, this is something we wish weren’t so. Things will be fixed, it’s just a matter of time. Also, before you all start complaining about stuff, take a few minutes to read some of the other comments out there. I did, which is why this comment had been changed three times while trying to type it – I read up and got some new information.

    To summarize some of the more popular comments posted earlier:
    - Landscape keyboard isn’t implemented yet. It will be at some point.
    - Yes, the app costs 5 dollars less one penny, no matter if you’re a Pro user or not. There’s a good explanation a few pages up by a guy called Ian, if you didn’t bother reading my post (which says much of the same stuff)
    - Some people were having problems with Google telling them their passwords should be changed. This is due to the connections coming from the CS servers centrally, to everyone’s accounts.
    - Simultaneous connections are protocol-based, not CS based. Astra can do it (if you are a Pro user), AIM can do it, and GoogleTalk can do it. MSN will be doing it soon, ICQ doesn’t yet (dunno when it will be) nor will Skype (ditto).
    - Skype & FB Chat and integration are coming at some point in the future. They aren’t here yet.

    That’s a basic summary of most of the griping from above… hope it helps some of you guys.

  169. James Says:

    Now how about for android??

  170. leon Says:

    I wanted to know why there is no facebook on the iphone version, also there is no chatting on the main client for facebook, how come?

    Otherwise amazing, it would be amazing if it was possible to not have to sign in to the app even with auto sign up, so that when you go back to the app and you did not log off it just opens where you left off…

    i love the app though better than any of the competition minus the facebook chat :)

    note: i have been a pro user forever and trillian user from day! you guys rock

  171. DiamondNRG Says:


    First of all, Astra for Windows does indeed have Facebook Chat included, maybe you just never turned it on in the preferences?

    Second, Facebook hasn’t been added to the iPhone yet because its not possible to have 100% of the features done for the first build and like 139094803289402384 people already b*tched about it. It will happen, don’t worry.

    Third, The app doesn’t sign you out, it just goes through a resume screen to update the list… otherwise you might write someone that isn’t online anymore… if you get messages while you have the app closed, you will get notified.

  172. Madhukar Says:

    I’m not able to connect to Jabber from my iPhone. There is no way to enter the domain and port numbers and I think it is the reason.

  173. Kurt Says:

    F the iphone, Palm Pre rules. I wouldn’t mind a Palm Pre app like a few others mentioned. However, the integrated IM’ing in the Pre works for me.

  174. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » Trillian for iPhone: Two months later, still no response from Apple… Says:

    [...] Trillian for iPhone has been approved for sale on the App [...]

  175. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Kurt … your suggestion becomes pathetic and lame when you start it with “F the iphone”. I highly doubt a Palm version will be out any time soon … most likely Android next and then Windows Mobile.

  176. Max Christian Says:

    I downloaded Trillian for iPhone last week and just wanted to say here how good it is. I was already using IM+ (and still use it for Facebook and Skype) but it’s well worth paying the extra to have Trillian for the other services. It’s much faster, better-looking and more reliable so far as well. A really efficient, polished app.

  177. Brian Says:

    The only thing it’s missing is horizontal keyboard support. Being forced to type on the condensed keyboard is a little annoying.

  178. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Brian, yup that would be why there are about 50 comments stating that already. :) They have already added it to the next build… but I have no idea how close they are to submitting it.

  179. TELOX Says:

    I bought in my Iphone, it is great !

    VoIP/SIP is my wish list for the next version. Hope this come soon…

  180. Jan Says:

    I’m waiting for an update…
    Landscape, twitter, facebook are missing so much :’( ^^

  181. CJDavE Says:

    Having cut and paste capability in the chat history, just like in the iPhone’s native SMS app, would be awesome.

    To those getting disconnected when your phone locks, it’s the phone turning off WiFi to conserve battery and Trillian not knowng what to do, it seems. Manually turning off WiFi while connected doesn’t affect Trillian, though. Using Insomnia on a Jailbroken phone will stop the disconnects, but your battery will drain a lot faster.

    The ability to see offline contacts, without having to search for them, would be good as well.

    Anyway, I like the app. Works like I figure it should, especially considering how new it is.

  182. Jose Says:

    Hi Trillian, I really enjoy the fact that you have developed Trillian Astra for the iPhone, I hope one day to see the same done for Windows Mobile 6+.

    Have fun and great job!

  183. Dominiv Pfuger Says:

    Great, I’m going to download it, even the current release can not be considered as feature complete yet. Hope to see the following features in a future update soon:

    - landscape support (very important for easier typing)
    - Facebook-Chat (all other multi-protocol-chat-clients on the iphone like Beejive IM, IM+ etc. do have support for this major-network).

    Hope you guys do your homework so you get one step ahead to your main goal, the domination of the IM-universe. :-)

    Greetings, Domi

  184. Justin Says:

    does anyone know if the app will be available for the blackberry?

  185. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Justin … not likely at least for a very long time.

  186. Darren Says:

    Well i purchased the windows client and was very happy with the ability to be able to manage all my social networks from a single client (the only issue i have is that i have to have the skype client installed to have Trillian manage skype as well) – So because i have an iPhone 3GS 32gb, i thought cool i can get Trillian to manager all my contacts on my iPhone too! But alas it does not – i have been looking at the information on the website about the iPhone application and i believe that the information is not really representing the product correctly… Firstly in Australia the application is $5.99 for the iPhone version, not $4.99 as advertised on the website. Also the website doesn’t state that the iPhone app doesn’t support facebook, twitter or skype – the whole idea of me buying the application was to do the same thing as i do on my windows PC.

    Can i suggest that correct the information about the iPhone application on the product page so people know what they are really buying. The way it reads is misleading and i and other people think you can do the same with the iPhone app as you can with the desktop app.

    Just some constructive feedback.


  187. WillCroPoint Says:

    First, happy new year everyone.
    Second, I was wondering if anyone could have just a vague idea about when the next iPhone update would come? I’m not asking for a very precise date or feature set but just to have a rough idea. Maybe something like: “in one month or so”, “in about three months” and “it may contain one additional protocol”.
    Seeing the app has been submitted more than four months ago, I guess the devs must have worked new things on it in the meantime?
    Thanks, keep up the good work! ;)

  188. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Darren, you are just reading what “Astra” supports… on the appstore download page it clearly does not list any of the mediums that the iPhone does not handle YET.

    Your point about the price is probably valid though, they could add a “USD” at the end of it or something to clear up confusion for other countries.

  189. DimensionFX Says:

    I hope you guys release a version for android!

  190. Josh Says:

    Anybody know why I would be getting add new contact requests from the same people, over and over again? This happens every single time i load trillian for iphone, and it’s always the same contacts.

  191. cheeky Says:

    There seems to be a problem organising contacts on the iPhone. You try and make a new group and then add a contact, and then the contact disappears or doesn’t go to that group. Anyone know why this is the case? Am I doing something wrong?

  192. Richie Says:

    This may be a stupid question as nobody seems to have asked it yet. How do I add another contact to a conversation?

  193. TrenchWar Says:

    Why when I put in my gtalk password does it try to connect and then shorten the password and fail?

  194. G Says:

    useless garbage since push is not working at all. also, my contact’s profile pics won’t show up. as far as I’m concerned, I’m going back to IM+ ’till those bugs are fixed…

  195. Huego Says:

    Hey Guys!
    I really like Trillian for iPhone. But sometimes it randomly crashes. That is a little bit annoying. Can you improve the typing text box to behave like the text message App (I talk of line break and growth of text box while typeing) The necessary scrolling to edit a longer message is not optimal.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  196. J W Says:

    Would love to see IRC support

  197. c0nfused Says:

    is anyone having a problem with the keyboard displaying or popping back up once 2 or more chat windows are open and the app was resumed from a reconnection/suspension? i find myself having to either a) close one of the chats so the keyboard comes up on the other chat or b) click a new chat from my buddy list so a keyboard pops up then proceed to cancel that chat and switch over.

    ex: chat open with adam and eve. both keyboards remain visible and available.
    app gets minimized using home button.
    relaunching app/reconnect
    chat for both adam and eve is now listed in bullet style under chat tab. if i click on either one of them, i see a full size window of the chat but no keyboard available. if i click on the type field, it just switches over from the current chat to the next. adam to eve or vice versa.

  198. Estel Says:

    While I don’t have an iPhone, what I do have is eyes. Those images are awesome. Seriously magical. They’ve made my evening.

  199. m Says:

    I was so happy to see you guys had an iPhone app. I downloaded it and was really excited to use it until I realized there was no landscape mode. Please add this feature so I can use your app. Its too hard to type messages without it. Unfortunately until then I will be using apps like Beejive or Meebo, since they allow for landscape typing. I would immediately switch to your app if an update allowed for that feature.

  200. User2 Says:

    Lemme know when there’s IRC support, and I’ll buy it.

  201. peggie Says:

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for the promised update for 2 months now.
    Now I’m going to buy IM+.

    Sorry guys, you’re way too slow…

  202. stikle Says:

    And one day after peggie throws up her hands and leaves… *poof* iTrillian update including landscape mode. :D Looking good so far devs, thanks!

  203. jhol Says:

    support the Palm Pre application Trillian

  204. Hari Iyer Says:

    Push notifications don’t work on my iPhone 3GS

  205. Secret Observer! Says:

    This program is NOTHING worth without Gadu-Gadu plugin, used in whole world! Keep this stratategy if U want make steps BACK… Good Lack!

  206. ryker Says:

    PUSH does not work for me on 3gs/ ios4 with jabber ssl.

    also, unless i sign on with another im, people can receive my messages but i appear offline and i cannot receive their messages. $5 down the drain :(

  207. Michael Francois Says:

    Jabber doesn’t work. I set up my server and port via the advanced tab, but it never generates a contact list. It does say ‘connected’, but I cannot send or receive messages.

  208. Handy Forum Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful multiple Messenger, but does it Works on iOS4 on my iPhone? Greetings

  209. Kamil Says:

    Needs Skype. Without skype the app is not worth buying, as meebo does the same but faster and better. Add skype and you got a winner, but without it, I can’t use it.