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Alpha Signups

To sign up for Trillian Astra Beta, please visit our signup page.

132 Responses to “Alpha Signups”
  1. Ersin Says:

    Yes, signed up first! ;)
    I’m waiting for Astra all the time, ‘couse there are many incompatibilitys between different clients.


  2. Ersin Says:

    Yes, signed up first! ;)
    I’m waiting for astra all the time, ‘couse there are many incompabilitys between the different clients.


  3. XtSchon Says:

    We don’t have to re-submit our information to get on the list do we?

  4. y0himba Says:

    Xt-Nope, this is for future signups.

  5. xxdesmus Says:

    Perhaps this signup will actually snag me an invite…the other signup clearly hasn’t…

  6. Hauli Says:

    Ich würde gerne Trillian Alpha testen!

  7. sickl.martin Says:

    How can i test trillian alpha ?
    Please mail me:

  8. phantom Says:

    I will test Trillian Astra :)
    It is a nice Programm and I have Win Vista Final

  9. Christian Says:

    Are only Pro Members allowed to sign up? :)

  10. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » alpha signups Says:

    [...] Moved: Please sign up in this post. [...]

  11. sebastian_dz Says:

    i would like to test Trillian Astra…
    hopefully I get an invitation…

    please mail me: sebastian_dz [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. skandas Says:

    I’d like tot test Trillian Astra because I love this program and I have Windows Vista Final

  13. tonycdh Says:

    Hi, is there anyway for non Pro users to sign up for the alpha/beta? I dont have a pro login.

  14. tinuzzo Says:

    I signed up today, been a Pro member for almost 2 years. i love Trillian and i do hope to get a chance to get Astra too.

  15. dotping Says:

    I use trillian over a year now.
    The semi-switch to macintosh stopped using trillian for a while, though.
    Now I use Windows Vista via VMWare and Boot Camp.
    In order to test Astra as a “Mac”-user, I would like to get an invitation for alpha testing.
    CPU: Inter CoreDuo 1.83GHz ; RAM: 1.5GB ; HD capacity: 120GB ; Graphic Board: ATI x1600
    OS: Mac OSX 10.4.8, Windows Vista Business Edition

  16. Purevil Says:

    Im ready to opperate 64 bit, any chance of getting support for Trillian Astra? I had XP 64x on my machine and downgraded to 32 Pro because of virtually no hardware or software support from anyone. Once again I wiped my primary machine to install Vista Ultimate on it and went with 32bit. However, I am about to go 64 bit so I can finally use my last gig of RAM. I hope with 64bit being avalable to everyone moving to Vista it will increase support.

    I have used trillian for almost five years because it dwarfs all other messengers. As of yet unfortunatly I havent bought pro. I am hoping it might be a good time to, unfortunatly we are all on a waiting list for the Astra. Eventually I will buy Pro Astra regardless of wether it is 32bit or 64bit. Hopefully when the time comes I will be able to get it in a 64 bit version. To move on from this 32bit lag we are all caught in. Did it take this long for everyone to move from horse and carriage to automobiles? Kidding, but come on Cerulean you can do it!

    AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Prosessor 4800+ 2.41Ghz, 4GB of RAM, Dual SLI Nvidia 256MB EN 7800 GTX, 750 GB Harddrive Capacity, Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platnum Pro, Microsoft Vista Ultimate (currently 32 bit)

    A bit outdated, I know, but still built for speed.

  17. mattfast1 Says:

    The reason you don’t see much 64bit support is because the masses still use (and are still paying for) 32bit hardware and software thanks to financial concerns. Once the prices drop a bit, we should see more support for 64bit.

    However, that shouldn’t impact Trillian much, being a XML-based application.

  18. sammyboy405 Says:

    Would Love to see astra. Been a Trillian user / supporter since the early days!

  19. SenseiC Says:

    getting REALLY tired of requesting and requesting to be on the Alpha team and not even getting a response to say “I’m sorry we’re full” :-(

  20. bigcurt Says:

    I am afraid you are going to make a grown man cry if I do not get into the alpha testing soon xD haha. I have even done things like this before so I just might be perfect :-D haha :P .

  21. Streeter Says:

    Astra looks great! Hoping for an invite. (The alpha sign-up at the top is real right?)


  22. sep4you Says:

    19yo german male. I use trillian since 2 years. It´s one of the best clients. The astra pictures we all could see look really nice. And i really look forward for the release. I´m chatting the whole day, so i need a good client that doesn´t crash all 10 minutes. I think this will be astra. I really would like to be an alpha tester.

    CPU: 3800+ AMD M2
    RAM: 1 GB DDR2
    HDD: 500 GB

    Thanks for an response.


  23. Purevil Says:

    Good luck guys, I havent heard anything yet, maybe they will look for more people in the beta testing phaze.

  24. AstraBandwidth Says:

    here i am again. im going to keep coming here til i get to beta test at least. i want to beta test. my computer is not stone aged so i know it will run astra. i am sure you have enough alpha testers. i wanna beta test. please. i have been using trillian for years now. i just want it to be more compatible with the messengers i have now. i am everywhere and i need a program that can go with me. i am on every messenger and on irc. i need a messenger client that can do the same

  25. Kenshiro Says:

    30 year Italian male. I use trillian of more time.
    I really like to be an alpha beta tester.

    CPU: 3.4 Intel Prescott
    RAM: 1 GB DDR2
    HDD: 500 GB

    Thanks for all.

    By Ken

  26. GoldenChaos Says:

    I applied a long time ago and have yet to hear anything – it’s been months, I’m pretty sure. I’m assuming the testing slots are all full.

  27. kevind23 Says:

    I signed up on the old form, do I have to sign up here too?

    PS: I doubt you have a Win x64 tester yet

  28. Cinderzilla Says:

    Oooh I’d love to try out Astra :)

    Been using Trillian for years it seems. Won’t use anything else!

  29. Boen Says:

    How can I get in on this testing? I use Trillian every day, across multiple clients also. Would like an invite!

    Thanks in advance!


  30. gulicious Says:

    running vista ultimate and want to use astra for my client

  31. Gutennurgen Says:

    I have a wussy computer, but I would like to try out this new trillian account. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original because of interface issues with my screen, but this new one looks sweet. I’m running XP on a 800mhz system, so if you want a slow test bed I would like an invite.

  32. donsmith Says:

    I have a mac I have 2 pcs. I have time and can put in the effort to be a great Alpha tester. What more could you ask for!?

  33. CptMondaiJi Says:

    I’m also wondering if we have to apply here for a chance to get into the alpha stage of Astra. Either way my comp specs are:

    Core2Duo E6600 + 2GB DDR + 300GB + Vista Ultimate x64

  34. jetsafl Says:

    I have been using Trillian for years now and install it on all my friends PCs. I just built and brand new PC and am running Vista Ultimate. I would love to give Astra a test run, it looks like a great update to an already get piece of software.

  35. mitodz Says:

    hey there!!! Could anybody send test buld f this wonderful program to my email, please???

  36. ithildir78 Says:

    been avid trillian user back before version 3 really looking fwd to testing the alpha versions.

  37. Edison Says:

    Please open up more slots for alpha testing. Appreciate it.

  38. mferbert Says:

    If anyone has the alpha install, please email me a copy at

  39. fabiokriok Says:

    How can i test trillian alpha ?
    Please mail me :

  40. GOLLUM23 Says:

    How can i test trillian astra???
    Please mail me:

  41. haintz23 Says:

    how can i test trillian astra?
    please mail me:

  42. Viperstryker Says:

    I would like to be a beta tester for Trillian Astra.
    I can be contacted at

  43. Soulsuke Says:

    I’d like to test Trillian Astra. I’m messenger addicted, so I’d probably try out everything that Astra has in a couple of minutes lol
    You can contact me at

  44. dan1396 Says:


    i would love to test astra i have tested all the new microsoft beta including vista rc1 i love trillain beter than microsoft’s msn

    if any one can get me a astra account contact me threw

  45. Trillian débarque sur Mac ! Voici Astra. sur … unlimacted Says:

    [...] Astra, la prochaine version de Trillian sera compatible Linux et Mac OS X. Découvrez là dès à présent sur cette page et celle-ci pour les infos croustillantes. Et oh surprise, les inscriptions sont ouvertes, alors si vous souhaitez être un des premier à glisser Astra dans votre dossier Application, c’est par ici. [...]

  46. Pensador Says:

    *cross fingers* :)

  47. muhaded Says:

    hmmmm get tired.. well am i lucky enough to be an alpha tester :( (

  48. natureboi92 Says:

    Hi, is there anyway for non Pro users to sign up for the alpha/beta? I dont have a pro login. If I am able to test it please send me the download link to

  49. weswyatt Says:

    I use and LOVE Trillian Pro! And would DIG being a Tester for Alpha!

    Grant a chronic IM’er a begging wish! ;)

  50. Malaika Says:

    *purrs* This lil lions been waiting a while now for TA. I wish to be a tester.

  51. stephen_r_45 Says:

    i want astra !!!!!!! pleze pretty pleze?

  52. sablehawk5 Says:

    I have used trillian pro for a very long time and would love to help make Astra everything it can be. Please include me in your alpha.

  53. sablehawk5 Says:

    Please let me help make astra everything it can be.

  54. tonycdh Says:

    I would also like to test Trillian Astra, I am currently running Windows Vista Home Premium.

  55. salvaconnome Says:

    I’d like to test Astra, it looks pretty good and revolutionary!

  56. chiefcamaro Says:

    He all,

    I would like to be a beta tester. Using Windows xp.



  57. voivod Says:

    How can I get the Astra login?

  58. Ifroking Says:

    help me out how can i registry for Login Trillian Astra???

  59. perry Says:

    I would like to test Trillian Astra as well.

    Thank You

  60. c1arity Says:

    Awesome. I’d love to be able to test it out. Always liked the original trillian!

  61. Ifroking Says:

    how can i registry and login for trillian Astra??? help me out!!!!

  62. sumeethevans Says:

    Any Way I can sign up. Appreciate the consideration.

  63. monthigos Says:

    I’m interested in testing the software. Thanks.

  64. mewoodward Says:

    I am all about having things in one place.. Trillian Astra looks like the best way to do that… can’t wait for an opening… but I guess I have to… :)

  65. skykiller Says:

    I would like to help test iv used trillian for many years now.
    Josh Williams
    I work in IT and have a great deal of windows knowledge

  66. Ipswise Says:


    I like to test Trillian Astra.
    I’m using a PC with Windows Vista, an Apple Mac iBook G4 and an Apple iMac (Intel 2,16 GHz).


  67. mferbert Says:

    I have seen numbers of requests to be considered as part of the testing community for Astra, but there is not even one acknowledgement that these requests have been looked at.

    Does anyone know what the status is? Will there be any openings for new testers?

  68. lavenderpekoe Says:

    Right now they are very very full of Alpha testers. Something like 25,000 people signed up in the beginning and there are more people signing up every day. I doubt anyone who did not sign up in the first month will get the ALPHA version of Astra. The BETA version is still at least a few months away. BTW commenting in this entry is not going to get you looked at any faster. You need to fill out the form and just wait. But, like I said, I doubt anyone who signs up now will get to ALPHA test. Oh, and no, I am not an ALPHA tester either.

  69. MACNOTES.DE » Trillian Astra für Mac OS X Says:

    [...] möchte, sollte sich die Sneak Preview auf der Herstellerseite anschauen oder sich zum Alphatest anmelden.    Tags: Audium, Trillian Kommentar hinzufügen Zur Druckansicht Social [...]

  70. Tytolis Says:

    Hello i am a 15 year old teen who loves to chatt but i hate running 334345345 programs i love trillian and i wanna test this new one to spread out my horizon i am a constant chatter please pic me

  71. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » Cerulean News, Astra Monetization and Future Business Developments. Says:

    [...] not forgotten you. Please remember that the official sign-up form for alpha testing can be found here. [...]

  72. kelly42 Says:

    Cerulean blogged today that they would leave the Astra alpha open until all Pro customers had had a chance to comment on the software. I’m a paying Pro customer, and I’ve signed up for the alpha multiple times in the last 2 weeks with no response. Where is the love, Cerulean?

  73. fredalan Says:

    Don’t feel alone, kelly42. I’m in the same boat, signed up twice (just in case), and still nothing. Nothing for the past 2 years. Where IS the love indeed. Where is the loyalty to paying customers?

  74. mytra Says:

    It would be great if I become a alpha tester for Trillian Astra

  75. GiGaWing Says:

    I want to sign up for be a alpha tester for Trillian Astra? I am using the laptop Windows XP Home Edition.

  76. Bhavs Says:


    I have been using Trillain for a long time now but I am not registered for the Pro. I have been a beta tester for Windows Vista as well. I simply love trillain and just adored the Astra after the complete tour. It would be great if I receive an invitation to become a alpha tester for Trillian Astra. Pls pls pls do send me an invitation.

    My email add is- bhavnaa [dot] t [at] gmail [dot] com

  77. marcus102692 Says:


    I have been waiting for a public release of Trillian Astra for a long time. I can’t wait till it comes out. But meanwhile, I would really enjoy testing the software just because I simply can’t wait to use it!

  78. lilkidz Says:

    I hope i get in to test the new trillian astra. Been waiting for it so slow. I’d like to test it =D

  79. fullmoon Says:


    Well, I _haven’t_ been using Trillian for some reasons related to version 3 and cyrillic… As I know, these problems all solved now. But now I have ICQ, Jabber and Gtalk – that’s too many programs. And, well, Astra just looks wonderful, I can’t wait to try it.
    I’m using WinXP (some modding added) and Windows Vista… Please, send me invite….



  80. elemsee Says:

    hello trillian,

    i’m a professional web editor and site producer for a media organization. Also a staffer for the volunteer-run site Have been using Trillian for about four years and love it madly. Have convinced all other members of web team at my company to switch. They love the flexibility of managing multiple accounts through one interface.

    I’m really impressed with the Astra demo and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Would love an invite for beta testing.

  81. ttaker2654 Says:

    Hi, i have been a long time user of trillian pro like many I am sure have been. I use trillian for all my chat and simming needs. I realize that you have many testers for alpha, however I would like to request to be a tester of alpha or beta. I thank you very much for your attention.

  82. syava Says:

    I have been using Trillian 3 messenger for nearly 6 months now and absolutely love it :) I am very eager for Astra to come out. I also have just finished the software testing school, and this will be a great experience for me along with the piece of mind that i helped in testing the software that i’m planning on using “When it’s Done :) ”. I have finished the basic Blackbox GUI classes and currently studying automation (Winrunner) I have two PC’s, one has Win XP SP2 and the other has Vista Home Basic. Would love an invite for alpha or beta testing.

  83. Darkknight Says:

    I would like to test this software my self :) I would like to see how it would look on a Windows Vista Ultimate :) so give a chance to test this, thanks

  84. dgap Says:

    Two words…


    They have been posting about this new version of Trillian for nearly 18 months now (first post in December 2005). Don’t get me wrong, I love me Trillian, been a subscriber for years….but, face facts folks. Major software projects of significantly greater scope and complexity ship faster than Astra ever will.

    In software, just as in radio, this much dead air time is a death sentance.

    Trillian Astra in 2009 anyone?

  85. xcom923 Says:

    do they even look at this anymore for signups?? and also with all this alpha testing when how close is astra to being in beta??

  86. kornienko23 Says:

    Any good man, invite me, please. My e-mail

  87. IceDealer86 Says:

    i’d like to test trillian astra sooooooooooooooooo much :-)

  88. mferbert Says:

    For all of you waitng on the list to test the alpha version of Astra… I’d say, give up. There has been no feedback from them for quite a while regarding people asking to become part of the alpha test.

    However, there is good news for those that needed Astra only because they are using Vista. Trillian now works on Vista. At least that’s some good news. Although I’m dying to get my hands on Astra, I will have to just wait and hope they get it right.

  89. dgap Says:

    I stand corrected. See my previous post (Two words… etc)

    I am reminded of the reasons that I first started using Trillian years ago. Nicely done…

  90. djfish Says:

    Let me get Trillian Astra :)
    I want to test it under Windows Vista and hope that the final version will come soon!
    I use Trillian since many years and i like the Multi Messenger Controll…

  91. bullitnutz Says:

    well, I was hoping to try Astra.

  92. asifrizvi Says:

    I want also to test this revolutionary multi dimentional IM software guyz plz send me the invitation plzzz.

    looking forward for this sooooooooooon.


    Asif Rizvi

  93. dadesidon Says:

    i use a mac and i have an iphone =) i want to test!!!

  94. tomacoplant Says:

    I also have an iPhone and would be willing to pay to test, just let me know how much! I need this functionality in my iPhone!

  95. plw Says:

    i spend a lot of times in chatrooms and with a many of messangers. and thats my problem.. to much windows… i test trillian basic and like it realy, and i hear in lots of boards, that the astra version is the best one. i hope, i have a chance to test the new one…
    i have: icq (2x), msn, aim, skype, yabber, yahoo.
    greetings plw

  96. whereswegoh Says:

    I’m interested in testing Astra for the iPhone, but I don’t have a pro member login. Hopefully the beta or something will be available for non-pro members too,

  97. joedornan Says:

    I’d love to use trillian again after all these years on my mac.

  98. tomacoplant Says:

    The interest appears very high for this alpha access to the iPhone messaging client, I suggest you charge an upgrade fee or something so that people like myself that are willing to pay can help to more quickly get your product ready for the general public. I have not read a single iPhone review where the missing “iChat” feature was not agonized over, if your product is released soon, the press will drool over this functionality.

    As for me, until the iPhone was released, I had completely given up on Trillian, even stopped using it because I purchased your product to try Astra and signed up and some 8 months later, they remain illusive. It is truly perplexing that you have the most impressive screenshots and specs, and yet you cannot even pay to use it.

    I could be wrong, I could have missed something obvious, I am more frequently wrong than right, all I do know is that I have not been offered access to any of the illusive Astra alpha applications.

  99. Expatza Says:

    I would love to be a tester. Spend most of my day on IM use MSN, AIM, YAHOO, ICQ, GOOGLE, Skype and SIP for business. Enough of a variety?

  100. davidafuller01 Says:

    long time basic user, current pro user (Win Vista), ready to go for alpha > davidafuller01 [at]

  101. Trillian für das iPhone - MacBeat Says:

    [...] Trillian Astra Alpha Signups [...]

  102. astawebb Says:

    Im intrested, have an iphone and looking for something that might actually work, plus Trillians awesome

  103. moose Says:

    I cant wait to try Astra! I

  104. Celestiality Says:

    I recently won an iPhone, and Astra is my top choice for messenger capabilities. I currently have a Sidekick, and an iPhone, and by testing this new webapp, I think I may choose the iPhone over the Sidekick. Consider me? Email is

  105. ottid888 Says:

    Have already been a Pro User since 2003. i do hope i get to be one of the next testers for astra. thanks.

  106. lilsenzi Says:

    How can i test trillian astra???
    Please mail me:

  107. Stripe Says:

    I’d really like to be a one of the testers


  108. cbeale Says:

    Id really like to be a tester. I also have an iPhone.

  109. walkin_danger Says:

    I would like to be one of your testers for Trillian Astra as I have been looking forward to Astra for about a year or so now, and I have been using Pro for about 1 year aswell, do e-mail me back and let me know. Thanks a lot.

  110. Lord Nite Says:

    I would like to be a tester for Trillian Astra. I’m sure I can put it through it’s paces. :)

  111. willpark Says:

    Has anyone gotten an Alpha test invite? I’m still anxiously waiting for my chance to give Astra a test run!

  112. benstructure Says:

    I would like to be a tester for Trillian Astra. I’m sure I can put it through it’s paces
    have an iphone and looking for something that might actually work.
    Trillian Astra is the altimate.

  113. gfapunk Says:

    I would like to test the Alpha version of Trillian Astra. I have QA experience and would like to get involved in this process.

  114. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » One More Thing… Says:

    [...] you own an iPhone, please feel free to sign up as a Trillian Astra alpha tester. Don’t forget to tell us you own one in the “About Yourself” section in the form! [...]

  115. Cerulean Studios’ Blog » Blog Archive » Welcome, new testers! Says:

    [...] those of you looking to get into the alpha test, please submit your application over at – we WILL get to every invitation eventually, so please be [...]

  116. iPod Site » Blog Archive » … designed for the iPhone; it doesn’t just “happen to work” with it. Says:

    [...] you own an iPhone, please feel free to sign up as a Trillian Astra alpha tester. Don?t forget to tell us you own one in the ?About Yourself? section in the form! If you are a Mac [...]

  117. alex_esseling Says:

    I want to test Alpha, please confirm my registration.

  118. vanquished Says:

    Is there a way to get my application approved?
    My Email: was used for the application.
    i really want to try Astra!

    Thanks a lot

  119. reel88 Says:

    Astra is a great IM and i have a hope to get an invitation…

    Please mail me:


  120. merlin1999 Says:

    i wish someone can send an invite to merlin1999(@)

  121. MrNick01 Says:

    I used my email: to register.
    I own an iphone, mac and use a vista pc on a day-to-day basis. Can I get an invite please? :)

  122. Cep telefonları için Msn,Cepten Msnye Girmek,Cep Messenger – HTD-34 Says:

    [...] astra’yı yarattılar, bu program ile iphone telefondan msn zevkinizi sürdürebilirsiniz.Programı indirmek için ücretsiz üyelik gerekmektedir.Ekran görüntüsü için [...]

  123. Dieselboy Says:

    I want to test Astra for iPhone ’cause I can help with a bug tracking. I’m „a little bit“ of a programmer for MacOS X.

    Thank you :)

  124. whois Says:

    I am a windows trillian astra alpha tester and I am now using a mac and iphone primarily. I would like to be an alpha tester for mac and windows. whois at /trillian pro user name is whois.

  125. novanglus Says:

    I would like to test the iPhone version of Trillian as well –

    Thanks guys!

  126. gallitin Says:

    I’m a Windows Trillian tester, I would like to test for the iPhone as well.

  127. Chris spearman Says:

    I use my iPhone at college and would love to test trillian astra

  128. maverick Says:

    I would like to test trillian astra

  129. Bjoern Vogt Says:

    I would like to Test the Beta-Version of Trillian Astra.

  130. Lance Pioch Says:

    I would love to test the app out with my new iTouch ;)

  131. Michael Says:

    I would like to Test the Beta-Version of Trillian Astra – if possible.
    Thanks in advance.

  132. roy delgado Says:

    i would like to know if you’ve created an application that works well with the iphone, it would be really appreciated.