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Help Shape Trillian for Mac – Alpha Build Now Available!

Trillian for Mac

Today we’re pleased to announce that an alpha build of Trillian for Mac is being made available for download! We’ve worked hard on building a clean, fast, user-friendly product, and we hope you enjoy this early build. Trillian for Mac will utilize an “open” development approach with functional builds being released early and often. Help us make Trillian for Mac your ideal client by testing the alpha builds and providing your feedback and bug reports! A special area of our forums has been opened to gather user feedback, so please contribute – your comments will help shape our development priorities.

REMEMBER: This is an early alpha and may not work for you at all. Please download only if you’re interested in testing and helping with bugs! We currently require an Intel-based Mac and Leopard or higher!


Early followers of our Mac version will notice we’ve replaced the previous skinned, customized interface in favor of something more tightly integrated with the operating system. We did this for two reasons: development time, and our belief that we can still create a unique-looking, beautiful piece of software without customizing the entire interface. This doesn’t mean skins and customization options are out of the picture! Rather, it means that in order to realistically build out the vast scope of features required to make Trillian for Mac a final v1.0 product, we’ve decided that building an entire skinning language wasn’t the best use of our early time.

This first public build covers important basic instant messaging features:

  • Networks: Astra, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, XMPP, Google Talk, Bonjour, MySpaceIM.
  • Contact list: identities, groups, MetaContacts, searching, drag-and-drop, inline renaming, avatars, service icons.
  • Quick ‘click-to-type’ nickname and status changes, including iTunes tracking.
  • Standard Trillian iconholder and avatar display.
  • Smart tabbed conversation windows (tabs on demand) with typing indicators, bubble view, emoticons, links.
  • Login screen and support for multiple accounts.
  • Basic preferences screen, connection manager, full suite of per-connection preferences.
  • File transfers and a file transfer manager.
  • Activity history framework – logs are being written to disk in standard Trillian format (XML, LOG).
  • Support for most standard Mac hotkeys for flipping through windows, opening preferences, etc.
  • Basic dock integration and badging.
  • Auto update.

What’s obviously missing right now, and what are we working on?

  • Social network “feed” integration (Twitter, Facebook streams).
  • Mail integration.
  • Many major preferences and customization options – including things like list view, list size, and themes.
  • Group conversations.
  • Growl integration, “Status Item” support, and a general notification framework (think Win32 system tray stuff).
  • Activity history viewer – you can’t view your logs yet, and there’s no auto-history in chat windows.
  • Voice and video support.
  • Setting your personal avatar.

To learn more and to download the build, visit our new Trillian for Mac page.

102 Responses to “Help Shape Trillian for Mac – Alpha Build Now Available!”
  1. nickki Says:


    THANKS :)

  2. StickyFinga Says:

    That’s awesome! Unfortunately I won’t be able to test it before Monday but I’ll be sure to check it out. A few key features are still missing indeed, I’d really like Astra to work with Growl for instance. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Have a great weekend, CS!

  3. Zcott Says:

    Brilliant news; downloading asap!

  4. neonox Says:


  5. Moritz Graf Says:

    Men I just saw the RSS feed and told to myself: “Now!!!” And what? YEAAH! I love you…

  6. Leujin Says:

    Any chance on getting a build for older versions in the future? I’m running Tiger.

  7. Astrophizz Says:

    Will Windows users be getting chat (and thought) bubbles like thouse? Me gusto mucho!

  8. Astrophizz Says:

    Ooh, typo: thouse -> those

  9. Jorge Says:

    Nice, finally worth looking into the iPhone app since I switch between PC, Mac and iPhone everyday.

    Now, just get me the synchronized chat history throughout and I am a happy camper

  10. Irontiger Says:

    Wow, I use Windows, but hey, that’s the next important step to a multiplatform client. Great news!

    And: I like the way to see many small updates and a overview (which has been done / which you’re on). Keep it up!


  11. Scream81 Says:

    wow looks really awsome

  12. Toff Says:

    Chat bubbles look so yummy! :)

  13. DarkNovaGamer Says:

    Yay! Thank you Cerulean Studios. :)

  14. Pyrofallout Says:

    I think my heart just exploded! Thank you!!

  15. Don Says:

    Working great so far! Thanks finally!

  16. silencer Says:

    Please Android version!

  17. Affekong Says:

    Thanks Cerulean, especially Sparks! ;)
    But seriously, i hate Bubbles-view…

  18. Quasimime Says:

    Thank you! I am so pleased. :-)

    Installed. Running well without crashing. Seems a bit slow in populating the contact list (Windows Live/MSN) and unable to do some of the basic contact list features as listed (e.g., inline renaming, drag and drop, service icons, etc.). However, I’ve only been running it for 15 or so minutes – will continue to update if I see any real bugs.

  19. Snypod Says:

    Wow, perfect timing. I’m about to buy my first Mac in a few weeks. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  20. Chris Says:

    This is soooooo good :) just installed it and already reporting bugs/feature request!

    I’ve really waited for it :) thank you so much!

  21. Michael Stanclift Says:

    Dare I say, the interface looks better than the Windows version? A lot cleaner, that is for sure.

  22. cale Says:


  23. Michael H Says:

    +1 for mad props, had almost forgot about Trillian, having been stuck using Adium which I don’t enjoy as much.

  24. Dehrk Says:

    Will you marry me?

  25. Ruben C Says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  26. PicardNJ Says:

    This looks great. I downloaded it right away. I love it. Keep up the good work!

  27. Daniel Spiewak Says:

    Great news! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t provide simultaneous sign-in with the iPhone, which is a big feature I was looking for. Even still, it’s on the high road to displacing Adium. A couple things I need before I can make it my primary desktop client:

    * Metacontacts (come to think of it, these would be extremely helpful on the iPhone too)
    * GroupWise Chat

    I know the last one isn’t a highly requested feature, but some of us are stuck with it.

  28. Rachel Blackman Says:

    It supports using (and modifying) metacontacts, as does the iPhone build. Neither currently supports /creating/ them, but the state is temporary. I’m logged in on both the iPhone and the OSX build right now, however, so I’m not certain what you mean by not allowing simultaneous signon?

    At any rate, come join the conversation in the Trilliian for Mac section of the forums; I’m going to try and check in there a couple of times a day during the alpha process (even if I won’t always have time to post), so questions will almost certainly be dealt with more quickly there than on the blog. :)

  29. Volker Says:

    YES!!!! Thats’s soooo great! :)

  30. 7miles Says:

    JAHUUU I am Using right now, If I can help for testing I will do it. But at the moment I thing, you know that there are a lot of things to do, that it comes near to the windows version. So at first I will wait on one of the next Versions, until I will start to report. :-)
    I am using Trillian now on the iphone, win and osx and sometimes over the Web, that is amazing…. :-)

    Thanks a lot for this Version

  31. cale Says:

    Windows themes would work on OSX version?

  32. Andreas Says:

    Will there be an version for PPC Macs too?

  33. balthasar Says:

    I use Trillian on my Windows-PC, MacBook and coming later this year, my iPod touch.
    The feature I now really need to purchase Pro is history sync.

  34. Leonardo Says:

    Great Work Guys!! Anyway…I can’t test it because I am a PowerPc Mac User…not only me…it would be possible to have an Universal version? ….All IM Chat Client for Mac are Universal and capable!! Please release the PPC alpha version too…or the Universal!!


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  37. Palmer Says:

    It’s very spartan so far, but a good start :) No crashes and it does what it currently can do fairly well. Hope you keep working on this :3

  38. Henry Says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting YEARS for this. Good job team Trillian!

  39. MechMykl Says:

    VERY excited to alpha test this. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  40. Henrique, Wesley Says:

    Great work! A piece of art in IM for Mac!
    I can’t wait for the final release!

  41. Geeky Bits Says:

    [...] 1, 2010 at 1:25 am · Filed under 1 Trillian for the Mac: [...]

  42. Dan Ericson Says:

    I’ve been waiting quite a while for this. Thank you!

  43. oonis Says:

    Thanks for listening!

  44. kitezer Says:

    Awesome job guys even though I do not use a Mac. I am glad to see others are happy that this came out. However even though I do think it looks nicer it also looks a little too plain for my taste sorry to say but I still like the layout of the Windows version better. (at the moment anyway) Keep up the good work! :)

  45. Kevin Says:

    Yes…… it’s finally here……!!!! I am so happy and excited that I can’t even explain. Thank you so much team CS. You guys are the best.

  46. Kevin Says:

    Jus finished downloading, installing, setting up Trillian Astra on my Mac. This is awesome…. and I am very much thankful to team CS for this release. Even though this is an early release and is missing many features…. but I’m still happy. The rest of the features will come surely and I don’t doubt that. Good work and thanks again team CS. Keep up the good work. Peace out.

  47. Nacho Says:

    No! Why intel? I want it for PPC :’( Buaah…

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  49. rezzo Says:

    Awesome, great news!

  50. Michael Says:

    Are bugs going to be reported to Bugzilla still?

  51. ScottNYC Says:

    awesome, this is great news, Ill def use trillian on mac

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  54. mchasard Says:

    just to relate that theres no irc protocol in this alpha 1.0 mac version … is it normal . ?

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  56. andreas. Says:

    I was hoping for fast file transfers in msn. aMsn is the only application that can delivers acceptable speeds, but it’s horrible in every other sense.

  57. Sam Says:

    Been waiting for this for a long time. Like Leonardo I was hoping it would be a Universal version. An Intel Mac is in my future, but not for a while yet. My PowerPC is a little slow, but it’s still running well. :o \

  58. Mikenerd Says:

    I like a lot so far. Logged into my Astra account and account info from pc came right in, only needed to go in and check the boxes automatically connect on start for each

  59. Kevin Says:

    I’m really liking what I’m seeing but I am unable to login to AIM. Made sure my password was correct by resetting it.

    Mac OS X 10.5.8
    2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo

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  61. jps Says:

    Great News! I’m hoping that the Mac version will get as many updates as the Windows version. And of course as soon as possible ;-) Anyway, keep up the good work.

  62. Michael Gearhart Says:

    AOL and Gmail do not work. The default are incorrect. They are

    connection| hostname port number is correct

    Gmail: connection| hostname port 5223
    enable use legacy SSL support. This get unchecked and then works

  63. Michael Gearhart Says:

    Sorry after I shut down and restarted setting went back to default and now they do not connect

  64. Michael Gearhart Says:

    AOL settings: port 443

    it works
    gmail is working

  65. Michael Gearhart Says:

    facebook works nicely as well

  66. Michael Gearhart Says:

    Ok…….gmail does not really work. It looks like it does, but you can not send or receive chats. If you use jabber it does work with the above settings.

  67. Jim S. Says:

    Looks absolutely great! One small issue: I still have an old MSN account that doesn’t seem to be recognized by Windows Live. I checked and the hostname, port, etc. are identical. Is the Windows Live supposed to be backward-compatible with MSN?

  68. Restips o tips till Paris Says:

    Finally! Thanks a bunch!

  69. Robert Says:

    This is VERY Alpha. I will be following this with great interest and I hope it progresses quicker than the Windows version that took years.

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  71. Bryan Says:

    It wont login to ICQ for me – I think the timeouts are too short and it gives up too early. Native ICQ usually takes about 30 secs to connect from here and Trillian is giving up after about 10 secs. MSN, AOL, Y all work ok

  72. bobmarleypeople Says:

    Well, the moment you get stable audio and video support is when I drop Adium and go straight to Trillian. Until then, I’m sticking with Adium.

  73. Steven Says:

    You guys must be deleting pro-Adium comments. I can’t believe this many people would be excited over non-freeware that isn’t as slick as an open-source counterpart.

  74. Chris Says:

    This is sooo awesome! Thanks for listening to us!!!!! I can’t wait to see the Mac version grows!!!! Love you Cerulean Studios!

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  76. dMick Says:

    The alpha looks great! I’ve been running Trillian for a long time on my PC, more recently on my iPhone and now on the Mac!!!! Thanks! Nice work! Can’t wait to see where this version goes, but right now it satisfies all my chat needs on the mac!

  77. jarome Says:

    It is working on my Mac Pro so far. Some questions:
    1) How do I turn off the sounds or modify which ones to receive?
    2) Is there a way to save a chat room?
    3) How do I make a chat room, or join one?
    4) How do I change my icon?

  78. Kevin Says:

    At my mac, the facebook plugin does not show contact names (german facebook), also the facebook icon below the account name does not work correctly (disconnect/connect button doesn’t work), only under “manage accounts” I can disconnect/connect facebook.

  79. Meh Says:

    I’m sure all of the Windows users will be impressed to have this on their Macs.

  80. kyte Says:

    I was a longtime Trillian user, from v 0.x on Windows years ago, been wanting to see this ever since I switched to Mac in 2003… downloading… lets see how it goes

  81. cale Says:

    Would be nice to see, the CS position with the iPad, will be trillian for iPad?

  82. Raqib12 Says:


    The iPad will be compatible with the iPhone AppStore.

  83. cale Says:

    @ Raqib12 Yep, i know all apps would run just fine at 2X zoom for fullscreen, but, would be interesting to see a Trillian Astra Version for iPad! to use that screen properly!

  84. DiamondNRG Says:

    @cale, Rachel has already said she would look into it, just not before releasing iPhone 1.1 and getting the mac version out. As she said, nobody has an iPad yet anyways, so they can’t complain yet… plus like Raqib12 said, the iPhone version will work fine in the meantime.

  85. Julia Says:

    Perfect timing! In 2 Weeks I’ll get my new and first Mac! ;) And I’m using Trillian for a long time! That’s so cool! :D

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  87. Mr.X Says:

    it won’t display any contact til i typing on search box. Is this normal ? I’m using Triliant for Mac with Facebook and Yahoo account added.

  88. Johan Says:

    Im missing Skype integration, able to password protect message history, customizing loginscreen and message window e.g changing the colors in the window, conference call so others can join or you can add others. Thats all for now, but there are quite abit more to add. Hopefully a release is soon to come, wanting this very badly a stable version.

  89. kkseen Says:

    its really fine

  90. Martine Says:

    Will you be integrating a Skype feature into Trillian for Mac as well? Also, I don’t see an option to do video chat available, will be this be something you are developing for the beta version of Trillian for mac?

  91. Stanoman Says:

    Conversation logs seem missing from my latest version. I didn’t notice it mentioned in the release notes or on this page, anyone else notice this – or is it a setting I’m missing?

  92. DiamondNRG Says:

    @Stanoman, they are being saved, just no nice way to access them yet, its been mentioned a lot in the above 90 posts.

  93. Anette Says:

    Looks great, but it’s uninteresting until there’s integration with skype (audio/video). Adium already works great and pretty much does all the same things, so why switch? But give me Skype integration, and I’m SOLD :-)

  94. Ian Young Says:

    I’ve been a long time user of Trillian. I first picked it up sometime around 2002 (I think, it’s been forever) and I recall using version 0.34 (might have been 0.54, again, long time ago). I loved it, total integration, slightly bloated, but still smooth interface.
    Fast forward nearly a decade, I’ve switched everything over to OS X (I’ve always been a Unix nerd at heart) and i’m sorely missing Trillian. I find the next best thing; Adium. Now Adium isn’t a bad program, my boss describes it as being written by autistic developers with ADD, but i like it. It’s still missing a lot of the ‘polish’ that Trillian always had. It’s open source though, which i love, so i can’t complain.
    Okay, so I found out that Trillian Astra was coming to the mac (OMGWTFBBQAWESOME) like 3 years ago, and we finally get it this month. I’m sorely let down after a 3 year wait, even for being an alpha, this is horseshit.
    Let me start with the interface.
    This login window is absurdly large. Plus having to sign up for an Astra account is sort of a pain. It’d be nice to have some sort of single protocol guest mode. But no, I had to make an astra account just to test this with. (I’ve also been trying to get on the private alpha for a good 2 years now with no results… bastards).
    So i get logged in and I hear that wonderful login sound that I remember so fondly. The buddy list itself reminds me a lot of trillian pro 2′s interface layout, just in a mac style. I think that the search at the bottom is a little out of place. one thing i’ve really come to like about adium is that a search pops up in the top of the buddy list when you start typing characters which don’t hit a selection of online contacts. Also, there needs to be an option to make those contact icons smaller, they’re freaking huge.
    Okay so it took me a second just to get an account logged in. the service icons at the top are hideous btw. I mean I know you’re trying to stick to the whole grayscale aluminum mac style with this, but aim is just an A in a box. Kinda annoying, whatever.
    I open up an IM to a friend and start typing. Okay, the window is huge, fix the default size please. and where the hell is everything? it’s a text field and a log window. Talk about simplicity to the point of annoyance.
    Now, I will say that I really like the chat bubbles style, that’s a nice touch. But where the hell is everything else???

    It seems like a great start, but really guys? this took nearly 3 years? I almost feel cheated even though I haven’t even paid for anything yet. Now, if the astra accounts thing works out, it’ll be a nice way of keeping things synced between clients. It really feels like this was thrown together within a month from remnants of trillian 3 code.

    As for the actual working of the program, from what I can tell, it’s going to be a major resource whore. I’ve only got 1 protocol up right now and it’s already taking 68.5MB on my machine. It’s nothing, but adium has about 10 accounts active along with themes, etc… and it’s only taking up 70MB. Also, recompile it for 64-bit, it’d do a lot better if it’d be able to actually take advantage of hardware. Pretty much any mac that will be running this is 64-bit anyways, so there’s not a huge incompatibility concern (Unless you actually want to support ppc, lol).

    Look, I have always been a Trilian fan, but this is just disgraceful to release to the public. It really feels like you haven’t given the mac platform much attention or serious consideration at all. This won’t be replacing adium until it’s got a lot of stuff fixed. I know this is still an alpha, but for how long it took to make and how bare it is, i’m really disappointed.

  95. Christopher Cox Says:

    I am using my iPad at home frequently now. I would love Trillian for iPad, but right now there is only IM+ which is a universal binary. Yes I know I can run Trillian for iPhone on the iPad, but really this all looks like crap and am keeping iPhone apps off of it. I like to stay uniform between iPad and iPhone so I wan’t to know when it is coming for iPad so that I don’t have to get IM+ and use that exclusively.

  96. David Says:

    I’m a big fan of interoperability, and Trillian is a stellar application. I’ve switched to the Apple platform almost exclusively, except for a Windows 7 media center and laptop. I’ve got an iPad and I have to say that the Trillian community will need something a little sleeker than the iPhone version on the iPad. I’ll hold out for a couple more months to see what happens since I’ve already paid for pro, but please deliver an iPad version. It’s a superior device for chat, and though I have my Trillian iPhone app, I almost never use it because the keypad is so small. I don’t want to use any other chat app, but eventually I’ll have to use something, and the iPad has essentially replaced my laptop. Thanks.

  97. Heather Says:

    I’m an avid user of the Trillian app for iPhone but would GREATLY appreciate if there was a Trillian desktop for Tiger users. Trillian is by far my favourite messenger out there and I was disappointed that it won’t work on my Tiger Mac. :(

  98. Apoc Says:

    Well, I DO have an iPad now, and I AM complaining! I want Trillian for iPad NOW! AIM is ok, but limited, IM+ is too plain for me, lots of complaints about BeeJive, it’s time for someone to step up and take the throne as king of IM clients on the iPad, especially if it can do a good job of staying connected to all services when idle. Bonus points for giving us skins on the iPad version if you dare >_<

  99. Paul Says:

    COOL for me since i use my laptops/netbooks,etc for confereences, and love being able to use that capability to have the unit (whatever brand) on the table with teleconferencing of one sort or another.

    That and cellphone capability (whether piggybacked or otherwise).. I use my current setup as a teleconferrence of one variant or another (and do video teleconferencing with 2 of my employers via pc/skype).

    Looking forward to IPAD (probably future version), as im giving ipad time for another version that might have what I hope to see, otherwise a netbook that already has cellphone & etc will be done.

    Prefer IPAD but time will tell.
    Despite some others early in month being so idiotic as to think that the only way to use cellphones is to the ear type… Many (including myself) have rarely ever used cellphones in that traditional way.
    In my case per my own hearing issues, I always have whatever I use on loud or similar speaker capabilities.

    As it is, as soon as IPAD gets cellphone (whether piggyback or otherwise) I will be buying.
    Waiting till September/October (per my own reasons) to decide.

    Will go netbook if IPAD doesnt have cell in the works officially (unofficially I hear its possible and probable but not for now).

    Reseraching though if IPAD can piggyback a cell like other stuff.

    It was crazy how earlier this month 2 idiots were ignorant of teleconferencing or similar which many have done for decades or that many (especially those with hearing issues) would never have a cellphone to the ear.
    I never do per using speaker or loud options on cells.
    Either that or ‘earbud’ plugon.

  100. Steve Says:

    Put me down for an iPad version as well! I am a long time Mac user and was prepared to dislike Trillian but I think it is really very nice! I would use it on my Mac as well but for the rather weak Contact functionality; no combining of contacts for the same person, no way to have custom images/avatars, etc. Keep up the good work! I am looking to switch over completely.

  101. ManoloDF Says:

    I as well have an iPad and have been waiting anxiously for the Trillian for iPad because the iPhone one really does not cut it. It does need one built for iPad and ihope it drops soon because iPad sales have blown up.

  102. Hugo Says:

    Is there possible to disable Bubble view? Sorry, but it is really ugly :(